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    Faculty of Medicine

    VENTIS PGME Implementation UpdateCheck out the VENTIS website.


    VENTIS promotional video

    Dr. Postl shares his message; click here to view.

    Scheduling ModuleThe Scheduling Module consists of:

    • a Rotational Schedule;• Daily Schedule: On-Call, Daily

    Assignments and Educational Events.

    The VENTIS Project Team is currently testing the Rotational Schedule.

    Diamond L Consulting has received the business needs document for Daily Schedule and has started coding it.

    In March 2014, the Rotational Schedule will GO LIVE for all programs.

    The Team is pleased to give a brief presentation regarding the VENTIS Implementation and Training Plan. Further details will be communicated to programs shortly.

    We will introduce a Hybrid Implementation for the 2014/15 Academic Year.

    Programs will gather Leave Requests & Rotation Requests (if applicable) by paper in preparation for entering the data into VENTIS.

    Demonstrations will be provided to programs.

    Classroom Training will include:

    • how to set up a program in VENTIS;

    • how to enter the Leave & Rotation Requests into VENTIS;

    • scheduling process.

    The Team will continue to provide one-on-one program set-up and support.

    Assessment ModuleThe Assessment Focus Group has finished reviewing all current assessment processes, and regulatory requirements. The Group also has determined which assessment types require support.

    The VENTIS Project Team is in the midst of finalizing the business needs document for Assessment to deliver it to Diamond L Consulting.

    Next StepsMore details regarding Preparation for Rotational Schedule Implementation and VENTIS Training will be sent out to programs. Please stay tuned!

    For any programs that face potential challenges incorporating into VENTIS, the Team will be work closely with you to help with change management and implementing your program into VENTIS.

    DECEMBER 2013


    What people are saying… “I believe VENTIS will allow a more timely, transparent and efficient process in scheduling, curriculum, assessment of residents and Faculty.” - PGME Associate Dean

    “VENTIS is so intuitive, very user-friendly and it has everything all in one.” - Resident

    Questions or Comments? Email the Project Team at: [email protected]


  • • DO NOT be defensive or anxious; this is an opportunity to prepare a detailed response to questions or issues that arose when the Specialty Committee was reviewing your documentation;

    • address the questions and prepare either a written summary or short verbal presentation to give to the reviewers on site;

    • PDs should prep others on their Program team about what may be asked by the surveyor on behalf of the Specialty Committee.

    JANUARY 3, 2014 - Final Pre-Survey Documents to be Submitted to RC







    • any material updates provided by Residency Programs.

    Currently In Progress

    Program Schedules for February 2014:

    • Date/times for Program Reviews ARE COMPLETE;

    • awaiting names of all survey team members;

    • programs should be booking time with faculty, staff, residents, booking rooms, preparing required/recommended documents (see checklist on next page).

    November 15 - Internal Reviews

    • internal review reports are deemed internal, and are NOT used in making decisions regarding accreditation status;

    • however, a copy of all internal reviews since 2008, including Family Medicine, were sent to the Royal College (RC) as required; the RC Survey Chairperson is mandated by the two Colleges to judge the efficacy of the internal review process at the University.

    November 15 – December 1 Pre-Survey Questionnaires (PSQs)

    • PSQs have been reviewed by Associate Dean, PGME and PSQ Review Committee for clarity, completeness and consistency, and were returned with recommended changes to Programs;

    • PSQs are being sent to the Royal College and College of Family Physicians.

    NOTE Please ensure the following documents are sent to the PGME Office by December 15:

    • Updated Inter-University Affiliation Agreements ;

    • Residency Programs Schedule for their accreditation survey visit;

    • RESIDENCY PROGRAM UPDATES to the Royal College - any material PSQ changes/key updates for submission to the Royal College.

    December to early February 2014. PROGRAM DIRECTORS NOTE Specialty Committee Feedback - RCPSC Programs:

    • RC Accreditation Committee consults with Specialty Committees to review pre-survey documents and provides comments and suggestions to assist the on-site surveyors;

    • Specialty Committees’ questions are provided in advance to the Program Director by the RC as a courtesy so Programs can be prepared;

    • Program Directors (PDs) will recieve a copy of the Specialty Committee questions approximately one week prior to the review;

    • PDs should set aside time during that week to develop a response to the questions and prepare either a written summary (preferred) or short verbal presentations on these to share with the surveyor during the site visit.

    Countdown to Accreditation February 23-28 2014TIMELINE FOR PGME ACCREDITATION

  • Required Resources

    1. RPC minutes for last two years;

    2. Samples of resident research;

    3. PSQ appendices accessible;

    4. Examples of Resident assessment files from EACH training year WITH signed consent *forms;


    6. Be prepared to present program website – ensure ALL LINKS &

    equipment are working.

    Recommended Resources

    7. Samples of faculty medical education


    8. Residency program resources;

    9. Curriculum planning resources;

    10. Finalized Schedule for the review


    * Link to PGME consent form

    CHECKLIST on-site materials for site visit

    A. Review Standards Checklist - applicable to all programs (click to view)

    B. TAKE ACTION to prevent Accreditation pitfalls - when program weakness is a threat to its accreditation status:

    B.1 Administrative Structure• Inadequate time and/or support for PD• RPC not meeting regularly or conducted as part of a Dept./Division meeting• Meetings not documented; agenda and minutes poorly structured• RPC not doing all it should do • Not reviewing the program• Not reviewing the teachers• Ensuring residents have a voice – do residents know their elected Resident rep?

    B.2 Goals and Objectives• Not functional – have residents received ? Do they know where to locate?• Not Rotation specific• Not used in evaluations by faculty• Not regularly reviewed

    B.3 Structure and Organization• Graded responsibility absent • Inadequate resident supervision (especially on call) – B.3.2• Service/education imbalance and problems; service should have a defined

    educational component including evaluation - B.3.4

    B.3.8 Learning Environment• Intimidation• Harassment• Interpersonal/communication issues

    B.4 Resources• Faculty shortages impacting education/supervision• Inadequate clinical volumes/technical resources in essential domains• Inadequate call rooms/infrastructure for residents

    B.5 Clinical, Academic, and Scholarly Content• Lack of a formal academic curriculum or entirely resident driven• Frequent cancellations/poor attendance of half-day sessions by residents and faculty • Inadequate teaching of non-Medical Expert CanMEDS roles – can residents identify

    where this inadequacy is occurring?• Role modelling is the only teaching modality

    B.6 Evaluations• Evaluations not based on goals and objectives• Inadequate assessment of non-Medical Expert CanMEDS competencies• Lack of timely feedback, especially face-to-face• Mechanism to monitor, promote, remediate residents lacking • Summative assessment (ITER) inconsistent with formative feedback, unclearly

    documents concerns/weaknesses


    The PGME Office is your resource for Accreditation.

    Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. [email protected]


  • AWARDSDiane Biehl Research Award

    Deadline to apply is Friday, December 20, 4:00 p.m. Please submit your application to:

    Kristy McGregor Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME) 260 Brodie Centre, 727 McDermot Avenue University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB Canada R3E 3P5 204 -789-3352 or (fax) 204-789-3929 [email protected]

    For more information and the application form, please visit our Awards website - under Postgraduate Medicine (PGME) Awards.

    *Correction from FPGME Fall Newsletter. A very special thank you goes out to Pam Lowe, Program Administrator, Ophthalmology, for her involvement in the fantastic Program Administrators’ Accreditation Workshop!

    Dr. Yaffe and the Postgraduate Team would to extend a huge thank-you to the following individuals for taking the time to share their knowledge and expertise in the Countdown to Accreditation workshop series!

    The workshops were an overwhelming success and the positive feedback indicates that the tools and tips presented were very informative and helpful to programs.

    A special thank you to Joanne Hamilton, Director Educational Development for her leadership in the faculty development workshop series “Countdown to Accreditation”.

    Dr. Andrew MacDiarmidDr. Lynne WardaDr. Cornelia (Kristel) van IneveldDr. Heather DeanDr. Catherine MoltzanDr. Ingrid ToewsDr. Kurt SkakumDr. John LeeDr. Will FleischerDr. Polina AnangDr. Brendan McCarthyGeneral Surgery Residents

    ARRIVALS AND DEPARTURESSpecial thank you to Drs. Jeff Sisler, Larry Tan and Louise Giles for their contribution to Family Medicine – Oncology, Thoracic Surgery and Pediatric Respiratory Medicine and best wishes on their future endeavors.

    Please join us in welcoming the following new Postgraduate Program Directors:

    • Dr. Chris Ogaranko, new program director for Family Medicine Oncology program

    • Dr. Gordon Buduhan, new Program Director for Thoracic Surgery Program

    • Dr. Faisal Al-Somali, new Program Director for Pediatric Respiratory Medicine

    We would also like to extend our congratulations to Dr. Jeff Sisler on his to appointment to Associate Dean, Continuing Professional Development.


    2013/14 Award WinnersAnesthesia MMCF - Carl Duerksen Memorial Scholarship

    Nuerology MMCF - Henry Melmed Memorial Prize Obstetrics & Gynecology

    Dr. A. A. Earn Memorial Award

    Dr. I.C. & Mrs. M. Peever Memorial Fund

    Dr. Max Memorial Prize

    Dr. Marvin Raynes Memorial Prize

    Dr. Michael Bruser Memorial Award


    Dr. H. P. H. Galloway Memorial Scholarship

    Dr. & Mrs. Victor Rosenfield Prize

    George W. Leroux Memorial Surgery S. Kay Travel Award

    For more information on available and upcoming awards, scholarships, prizes or bursary, please check out the awards webpage.

    Caleb Zelenietz Sean Udow

    Christine Katopdois

    Katie Pernarowski

    Georgia Lefas

    Stephanie Johnston

    Lindsay Porteous

    Kyle Martin

    Meaghan Rollins

    David Perrin

    Chris White


  • The R-4 Medicine Subspecialty Match took place on Wednesday, November 13, 2013.

    Second Iteration match results will be released on December 18th.

    The R-3 Family Medicine/Emergency Medicine match results will be released on December 18.

    CaRMSConflict Management in Medicine This core curriculum course is now available online. All Residents who have not yet completed this session should log into D2L to complete the session.

    Prescription Writing PGME has developed a Prescription Writing Core Curriculum course. This course will be offered only twice annually. This session is mandatory for Residents seeking prescribing privileges; however, is not a mandatory session for all Residents. Please read through the Prescribing Policy for Residents for more information on Resident prescribing privileges.

    Please direct Residents to register for one of the following two sessions:

    1. January 29, 2014, 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. Theatre B, Basic Medical Sciences *maximum of 110 registrants per session

    2. June 18, 2014, 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. Theatre B, Basic Medical Sciences, *maximum 110 registrants per session

    TDP 2 will be online January 2014.

    MEETINGS AND COMMITTEESAs discussed at the October 8, 2013 PGME Town Hall there are several changes to the FPGME organizational structure, committees and subcommittees that will be very beneficial to all Program Directors, assistants and Residents. Click here for latest news.

    To ensure we are compliant with standards, policies and procedures we have reviewed existing committees and created new sub-committees to support the Faculty, Postgraduate Medical Education Office and Residency programs.

    A complete list of Postgraduate Medical Education Committees can be found on our website.

    Please contact Dr. Cliff Yaffe ([email protected]) or Wendi Charette ([email protected]) if you are interested in membership in the newly established subcommittees.

    We have broadened membership for PGME Executive committee to include all PGME Residency Program Directors. As such, all Program Directors are invited to participate and will receive notification of meeting dates and minutes. Your presence is strongly encouraged. Committee terms of reference, meetings and minutes will be posted on the FPGME website under ‘Committees and Meetings’.

    Starting January 2014 the PGME executive committee meetings will be opened to all Program Directors for to attend.


    As part of an on-going continuous improvement we have reviewed all postgraduate training policies and changes have been made to add clarity, consistency to ensure compliance with standards.

    These policies have been vetted through a variety of committees and governing bodies including: PARIM, WRHA, CPSM, PGME Executive Committee, Dean’s and Faculty Executive Councils.

    A complete list of Postgraduate Medical Education Policies can be found on our website.

    Please ensure that the appropriate staff/Residents/faculty and departments are notified of these policy changes.


    TELL US WHAT YOU THINKYour feedback is important to us.

    Please complete the fluidsurveys.com survey that was sent to your program directors and administrators on November 28, 2013.



    WorkshopsTo ensure that programs receive: proper training, understand standards and process, up-to-date and consistent knowledge, the PGME Office would like to provide a PGME 101 Workshop - MANDATORY to all Program Administrators, Coordinators, Program Assistants and Education Assistants.

    The workshop will include (but is not limited to) the following topics:

    • governing bodies;

    • program training requirements & objectives;

    • PGME yearly cycle;

    • Accreditation cycle;

    • processes & procedures;

    • news & updates for the upcoming academic year.

    Option 1 OR

    Monday, December 16, 2013 1:30 – 3:30 p.m. Rm 626 Basic Medical Sciences Building

    Option 2

    Wednesday, December 18, 2013 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. Rm 626 Basic Medical Sciences Building

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