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Page 1: Anodic oxidation method and production method for titanium oxide coating and method of supporting catalyst

deposits are removed from the flowable, insula t ive mater ia l by exposing the mater ia l to ozone. The mater ial is used to form an insulative layer in a trench locat- ed on a semiconductor substrate.

Coated Ar t i c l e w i t h N iob ium Z i rcon ium Inc lus ive Layer(s) and M e t h o d of M a k i n g Same WO 2004101937 (Guardian Ind.) Stachowiak, G. Coating of NbZr, its oxide, or nitride for use as low-E coating on glass, etc.

Wear Ind ica tor for Sacri f ic ia l A n o d e WO 2004101851 (Performance Metals Inc.) Wigg, M.; Leipert, H., et al. Apparatus for indicating when a predetermined portion of a sacrifi- cial anode has been corroded com-

prises a detector embedded within the interior of the sacrificial anode initially at a predetermined dis- tance from an exposed exterior sur- face of the anode. The detector detects the absence of sacrificial anode material when the predeter- mined portion has corroded and generates a detection signal. A monitoring system communicates with the detector and generates an indicator signal when a detection signal is received.

Poly te t ra f luoroe thy lene D ispers ion for E lectro less N icke l P lat ing App l ica t ions WO 2004101848 (MacDermid Inc.) Crotty, D.; Bengston, J. A low-viscosity silicone glycol sur- factant together with glycerin is added to a polytetraf luoroethyl- ene dispersion for use with an electroless nickel plat ing bath.

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The improved plat ing ba th pro- duces a s table PTFE dispersion tha t continues to work as the plat ing ba th ages and produces an electroless nickel deposit with grea ter than 20 percent by vol- ume of PTFE in the deposit.

A q u e o u s A lka l ine Z incate So lu t ions and M e t h o d s WO 2004101854 (Atotech Deutschland GmbH) Joshi, N.H.; Mehta, M.D. Aqueous alkaline zincate solution comprising hydroxide ions, zinc ions, nickel ions, and/or cobalt iron ions, copper ions, and at least one inhibitor containing one or more ni t rogen atoms, sulfur atoms, or both nitrogen and sul- fur atoms provided said nitrogen atoms are not present in an aliphatic amine or hydroxy- lamine. Also, methods for deposit-

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