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  • CUSTOMIZED CARDSFOR MULTIPLE APPLICATIONSCard customization requires cutting-edge technology, both in printing and in data encoding.


    • GRAPHIC CUSTOMIZATION Texts, photos, logos, barcodes

    • SECURITY Lamination, standard

    or customized holograms


    Magnetic stripe


    RFID contactless chip


    Using Evolis solutions, you can customize your cards independently, as and when you like, which means you can:

    Respond to one-off requirements and instantly provide the badges to your users.

    Produce all kinds of badges with a single printer: staff ID badges, loyalty cards, gift cards, and much more.

    Control your costs and free yourself from the constraints of minimum orders and production times.

    Strengthen your organization’s brand image with high-quality badges printed in your brand colors.

    With Evolis printers, you can produce all kinds of cards:

    • Staff ID badges • Visitor badges • Student cards • National ID cards • Driver’s licenses • Voter registration cards • Loyalty cards • Gift cards • Price tags • Payment cards • Health cards • Membership cards • Event badges • Transportation cards • Secure access cards... and much more

    The range of Evolis printing and customization solutions covers all requirements, from simply printing in small volumes to the complete customization of secure technological cards in high volumes.

    Evolis offers a wide range of products and services to help you identify people and goods.

  • “ I need contactless access control badges”

    “ Our patients should be able to identify us at a glance”

    “ I can print price tags on my own”

    “ I want high quality loyalty cards for my bookstore”

    “ My student card is so useful to me”


    The affordable card printer, for printing single cards or in small runs

    The compact, versatile card printer, for printing single cards or in small or medium runs

    The fast, multi-purpose card printer, for printing medium or large runs

    The Retransfer printer for high definition cards with perfect edge-to-edge printing

    The printer for issuing large volumes of cards, ultra-fast and efficiently

    The printer for highly secure, extremely durable cards

    PRINTED SIDES • Single-sided • Single-sided • Single-sided on Simplex version • Single and dual-sided on Duplex version

    • Single and dual-sided • Single and dual-sided • Single and dual-sided PRINTED SIDES

    PRINT TECHNOLOGY • Dye-sublimation (YMCKO) / monochrome thermal transfer

    • Dye-sublimation (YMCKO) / monochrome thermal transfer

    • Dye-sublimation (YMCKO) / monochrome thermal transfer

    • Retransfer (reverse transfer) printing / dye-sublimation (YMCK)

    • Dye-sublimation (YMCKO) / monochrome thermal transfer

    • Dye-sublimation (YMCK) / monochrome thermal transfer


    RESOLUTION • 300 dpi • 300 dpi • Standard mode: 300x300 dpi• Extended mode: 300x600 dpi

    (monochrome and color printing), 300x1200 dpi (monochrome printing only)

    • 600 dpi • 300 dpi • 300 dpi RESOLUTION

    PRINT SPEED (single sided)

    • Monochrome: 325 cards/hour

    • Color (YMCKO): 95 cards/hour

    • Monochrome: 400 - 500 cards/hour

    • Color (YMCKO): 120 - 150 cards/hour

    • Monochrome: 600 - 850 cards/hour

    • Color (YMCKO): 190 - 225 cards/hour

    • Monochrome: 144 cards/hour

    • Color (YMCK): 144 cards/hour

    • Monochrome: 1000 cards/hour

    • Color (YMCKO): 150 cards/hour

    • Monochrome: 120 cards/hour• Color (YMCK):

    95 - 120 cards/hour (with single-sided lamination)

    PRINT SPEED (single sided)

    FEED TRAY / RECEPTACLE • 25 cards / 25 cards • 50 cards / 20 cards • 100 cards / 100 cards • 250 cards / 250 cards • 500 cards / 500 cards • 100 cards / 100 cards FEED TRAY / RECEPTACLE

    ENCODING OPTIONS On Expert version:• Magnetic ISO• Contact smart cards• Contactless smart cards

    • Magnetic ISO• Contact smart cards• Contactless smart cards

    • Magnetic ISO• Contact smart cards• Contactless smart cards

    • Magnetic ISO• Contact smart cards• Contactless smart cards

    • Magnetic ISO• Contact smart cards• Contactless smart cards


    LAMINATION • Single or dual-sided lamination, with or without hologram patch


    INCLUDED SOFTWARE • Evolis Badge Studio® + including import from databases. Compatible with Windows® and Mac.

    • cardPresso XXS Lite including an internal database (up to 50 records). Compatible with Windows® and Mac.

    • cardPresso XXS including an internal database (unlimited records). Compatible with Windows® and Mac.

    • cardPresso XXS including an internal database (unlimited records). Compatible with Windows® and Mac.

    • cardPresso XXS including an internal database (unlimited records). Compatible with Windows® and Mac.


    CONNECTIVITY • USB • USB• Ethernet (Expert version)

    • USB• Ethernet• WiFi (option)

    • USB• Ethernet

    • USB• Ethernet

    • USB• Ethernet


    STANDARD WARRANTY (warranty extensions available)

    • 1 year • 2 years • 3 years • 3 years, lifetime warranty on print head

    • 1 year, limited to 500,000 insertions • 2 years, limited to 100,000 insertions

    STANDARD WARRANTY (warranty extensions available)


    As part of our eco-design system aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of our products, Evolis:

    • uses recycled materials in the manufacture of our printers and consumables whenever possible,

    • designs compact and lightweight printers to reduce CO2 emissions from transportation and packaging,

    • reduces the power consumption of its printers through a very economical hibernation mode


  • TAILOR-MADE SOLUTIONSOUR EXPERTISE AT YOUR SERVICEWe have a team dedicated to the design and construction of specific products. Based on our card production systems, our experts can design the solution you need:

    • Specific printers: rewritable technology, card-by-card printing

    • Print modules integrated into self-service machines

    • Integration of third-party materials (scanners, specific encoders) into the printers

    • Connection to existing systems

    Our expertise and responsiveness, combined with our unrivaled capacity for industrialization, mean we can meet your needs within the shortest timescales and under the best conditions.

    We also provide a broad range of services to give you total peace of mind: • Extended warranties • Hotline • After-sales service • Training • Project support


    THE IDEAL SOFTWARE PACKAGE FOR CARD CREATIONIt’s easy to create and personalize all your cards with the cardPresso software, available in 18 languages:

    • Powerful and intuitive software

    • Dozens of card templates available

    • Advanced functionality: all kinds of encoding, database management, etc.

    • Several different software versions to meet all your needs

    The cardPresso software comes free with the Zenius, Primacy, Avansia and Quantum printers.

    SECURE ACQUISITION OF SIGNATURESThe Evolis Sig100 and Sig200 signature pads make it easier to validate all kinds of electronic documents: official documents, ID cards, contracts, forms, etc.

    • Easy to sign on a large screen

    • High-resolution digitization, including biometric data

    • Signature capture in just a few seconds

    • Secure signatures using data encryption

    Used with an Evolis printer, signature pads allow you to include a signature directly on your plastic cards.

    A LARGE CHOICE OF CONSUMABLESThe use of Evolis High Trust® consumables guarantees optimal print quality.

    Printing ribbons, patches, and varnish

    • Highly independent printers due to high-capacity ribbons

    • Cost-effective solutions with 1/2 and 1/3 panel ribbons

    • Ease of use of the new ribbons (automatic recognition)

    CardsVarious types of cards are available: black, white, thin, thick,

    PVC, PET, rewritable, pre-perforated, with magnetic stripe, etc.

    ACCESSORIES TO MAKE IDENTIFICATION EVEN EASIEREvolis offers a range of accessories to maintain and protect your cards and badges:

    • Badge holders with several levels of security

    • Lanyards

    • Zips and clips

    • Briefcases to optimize distribution of your badges etc.

    We also provide a customization service to have your branding added to the accessories.

    Color ribbons Monochrome ribbons

    Specific ribbons Patches and varnish with or without holograms








    Evolis - 14 avenue de la Fontaine - ZI Angers-Beaucouzé

    49070 Beaucouzé - France

    T +33 (0) 241 367 606 - F +33 (0) 241 367 612 - [email protected]

    AMERICAS - Evolis Inc. - Fort Lauderdale - [email protected]

    ASIA-PACIFIC - Evolis Asia Pte Ltd - Singapore - [email protected]

    CHINA - Evolis China - Shanghai - [email protected]

    INDIA - Evolis India - Mumbai - [email protected]


    • Headquarters and production site in Angers (France)

    • Installed base of more than 250,000 card printers

    • Subsidiaries in Miami (United States), Singapore, Mumbai (India), and Shanghai (China)

    • 280 employees worldwide

    • 400 official distributors in 125 countries

    • ISO 9001 certified company

    Created in 2000, the Evolis group designs, produces, and markets a complete range of plastic card printing and customization solutions for the identification of people and property. With a presence on every continent, Evolis is now the world leader for plastic card printing solutions.

    Having carried out many small to large-scale projects in various regions of the world and in highly diverse fields, the printing systems and expertise of Evolis are widely recognized by many companies and organizations.

    ©2015 Evolis. All rights reserved. Actual product(s) may differ from information contained in this document. All information, specifications or graphics are subject to change without prior notice. All trademarks mentioned herein belong to their respective owners. 07/2015. KB-RNG1-098-ENG-US Rev C0

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