• facebookNelson Mandela WallPhotosFlairBoxesNelson MandelaLogoutView photos of Nelson Mandela (5)Send Nelson Mandela a messagePoke messageWallInfoPhotosBoxesWrite somethingShareInformationNetworks:South Africa Birthday:July 18, 1918Political:DemocratReligion:Christianity Hometown:Houghton estate FriendsLBJFrankMarilynBobbyJackieRobertI am going to fix racism October 1, 2001IM THE FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT OF SOUTH AFRICA!June 11, 1994JUST OUT OF PRISON!!!!!!!!October 28, 1989I AM GETTIG ARRESTED!!! September 9, 1962I am the leader of a bombing association against the government!June 6, 1961

  • Personal InformationfacebookNelson Mandela WallPhotosFlairBoxesJohn F. KennedyLogoutView photos of nelson Mandela (5)Send Nelson Mandela a messagePoke messageWallInfoPhotosBoxesBasic InformationInformationNetworks:South Africa.Birthday:June 18, 1918Political:DemocratReligion:ChristianityHometown:Houghton estate PhotosNetworks: south Africa Sex: MaleBirthday: July 18, 1918Hometown: Houghton estate Relationship Status: Married to Graca Machel Political Views: DemocratReligious Views: Christianity Activities: medetating, long walks, loves vacation Interests: going to church, swimming, reading Favorite Music: yonny, john Mayer, Sebastian bock, Indian music Favorite Movies: I dont watch movies Favorite TV Shows: the news, political showsFavorite Books: anything with a deep meaning The FamilyUpdated last Tuesday2 AlbumshomeUpdated two months agoContact InformationAddress: 12245 mary drive, Gauteng south africa 33345Phone Number: (298) 555-3097

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