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  • Your Gateway to Peak Efficiency

  • Tenant Centric Management Automation (TeCMA)Manage more property with fewer resourcesFocus on income producing tasks not administrationStreamline your service delivery process for greater profitabilityImprove portfolio Return On Investment!Remove paper, forms and filing from your businessTransparent staff performance benchmarking

  • Tenant Centric Management AutomationTeCMA eliminates or substantially reduces management time and expense associated with:

  • Sheet1

    TeCMA Impact Analysis - Apt. Portfolio

    Current Share Price (7/31/03)$39.55Current Market Cap$4,372,230,748

    Total Revenues (annualized)$1,496,400,000Total Units Managed306,000

    Property Operating Expenses$665,600,000Fully Diluted Share Base110,549,450

    Direct Annual Expense/Unit (est.)$2,175Estimated 2003 FFO$413,454,943

    30% of Exp./Unit is Maint. Related$6532003 Min. FFO Per Share (est.)$3.74

    Current Mulitple (Sh.Price/FFO)10.6

    TeCMA Direct Savings Per Door5%$33Total Portfolio Savings$9,984,000

    Increase in Per Share FFO$0.09

    % Increase in Per Share FFO2.4%

    New FFO Per Share$3.83

    Resulting Market Cap Increase$105,579,465

    Resulting Share Price$40.51

    Resulting Price Change$0.96

    TeCMA Direct Savings Per Door10%$65Total Portfolio Savings$19,968,000

    Increase in Per Share FFO$0.18

    % Increase in Per Share FFO4.8%

    New FFO Per Share$3.92

    Resulting Market Cap Increase$211,158,930

    Resulting Share Price$41.46

    Resulting Price Change$1.91

    TeCMA Direct Savings Per Door15%$98Total Portfolio Savings$29,952,000

    Increase in Per Share FFO$0.27

    % Increase in Per Share FFO7.2%

    New FFO Per Share$4.01

    Resulting Market Cap Increase$316,738,396

    Resulting Share Price$42.42

    Resulting Price Change$2.87

    (Numbers are estimates only, not guaranteed results. )

    (Figures based on annualized data from Q2 2003 half-year figures obtained from AIMCO reports and financials. )



  • Practical Application Demonstration

  • Office Application DemonstrationTina is in her office and is closing a big deal today. She will be throwing an office party with the new client Saturday evening.

  • To reserve a conference room for her meeting, and to schedule additional off-hours cleaning services after the party, Tina logs into her TeCMA Portal.Office Application Demonstration

  • She is authenticated by the portal and guided through the process of creating her service request and amenity reservation. The system ensures that no input errors or vague descriptions render her requests unusable Office Application Demonstration

  • The conference room is available for the time slot she needsOffice Application Demonstration

  • The conference room is available for the time slot she needsOffice Application Demonstration

  • Office Application Demonstration

  • Ron is on his way to the office from his apartment. His kitchen sink is clogged. Since he is having friends over tonight the problem needs to be taken care of while hes at work.Residential Application Demonstration

  • At his car, Ron discovers his battery is dead and that he will need a jump. He knows he can arrange for both service issues by logging into his TeCMA PortalResidential Application Demonstration

  • Ron calls into the portal from his cell phone and creates his service requests using the portals Integrated Voice Response system Residential Application Demonstration

  • Rons sink repair is common, and management has set the Portal to automatically create a work order for this problem. The required information is routed to Stans cell phone, the staff plumbing professional. Residential Application Demonstration

  • Rons request for a jump start is handled through the TeCMA portal as an auxiliary service, offered by his management company but fulfilled by a third party vendor. The system allows managers to easily add new services, vendors and lease or reservation amenitiesResidential Application Demonstration

  • Upon completion Stan selects two items under the job number using his cell phone, to show he has completed the job and used no materials.At this point the TeCMA portal sends a message to Ron that his sink is working, and asks him to rank the work done. Ranking of staff and vendors covers timeliness, work quality and professionalism.Residential Application Demonstration

  • Residential Application Demonstration

  • All assigned issues are tracked until cleared. At month end the data can be printed or archived electronically, then sent as an invoice or record to management.Residential Application Demonstration

  • Property managers also receive a notification, and work orders automatically become a Pending Activities line item with all other items assigned to vendors and staff.Residential Application Demonstration

  • Application DemonstrationManagement sets which activities are to be processed automatically and which will require digital approval prior to being forwarded for completion.

  • Application DemonstrationAll issues are tracked to completionMultiple occurrences are identifiedStaff performance data is compiled

  • TeCMA Solution Benefit Recap:

  • MAG Inc. Contact InformationWith TeCMA Everybody Wins!90 Madison Street, Suite 300 Denver, Colorado 80206 (303) 667-2026 www.maginc.netPrinsegracht 17A 2512EW, The Hague The Netherlands [email protected]

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