• 1. Presentation Academic Writing Course
  • 2. OUTLINE:General descriptionWho needs it and why?Writing section IBTIndependent writing indetailsStrategies to use forbuilding writing fluency
  • 3. GE N E RAL DE SCRIPTIONWhat is Academic writing?How is it different from writing letters andetc.?What language skills are necessary to besuccessful in Academic writing Reading Listening Grammar Writing Speaking
  • 4. WHO needs Academic writing? WHY?Nonnative speakers of the EnglishLanguageStudents who plan to study abroad(USA, Canada, Japan and etc.)Employees of InternationalOrganizations People who want to improve theirlanguage skills
  • 5. SE CTION S OF TOE FL IBT TOEFL IBT READING LISTENING SPEAKING WRITING 3-5 passages Time: 60-90 min. 6 questions 2 tasksTime: 60-100 min. Time: 20 min. Time: 50 min.
  • 6. WRITING SECTION Measures your ability to understand academic English Consists of 2 tasks: Integrated task Time: 20 min. Independent writing task Time: 30 min.
  • 7. Independent academic writing taskRefers to essays that express andsupport the students point of view
  • 8. Task:Students have to compose an essayfor 30 minutes, at least 300 wordsTo answer you must state, explain,and support an opinion
  • 9. Evaluation No right or wrong questions You are scored on: Essay organizationDevelopment of ideasAccuracy of language
  • 10. Essay organization Any academic essay should consist of3 parts: Introduction (4-5 sentences) Body (90 % of an essay) Conclusion (3-4 sentences)
  • 11. A more detailed essay structure
  • 12. Development of ideas Ideas in essay should be properly supported and developed. This means that you should use statistics, data or personal experience to prove that what youre writing is true.
  • 13. Accuracy of language Language in an essay should be academic and grammatically correct. The writer should not use contractions(cant= can not), spoken idioms (lets hang out), jargon and slang words.
  • 14. Strategies to Use for Building Writing FluencyPractice writing in English on a computerkeyboard;Practice writing essays;Practice organizing information in written form;Practice paraphrasing and summarizinginformation in written form;Read and listen to material you will encounter onthe test;Increase your skills in using a variety ofsentence structures and vocabulary;Pay attention to time ;ATTEND PREPARATORY TOEFLCOURSE !!!!!!
  • 15. Strategies to Use for theIndependent Writing TaskBe familiar with the organization of aneffective essayStudy the question carefullyOrganize your ideasWrite cohesively and conciselyBudget your timeUse sentences and structures you know tobe correctCheck your grammar
  • 16. Thank you for your attention! Do you have any questions?

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