Astrium in the U.S.A. ASTRIUM Approach

Space Transportation Policy and Market RisksPanel 5 International Customers, Competitors and Partners

The George Washington UniversityElliot School of International Affairs Space Policy Institute

John SchumacherVice President for SpaceEADS North America


##EADS in North America Airbus

EurocopterCassidianAstriumSpace Transportation

Astrium Satellites

Astrium Services

EADS North America is the American operating company of EADS, the worlds second largest aerospace and defense company, and the largest in Europe.##216 November 20112Rank I

Attributes for a Successful Space Transportation Policy Compelling Vision Long-term Planning Solid Execution Sustainable Affordable Fosters Innovation Encourages International Cooperation Encourages Industry Cooperation and Competition Synergistic

##Market OpportunitiesTwo ExamplesLiberty Launch VehicleATV follow-on##

The Liberty Launch SystemKSC Infrastructure Compatibility ATK and Astrium are developing the LibertyTM launch system as part of a new international commercial space transportation business. Libertys availability can be accelerated by CCDev2 Program fundingFlight-proven, human-rated hardware better than 1/1,000 ascent PLOC44,500 pounds into low earth orbit (ISS)Most survivable abort trajectoryThe potential for first test flight in 2013 Initial crew operational capability (IOC) in 2015Cargo capability by 2016Highly competitive unit costThe Liberty Vehicle Offers: Safest, most reliable launch vehicle Heritage design and experienceExisting stages minimal remaining developmentDesigned for human rating (Shuttle and Hermes programs)Absolute minimum moving parts

International cooperation advances U.S. national space policy

Commercial approach to acquisition Lowest cost to government, advances U.S. national space policy

Maximum leverage of existing NASA and ESA investments multi $B from Shuttle, Ariane 5, and Constellation

Maximum utilization of existing NASA KSC & MSFC assets and infrastructure

Strong business case best value for our space program, low remaining development cost jumpstarts the business

Synergistic with NASAs Heavy Lift planned investments both programs benefit by using common infrastructure

LOX TankLH2TankVulcain 2Engine 5-segment RSRM asLibertyFirst StageAriane 5 core asLiberty upper stage41 consecutivesuccessful flights215 consecutivesuccessful boosterslaunched Provides lift for multipleCrew vehicles and launchabort systems

LibertyHeight: 300.0 ftGross Liftoff Mass: 2.1M lbAriane 5Height: 168.5 ftGross Liftoff Mass: 1.7M lbSpace ShuttleHeight: 184.2 ftGross Liftoff Mass: 4.5M lb##ATV: Not Just a Logistics Vehicle




##6Not just logistics/ cargo Does far more than this (hence is more capable than other vehicles)

Panel 5 International Customers, Competitors and Partners Discussion of space transportation policy, market uncertainty and industrial base risks from an international perspective.

Question posed to the Panel:

How might international trends and opportunities affect U.S. launch vehicle production and services?

Perhaps we should consider:

How might the U.S. best meet national requirements in the context of the global launch vehicle production and services market?

Does current U.S. Government policy provide the framework to foster healthy and sustainable U.S. launch vehicle production and services in the context of the global market?

What is the most beneficial mix of competition and cooperation amongst domestic and international launch vehicle production and service providers?


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