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    April 2019

    Upcoming Events

    8th – 12th April Year 10 Work Experience

    8th – 9th April

    State Swimming

    Monday 8th April COS Leadership Event

    Tuesday 9th April

    Year 11 - Life Ready Road Safety Year 7 – Brainstorm

    Wednesday 10th April

    P & C Meeting @ 7.00pm

    Thursday 11th April Easter Egg Raffle

    Friday 12th April

    Year 7 – Public Speaking Showcase Last day of Term 1

    Tuesday 30th April

    Students return for Term 2 ANZAC Day Assembly

    2nd – 3rd May

    Year 10 Marine Excursion - Boat Licence

    Principal’s report

    It is hard to believe we are about to finish Term 1. It has been a very productive start to the school year. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing our students contribution to the Thirroul Seaside Festival this last weekend. Hospitality students catered for the Art Show Friday night, our Visual Art works was on display Sunday, and our musical production highlight wowed the crowd Sunday.

    Bulli Mine Disaster Memorial Service I attended the moving service last week with members of the student leadership team who represented Bulli High School and laid a wreath. The Arcadian Lamp Lighters choir were again an absolute joy to listen to. For more information and photos follow the link below:


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    Ursula Road, Bulli NSW 2516

    Telephone +61 (0)2 4284 8266 [email protected]

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    Ursula Road, Bulli NSW 2516

    Telephone +61 (0)2 4284 8266 [email protected]

    Bulli High School

    Newsletter April 2019

    Uniform Shop Hours Tuesdays: 1.15pm – 3.30pm Thursdays: 1.15pm – 3.30pm

    School Office Hours Mon, Tue, Thur & Fri: 8.30am – 3.30pm

    Wednesday: 8.30am – 3.00pm Student Absences

    If your child is absent from school, please notify the office by calling 4284 8266 extension 4 and following the prompts.

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    Developing Future Leaders Program The 2019 Seacliff Community of Schools Developing Future Leaders program is underway. I received this wonderful piece from Mrs Bec Stone, Principal Otford PS.

    BHS Parents & Citizens Association Thank you to the 2018 executive team and their strong support of, and commitment to, Bulli HS. Following the AGM, we welcomed the executive team for 2019:

    President: Michelle Curtis Vice President: Jo Reed Secretary: Julie Wilson Treasurer: Naomi Lee

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    P & C Working Bee

    Save the date: 19th May, 8.30 am – 12pm

    We hope to see you there.

    More info on the tasks and support needed will

    be made available closer to the day.

    Register for E-News

    If you are already registered you will continue to

    receive our e-news bulletins.

    To register for e-news follow these steps:

    Go to the school’s website:

    Click on tab ‘Newsletters & notes’

    Hit subscribe

    Enter your name and email as requested

    and follow the prompts

    You also have the option to download the

    App facility to your device

    P & C dates for 2019 (2nd Wednesday of the month)

    Term 1: 10th April

    Term 2: 8th May, 12th June

    Term 3: 14th August, 11th September

    Term 4: 13th November, 11th December

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    NAPLAN 2019 Information

    Information for parents of Year 7 and 9 students is included in this newsletter. In 2019, Bulli HS students will sit pen and paper


    A very proud moment

    Well done to four of our boys, Braighden Thomson, Jayden Ristuccia & Hamish Bell and Liam Tanner who found a large sum of

    money on the ground at school last week, and handed it in to Mr Green. The money belonged to a visitor to the school who was

    very grateful to the boys.

    Supporting Students

    Year 11 & 12 Homework Centre is open during sport time from 12.30pm – 2.30pm each Wednesday and has been well attended.

    This Tuesday afternoon from 3.15pm – 4.15pm the Study Hub for all students kicked off. We look forward to seeing students come

    along and take advantage of this support. Thank you to all the BHS teachers who will be investing their time to supervise and work

    with students.

    Easter Raffle

    Thank you to everyone for your support of this fun way for the school to raise funds which all go to improving student facilities.

    Students brought an Easter egg for mufti day this Friday and sell raffle tickets which are drawn at an assembly.


    Our student leaders will be attending and speaking at the Dawn Service at Austinmer Beach on ANZAC day.

    Duke of Edinburgh Program

    Recently I had the honour of attending the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award presentations held in Sydney with an afternoon tea at

    Government House. Five Bulli HS Year 12 students from 2018, were recognised for this marvellous achievement. Congratulations

    to Olivia Heathcote, Jodi Wilson, Kayla Houston, Monty Josh-Jones and Zac Joseph-Wood and also to their teacher, Jenni Ellsmore.

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    Term Break Normal lessons continue up to and including the last day of term, Friday 12 April. Students resume on Tuesday 30th April.

    I wish all students and families a safe and enjoyable holiday break.

    Chris Gregory Principal

    Student Reports

    Interim reports for Years 7 – 11 and the

    Mid-course Report for Year 12 will be issued early in Term 2

    Parent Teacher Interview Dates

    Years 10 – 12 Years 7 – 9 Tuesday 14th May Tuesday 4th June 4.00pm – 7.00pm 4.00pm – 7.00pm Bookings open on Sentral at 9.00am Bookings open on Sentral at 9.00am Wednesday 1st May Wednesday 15th May

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    Deputy Principal’s News JAPANESE VISIT Thank you to all those families who acted as hosts for our Japanese visitors. Once again this was a great experience for all those involved. The weekend of rain didn’t deter families from getting out and about!

    TTFM Over the last two weeks some students have been completing a Tell Them From Me survey which gathers data anonymously about student’s experiences at school. I would like to thank the students who have completed the survey for their involvement. The results will be used to inform our school planning process.

    BE YOU Bulli High School has signed up to the Be You program which has been developed by the Black Dog Institute. Be You replaces previous programs such as Mind Matters. Its main focus is teacher professional development that centres on positive mental health strategies. Teachers have already worked through two modules and we will be introducing some new systems over time to ensure that Bulli High School does as much as it can to foster a mentally-healthy community. Next term, we will be asking parents to respond to a survey about some aspects related to the schools current processes.

    Ms Robyn Lang

    Deputy Principal

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    Deputy Principal’s News

    In the March newsletter we announced the adoption of Sentral as our new school administration program. We are continuing to

    expand our use of Sentral’s many features.

    It’s pleasing to see how many parents have already accessed their Sentral Portal. Many parents have also chosen to take advantage

    of the Sentral app. Students have now been given access to the Sentral Student Portal.

    SMS Service In Term 2 we will use Sentral to send an SMS message notifying parents if their child has not arrived at school by 10am and an explanation has not yet been received. If a mobile phone number is not available the system will default to the email address provided on your child’s enrolment form. Please notify the office when your phone or email details change. The SMS system will be introduced for Year 7 from the beginning of Term 2. The other Years will be introduced sequentially during the first weeks of the new term. While we anticipate that the process will run smoothly if you believe you have received a text in error please contact the office. If you experience any difficulties with Sentral please contact the school office on 4284 8266.

    Mr Chris Neave Deputy Principal

    TERM 2

    Students return to school on Tuesday April 30th

    The first week of term is always timetable ‘Week A’

    Parent Update

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    Next term in Science students from Years 7-10 will have their Semester 1 examinations and

    should use time before these examinations to read through their notes and ensure that they

    have the necessary knowledge and understanding of the coursework. Science examination

    dates are shown below:

    Year 10 30th May

    Year 9 30th May

    Year 8 31st May

    Year 7 4th - 7th June

    We encourage students to take the opportunity during the holidays to check their pencil cases and restock with the necessary

    pens, pencils and rulers so that they are fully prepared for Term 2.

    Year 11 may also have various assessment items scheduled for Term 2. They must organise their time effectively and that

    includes the 2 week break in order to ensure that all tasks are completed to the highest standard. This includes completing any

    holiday homework given by their teacher.

    Ms Jo Canvin

    Relieving Head Teacher Science

    BULLI HIGH SCHOOL Homework Centre

    Library Available to all Year 11 & 12 students

    Wednesday Afternoons

    12.30pm – 2.30pm

    Come along and make use images&ved=2ahUKEwj19_jR57fhAhVLAXIKHWVKD0E4ZBAzKFQwVHoECAEQVQ&iact=mrc&uact=8

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    Creative Arts Bulli High School would like to thank Levers Art Supplies for their support of our Creative Arts faculty. Levers are offering all Bulli

    High School students 10% discount on any purchase.

    CONNECTING WITH OUR COMMUNITY Ms Chazaretta has been running art workshops with Year 2 students from Waniora PS.

    Mrs Louise Manks HT CAPA

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    Over the past few weeks some of our young school leaders have been out and about visiting our Seacliff CoS at Helensburgh Public

    School and Bulli Public School. Our students have assisted leading practical workshops with primary school student teams design,

    producing, launching, evaluating and modifying bottle rocket design. Thanks to Daisy, Ariel & Amelia for your leadership at Bulli

    Public, and thanks to Bowen, Raife, Evie, Laila, Ruby-Jean, Tahlia and Sabina for your efforts at Helensburgh Public.

    Mr Steve Delaney

    HT TAS

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    NAPLAN on PAPER - 2019

    At Bulli High School students will continue to sit NAPLAN as a written examination, as they have been doing in previous years.

    The NAPLAN on PAPER test dates for 2019 are:

    Tuesday 14th May Wednesday 15th May Thursday 16th May

    Language conventions: 45 minutes

    Reading: 65 minutes Numeracy: 65 minutes

    Writing: 40 minutes

    To ensure that our students are aware and prepared for this series of tests, Bulli High School will be doing the following:

    Continuing to deliver quality teaching of literacy and numeracy skills in class. Delivering a ‘NAPLAN Preparation Day’ for Year 9. This consists of a full day of helpful hints and practice sessions that will

    run on Wednesday 10th April (Week 11 of Term 1). This is to prepare students for the tests and get them focused on the core skills they may need to brush up on during the School Holidays, and leading up to NAPLAN in early Term 2. The ‘preparation day’ will be delivered to the Year 9 cohort only as they will be sitting these exams in the hall.

    Providing links to practice tests. To access the online test demonstration site, click on this link: NAPLAN Online Test Demo

    For more comprehensive information please click on the links below:

    Parents’ / Carers’ information NAPLAN Parent / Carer Support page

    Example Tests (Questions & Answers) – Scroll down for Years 7 & 9 Practice Tests

    Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

    If you are aware of your child/ward’s planned absence on the test dates, or should you require any more information, please

    contact Ms Viravong, Head Teacher, Teaching & Learning.

    Ms Sumana Viravong

    HT Teacher & Learning

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    As part of BHS’ English and Library program every student in Year 7 and 8 have taken part of the Renaissance reading program. As

    part of the program students receive reading awards based on the number of books they have read and the number of reading

    quizzes they have successfully completed.

    Congratulations to the following Year 7 students who have had a wonderful start to the reading program.

    Evelyn Alder Rising Reader Award Sienna Lay Super Reader Award Rising Reader Award Harrison Allman Rising Reader Award

    Sasha Chevalier Super Reader Award Rising Reader Award

    Nicola Neill Advanced Reader Award Super Reader Award Rising Reader Award Thomas Connor Rising Reader Award

    Braedan Currey Rising Reader Award Ronan Taylor Super Reader Award Rising Reader Award Oliver Driver Rising Reader Award

    Alexa Gammone Rising Reader Award Euan Williams Super Reader Award Rising Reader Award Lachlan Groves Rising Reader Award

    Clancey Hammersley Rising Reader Award

    Penelope Hausner Rising Reader Award

    Toby Lamb Classic Reader Award Star Reader Award Advanced Reader Award Super Reader Award Rising Reader Award

    Congratulations to the following Year 8 students on their continued commitment and fantastic achievements.

    Coco Badger Super Reader Award Lola Mitchell Rising Reader Award

    Gus Battestini Classic Reader Award Calum O’Callaghan Rising Reader Award

    Ava Beckinsale Super Reader Award Rising Reader Award

    Charlie Paine Advanced Reader Award

    Joel Powell Advanced Reader Award

    Samuel Bogeski Super Reader Award Rising Reader Award

    Eve Rafferty Rising Reader Award

    Hayden Richards Rising Reader Award

    Marin Duggan Star Reader Award Chloe Rutherford Rising Reader Award

    Kaden Franke Super Franke Ricco Sadlier Super Reader Award

    Anais Gannon-Ruiz Super Reader Award Hugh Spencer Star Reader Award Advanced Reader Award Evan Gray Rising Reader Award

    Luke Higson Star Reader Award Isabella Straub Advanced Reader Award Super Reader Award Rising Reader Award

    Lara Hubscher Advanced Reader Award

    Brodie Lay Advanced Reader Award

    Ella Loades Rising Reader Award Lani Taylor Star Reader Award Advanced Reader Award Sebastian Lourenco Super Reader Award

    Daniel McCoy Rising Reader Award Shaylee Tugnett Rising Reader Award

    Declan McGlone Super Reader Award Rose Yousiph Advanced Reader Award

    Miss Kylie Martin


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    In Term 1 all Year 10 students study careers via their PDHPE lessons.

    As part of this comprehensive programme students complete both a Personal Achievement Portfolio Assignment and Guidance

    Testing (that assist students and parents to plan their future). It is also recommended that students complete work experience

    during Year 10, however this activity is not compulsory.


    Bulli High is extremely proud of the fact that we are the only school in our region to provide students with the opportunity to

    conduct such an in depth self-assessment by producing a comprehensive Personal Achievement Portfolio.

    The underlying importance of this interventionist strategy is for students to enhance their self-knowledge and assist them to

    prepare for the many important decisions that they will soon face. The finished document will also serve as a significant passport

    for their future. I would like to commend the Year 10’s on the great amount of effort that the vast majority of students have been

    putting into their portfolio assignments. A copy of the full assignment is to be found on the students ‘google classroom’ account.

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    Careers - continued


    Each year as part of the Term One Year 10 Careers Programme, all students undertake the highly regarded, Career Voyage

    guidance test in order to assist them to clarify their interest, needs and potential career pathway the web address is; Given the dynamic nature of training and employment, it is more important than ever

    that students cultivate their self-knowledge when contemplating future choices such as those that will accompany subject

    selection later in Term 2.

    The test itself takes students around 45 minutes and culminates in a series of job suggestions that students can further

    investigate and form into a short list.

    Students are strongly encouraged to discuss test results with parents in order to assist with their career planning.

    As with all other career matters, students are encouraged to discuss these results with me at the careers office during

    break times.

    WIRL ('What It's Really Like') – this is our new video based guidance test (to be used as an additional support for Career Voyage and be undertaken at home for students in Years 10-12) the web address is: WIRL hosts a number of tools to empower students in their career discovery journey and help them better understand 'What It's Really Like' (WIRL) to work in certain industries.

    A career quiz to guide students to career pathways that suit their interests/personality type A library of video content providing students with a window to see and hear what over 160 occupations are really like.

    Each video links to further information to educate students on the steps and pathway to achieving their career goal Course listings linking back to tertiary websites Pathway information for both Vocational and University WIRLs integrated Career Action Plans. These allows students to create their own profile including goals,

    career interests, achievements, and more.

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    Careers - continued

    WORK EXPERIENCE Work experience is a program designed for students to experience working life for the first time. A week of work experience offers significant benefits as it provides an opportunity to:

    work alongside adults and gain an understanding of work develop and practice a range of new skills become more independent and confident relate the school curriculum to the workplace increase motivation for further study and training and explore future career options.

    On Thursday March 21 there was a presentation to all Year 10 students regarding the benefits of work experience, how work experience is organised and workplace safety. At the conclusion of the session students were invited to collect a package on work experience containing the relevant documentation to organise work experience. Please note that work experience is organised by students and parents using the paperwork provided- the school itself does not organise work experience. Students wishing to avail themselves of this great opportunity may collect a package form the careers office which will fully explain the programme and provide the relevant documentation which needs to be submitted two weeks prior to the date of work experience.



    1 10 April 1-5

    11 April 8-12

    2 7 June 11-15 Short week – (4 days) following the Queen’s Birthday Weekend

    8 June 17-21

    9 June 24-28

    10 July 1-5

    3 NIL

    4 6 Nov. 18-22 Preferred Week

    7 Nov. 25-29 Preferred Week

    8 Dec. 2- 6 Preferred Week

    9 Dec. 9-13 Preferred Week

    Information on the Department’s policies on work experience and the relevant documentation may also be found at the web address below: Mr Richard Harding Careers Advisor

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    Congratulations to our Open Boys Basketballers for their efforts at the zone tournament. We faced Figtree High School in the first

    round & whilst a little slow out of the blocks, once we got going, we couldn't be stopped. Our 'Lanky Lion' Cam Moses was a force

    inside and our other big bopper Brandon Cooper formed a formidable punch in the point. Captain Tyson Bricknell's energy was

    infectious as he led the lift in intensity to get on the ring & get up in people's grills on D & future captain Mikey Mouawad was

    similarly strong penetrating the paint to create on O. Enter Nathan Morris. Nathan 'rode his man like a pony' and was relentless

    with his defensive pressure on D. But the star of this show was definitely our main man Anakin Hughes who controlled the point

    to perfection & racked up a cool 27 points along the way! The strong showing even allowed us to get our Year 9 development

    players on the court & they didn't disappoint as Riley Costello quickly controlled the boards & ‘Downtown’ Corban Brown just

    did his thing around the arc. We stormed through to round 2 with a 53-32 win.

    Round 2 was always going to be tough as we faced a juggernaut loaded with representative talent, but we knew what we had to

    do. After struggling early to break Wollongong's trapping full court D and convert easy 2s we finally got on the board through

    some Anakin brilliance and a beautiful up fake & make on the break from our youngest gun, Mason Broadhead. ‘ZT’ Zac Thomas

    really stepped up to the plate in this one as he bumped & battled the bigs, proving why he's ranked in the top 25 Cross-fit athletes

    in the world right now! Some of our defence was outstanding in the second half as we slowly chipped away to draw the game

    back to a 6 point gap.

    Judah Kami's cameo coincided with clocking a couple of buckets and when Ky Air cashed a triple, the hope for a Cinderella style

    victory was wavering through the air. That, and a whole lot of sweat and steam. Brandon and Cam were again strong inside as

    their rebounding kept us in the game & despite constant double teams, Anakin still found a way to create points & passes for the

    team. ‘Captain’ Tyson Bricknell earned some tough buckets attacking the rim, but the highlight of the game was definitely THAT

    Anakin block that sent vibrations through the stadium! Tyler Adams was also sensational in some stints on court and will likely

    push for a starting spot in season 2020. Whilst we went down 59-50 in this one, the boys certainly held their heads high as they

    took it to one of the best school teams in the state this year.


    Going in to the South Coast Finals we were feeling pretty good... though one can not underestimate the dent our playing stocks

    hit with Captain Tyson Bricknell ruled out via the removal of wisdom teeth, star guard Anakin Hughes ruled out with busted bones

    in his feet and young gun Ky Air's hammy on ice & rested in prep for rugby league trials. No problem. Enter more of our young

    guns from the assembly line of talent.

    Game 1 V the Shoalhaven Regional Champs, Ulladulla, proved to be a spirited performance as our young guns stepped up to hold

    the lead for the first 15 minutes of the game. Judah Kami and Mason Broadhead were stepping up at both ends of the court,

    getting stops, creating plays & knocking down 3pt Js! Newly appointed Captain Mikey Mouawad was similarly strong running the

    show & providing plenty of grunt to shut down drives to our paint. Brandon Cooper showed some defensive deterrence in the

    paint & Cam 'The Praying Mantis' Moses looked to be threatening a dunk on every possession. Tyler Adams also provided a late

    spark with a flurry of buckets. We hung in there all game & when Nathan Morris nailed a patented 3 point bomb late, the fairytale

    finish was on the cards. Courtesy of a couple of injuries, our young guns Corban 'Downtown' Brown & the cross-code sporting

    specialist Riley Costello made solid cameos, with inspirational leader (& top 25 Cross-fit athlete in the WORLD) 'ZT' Zac Thomas

    playing his team first game to perfection, continually firing up the troopers. The game wrapped up with a 54-42 loss, but we

    certainly didn't lose any fans along the way. Special congratulations go to Mason Broadhead (OF YEAR 8) who top scored with 11

    points & played well beyond his years against young men 3 & 4 years older than him!

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    Basketball - continued Game 2 V the Eurobodalla Regional Champs, Monaro High started rough, with an early cork to Judah Kami coinciding with Monaro's stifling & smothering defense resulting in too many turnovers & a big hit to our confidence to boot. But as is our way, we mounted a second half rally which doubled as the bballing coming out party for TYLER ADAMS, who flicked the switch to beast mode & just had his way! Cashing 3s, transition buckets & energy on D proved to be the spark to keep us clawing our way back in the game. Cam 'The Praying Mantis' Moses was in full stretch on a couple of attacking raids on the rim & Mason Broadhead again chipped in with a valuable 6 points, but this game was all about 'The Adams Factor' (Tyler Adams) clocking 14 points as he stuffed the stat sheet. So whilst we couldn't quite get the W, a 41-32 loss was again a very respectable effort. Our attention now turns to the junior competition where our stockpile of young talent will get to strut their stuff in their own age division. Lastly, huge thank to Cuba, Ky and Jack 'Eurostep' Cotteral for supporting the team & fulfilling the score table duties for the day.

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    Basketball – continued

    Mr Steve Delaney

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    Bulli High School proudly presents

    The Addams Family: A New Musical

    Performance dates: Wednesday 8th May 7.30pm

    Friday 10th May 7.30pm Saturday 11th May 7.30pm

    Tickets available at the door Adults $8

    Student/Child $4 (No concessions)

    The Addams Family features an original story, and it's every father's nightmare. Wednesday Addams, the ultimate princess of darkness, has grown up and fallen in love with a sweet, smart young man from a respectable family -- a man her parents have never met. And if that weren't upsetting enough, Wednesday confides in her fathers and begs him not to tell her mother. Now, Gomez Addams must do something he's never done before -- keep a secret from his beloved wife, Morticia. Everything will change for the whole family on the fateful night they host a dinner for Wednesday's 'normal' boyfriend and his parents.

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    CANTEEN VOLUNTEERS Bulli High Canteen

    Bulli High School canteen is our biggest fundraiser for our school

    but we can’t do it without volunteers

    We have 4 people everyday

    2 volunteers, 2 staff

    It’s 1 day per month, 9.30am – 2.30pm approximately

    It’s a great way to meet your child’s teacher,

    some other lovely ladies and enjoy a great lunch

    If you would like to volunteer with a friend,

    get in early so the roster can be organised

    No experience needed


    Call Lyn Falkiner on 4284 8266 ext 119


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    Proud supporters of the Bulli High School Year 11 Scholarship Program

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    Join in the fun and come along to the oldest and best Scout group in the Illawarra.

    Have amazing fun with friends! Learn new skills!

    Activities include: Canoeing; abseiling; camping; hiking

    Cubs (7 ½ – 10 ½ years) 6:30-8:00pm Wednesday Evenings Scouts (10 ½ - 14 ½ years) 7:00-9:00pm Monday Evenings Bring a parent, bring a friend, join and make new friends!

    Come along to our Hall at 20 Moore Street Austinmer. What have you got to lose?

    For more info contact Steve on 4268 2004 or 0409 695 575 Look forward to seeing you there!

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