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  • HotelsPro.com Frequently Asked Questions

    HotelsPro.com Frequently Asked


  • How to choose currency?Before performing a search, please select the currency from the top.

    Currently we offer 15 different currency options to complete the payment on HotelsPro. For most of the hotels, we also offer you the option to pay with hotel currency at the time of the booking in order to benefit from ourcheapest rate option.HotelsPro.com

    Frequently AskedQuestions

  • How to choose language?

    Currently we offer 15 different language options to offer you to provide the best user experience.

    You can find the language section on the top right of our webpage

  • How to set commission rate?

    HotelsPro offers its clients to work on net rates and commissionable rates. In order to work on commissionable structure, please select a commission percentage from Commission link at the top.

    You will see the option to work on net rates or commissionsstarting from 5% to 25%. If you select a commission percentage, the hotel rates that are displayed in the search results will include the commission. Please make sure you choose Client Credit Card at the time of payment so that we charge this credit card with commissionable amount and pay your commission. If you choose Agency Credit Card, the credit card will be charged on net rates and no commissions will be earned.

  • How to manage existing bookings?

    All the bookings that you have made through HotelsPro are listed underMy Bookings section.

    Under my bookings, once you locate the booking from the list using filtering options, you are able to amend, cancel, complete the payment, view voucher and invoice. You can also send message to our customer support team for any queries you have regarding your bookings.

  • How to find bookings?

    Under my bookings, you can search your bookings via filters.

    Kindly find filter details as below;

  • How to find my booking with Process ID?

    Process ID: The process id of the booking is also indicated with the same name in My Bookings Page.

    First Name - Last Name: To search for leader guest name and last name, please use this filter.Booking Status: To filter booked - canceled and payment waiting bookings.Booking Date: The date when the booking was made.Check-In Date: To filter the bookings as per their check-in dates.Check Out Date: To filter the bookings as per their check-out dates.Destinations: To filter the bookings as per destinations.

  • How to find my bookingvia Confirmation Number?

    Hotel Name: To filter the bookings as per hotel names.Confirmation Number: To search the booking via confirmation number which stated on the voucher.

  • How to use more filters to find my bookings?

    To see all the filters, please click MORE FILTERS button.

    Agent: If you have a USER under your account you may filter them by name with this filter.Charge time: To filter your bookings as per their charge dates.Payment Deadline: To filter your bookings as per their payment deadlines.Currency: To filter your bookings as per currency of the reservation.Your reference: To filter your booking as per the reference you saved while creating your booking.

  • What are the other filters to apply?

    Payment method: To filter your bookings as per their payment methods. (Deposit - Agency Card - Bank Transfer, etc.)Sub Agencies: If you have a SUBAGENCY under your account you may filter them by name with this filter.Invoice Number: To filter the bookings as per their invoice numbers.Show Only Bookings With Transfer: To filter the bookings only with transfers included.

  • How to find my bookingwith Metglobal Tracking ID?

    Metglobal Tracking ID: To filter your booking with the tracking id of the reservation which is stated on the voucher as well. Especially our API clients should search their bookings from this filter.

  • How to contact customer support team?

    Once you login, you will see Need Help? link on the top right corner of the page.

    You can either Send Message or Contact us by calling our toll free number to reach our professional customer support representative forassistance.

  • How to create ticket?

    You can create tickets in within two options:

    1. If you want to create a ticket which is related to your booking, clickMy Bookings section. Than choose the booking ID that you want to create to ticket for. After that click the Send Message button under the Actions section.

    Alternatively, you can click on Actions section, then you will be able to see Send Message button as a shortcut. And then follow the same process.

  • How to create ticket?

    2. If you want to create an independent ticket for any of your bookings, click on the Inbox button under the My Bookings section. All your bookings will be listed, then scroll the page down and click on Create New Request button.

    With this process choosing the reservation number is optional however select category is mandatory.

  • How to make bookingswith Pay Later option?

    HotelsPro offers its customers to secure the bookings without completing the payment until the given payment deadline date. Pay Later option is valid for Refundable bookings only. When you at the checkout page, select Pay Later option under the Payment Detail section and complete your booking without completing the payment. You will be informed with apayment deadline date, which is the final date to complete the payment for your booking. Otherwise, the booking will be cancelled automatically.

  • How to make bookingswith Pay Later option?When you complete your booking with pay later option, your booking status will be displayed as Payment Waiting under My Bookings section.

    In order to complete the payment for your pay later booking, you need to click on My Booking, locate the booking, click on Actions and select Complete Payment to finalize your booking.

  • How to create sub-user?

    To create a new user go to your My Account section,

    Click on User Management button and all your existing user will be listed.

    Scroll the page down and click on Add User button. You may deny orapprove your users by clicking the action status anytime you wish.

  • HotelsPro offers storing credit card information for easierpayments. Credit cardinformation is stored in Paytrek and it is fully secure. Please note that you can only save your agency credit card information for security reasons.

    In order to save your agencies credit card on your account, all you need to do is to click on Save card into my wallet checkbox at the time of the payment and type the credit card name to the Card Alias field. For your future booking, this card information will be listed under the Payment Detail dropdown menu.

    How to save/deletecredit card information?

  • How to save/deletecredit card information?In order to delete previously saved credit card information, click on My Account on the top, then click on Vault Management and delete the card information by clicking on Delete button.

  • How to add company logo?To upload your company logo for the accommodation vouchers; go to your My Account section, and then click on Agency Information button under My Bookings section. Choose Logo section and upload your logo.

  • How to use filters?With HotelsPros new interface you can reach various filter option to maximize your search result. To use filters first you must proceed the search action.

    After this step you will be lead to search result page.

    On the left side you will see the filterparameters.

    You can filter your search by hotel name, star rating, price, destination andlandmarks.

  • How to use the car rental option?You can access our Car Rental options by clicking on the search boxin HotelsPro. When you tap on the search box, a drop-down menu will appear, on which you can easily find out the Car Rental tab.

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