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  • 1. A Presentation on Technology Transfer Presented By Manoj Kumar Kanikella Dept of International Business Pondicherry University 1 of 13
  • 2. What is Technology? Technology is a systematic application of Scientific or other Organized Knowledge to Practical tasks 2 of 13
  • 3. Features of Technology? Change and Development Wide Spread Effect Self Reinforcing 3 of 13
  • 4. Change and Development Technology forces changes on people whether they are prepared for it or not. Business organization must always watch out for changes and developments taking place around. New developments adopted and New ideas explored lets the Business flourish earliest. 4 of 13
  • 5. Widespread effects The effects of the technology are widespread. It effects every community of society It s evolution is far beyond our expectations 5 of 13
  • 6. Self Reinforcing Technology feeds on itself and acts as a multiplier to encourage its own faster development Technology brings in more technology 6 of 13
  • 7. Impact of Technology? Technology and Society Technology and Economy Technology and Organization 7 of 13
  • 8. Technology and Society Ever growing expectations of the Consumers can be met with Technology. Technology is converting the complicated systems in to simple ones Technology advancements tends to remove the social differences mainly between men and women 8 of 13
  • 9. Technology and Economy It transforms people into professionals and create more upgraded job opportunities It creates a great demand for capital investments Some organizations may disappear due to non-adaption of technology 9 of 13
  • 10. Technology and Organisation It has a great impact on organizational structure In organizations the effect of the technology can be seen in Total quality management Business Process Reengineering Flexible Manufacturing Systems 10 of 13
  • 11. Transfer of Technology It is the process of acquiring know-how essential for the Socio-Economic development of a Country The TT may be broadly classified in to two: - According to the nature of the TT - According to the nature of the instrument used for TT 11 of 13
  • 12. According to the nature of TT 1. Simple direct sales of Technology: (a) Embodied TT refers to sale of Capital Goods or deputing the Technical People to render their services. (b) Disembodied TT refers to the licensing of Process/Product technology. 2. Process packaged sale of technology: Supply of machinery for a complete industrial process 3. Project Packaged Sale of Technology: Supply of necessary machines and 12 of 13 licensing Brand names etc., for a project.
  • 13. According to nature of Instrument used -TT by the flow of Books, Journals, and other published information. -TT by the movement of people immigration -TT by foreign investment -By the import of Machinery and Equipment 13 of 13
  • 14. How MNCs go for TT -Branches -Subsidiaries -Joint ventures -Franchising -Turn key projects 14 of 13
  • 15. Thank you for Listening 15 of 13

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