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the monumental enterprise which you have so learnbedly planned, and which you are so eminently fitted to carry to a successful termination. I am sure your history of medicine (Master Minds in Medicine) is destined to become a landmark in the history of medicine which will reflect great credit upon American letters and on the literature of mediine n general.-RUDOLPH MATAS.

Master Minds in Medicine -

An Analysis of Human Genius as the Instrument in the Evolution of Great Constructive

Ideas in the History of Medicine

Together with A System of Historic Methodology


JOHN C. HEMMETER, M.D., Ph.D., Sc.D., LL.D. Professor Emeritus of Clinical Medicine, University of Maryland

With an Introduction by

KARL SUDHOFF, M.D. Professor of the History of Medicine, University of Leipzig, 1895-1924

Octavo of about 1000 pages, profusely illustrated---Ten Dollars a Copy

Order Now To Bzcome an Advance Subscriber A complete list of the advance subscribers will be published at the back of the Hemmeter book, and all such subscribers will receive an autographed copy.

Order Blank for Advance Subscription Medical Life Press, I2 Mt. Morris Park West, Date ............................ New York, N. Y. To the Publishers: I enclose ten dollars, or agree to pay ten dollars upon notification that the volume is ready for delivery, and you are hereby authorized to enter my name as an advance subscriber to John C. Hemmeter's Master Minds in Medicine.

Name ...........................................................................


City .............................................................................


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By HORATIO HACKETT NEWMAN Professor of Zoology, 'University of Chicago

Personal attendance at the trial of J. T. it historically, giving the facts about evo- Scopes for violation of the Tennessee lution needed for an intelligent attitude anti-evolution law has enabled Professor toward the present controversies. Newrman to draw conclusions as to its The new edition is completely up to significance. To acquaint the public with date, with modernized treatment of all the real issues at stake, he has added to the important topics, and a great deal of the new revised edition of his well-known new matter. Presenting original material book a discussion of the trial and the by mr. N ewm n and well-alancedrse- present anti-evolution campaign in the by Mr. Newman and a well-balanced se- United States. An estimate of Clarence lection of excerpts from s nch writers as Darrow, the progress, meaning, and re- Darwin, Weismann and Thomson, it is sult of the trial are topics that will inter- the most comprehensive account of evo- est all who have followed the accounts in lutionary biology to be had in a single the daily papers. Mr. Newman brings volume. It is an excellent text for sur- the knowledge of the evolutionary biolo'- vey courses in the subject and a clear gist to bear on the situation, and studies treatment for the general reader.

$3.50, postpaid $3.70

Now in Its Second Large Printing

GENERAL CYTOLOGY A Textbook of Cellular Structure and Function

for Students of Biology and Medicine

Edited by E. V. COWDRY and written by thirteen specialists connected with the Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole, Massachusetts

The first co-operative and comprehen- sent the data concerning the cell that are sive attempt by specialists in research fundamental not only to the sciences of fields to state in general terms what is botany and zoology, but to physiology known or conjectured regarding the prin- and pathology as well. A book for the ciples that govern cellular structure and practicing physician and professor of function. It is the first volume to pre- medicine as well as for the student.

754 pages, $7.50, postpaid $7.75

THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO PRESS 5811 Ellis Avenue Chicago, Ill.

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The New Spencer Film Slide Service and Projector

Presented for Educators by Educators A trem-endously enthusiastic reception has greeted

the new Spencer Film Slide Service prepared for edu- cators by educators. The library includes many sub- jects, all edited and arranged in the order of the cur- ricultimn.

Pictures follow one another on rolls of safe unbreak- able film slides. You can't mix them up-yet pictures change instantly, forward or back, by a simple turn of

-PENCER LENS Co., a knob. And the cost of this new service is only one- SPENCER LENS ao., tenth that of glass slides.

The new Spencer film slide delineascope is simple, Please send me full information compact and easy to use. You can operate it with one about the new Spencer Film Slide: hand as you lecture. With a Trans-Lux daylight screen Service and Delineascope. , you don't even have to darken the room. Name ..................... .. Send the coupon and see how this new Spencer Film

Slide Service will help you in your class-room work. Street .. . .

SPENCER LENS CO. City .........

Institution., 442 Niagara St. Buffalo, N. Y. In tiuton .. . ...

. .. . . .. . .


Edited by COLONEL SIR RONALD ROSS K.C.B., K.C.M.G., F.R.S., N.L., D.Sc., LL.D., M.D., F.R.C.S.

Assisted by D. ORSON WOOD, M. Sc., and J. BRONTE GATENBY, B. A., B. Sc.

SCIENCE PROGRESS owes its origin to an endeavor to found a scientific journal containing original papers and summaries of the present state of knowl- edge in all branches of science. The necessity for such a journal is to be found in the fact that, with the specialization which necessarily accompanies the mod- ern development of scientific thought and work, it is increasingly difficult for even the professional man of science to keep in touch with the trend of thought and the progress achieved in subjects other than those in which his immediate interests lie. This difficulty is felt by teachers and students in colleges and schools, and by the general educated public interested in scientifie questions. SCIENCE PROGRESS claims to have filled this want.

Published early in January, April, July, and October. Bach number consists of about 192 pages, contributed by authorities in their respective subjects.

Illustrated. 7s. 6d. net. -Annual Subscriptions, including postage, 31s. 2d.

JOHN MURRAY, 50a, Albemarle Street, London, W., England

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TEIE STANDARD WRITE RAT Mus Norvegicus Albinus

At the instance and desire of Drs. McCoy, Roth & Lake, and Professor Voegtlin & Dr. Smith, U.S.P.H.S., Hygienic Laboratory, Washington; Conrey, Powers-Weightman-Rosengarten, Philadelphia; Riggs, Squibb, New York; Raiziss, Dermatological Research Laboratories, (The Abbott Laboratories), Philadelphia; Macallum, Synthetic Drug Co., Limited, Toronto, (Canada); Hooper, Metz, New York; Payne, Upjohn Co., Kalamazoo; The Diarsenol Company, Buffalo; Schamberg & Kolmer, Research In- stitute of Cutaneous Medicine, Philadelphia; Clarke, Parke, Davis & Co., Detroit; Githens, H. K. Mul- ford Co., Philadelphia; Chamberlain, Mallinckrodt Chemical Works, St. Louis; Clowes, Eli Lilly & Co., Indianapolis; Holmes, The E. L. Patch Co., Boston; Armour & Co., Research Laboratory, Chicago; Hyn- son, Westcott & Dunning, Baltimore; De Pree Laboratories, Holland; New York Intravenous Laboratory, New York; U. S. Army Medical Center, Walter Reed Hospital, Washington; U. S. Quarantine Stations, U.S.P.H.S., Staten Island, N. Y. Fortress Monroe, Va., and Gallops Island, Boston Harbor; Depart- ment of the Interior, Bureau of Mines, Exp. Station, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Departmento, National de Hygene, Instituto Bacteriologico, Buenos Aires, Rep. Argentina; Texas Agricultural Exp. Station, A. & M. Col- lege of Texas; Georgia Experiment Station, Experiment, Georgia; The Universities of California, Ore- gon, Colorado, Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Kansas, Illinois, Georgia, Arkansas, Ken- tucky, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, Louisville and Toronto; College of Physicians & Sur- geons, (Columbia); Brown, Yale, Harvard, Cornell, Johns Hopkins, Columbia, McGill, Western, Ohio State, Indiana, Western Reserve, Baylor, Vanderbilt & Marquette Universities; Wellesley, Mount Hol- yoke, Smith, Pennsylvania State, Iowa State, Michigan Agricultural & Carleton Colleges; The Medical College of Virginia; The Rockefeller Institute & The Russell Sage Institute, New York; The Stout Insti- tute, Menomonie; The Physiatric Institute, Morristown; The Insulin Committee, Univ. of Toronto, Toronto, Canada; The Conservation Bureau, City of Boston; Wood, Institute of Cancer Research, (Co- lumbia), New York; Mendel & Smith, Laboratory of Physiological Chemistry (Yale), New Haven; Abel, Ulrich, & Hegner (Johns Hopkins), Baltimore; Park & Powers, School of Medicine, (Yale), New Haven; Gamble, Harvard Medical School, Boston; Loevenhart, Medical School, (Wisconsin), Madison; Walker, Union Memorial Hospital, Baltimore; Luce, Boyce Thompson Institute, Yonkers; Krumbhaar, Philadelphia General Hospital, & Laird, State Laboratory, (U. of P.), Philadelphia; Dennison, Lakeside Hospital, Cleveland; Wear, American Car & Foundry Co., Berwick; The Fleisch- mann Co., The Dry Milk Co., & Lehn & Fink, Inc., New York; Vitamin Food Co., Westfield; Postum Cereal Co., The Kellogg Co. & The Battle Creek Sanitarium, Battle Creek; Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester; Mead Johnson Co., Evansville; Crane Ohio Ice Cream Co., Columbus; American In- stitute of Baking, Chicago; Moorman Mfg. Co., Quincy; et al., this office and colony has tried (and succeeded for four years) to Breed, Raise and Market a perfectly healthy Albino Rat, actively growing, and absolutely free from disease, constitutional, infectious, contagious or parasitic, at the lowest price possible with a fair return for the service rendered, thus establishing a eommon source of supply for the governmental (testing and experimental) laboratories and ALL the manufacturers and research laboratories, and thereby enabling competent biologists, working in different parts of the coun- try, to obtain comparable-or coincident-results.


Prices--Delivered-Prepaid-Via Am. Ry. Ex. Co. (Shipping Days: Tuesday and Wednesday)

Orders not booked for lots of less than 50, except Breeders and Large booked for 25 and Pregnant Females for 15. Where delivery costs (including cratage and drayage at $1.i50 per crate) exceed $5.00 Per C. excess amount is charged at cost on invoice. Ten per cent. additional will be charged where known age is specified (except litters); or sex other than mixed (M & F) (except breedIng stock); or where different weights are specified than those tabuilated below; or where maximum-minimum range of weights desired is less thtan 20 grams. It Is understood that when mixed sexes-(M & F), are ordered, this office reserves the right to determine the proportion of sex; whether all of one; all of the other, or the proportion of each, Females, ordered as such, furnished only in breeding stock. Five dollars discount per C. on contracts for weekly quotas of fifty or more.

BREEDING STOCK-GRADE "A "-M & F-100-200 Gm. ...... ............. $200 Per C. i " " " 6 6 11 -F-PREGNANT, UNTIMED ..... ........ $300

LITTERS-KNOWN AGE 6-16 Youing with Dam; Mothers and Young counted alike and charged at rate of $1.00 each: NOT LESS THAN 5 LITTERS SHIPPED .............. $100

LARGE STOCK-M & F-150-500 GM.-UNKiNOWN AGE .$65 TOXICITY " -100-150 " " " .................... .$75 " MEIDIUM " " - 80-100 " " "...................... $70 SMALL " " - 50-80 " " " ...................... $65 VITAMINE " " - 30-50 "..................... .$60





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Hydrogen Ion Control

LaMotte Hydrogen Ion Testing Set (Model 8B)

Only i drop of material needed for a test. A single test made in a few seconds.

Results accurate to o.i pH.

New illmtrated catalog sent free on request.

LaMotte Chemical Products Co. 418 Light Street Baltimore, Md., U. S. A.

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FOR THE llelmholtz's Treatise on B Og ScE l O sBiological Sciences

Naturalists' Supplies sio : ica tics Microscope Slide Preparations Preserved Material Translated from the Display Material

Third fierman Edition Lantern Slides lT. 'lrd German EitiOII ,Charts, Botanical and Zoological Microscopes, Microtomes and

Edited by JAMES P. C. SOUTHALL, Accessories Professor of Physics in Columbia University , Dissecting Instruments

Laboratory Glassware Vol. I. The Anatomy and Dioptrics of Chemicals

the Eye (xxiii+482 pages) Bacteriological Reagents

Vol. II. The Sensations of Vision (x+ We have now ready for distribuition our new * Vol. II. The Sensatlons of RJls1on (x + : Cat. No. 6P with an extensive list of preserved : 480 pages) and museum material; Cat. 6G of models and

* * charts; and Supplement to Cat. 6L, with a Vol. III. The Perceptions of Vision (xii , large list of photomicrographs of unusual in-

+ 750 pages) terest and quality. Copy on request.

Published by the Optical Society of America, 1924-I925. Price $7 per vol- Prompt Gucaranteed time, $2I for the set. Service Quality

Send orders to Professor F. K. Richt- myer, Secretary of the Optical Society of America, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York Biological Supply Co. N. Y. 34 Union Square New York, N. Y.


RESEARCH PERIODICALS Chemical and Medical as well as other Scientific Journals for sale. Domestic and Foreign.

Complete files as well as volumes and back copies.

Our Catalog sent Gratis on Request

We will be pleased to purchase long series as well as odd volumes of Periodicals.


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"You have the best liht-weight bag made." r ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Dr. C- P. Fordyce

FIALA PATENT SLEEPING BAGi 'You can sleep outdoors

- ? % A 830in perfect comfort Scienti~fiealy Correct

Made like tshe fur of an animal, it retains body heat, but niot the mois- ture. No dead air spacees to become foul or soaked, as in a closely woven or filled fabric. Weighs 5 lbs.

Fi ala High-grade 22 Cal. prin scomnbination Rifle andr w i c p o p sbhe Pistol, with 3 barrels. ...... . A $30 rifle-at

p - eo. [ S Alidades, Meters & Registers. ~a= HENSOLDT'S Microscopes & THE SCIENCE PRESS But inoculars; Mirakel Binoculars Writeb Let us farnish estimates on Camp,

PRINTING COMPANY for Todring. Epedition Outdats,

The Science Press Printing Company Eastern Representative For has been established and equipped fot NEW PAULIN ALTIMETER printing scientific literature in the bestL As accurate as a mercurial barometer! way, nith compositors, pressmen and Used by the U. S. Geological Survey. proof-readers trained for technical work. U. S. Engineers, Oil Companies and It is a business corporation; but it has others Particularly useful for securing been founded to provide facilities essen- contours; one man with a Panlin Altimeter tiual for the advancement of science. ~can do the work of two men with Rod and tialdforethes, dvancement of science. J. Level. Send for Circular "S." McKeen Cattell is president; A. E. Urban is general manage'r. ANTHONY FIALA

The corpoation owns its building at A-25 Warreni Street New York Lancaster, Pennsylvania, over 14,000 Use_McWilliams_Selenium_cells_to_____ square feet of floor space lighted on allpress__mplify_your_Rdio _______light _ sides, with space for printing a hundred scientific journals. It has the best ob. McWilliams tainable presses, composing machinery and binding equipment and these will be Selenium Cells increased as nee'ded. What is more im Use McWilliams Selenium cells to portant, it has the most competent press. amplify your Radio witlh light men and compositors in a city whichl rays. Our No. 6-A cell Is espe- since "Science" was first printed there cially adapted to amplifying pur-

in i ~~~~~~~~~~~poses, developing about 6 milli- in 1894 has become a center for fine amperes of current. Booklet of scientific printing. The costs are only instructions and diagrams for about three fourths as much as in the Radio amplification by light rays

large cities. ~~~~~fuirnished free with each cell.- large cities. flPrice of booklet only, 50c. pre-

The press prints "The Scientific paid. Monthly," "Science," "School and So- ciety," " The American Naturalist " and a number of other scientific journals and publications. The typography and press- work of these journals will bear com- parison with any weekly or monthly pub- lication in the United States or else- where. Those authors who have read proofs will know the correctness of the a s composition. A distinguished scientific man wrote recently to the editor of " Sci- ence ": " I corrected my first proof a year Micro-amp Relay before you were born and the one I re- Will close its contacts for a current turned yesterday was the first one in my change of IO micro-amperes and main- song experience that needed no correc- tain its adjustments indefinitely. More tion. sensitive than any other relay known and

All correspondence should be ad- will not stick on contact. dressed to the general manager, A. E. Prices and descriptive catalog mailed on request Urban, The Science Press Printing Com- pany, Lancaster, Pa. ELECTRIC B. G. PRODUCTS CO.


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mAnplio-ns chosen &reproduce Cl1Papal Ceremonies

t fll^g:M throughout Saint Peters, Rome I 1 , @;^ gy14 0 hE.

Of ALL loud speakers, Amplions enjoy the honor and high compliment of having been s installed throughout the famous Cathedral of Saint Peters, Rome9 that important ceremonies conducted by His Holiness the Pope may be clearly audible to great multitudes of people All Amphcons are equippec with cords and

Supreme clarityof A rerdcin was the pret aoimeioo

requisite. It is only lPorgSicatl thter The Ampione is -creatiosn onf the actual originators and o ldestr. makers of loud speakers -Ashould have been

chosn.r anhihcmplionmotelany otherinloude

nspaker throughout the aorld, chieflybecause of unrivaled clarity of tone. "The clearness of the reproduction of the Popes voice was an outstanding feature," writes a witness t the first ceremonies t Hear The Amplion in comparison with any or all other

world's finest loud speaker. Amplion Loud Speakers, $12.00 up. Phonograh units in two sizes. Write for inter- esting literature wte to t f r

THE AMPLION CORPORATION OF AMERICA Executive Offices: Suite 0, 280 Madison Ave., New York City Canadian Distributors: Burndept of Canada, Ltd., Toronto

Alfred Graham & Co., London, Eng., Patentees

A portion of the magnificent canopy over Saint Peter's Tomb, showing two of many Amplions installed for amplifying Papal

he?(?JoM-IdStandard loud apeaker services to vast assemblages of pilgrims.

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Pocket [> __

Microscope POCKET MICROSCOPE Extended

For any degree of Magnification from 30X to 200X

The entire stand of this new microscope is a one-piece hollow casting of aluminum alloy whiclh makes the instru- Iment rigid and at the same time light in weight. Net weight II Oz.

The initial magnification is increased by elonigating the draw tube and the magnifications thus obtained are read off from the graduations on the tube.

The optical system consists of an orthoscopic eye-piece and a standard achromatic objective which insures goo(] definit,ion.

May be used for micro-projection. Price in velvet lined pouch . .......... $I9.00 Price in velvet lined case ............ 20.00 Price with case and pouch ........... 2I.00

Write for Busch Bulletin P.

PA 1. COMNAPAI4Y Apparatus for Industrial and Laboratory Use I53 WEST 23rd STREET NEW YORK, N. Y.

Walker Prizes in NaturalHistory By the provisions of the will of the late Dr. W'illiam Johnson Walker, tw%vo prizes are annually

offered by the Boston Society of Natural History for the best memoirs written in the Englislh language, oni subjects proposed by a Committee appointed by the Council.

For the best memoir presented a prize of sixty dollars may be a-warded; if, lhowvever, the mem- oir be one of marked merit, the amounit may be increased to onie hnndred dollars, at the discretion | of the Committee.

For the n-ext best mnemoir a prize not exceeding fifty dollars mnay be awarded. Prizes will not be awarded unliess the memoirs presenteed are of adequate merit. The competition for these prizes is not restricted, but is open to all. It is nevertheless the

tradition of the Society that the founider of these prizes intended thein more in the nature of encouragement to younger niaturalists than as rewards for the work of mature inivestigators.

Attention is especially called to the following points:- 1. In all cases the memoirs are to be based on a consiiderable body of original and unpub-

lished work, accompanied by at general review of the literatuire of the subject. 2. Anything in the memoir which shall furnish proof of the identity of the author shall be coni-

sidered as debarring the essay from competition. 3. Although the awards will be based on their intrinsic merits, preference may be giveni to

memoirs bearing evidence of biaring been prepared with special referenice to competition for these prizes.

4. Each memoir must be accompanied by a sealed envelope enclosinig the auithor's name and superscribed with a motto corresponding to one borne by the manuscript, and must be in the hands of the Secretary on or before March 1st of the year for which the prize is offcred.

5. The Society assumes no responsibility for publication of manuscripts submitted, anid pub- lication should not 1)e made before the Annual Meeting of thc Society in May.

SUBJECT'FOR 1926: Any subject in the field of Ornithology

SUBJECT FOR; 1927: Any subject in the field of General Zoology

FRANCIS HARPER, Acting Secretary.


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Dr. EDWIN E. SLOSSON SAID: In the November issue of THE SCIENTIFIC MONTHLY, that ultra-violet rays greatly benefit and often cure children crippled by rickets or tubercular joints. SCIENCE recently published reports from Yale Medical School, that ultra-violet light was stored up in cod liver oil and was only released within the body during digestion. This was assumed to be the explanation of its curative properties.


is standardized physiologically and exceeds the requirements of the U. S. Pharmacopccia in purity.

This Brand was the first offered with a physiological standard and is the only brand available tcday with tests and evidences for its power to cure rickets-by the baby chick methodl. F THAT IS W1iY PHYSICIANS SPECIFY


Available at all druggists or by parcel post. Large bottle $I.oo, 1 gallon $3.50 postpaid.

We are the largest manufacturers of Medicinal Brewers' Yeast and Yeast Vitamine Tablets in the U. S. and supply Universities, Colleges, State Departments and the U. S. Public Health Service. Ask for descriptive bulletins.

Prepared by THE HARRIS LABORATORIES Tuckahoe, New York

Scientific Apparatus and Instruments Chemicals, Anatomical and Biological Preparations

Natural History Specimens '.specially American Species

Biological Preparations, Wall Chairts.

Museum and Naturalists' Supplies

Lanterni Slic-es, Microscopes an,11 Acces-

- ~~~~Division of Entomology, Entomolodi-- cal Supplies and Specimens

Specialty of Kny-Scheerer- Museum Cabinets of glass and metal "Yale TIype."

J? rite for Illustrated Cataloguies, Special Cir-cularis and Information

THE KNYr-SCE R CHPElRE RATEIAN Dept. of Natural Science, G. Lagai, Pi. D.

119-125 Seventh Ave. New York, N. Y., U. S.

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