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John Bunker Sands Wetland Center

Fall 2019/Spring 2020 Wednesday Home School

Agreement Form

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Each class is $9.00/student. Please select the classes you would like to register for: (classes are 10:00 – 11:30)

Fall Session Children Enrolled and Age:

☐September 11 – Metamorphosis – Change Happens! 1. Click or tap here to enter text.

☐October 9 – Population Explosion2. Click or tap here to enter text.

☐November 13 – In Depth with Macros3. Click or tap here to enter text.

☐December 11 - Fur – More Than Meets the Eye

**All age ranges are accommodated during lessons. When registering children, please keep in mind that if you would like your child to receive class materials, answer questions and/or participate in class activities, they will also need to be registered for the class regardless of age.

Spring Session

☐January 8 – Lost on the Trail! – What do I Need?

☐February 12 – Behind the Scenes at the Wetland

☐March 11 – Bats – The most Under Appreciated Mammal

☐April 8 – Thorns, Bristles and Hairs – Yes We are Talking About Plants

☐May 13 – Cold Blood & Scaly Skin Makes Me Reptilian!

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**Total cost of program is due by check, credit card or money order prior to the start of each session**

On occasion we may need to change the topic of a program and JBS Wetland Center reserves the right to do so.


Please review with your students and chaperones before your JBS Wetland Center visit.

• JBS Wetland Center Programs are field studies, not field trips. Please ensure that students are aware that they will be involved in a science class and will be expected to conduct themselves accordingly.

• Discipline is the responsibility of the students, parents and/or chaperones.

Students that cannot be controlled will be asked to wait in the visitors center with a chaperone.

• JBS Wetland Center educators / naturalists are professionals in the environmental education field with much to offer your students. They are expected to treat all visitors with consideration and respect. In return, students, teachers, and chaperones are expected to treat our educators / naturalists with consideration and respect.

• Parents and chaperones are expected to be active participants in the JBS Wetland Center program. We make every effort to have small group sizes in our field classes, however, sometimes groups are larger than preferred and it is very important that teachers and chaperones help facilitate programs and maintain group control.

• Please respect the wildlife, natural surroundings, nature center, and fellow students. Voices should be kept low when around the wildlife, on the boardwalk or other areas where wildlife is present.

• Please do not sit on boardwalk rails, enter the wetland without permission or touch wildlife.

• Please do not pick or damage any plants.

I have read the JBS Wetland Center Parent and Chaperone Information for field studies and have reviewed with my child(ren) the above behavior and participation guidelines. I understand and agree to the JBS Wetland Center’s expectations and billing policies.

Signature _______________________________ Date __________________________

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