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Card File Subject Index 1

Card File Subject Index – Fisher Family Library These subject and surname index cards are located in the Fisher Family Library card files and the cards refer the

researcher to other locations for further information.

BUILDINGS Baldwin’s Tavern Bancroft Hotel – 1916 Construction (2) Bernstein Building (predecessor to Myers’ Market/Elderly United) Black’s Opera House (1869 dedication) Bretney House on Fountain Blvd. Clark Memorial Home Courthouse and 2nd Jail Early Springfield Buildings on West Main Street Fairbanks Building (1909 Opening) Fairbanks Theater Hospital – Rickly Hospital Dedication 1923 Houses – Builder’s Section May 1916 817 Woodlawn Burleigh Residence – Kensington Place Kissell Home – N. Fountain Blvd. Bretney Home Bancroft Hotel Shawnee Hotel A.W. Grant Home – East High Street William F. O’Brien Home – East High Street Ridgewood Homes Hills & Dales Homes Northern Heights Homes Arlington Homes Kauffman Store King Building (predecessor of Gotwald – Main and Limestone) (2) Kissell House Memorial Hall Excavation and Cornerstone 1914 (2) Montgomery Ward – site proposal 1939 Myers’ Market (architect William Earl Russ) Pennsylvania House Ryan Building (stood next to St. Raphael’s Church) Shawnee Hotel – Construction 1916 Spangenberger House Springview Hospital/Springview Sanitarium – Tuberculosis Hospital Construction 1919 (2) BUSINESS American Engineering – Employees 1902

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Card File Subject Index 2

Bakeries – Directory Listings 1888-1936 Banks – Guardian National Bank (Security National Bank) Banks – Springfield Savings Society Berryhill Nursery – Archaeological Excavations 1977 Boggan’s Toggary – 1909 Brickyards of Springfield – 1867 Buffalo Springfield Road Roller Company – Employees 1914 Bus – Springfield City Lines, Inc. Cascade Manufacturing Drugstore – Roth and Livingston – 1903 Fort Pitt Foundry (predecessor to Robbins & Myers) – Employees 1903 Grave Vault Company (predecessor to Buckeye Incubator) – Employees 1889 Groceries – Frank’s Grocery – 1889 Groceries – Reed & Gordon – 1893 Groceries – Big Bear/Liberal History of Springfield Industry – Histories and Descriptions of Businesses – 1916 Home Lighting Power and Heating Company – 1906 Ihrig Store – 1890 Kelly Company Carpenter Shop Employees – 1880 Kelly Springfield Printing Company Mad River National Bank (architect William Earl Russ) – 1916 Mast, Foos and Co. – P.P. Mast Co. Employees – 1890 1893, & 1904 (3) Mast, Foos and Co. Fire – 1925 Metallic Casket Company Morgan Medicine Company – 1928-1935 National Motor Compan – 1908-1937 (2) Oliver Company/Oliver Corporation (2) Richards Funeral Home Robbins & Myers Company Rogers Fence Company – 1883-1910 Saloons – Directory Listings 1893-1907 St. John Sewing Machine Company – Employees 1934 Sun Publishing Company Sugar Bowl Candy Kitchen – 1910 Undertakers and Embalmers – Directory Listings – 1883-1943 Whiteley, Fassler and Kelly – Employees 1870 Wickham Piano Plate Company – Employees 1904 Winters, B.H., Printing Company – 1887-1916 (2) Wren’s Store – 1927 Yeazell & Baldwin Mill CHURCHES Baptist – First Baptist – Interior 1870 Baptist – Mt. Zion – Dedication 1951 Church of Christ

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Card File Subject Index 3

Croft Meeting House – 1849 Episcopal Church Episcopal – Christ Episcopal Church – Choir 1900 Lutheran – Fifth Lutheran – 1894 Lutheran – First Lutheran – Aberfelda Picnic 1889 (2) Lutheran – Grace Lutheran Church – Architect’s Drawing 1924 Lutheran – St. John’s Lutheran Church – Dedication 1897 Lutheran – Zion Lutheran Church Knob Prairie – Enon – Sesquicentennial – 1956 Methodist Episcopal – Fletcher ME Church – 1849 Methodist – St. Paul Methodist Nazarene – First Church of the Nazarene – Dedication 1953 Presbyterian – Covenant Presbyterian Church – Construction 1925 Presbyterian – Northminster (Third Presbyterian) – 1894 Picture Presbyterian – Reformed Presbyterian – Cliffside United Presbyterian Church Presbyterian – Missionary Society of the First United Presbyterian Church – 1897 Sacred Heart – New Carlisle Universalist Church (319 W. Columbia) – razed for parking lot 1966 FIRE Arcade – 1894 Black’s Opera House – 1903 Central Engine House – Interior 1900 Equipment, Bell – Demonstration 1905 (2) Fire Department History – 1898 Hamma Divinity Hall – 1900 Horse Drawn Fire Engine – 1935 Fireman at Central Engine House – 1889 MISCELLANEOUS Airport – Springfield Municipal Airport Automobiles – First in Springfield Balloon – Aircraft Bicycle Club of Springfield – 1893 Bridges – Buck Creek Bridge Collapse 1890 Bridges – Buck Creek Covered Bridge Bridges – Fountain Avenue Bridge Cattle – Jersey Breeding Cattle – Cattle Show Chamber of Commerce and Development Council Merger Conestoga Wagons Crime – Lewis, Hathaway Diamond Ring Case – 1927 (Walter S. Lewis & Stanley C. Hathaway) Clark County Fair

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Card File Subject Index 4

Ferncliff Cemetery Flood of 1913 Flood of 1929 Fountain Avenue, North (2) Fountain Square/Esplanade – Picture 1905 Freedom Train George Rogers Clark Park – Improvements 1933 Housing – Rural Development Jail – Poem by Prisoner About Conditions – 1874 Mad River Township History Monolith – Clark County Courthouse 10 Commandments – 1959 Masonic Home Music – Big 6 Band – 1880 Music – Schwbischer Sanger Band – 1900 Neff Park – Crowell Publishing Co. Picnic – 1914 New Carlisle Post Office North Hill Camping Club – 1893 North Hill Urban Renewal Plowing Matches Residents at Camp Perry – 1907 Revolutionary Soldiers – Ferncliff List Prohibition – Clark County Dry Enforcement League – 1921 Sanitorium for Poor Soldiers Monument – Limestone and Columbia Stringtown Teays River Telephone Service – 75th Anniversary of Springfield’s First Phone 1955 Tornado – 1892 YMCA – McGilvary Apartments – 1925 ORGANIZATIONS Board of Trade Civic Theater Junior Order United American Mechanics – 1903 Photo Ku Klux Klan Funeral Procession – 1925 Military – National Guard – 1896 Military – Spanish American War – Co. E. 10th OVI Military – Springfield Cadets – 1890 Phi Kappa Psi Red Men – Improved Order of Red Men – 1890 Union – Champion City Union No. 97 Plumbers, Gas and Steamfitters Labor Day Parade – 1897 W.C.T.U in Clark County Women’s Service Clubs RAILROAD

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Card File Subject Index 5

New Moorefield Railroad – 1897 Big Four Depot (old) – 1900 BigFour Freight Depot – 1907 Big Four Employees – 1904 Railroad – Citizen Street Mule Drawn Railroad near Plum Street Entrance to Ferncliff – 1890 Railroad – Pennsylvania Depot Razed 1955 Railroad Sign – NYC Depot Railroad – Street Cars – Electric SCHOOLS Catholic Central – South Side Field Congress School – 1893 40 year reunion Cross Roads School – Class 1888 East Side Chapel Kindergarten Districts – Springfield City Schools North High School Construction – 1958 North High Principal – 1960 McKinley School Springfield Seminary – Students 1889 Springfield Seminary – Students 1905 Western School – Fire 1954 POLITICS Elections – 1926 Hard Cider Campaign – 1888 Republican Convention – 1859 SPORTS Baseball – Eagles Field (Murray Street) Baseball – International Harvester Team – 1904 Baseball – Wittenberg – 1890 Football – YMCA Team 1890 Football – YMCA Team 1930 Springfield Gun Club – 1914 Track and Field – YMCA 1880 SURNAMES Ackerman, Herman G. Adams, Rev. Samuel F. Adams, John M. Aleshire, C.E.

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Card File Subject Index 6

Aleshire, Robert Aleshire, Cleamon Aleshire, Phillip Allison, James Murray Altick, Arthur (2) Altman, Philip Sheridan Anderson, J. Fred Anderson, David Anderson, Lutheria Page Antrim, Daniel Babb, Edwin Forrest Bacon, Mary C. Bacon, Charles Bailey, Alice Van Benschoten Foos Baker, Mrs. Jacob (see Conrad Family) Baker, Melyn (d. 1760 d. 1826 Baker, Olive Overholser (Mrs. Sidney) Baker, Rudolph Baker, Eve Kiblinger Baldwin, Catherine Ree Baldwin, Clyde Baldwin, Cora Albin Baldwin, Lowell Baldwin, Naomi Baldwin, Wilbur Ellsworth Baldwin, Edna Rockenfield Baldwin, Roger Ballentine, Mary Jane Clark Ballentine, William Banta, W.E. Barber, W.A. Barker, Frank E. Barker, Emily Ward Barnett, Alice Jeffries Barnett Brothers Barnett, Carrie Barnett, Samuel Bauer, Henry Bauer, Lydia Bauer, Bertha Bauer, Margaret Bauer, Norma Bauer, Harry Bauer, Elmer Bayley, Lee D. Beardsley, Abba (Mrs. Ira Paige)

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Card File Subject Index 7

Bearsdley, Elijah Bechtle, Henry Bechtle, Elizabeth Perry Bell, Stephen (2) Benham, George W. Berry, Charles H. Berry, T.J. Berry, James A. Bird Family Bird, Caleb Bird, William Bird, S. Van Bird, Frank Biser, C.K. Bitner, W.H. Blount, Anna D. McCreight Blount, Ambrose Blount, John R. Blue, Nancy Pence Blue, Andrew Bold, John Bold, Andrew Bold, Mary Alice Bold, Anna Bolen, Mrs. C.L. (see Louis S. Keller) Bookwalter, Mrs. Amy S. Bosely, Lawrence Botkin, Dorcas H. (see William H. Hodge) Botkin, Mrs. Leedom Kenton (Sarah Adeline Bruner) Botkin, Welcome A. Boucher, Joshua Boyer, Mrs. Charles Boyer, Rev. Harold W. Brain, Allen H. Branstetter, Mary Pence Branstetter, Henry Braun, Frank L. Brophy, Ruth Jenkins Brophy, John W. Browne, Bitner (see W.H. Bitner) Browne, Delia (see Welcome A. Botkin) Browne, Mrs. J.F. (see W.H. Bitner) Bruner, Peter (see Mrs. Leedom Kenton Botkin) Bruner, Peter Bruner, Catey Kiblinger Buchwalter, Capt. E.L.

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Card File Subject Index 8

Buchwalter, Marilla Andrews Burba, Howard Burnett, D. Max Burnham, Mrs. Clara R. (see Alfred Paul Rabey) Buseby, Hamilton Buseby, Charles G. Buseby, Senator T.A. Bushnell, Mrs. Asa Carr, Ruth Hunter (see Laura Evans Hunter) Carter, Jeanne Brown (see W.H. Bitner) Carter, Mrs. Nora (see Heistand) Carter, Dr. Roland G. Cartmell, Nathaniel M. Cartmell, Mary Lofland Cathcart, Joseph Catlin, W.C. Chapman, Charles Chapman, Maggie Chapman, Maggie (see Charles E. Holden) Christopher, Mrs. John (Kate) Christopher, James E. Christopher, Charles L. Christopher, William H. Circle, Mrs. Worthy Clark, Joseph P. Clark, Margaret Amelia Clark, Ralph Harold Clark, Ralph Morton Click, Mrs. H.C. (see W.H. Bitner) Click, Joseph A. Click, Sarah Herring Click, Robert (see W.H. Bitner) Clippinger, Valentine B. Clippinger, Catherine Startzman Coblentz, Guy Coblentz, Bessie Coblentz, Edward Coblentz, Calvin Coblentz, Virgil Coblentz, Columbus Coffey, George W. Coffey, Kemp Cole, Richard T. Collins, Nora Woodward (Mrs. Clement V.)

Collins, George C. Compton, Howard (city fireman)

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Card File Subject Index 9

Compton, Willard G. Compton, Willard (fire chief) Conklin, Helen M. (Mrs.) Connable, Anna B. (Mrs.)

Connable, John L. Connable, Frank Connable, Howard P.

Conrad Family Conrad Atchison R. Conrad, Odus

Conrad, Mrs. Wm. A. (see Lydia Hullinger) Converse, Dr. C.R. (dentist)

Converse, Christobel Cook, Hetty S. Clark (1894-1929 directory) Cook, Mrs. Mary Hertzler Rubsam (see Daniel Hertzler)

Cook, Edward J. (see Daniel Hertzler) Cook, Mary Katherine (see Daniel Hertzler)

Corry, Jessie Anderson (Mrs. Robert E.) (see Anderson, J. Fred) Corwin, Mrs. Clarence (see Coberly, Oliver) Cotter, George S. Daker, Katharine Feeny (Mrs.) (see Conklin, Helen M.) Davisson, Isaac Dean, Mrs. C. Ross (see Rev. Dr. Robert Henry Hume) Deaton, Wiley (see Wiley Jenkins)

Deaton, Samuel, (see Wiley Jenkins) Deaton, Elizabeth (see Wiley Jenkins)

Demint, James Demint, James (see Mrs. Charles Boyer) Derr, Ferdinand Dibert, Mrs. Emma (see Edward Harford)

Dibert, Dr. Emery (see Edward Harford) Dibert, Katharine Harford (see Edward Harford)

Dingledine – Chapman Murder 1937 Donnel, Jonathan Downey, Bert F.

Downey, Mrs. S.F. Dugan, Dr. John P. (see Hartzell, Mrs. Sarah D.) Dunlap, Dr. Alexander Dunbar, Mrs. Stephen R. (see Erter, Henry) Eakin-Long Family

Eakins, Mary Long (see Eakin-Long Family) Eakins, Herbert W. (see Eakin-Long Family) Eakins, Rollin C. (see Eakin-Long Family)

Easton, Dr. John Crockett (see B.F. Prince) Easton, Mabel Prince (see B.F. Prince)

Edwards, Edward

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Card File Subject Index 10

Edwards Motor Company (2) Eglinger, Albert Eichelman, Mrs. Louisa

Eichelman, Adolph Eichelman, Adolph Jr. Eichelman, Charles Eichelman, Alice

Eipper, Mrs. Karl F. (see Mrs. Ann Maria Flowers) Elder, R. Newell Elwell, Mrs. Rose Woods Lacy

Elwell, J.W. Elwell, William R.

Enoch, Mrs. John W. (see Lydia Hullinger) Erter, Henry

Erter, Marietta Cartmell Erter, Mary

Evans. Walter B. Evans, Martha B. Evans, Walter Brigham Jr. (see Walter B. Evans)

Eyre, Lydia Faulkner, W.R. Feldman, Fred Fenstermacher, Chrissie (Mrs.)

Fenstermacher, Henry Fisher, Maddox (2) Fisher, Maddox W. Jr. Fogarty, William P. (florist) Follrath, George Foos, Lamar (see Alice Van Benschoten Foos) Forbeck, Mildred Forgy, James Forgy, John Sr. Foss, Jesse Foster, E.W. (2) Fowler, O.S. Fox, Charles (2) Fox, Mrs. Charles (Geneva Demarest) Fox, Charles L. Family

Fox, Rev. C.J. Frantz, David Frantz-Dresher Barn Fire Frasier, John C. Freeman, H.E. Frey, Belle Mast (see Isaac Ward)

Frey, George Harrison (see Isaac Ward) Frey, Harrison Mast (see Isaac Ward)

May 2010 FLH/NMF

Card File Subject Index 11

Frey, John Howard (see Isaac Ward) Frey, Philip Rockel (see Isaac Ward)

Fried, Anna K. (Mrs. Charles C.) Fried, Carl Knott

Friermood, Martha (See Friermood, Mathias and Gard, Job) Friermood, Reuben (see Martha Friermood) Friermood, Sarah Kiser (see Martha Friermood)

Frommer, Ellen Mills (see Mills, Mary Carr) Funderburg, Charles E.

Funderburg, Della Funderburg, Cletus Funderburg, Walter Funderburg, Edward C.

Funderburg, Mrs. Anna (see Heistand) Gambol Family Gano, Chilton J. Gard, Job

Gard, Gershom Gard, Lester

Garrity, Capt. Hugh Garst, Harry (see Gideon Hartman)

Garst, Nellie (m. John Slentz) (see Gideon Hartman) Gaver, Ella Geiger Family

Geiger, Alice Geiger, Charles A. Geiger, Lizzie G. (m. A.D. Hosterman) Geiger, Anna L. (m. John Garver) Geiger, Harry M. Geiger, Ella L. Geiger, Judge Frank W.

Geiger, Judge Frank W. (see A.D. Hosterman) German Family Getz, George

Getz, Mary Getz, Jacob Getz, William Getz, Elizabeth (Lannert) Getz, Lydia (Ryman) Getz, Etta (Ryman) Getz, Amelia (Furrows) Getz, Clara Ida (Wilber S. Jenkins)

Gish, John Gish, Jacob

Gish, Lillian Goltzene, Michael

May 2010 FLH/NMF

Card File Subject Index 12

Good, Jessie M. Goodfellow, Mrs. Kate (see Sampson B. Loukes) Gordon, Florence Rachel Gorton, Joseph Gorton, Mary Gorton, Hezekiah Gorton, Mary Gorton, David Gotwald, Robert C. (2) Gram, Cornelius Gram, Jacob Gram, William Gram, George Gram, William D. Griffith, W.H. Griffith, William H. Griffith, Frank Selby Griffith, Mary Gugenheim, Theodore Halloran, Aaron J. Harbrecht, Walter Rev. Harford, Edward Harford, Mrs. Edward Harley, W.S. Harrison, Martha Hollenbeck (Mrs. Wesley) (see Hollenbeck Family) Harstead, Annette Harstead, Mr. Mrs. John L. Harstead, Jane Hartzell, Mrs. Sarah D. (see Tibbetts, Mr. and Mrs. Ephraim) Harwood, Mrs. John E. (Margaret) (see Walter B. Evans) Hauk, Capt. C.E. Hause, Lt. Joseph H. Hawke, Mrs. Hannah Hawke, Oscar T. Hawke, Oscar T. Hayward, Florence A. (Mrs. R.F.) Hayward, D. Randloph Hayward, Pearl P. Heaume, Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Heaume, John S. Heaume, Mrs. John S. Heck, Grace Fern Hefelbower, Daniel Henry, Elizabeth Johnson (see Hamilton Buseby) Henry, William (see Hamilton Buseby) Hesselgesser, Elizabeth Pence (see Abraham Pence)

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Card File Subject Index 13

Hesselgesser, Richard (see Abraham Pence) Hesselgesser, Richard (see Abraham Pence)

Hesselgesser William (see Abraham Pence) Hiestand, Dr. C.M. Heistand, Luella May Forgy Heistand, Dr. Robert Heistand, Richard Heistand, Horace H. Heistand, Dr. Horace Heistand, Catharine Leffel Heistand, Abraham Hill, Benjamin F. Hill, Martha B. Hill, George S. Hill, Robert J. Hill, William T. Hiller, John A. Hodge, William H. (m. Dorcas H. Botkin) Hofman, Chase P. Hogue, Dr. Harold A. Hogue, Dr. and Mrs. D.W. Holden, Carrie Louella Holden, Charles E. (2) (m. Maggie Chapman) Holden, Charles Wesley Holden, Cora Belle S. Holden, Edward Evans Holden, Maggie C. Holden, Millard Fillmore Holden, William Henry Holl, Christine Holl, Mr. and Mrs. William D. Hollenbeck, Ellen McGrew (Mrs. Ralph W.) Hollenbeck, John F. Hollenbeck, Dwight W. Horstman, Dora M. (Mrs.)

Horstman, John H. Jr. Hosterman, A.D. (2) Hosterman, Elizabeth Geiger Hughes, Mrs. Gertrude (see Alfred Paul Rabey) Hullinger, Arthur L. (see Noah Orlando Myers and Abram Myers Family) Hullinger, Ellen Myers Hullinger, Mrs. Ida C. Hullinger, Lydia (Mrs.) Hullinger, Arthur E. Hullinger, Thomas E. Hume, Rev. Dr. Robert Henry

May 2010 FLH/NMF

Card File Subject Index 14

Hume, Mary C. Hume, Rev. H. Ross Hume, Christine Hume, Mildred Hunt, Benjamin Hunt, Benjamin Anderson Hunt, Dr. Benjamin V. Hunt, Charles Harris Hunt, Daniel Hunt, Daniel Hunt, Daniel Hunt, Elenor Hunt, Elenor Eyre Hunt, Elenor Van Cleve Hunt, Elizabeth Hunt, Elizabeth N. Hunt, Franklyn Eyre Hunt, George Rozelle Hunt, Ishi Van Cleve Hunt, John Grandin Hunt, Lucy Ann Hunt, Manuel Eyre Hunt, Mary Eyre Hunt, Mary Grandin Hunt, Philip Grandin Hunt, Ralph Hunt, Ralph Hunt, Samuel M. Hunt, William Hunt, William H. Hunt, William Lewis Hunter, Laura Evans (Mrs. Charles N.) Hutchens, Charles B. Icenbarger, Margaret Igou, Mrs. Bertha M. (see Daniel Hefelbower) Ihrig, Peter J. Jackson, Dr. Charles Jenkins, Clara Ida Getz (Mrs. Wilber S. (see George Getz or Mary Getz) Jenkins, Warder B. Jenkins, H. Glendon Jenkins, Edward R. Jenkins, Russell W. Jenkins, Ruth (m. Brophy) Jenkins, Mrs. Mary M. (Overholser) Jenkins, Benton Jenkins, Mrs. Dave (see Conrad Family)

May 2010 FLH/NMF

Card File Subject Index 15

Johnson, Judge James Granville Johnson, Blanche Obenshane Johnson, Martha G. Johnson, Porter Brinton Johnson, Stella Reid (Mrs. Thomas L.) Johnson, Mrs. Stella (See Sarah C. Kirkpatrick) Jones, Elizabeth (Mrs. Howell R.) (see J. Fred Anderson) Jones, Mrs. J. Warren (see C.E. Aleshire) Jones, Mrs. Mary L. (see Sampson B. Loukes) Kay, Dr. Isaac Kay, Dr. Isaac Kay, Dr. Clarence Kay, Charles S. Kay, C. Robert Keller, Ezra Keller, Louis S. Keller, Edward Keller, Lewis Keller, Robert Keller, Elmer Keller, Hoover, Mrs. C.S. Keller, Peter Kelly, O.S. (2) Kenton, Simon (2) Keyser, Dr. Tedrow S. Keyser, Dr. L.S. Kiefer, William Henry Kiefer, Mary Volkert King, Fred G. Kinney, Florence (2) Kinsey, Harold T. Kirkpatrick, Sarah C. (Mrs. T.J.) Kitchen, C. Stewart Klinefelter, J. Kublinger, Daniel (see Rudolph Baker) Kunkle, Judge A.H. Lacy, Carl, (see Mrs. Rose Woods Lacy) Lacy, Clinton (see Mrs. Rose Woods Lacy) Laughlin, James R. Lawwill, Mrs. Eliza Jane Lawwill, J.H., Sr. Lawwill, Harry Lawwill, Earl Lawwill, Stanley Leatherman, Gladys (see Philip Sheridan Altman) Leffel, Mrs. Guy (Diahretta) (see Walter B. Evans)

May 2010 FLH/NMF

Card File Subject Index 16

Leffel, James Leffel, John Limbocker, Mary Ann Spencer (see Spencer Family) Linn, Mrs. James A. (see A.D. Hosterman) Lockett, Charles L. Lockett, Sallie Hoge Lockett, Annie Hoge Lockett, Charles L. Lockett, James W. Lockett, George L. Lohnes, Edwin B. Lohnes, John Long, Walter Z. (see Eakin-Long Family) Loomis, Elizabeth Mast (see Isaac Ward) Loomis, Francis Butler Loomis, Francis B. Jr. Loomis, Elizabeth Mast (Mrs. Francis B.) (see Isaac Ward) Loukes, Sampson B. Loukes, Agnes Lowry, William A. Ludlow, A.R. Marquart, J. Roger McAdams, Joseph E. McCollum, R.B. McCuddy, William Bowser (see Charles Cavileer) McCuddy, William E. McCuddy, Harry McCullough, Mary Newell Grandin McDorman, James T. (2) McGregor, Alvin Wesley McGrew, Mrs. Samuel F. McKnight, Clara Johnson McKnight, Robert J. McKnight, Sara (Mrs. Igo) Meakin, Alexander Campbell Mechlin, Isa Medaris, Major General John Bruce (2) Merrill, Mary G. Middleton, Edward Middleton, Edward C. Milburn, Edgar E. (Mickey) Miller, Anna Margaret Lohnes Lohnes, John A. Lohnes, Mary Fahl Lohnes, W.F. Miller, Augusta C.F. (Mrs.) (See Conklin, Helen M.)

May 2010 FLH/NMF

Card File Subject Index 17

Mills, Dorothy (see Ellen Mills Frommer) Miller, Rev. Eli Miller, Emily Jane Miller, Judge J.J. Miller, Capt. Jack Miller, Moses (see also Melyn Baker) Miller, Phoebe Baker Miller, Oliver H. (see Moses Miller and Melyn Baker) Miller, Adra R. Hutchinson Mills, Frank H. Mills, William (see Ellen Mills Frommer) Minnich, Peter (2)

Minnich, J.L. Mitch, Charles B. Mitchell, “Click” – Lynching Montanus, Dr. William P. Moon, Joe Moran, Sherwood R. Morgan, Capt. John T. Morris, C. Wilbur (see Edgar L. Morris) Morris, Edgar L. Morris, William Morris, Margaret Bruner Moler, Mrs. Millie (mother of Mrs. John S. Heaume) (see Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Heaume) Mueller, Dr. Frederick F. Mulholland, John H. Mulholland, Mary J. Grant Mulholland, William Mumford, Russell Munroe, Dennis Myers, Abram (see Arthur L. Hullinger) Myers, Nellie Mulholland (see John H. Mulholland) Myers, Nellie Mulholland Myers, Dr. Noah Myers, Noah Orlando (see Arthur L. Hullinger) Myers, Noah Orlando (see Rust Family and Arthur Hullinger) Myers, Abram Family Myers, Daniel and Martha Overholser Nailie, Richard A. Needles, C. William (see Charles H. Berry) Neff, Abram Neff, Barbara Weaver Neff, Turman (see Neff, Abram) Netts, Ben C. Netts, Mildred Hoover Netts, Charles L.

May 2010 FLH/NMF

Card File Subject Index 18

Netts, Mabel Howell Netts, Charles (see Howard Burba) Newell, R.D. Nichols, Clifton Ogg, John W. Ornsbee, Mrs., murder (mother of Mrs. B.H. Warder) (2) Ort, Elizabeth Ort, Dr. Samuel Alfred Ott, Mrs. Odd F. (see Mrs. Eliza Jane Lawwill) Parker, Richard W. Parsons, Dr. D.J. Patterson, Mrs. Ralph W. (see Chase P. Hofman) Patton, Dr. W.B. Pence, Abraham Pence, Jemima Pence, Samuel Pence, William Pence, Susannah Pence, Rhoda Pence, Anne Phillips, Cole (see Florence A. Hayward) Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. Jason P. (see Florence A. Hayward) Phillips, Mrs. Jason C. (Anna Seys) Potter, Armour Powell, John Wesley Powers, Harrison M. Price, James Quiesser, Mrs. Robert Louis (see Anna K. Fried) Rabey, Alfred Paul Rabey, Miss Hetty Rabey, Alfred Rabey, Harry Rabey, Ernest Ramsey, C.S. Ramsey, Della Wilson Ramsey, William Ramsey, Mrs. Lina Rattenbury, G.S. Raup, George S. Ray, Jesse (murder) Reid, Charles (see Stella Reid Johnson or Sarah C. Kirkpatrick) Reid, Jack Reid, John A. Rice, Kenneth R. Ridenour, Charles E. (see Cora B. Clark) Ridenour, George F.

May 2010 FLH/NMF

Card File Subject Index 19

Rockel, Almeda Buckles Kesler Rhodes (Mrs. Warren Rockel) (see Abraham Pence) Rodgers, Mrs. Robert C. (Emma White) Rodgers, William White Rodgers, James Linn Rogers, William A. (judge) Rogers, Elizabeth Smith Rogers, William A. (cartoonist) Rogers, Henry G. Rolfes, Mrs. George H. Rolfes, John F. Rolfes, Fred C. Root, Mrs. H.G. (see Mrs. Eliza Jane Lawwill) Rosenberry, F. Howard Rosenberry, Harry J. Ross, John Roth, Anna Roth, Henry G. Roth, Peter Runyan, John Runyan, Susannah Custer Russ, William Earl Russell, Hugh Rust, Charles and Marie (see Lowell Baldwin) Ruthrauff, John Mosheim Sager, Mrs. John (see C.E. Aleshire) Salsinger, H.G. Sanderson, Ellen Schenk & Williams, Architects Schilke, Dr. E.W. Schneider, John Philip Schneider, Clara Serviss Schneider, Alice Rieck Dieter Schneider, Elizabeth (Mrs. Robert Luce) Schneider, Frances (Mrs. Dennis Doyle) Schneider, Philip Seebach, Mrs. J. Arthur (see Daniel Hefelbower) Selsor, Della Seys, John (see Mrs. Jason C. Phillips) Shaffer, Arthur B. Shaffner, Mrs. Minerva Shatzer, Charles G. Shouvlin Family Shouvlin, Patrick J. Shouvlin, Raphael J. Shull Brothers Siverling, William H.

May 2010 FLH/NMF

Card File Subject Index 20

Silver, Mrs. John (Sampson B. Loukes) Skardon, Mrs. Harry R. (Clara Alice Bruner) (see Peter Bruner) Slager, A.L. Smith Family of New Carlisle Smith, John Q. Smith, Maggie Johnson Smith, Ralph Qunicy Smith, George B. Smith, J. Howard Smith, Harry B. Smith, Charles E. Smith, Mrs. Harold H. (Isabell Evans) (see Walter B. Evans) Smith, Mrs. Hezekiah K. Smith, Mrs. Joseph William (see Jerry K. Williams) Snyder, W.L. Spencer Family Spencer, Josiah Spencer, Wolcott M. Spencer, Richard S. Spencer, Josiah F. Spencer, Isaac W. Spencer, Charles Spencer, Louise Leber Seitz (see Abraham Pence) Spencer, Malcolm Spencer, Myra Click (see W.H. Bitner) Spining Family Spining, Arthur M. Spining, Mary Estella Wade Spining, Mary L. Spining, Edith C. Spining Homestead Sprague, James E. Sprague, Darius Sprague, Sarah Rice Sprecher, Dr. Samuel Stauffer, Dr. John N. Stein, Rev. Dr. Samuel A. Stein, Rev. Alfred C. Stewart, John T. Stewart, Ann Elder Stewart, Perry Stoughton, Clarence C. Strachan, Harry Sun, Gus Sun, Mrs. Gus (Klotz) Suver, Roger

May 2010 FLH/NMF

Card File Subject Index 21

Swingle, Jeanette Brain (Mrs. Robert F.) (see Adella Halsey Bosart) Tecumseh Tennant, Anna Marie Timmerman, Emma E. (see William Henry Kiefer) Timmerman, George W. (see William Henry Kiefer) Titlow, Bennetta Tittle, R.D. Tittle, Fremont Tittle, Theodore H. Tittle, Levi Tittle, Clayton Tittle, Walter Tittle, Walter Torbert, James Trumbo, Mrs. Daisy Lohnes (see Lohnes Family) Tsugrames, Denny S. Turner, Thomas Edward Turner, Dr. Ray M. Tuttle, L.V. Tuttle. Louis Pearl (see Mrs. Rose Woods Lacy) Tuttle, Verna Lacy (see Mrs. Rose Woods Lacy) Uhl, Mrs. Jerome (see Hayward, Florence) Uhl, S. Jerome (see Hayward, Florence) Vanzandt, John (see William Morris) Voll, Henry Wallace, Mrs. William (see William Wise) Walter, Benjamin F. Walter, Rev. I.N. (see Joseph Cathcart) Walter, Lydia Anderson (see Joseph Cathcart) Ward, Isaac (see Frank E. Barker) Warder, Benjamin H. Warder, Jeremiah (2) Warder, Ann Aston Washburn, Alden Rufus Weaver, Dr. E.O. Weaver, Rev. John S. Weaver, Walter L. Weaver, John S. Weaver, James Mantfort Whitacre, Joseph O. White, William Judge Whitehall Mansion Wildasin, Mrs. C.O. (see Sampson B. Loukes) Wildasin, Dr. Charles O. (see Sampson B. Loukes) Wildasin, Myrtle (see Sampson B. Loukes) Williams, Jerry K.

May 2010 FLH/NMF

Card File Subject Index 22

May 2010 FLH/NMF

Williams, John Thomas Wilson, Florence (see Dr. Isaac Kay) Wilson, Dr. John Howard Wingate, Mrs. I.B. (see George W. Coffey) Winger, Amaziah Winger, Mary Crothers Winger, Jacob Winger, Catherine Trout Wise, William Wise, Roscoe Wise, Willis Wiseman, Robert Witmeyer, Webster Witmeyer, Lydia Petticrew Wolfe, Mary Wolfe, Henry Wright, Warren Wunder, Mrs. Mary Wyandot Indians Wyant, Mrs. Katherine (see Spining Family) Yeazell, Mrs. Miriam Zimmerman, Charles B. (2) Zimmerman, Richard (Rick) (4) Zimmerman, Richard G.

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