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11 March Sunday : CME for Practising Paediatricians on: Neonatal Emergencies Time: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Venue: Mother Theresa Auditorium, JMMC & RI, Thrissur Concept: Professionally managed 6 Scientific sessions (1 on basic care, 2 on intensive care, 1 on recent advances and 2 relevant panel discussions) with enough opportunity for delegates to interact with the experts from all over India. 8:00 am 8:30 am: Registration SESSION 1: RECENT TRENDS Chair Persons: Dr Vinod Jacob Cherian, Dr Raveendra Varma 8:30 am 9:00 am : Whats new in Neonatal Resuscitation? : Dr Baswaraj, Hyderabad 9: am 9:30 am: Lets Cool- Peinatal Asphyxia and Therapeutic Hypothermia : Dr Niranjan Thomas, Vellore 9:30 am -9:50 am: Ultrasound: the new stethoscope? : Dr Anirudh Badade, Mumbai 9:50 am 10:00 am: Open House 10:00 am- 10:30 am: Inauguration Ceremony (Tea and snacks shall be served inside the hall during the inauguration session) SESSION 2: INTENSIVE CARE -1 Chair Persons: Dr Johny Vincent, Dr N S Mani 10:30 am- 11:00 am: The Missed Ones! - Metabolic emergencies in the neonate : Dr Manoj K Ghoda, Ahmedabad 11:00 am -11:30 am: Approach to Neonatal Shock : Dr Shamsher Singh Dalal, Bangalore 11:30 am 11:40 am: Open House SESSION 3: BACK TO THE BASICS Chair Persons: Dr V K Parvathy, Dr T D Muraleedharan 11:40 am 12 : 10 am: Neonatal Hypoglycemia Myths and Facts: Dr Venkat Narayan, Kolkota 12:10 am 12: 30 am: Rapid Assessment of a Sick Neonate : Dr Naveen Jain, Thiruvananathapuaram

12:30 pm 12:50 pm: Reading Neonatal X rays: Dr Anirudh Badade, Mumbai 12:50 pm 1:00 pm: Open House SESSION 4: PANEL DISCUSSION 1:00 pm 1:30 pm: Labour Room Blues & Recent Advances in Intensive Care Panelists: Dr Naveen Jain, Dr Niranjan Thomas, Dr Baswaraj, Dr Shamsher Singh Dalal, Dr Venkat Narayan Moderator : Dr V C Manoj 1:30 pm 2:30 pm: Lunch and Visit to Exhibition Stalls SESSION 5: INTENSIVE CARE -2 Chair Persons: Dr Ramraj, Dr Anand K M 2:30 pm 3:00 pm: Respiratory Distress and Ventilation Strategies from primary to tertiary levels: Dr Naveen Jain, Thiruvan anthapuram 3:00 pm 3:30 pm: Neonatal Surgical Emergencies: Early detection, initial management and Timing of Surgery: Dr Abraham Mammen, Kozhikode 3:30 pm 4:00 pm: Blue or Pale, Fear Thy Not: Cardiac Emergencies in Neonates: Dr Edwin Francis, Thrissur (House open at the end of each talk) SESSION 6: PANEL DISCUSSION 4:00 pm 5:00 pm: Shoot Your Problems - Common Issues in Practice of Neonatal Care in Kerala Panelists: Dr Anand K M, Dr T M Ananda Kesavan, Dr Raveendra Varma, Dr AlokeV R, Dr Srinivasan, Dr Sanjeev Kumar Moderator: Dr V C Manoj (Tea and snacks shall be served inside the hall during the session) 5:00 pm: Visit to Jubilee NICU and demonstration of High Frequency Ventilation and Volume Ventilation for those interested

JUBILEE NEOCON(10, 11 March 2012)Organised by : The Department of Paediatrics and Neonatology Jubilee Mission Medical College and Research Institute, Thrissur In association with IAP Thrissur Branch

ORGANISING COMMITTEE:Patrons: Fr Raphael Vadakkan, (Director, JMMC&RI) Fr Francis Pallikunnath, (Associate Director, JMMC&RI) Dr V K Ramankutty, (Principal, JMMC&RI ) Dr Johny Vincent, (Prof & HOD, Dept of Pediatrics, JMMC&RI) Dr Sunny George, (Senior Consultant, Dept of Pediatrics, JMMC&RI) Organising Committee Chairman : Dr Vinod Jacob Cherian Organising Committee Secretary : Dr Sanjeev Kumar Finance, Press and Publicity : Dr Sanjeev Kumar, Dr Dipu : Dr VC Manoj, Dr Viswanathan Registration and Reception : Dr Sarojam, Dr Soumya, Dr Siji, Dr Maina Venue Arrangement Invitation Faculty Hospitality Food : Nurses Workshop : Dr Rati Santha Kumar, Dr Ajitha : Dr Maya Prabhakaran, Dr George : Dr Thomas Antony, Dr Mathew, Dr Nihas Dr Mini Cherian, Dr Jini : Dr Aparna Namboodiripad, Dr Abdul Samad

Dear Fellow Academicians, Continuous evolution of treatment protocols makes the management of newborns a challenging task in our office practice. On the occasion of the diamond jubilee celebrations of Jubilee Mission Medical College and the inauguration of tertiary level care in Neonatology, a two day CME Programme is being organized by the Department of Paediatrics and Neonatology JMMC&RI in association with the Thrissur IAP branch on 10, 11 March 2012. The program includes a half day workshop and a full day CME on the various aspects of neonatal care. The workshop is scheduled on 10 March 2012 for the nurses to train them on the basic principles and practical aspects of neonatal care. You are requested to register and send a maximum of two delegates from your hospital. Seats for the workshop are limited to the first 40 registering delegates. The CME on 11 March 2012 focuses on sensitizing the practicing paediatricians to the current guidelines in the management of neonatal emergencies in day to day practice. Interesting talks and two panel discussions with emphasis on recent advances is being planned by the faculty from all over the country. You are cordially invited to attend and participate in the scientific deliberations.Dr. Vinod Jacob Cherian (Chairman, Organizing Committee.) Dr. Sanjeev Kumar (Secretary, Organizing Committee) Dr. V C Manoj (Chairman, Scientific Programme Committee) Dr. Raveendra Varma (President, IAP Thrissur Branch) Dr. N Sunil Kumar Menon (Secretary, IAP Thrissur Branch )

Scientific Programme

10 March, Saturday: Training Workshop on Neonatal Nursing Practice Time : 7:45 am to 2:00 pm Programme: 7: 45 am-8:15 am : Registration (Venue: Muringathery Hall, JMMC&RI) 8:15 am-11: 15 am: Training Lectures (Venue: Muringathery Hall, JMMC&RI) 11:15 am -11:30 am: Tea Break 11:30 am -1: 30 pm: Work Shop (Venue: 5 Stations in NICU Complex) 1:30 pm: Lunch Topics Covered: Neonatal Resuscitation Prevention of neonatal sepsis Fluids and Medication Feeding Problems of neonates Danger signs in neonates Respiratory Support (CPAP, Ventilator Care, Introduction to HFO) Phototherapy Faculty: Dr Raveendra Varma, Mother Hospital, Thrissur Dr T M Ananda Kesavan, Govt Medical College, Thrissur Dr Janaki Menon, Govt Medical College, Thrissur Dr Sabitha, Sunrise Hospital, Kakkanad, Kochi Dr Sanjeev Kumar, JMMC&RI, Thrissur Dr V C Manoj, JMMC&RI, Thrissur Dr Aparna Nampoodiripad, JMMC&RI, Thrissur Sr Tresa Anto, Jubilee Mission College of Nursing Ms Reshmi VR and Ms Anju George, Jubilee Mission School of Nursing, Thrissur

REGISTRATION DETAILS:IAP Members: Rs 300/- PG Students: Rs 200/- (Plz attach a certificate from HOD stating bonafides), Nursing Staff: Rs 100/To register by mail, plz send your details and a DD/Cheque drawn in favour of CME Pediatrics - JMMC to Dr V C Manoj, Unit Head, Neonatology, Jubilee Mission Medical College PO, East Fort, Thrissur- 680005. Contact Numbers: (for Enquiry, Registration and Accommodation) 1. Dr Vinod Jacob Cherian,: 9447781276 2. Dr Sanjeev Kumar: 9447238234 3. Dr V C Manoj: 9388407588 CME Office: 0487 2432200 Extn: NICU E mail id: [email protected]

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