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  • -mira 722 series thennostatic mixing valvesINSTALLATION ADVICEInstaller. This leaflet is the property of the customer and must be left with the user.

    722 (exposed) valves are being supplied as bottom outlet, withthe drain plug in the top.

    722B (concealed valves are being supplied as top outlet withdrain plug in bottom.

    Always connect HOT water to RED inlet, COLD water to inletmarked BLUE.

    The drain plug can be re-positioned to obtain the correctoutlet position. REFER TO CHART BEl1JW.



    Top Outlet

    ~1%1\L~)\,." J




    Shower Fittings. Refer separate leaflet P1069/3


    Bottom Outlet

    \ II ', ;


    Flow control is incorporated in the mixing valve, eliminatingthe need for check valves on the inlets. No form of flow controlshould be fitted on the outlet.

    Conveniently situated isolating valves for servicing purposesshould be fitted.

    Installations must comply with requirements of local waterauthority by-laws.

    Mira 722L, 722LB (low capacity) also Mira 722E, 722EB (leveraction) models are installed similarly as described for Mira 722,Mira 722B models.

    Important PointsIn the UK, hot and cold supplies MUST originate from a coldwater cistern and must NOT be connected directly to the coldwater main.

    Certain types of instantaneous water heaters can be used, but wemust first be consulted. There is an approved layout which mustbe followed. All information necessary iEavailable on request.PressuresMinimum static to discharge point e.g. spray head 9kPa (3fthead). *The absolute minimum head is 2ft. In such cases shortpipe runs must be used and good plumbing practicelfollowed.Under these conditions the flow rate will be approxiinately 3.5litres per minute (and the performance of thermostatic controlscould be slightly impaired). Maximum static 825 kPa (120Ibf/in2).

    Note: Minimum pressures with minimum pipe runs requiresvertical distance from bottom of cold cistern to discharge point tobe 0.92m (3ft). Due allowance must be made for longer pipe runs.

    Where hot and cold pressures are unequal the ratio betweenthem must not exceed 5:1 e.g. higher pressure must not be morethan five times lower pressure.

    Layout and sizing of pipework must be such that when otherservices are used, pressures at inlets do not fall belowrecommended minimum.

    Supply lines should be flushed until water is clear, beforemixing valve is connected.

    Where insufficient pressure exists, or a more forceful sprayrequired, certain types of pumps can be used, but we must first beconsulted. There is an approved layout which must be followed.All information necessary is available on request.Connections Inlets/outlet: 1/2inBSP

    Connect HOT water to inlet marked RED and COLD water toinlet marked BLUE. Connections, when facing mixing valve, arehot left, cold right.



    dill .5~2 28

    Figure 2



    Figure 5

    75mm (2'~/".jn) inlet faces


    Min 73mm (2~/~in)I I


    6. Shower FittingsWhere being installed; refer separate leaflet P1069/3 'ShowerFittings'.

    7. Re-fit shroud, hold in place by re-fitting shroud transit screw(Figure 5).

    8. Plaster and tile up to sides to shroud, so that FINAL wall facerests on the RIDGEwidth of the building in shroud. When set,remove shroud transit screw and remove shroud or cutaround it at wall surface.

    Installation. Mira 722, 722L, 722E1. Backplate (055 08) is attached to base by bayonet type fitting.

    Turn to remove (Figure 1). Fix backplate to wall using wallscrews (611 37) provided, with guide lines vertical orhorizontal (Figure 1). Re-fit base to backplate.

    2. Refer Connections within Important Points before connectingsupplies. Assemble inlet union elbow fittings as shown inFigure 2. Where pipe concealing plates are used, guide theseover elbow threads. Hold back firmly on mixing valve whentightening inlet connections.

    3. Check position of outlet, if necessary re-position drain plug.4. Shower Fittings

    Where being installed, refer separate leaflet P1069/3 'ShowerFittings'.

    Installation. Mira 7228, 722LB, 722EB1. Supplied with additional fittings so that it can be built into a

    wall, including a building in shroud for protection andguidance during installation and wall fmishing.

    2. The DEPTH of concealment MUST be such that the FINALwall face (plaster, tiles, etc.) rests on the RIDGEwidth of thebuilding in shroud (Figure 5).

    3. When wall has been chased out to correct depth (Figure 3),remove shroud. Keep shroud for later use.

    4. Back plate (052 09) is attached to base by bayonet type fitting.Turn to remove (Figure 1).Fix back plate in recess using wallscrews (611 37) provided, with guide lines vertical orhorizontal (Figure 4). Re-fit base to back plate.

    5. SuppliesCheck position of outlet; if necessary re-position drain plug.Connect HOT water to inlet marked RED.Connect COLD water to inlet marked BLUE.Support inlet pipes rigidly.Hold back firmly on mixing valve when tightening inletconnections.

  • 9. Fit nameplate and flow control knob bolt (supplied loose infittings packet). Angle mounting bracket assembly (807 06)over temperature regulating lever and attach to back platewith bracket screws (60990), so that its plastic ends are 'leftand right' not 'teJpand bottom' (Figure 6),Do not over-tightenscre\ys:

    10. Angle-concealing plate (076 01) over temperature regulatinglever and locate it in posHion on mounting bracket (Figure 6).Then press so it snaps into position.

    Operation and Maintenance Advice(including G72 Series)OperationTurn flow control knob anti-clockwise until desired force of wateris obtained.

    Turn temperature regulating assembly lever until desiredtemperature of water is obtained.

    MaxiqmIn temperature of water at discharge point can beregulated so that water at too high a temperature is not obtained atdischarge point e.g. spray head.

    To check maximum temperature. Ensure an adequate supply ofHOT water is available at a temperature in ex(;esSof that requiredfrom the mixing valve, turn on flow control and move lever toposition 5.

    Check temperature with thermometer at discharge point. Forshower use, recommended temperature setting is approximately43°C (110°F).

    Re-setting Maximum TemperatureRemove flow control knob bolt (610 80), nameplate and flowcontrol knob (039 09). Unscrew 2 attachment screws (602 26)andremm'etemperature regulating assembly (800 01) from cover(Figure 9).

    Grip larger protruding spline by hand, rotating it (clockwise) toincrease temperature (anti-clockwi'se to decrease temperature)until desired maximum temperature is obtained at dischargepoint.

    Set lever on scale to position 5 (Figure 10).Hold in this positionand replace onto cover, aligning attachment screw holes with 2holes in cover. Replace attachment screws, do not over-tighten.Replace flow control knob, nameplate and bolt.

    ~t~o~FI,~«AMaintenanceIf a new mixing valve fails to operate satisfactorily it is usually theresult of incorrect installation and the installer should beconsulted. The Diagnosis Chart which follows will assist you inidentifying the reason why your new mixing valve is not~perating satisfactorily.

    Refer Important Points within Installation Advice forconditions within which mixing valve should be installed.

    If the mixing valve has operated satisfactorily for a time and nolonger gives satisfaction, it is possible that service is necessary.Please note that the internal parts should be kept clean and suchwork is not included within the guarantee. The Servicing-Procedures advice which follows will assist you in the method ofmaintenance. Our experience has shown that due to thesimplicity of design, the average user is capable of cleaning theinternal parts, replacing seals, or if necessary, fitting areplacement cartridge assembly.

    You may, if you wish, choose to engage the services of a suitablyqualified person locally.Gold Plated ProductsGold is softer than chrome and its abrasive resistance much less.When cleaning, or using tools during servicing, extra care shouldbe taken.

    CleaningGold plated fittings should be cleaned with a soft cloth and ifnecessary a mild washing up detergent or soap solution and thenrinsed and rubbed dry.

    WarningMany modern household cleaners contain mild abrasives, as wellas chemicals and should never be used for cleaning gold, orchrome plated fittings.Servicing ProcedureRefer Figure 13 below for identification of parts and sequence ofassembly.

    Concealed models (722B & G72B). Remove concealing fittings.722B:- Prise offconcealing plate (from centre, not ends). Unscrewbracket screws and lift offassembly mounting bracket (Figure 11).G72B:- Unscrew adjusting screws and lift off concealing plate(Figure 12).

    Dismantling - All models1. Turn off water supplies to mixing valve. Open flow control to

    release built-up pressure, then remove flow control knob bolt,nameplate and flow control knob.

    2. Unscrew 2 attachment screws and pull or prise offtemperature regulating assembly.

    3, Unscrew 4 cover screws and pull off cover. Do not lose coverjoint, invariably found stuck in recess of base. Push outthermostat assembly from cover or remove from position onport assembly.

    4. Lift outside spring of flow control spindle ('E' models only).5. Slacken off head assembly with an adjustable spanner.6. Pull off port sleeve from port assembly. (Ifstuck, wrap a piece of

    clotharoundsleevetoassist removal. Donot resort to use of metalgrips.) Pull port assembly from base. If necessary, as an extragrip, replace control knob and bolt onto flow control spindle.

    Figure 7

    Clamping bracketscrews and nuts·

    Figure 8

    • Optional extras

    Clamping bracket·

    Panel Mounting. Mira 722B, 722LB and 722EB1. Suitable for fitting into panels up to 16mm (5/8in) thick.2. The building in shroud is not used when panel mounting, so

    remove and discard this part.3. Cut panel to dimension shown in (Figure 8)4. Remove back plate (05209) (Figure 1) and fit to clamping

    bracket (118 72) with clamping bracket screws (606 78) andnuts (621 30) (Figure 8),which are available as optional extras.

    5. Feed the mixing valve through the panel hole, from the back,and connect inlet supplies.

    6. Supplies 'Connect Hot water to inlet marked RED.Connect COLD water to inlet marked BLUE.Hold back firmly on mixing valve when tightening inletconnections. Note. It is essential that inlet and outlet pipes arerigidly supported.

    7. Check position of outlet, if necessary re-position drain plug.8. Shower Fittings .

    Where being installed, refer separate leaflet P1069/3 'ShowerFittings'

    9. Fit mounting bracket assembly (807 06) and concealing plate(076 01) as described within Installation Mira 722B, 722LBand 722EB, paragraphs 9 and 10.

  • Port a"ssembly , I~side spring

    Th thrust washer I E models only)

    Cover ~ ~ // / er~ostat Cover I il,iifW' Port sleevef(JII=I' / ~ COL;J'Iseal ~ (to be free to move)Cover screw Outside springIE models only) I

    ~ Thermostat assemblv~ I - Port assembly, ICartridge assembly

    ~c~~~~r\~~t~nkr.~t free Thermostat actuator lug location slot Base lug for port assembly locationretentfon cage

    Figure 13

    Re-assembly13. Re-assemble in reverse order to above, ensuring cut-away

    section of flange of port assembly and large cut -away sectionin sleeve locate over lug in base.

    14. Replace inside spring over flow control spindle beforescrewing spindle into head assembly ('E' models only).

    15. Ensure small white port assembly thrust washer lies flat onshoulder of head nut.

    16. Replaceoutside sping over flow control spindle ('E' models only).

    17. Fit thermostat assembly over flow control spindle, ensuringlug(s) locate and engage into small slot(s) on flange of sleeve.

    18. Ensure large white thermostat assembly thrust washer lies flaton shoulder of thermostat spindle.

    19. Ensure cover joint is in position, Fit cover, with attachmentscrew holes horizontal, over thermostat spindle and fasten tobase. Close flow control spindle.

    20. Turn on water supplies to mixing valve and check for leaks,then open flow control spindle.

    21. Select maximum temperature of water required by turningthermostat spindle anti-clockwise for cold or clockwise for hot.

    22. Check temperature regulating assembly has not had splinedbush stripped. If it has, remove retention screws from backand turn bush 1800 and re-assemble.

    23. Adjust the maximum temperature setting and completere-assembly, as described in 'Re-Setting MaximumTemperature'. Re-check maximum temperature of shower.

    Shower Head (if of our manufacture)24. If shower pattern from shower head is not satisfactory,

    remove centre screw and plate(s). Clean flutes in plates withstiff bristled brush then re-assemble.

    25. Spare plates and screws are available direct from ServiceDepartment.


    Concealing plate

    Adjusting screws

    Figure 12

    7. Totally remove head assembly and screw out flow controlspindle.

    Cleaning/Replacement of Parts8. Parts may be cleaned using a proprietory inhibited scale

    solvent e.g., Kettle descalent.Note. Care must be taken not to allow solvent to come intocontact with bathroom fittings and swfaces.

    9. Check that lugged actuator within retaining ring ofthermostat coil is free to move.

    10. Polish mating surfaces of port pillar and sleeve with metalpolish e.g. Brasso.

    11. Check all seals and replace if necessary. Remove seals bycutting with razor blade or sharp knife. Do not damage sealgrooves. Lightly smear all seals, also threads of spindle withpetroleum jelly or similar grease. Sets of seals in packagedform (935 15) are available direct from Service Department.

    12. If the cartridge assembly is beyond repair, please contactWalker Crosweller's Service Department by letter ortelephone for the current price of a replacement cartridgeassembly. Please be sure to quote the nameplate details of themixing valve. Also refer to (Figures 14, 15 & 16) for assistancein correct identification of cartridge assemblies.

    Flo\\' cootroll 'f""1knoh holt Flow control knobNamt~plah:Spl i lWei hush(should nol rnlate O\'t:rIt:\'t~rquadrant -1t..'Clh MelalleveT withslripped if iI docs) toolhed quadranllhousedl

    Diagnosis Otart


    Hot water supplied by the mixing valvewhen the temperature control is in thecold position or vice versa.

    Only cold and warm water obtainablewith a high pressure spray in the coldposition and a lower pressure spray inthe warm position.

    Mixing valve operates satisfactorilyuntil other domestic services arebrought into use.

    Leaks from shower fittings of pipework.

    Possible Reason

    Mixing valve installed with hot waterconnected to the cold water inlet. Hotwater should normally be connected toleft inlet when facing unit.

    Cold water inlet fed directly from coldwater mains supply. Both hot and coldsupplies should originate from the coldwater cistern.

    As the thermostat compensates fornormal variations in pressure, it is likelythat the plumbing design is such thatexcessive reductions in pressure areoccuring.

    Unions or joints require tightening.


    Request installer to investigate andrectify. (Also refer 'Reversed Inlets')

    Request installer to investigate andrectify.

    Request installer to investigate andrectify .

    Request installer to rectify.

    Persistent leak from shower head (notto be confused with dripping whichcan occur for a while after shower hasbeen in use).

    Seals have become damaged by foreignmatter in water supplies.

    A setof seals with instructions maybe purchased. If leak continuesfit a replacement cartridgeassembly.

  • Symptom

    Flow of water from shower head isinsufficient for satisfactory shower.

    Possible Reason

    Minimum pressure requirements notobserved. Vertical distance frombottom of cold water cistern to showerhead should be 3ft minimum.

    Spray plates are,blocked by foreignmatter in water supply.

    Partial blockage or airlock inpipework.

    Shower head in use (not of ourmanufactOre) unsuitable for lowpressures.


    Request installer to investigate andrectify .

    Remove and clean spray plates bybrushing out flutes.

    Request installer to investigate andrectify.Fit shower head of our manufacture.

    Temperature satisfactory at first butfails before the shower is completed.

    Maximum temperature obtainable iseither too high or too low.

    No temperature control afterperiod of satisfactory use.

    Hot water storage temperature is notbeing maintained. The mixing valvemust be supplied with hot water whichis always well in excess of the mixedtemperature required.

    Maximum temperature requiresre-setting.

    Build up of deposits on internal parts,

    Ensure hot water storage temperatureis adequately maintained, preferablyat least 20"Cabove the showeringtemperature.

    Re-set the maximum temperature ~yfollowing the instructions on page 3.

    Clean internal parts - refer'Servicing Procedure'.


    *Refer Reversed Inlets below

    Nameplates043 01 Nameplate (G72,GnB)043 02 Nameplate (GnL, GnLB)043 06 Nameplate (G72E,GnEB)

    StandardModels squareportIngs Lowcapacity[L) triangularportings(90221) 722,722B.G72&G72B models[90223) 722L,722LB.G72L&G72LB

    Figure14 ~ IFigure15~~portsleeve ~portsleeve4mm[5/32")holes ridge' 2mm[3/32")holes ridge'

    G72 Series Spares Only L '(E) . I rt'XC ever actIon tnangu ar po mgsG72 (e models) models(90225) 722E,722EB.G72E&G72EB

    058 01 ackplate retaining spigot .(}05601 Backplate Figure 16.Jr/160814 Backplateretaining screwG72B (concealed models)075 01 Concealing plate61005 Adjusting screws (2)053 09 Back plate609 60 Back plate retaining bolt556 43 Locating pinAll G72 models001 01 Cover003 01 Body61007 Coverscrews (4)

    Identification of Carbidge AssembliesThe cartridge assembly is the combined port and thermostatassemblies, which are supplied for user service as a completereplacement cartridge assembly,

    Cartridge assemblies for Mira 722 Series can be used for G72Series thermostatic mixing valves. Ifordering other spare parts forG72 with the exception of as below, order as for Mira 722 Series.

    Important. When ordering a replacement cartridge assembly besure to quote the nameplate details of the mixing valve. ReferFigures 14, 15 and 16 which illustrate the differences betweenstandard, low capacity (1) and lever action (E)cartridgeassemblies. Identity of the removed cartridge assembly can bechecked from Figures 14, 15 and 16.

    Note. Thermostat assemblies are common to standard, lowcapacity (1) and lever action (E)models. Figures 14, 15 and 16therefore illustrate the port assemblies only and identify thedifferences.

    Parts ListWhen ordering spare parts quote, type of mixing valve, codenumber and name of component.001 03 Cover003 03 Base03017 Union elbow (2)039 09 Flow control knob041 01 Flow control lever (722E)044 60 Nameplate (722)04461 Nameplate (722E)044 62 Nameplate (122M)044 63 Nameplate (722L)050 01 Inside spring (722E)050 02 Outside spring (722E)052 09 Backplate055 08 Backplate076 01 Concealing plate089 03 Drain plug

    090 01 Pipe concealing plate (2)*11872 Clamping bracket *552 28 Nipple adaptor (2)606 26 Screw -attachment (2)




    * Optional extras

    *60678 Screw-clamping bracket(2)606 90 Screw- bracket (2)61014 Screw - cover (4)61080 Flow control knob bolt611 37 Screw-wall (2)

    *621 30 Clamping bracketnut(2)624 09 Union riut (2)632 38 Cover joint63409 Gasket (4)634 56 Gasket636 17 Head thrust washer636 25 Thermostat assembly thrustwasher

    800 01 Temperature regulating assembly*805 15 Clamp bracket assembly807 06 Mounting bracket assembly902 21 Cartridge assembly(722)902 22 Cartridge assembly(722reversed)902 23 Cartridge assembly (722L,722M)902 24 Cartridge assembly(722L,722Mreversed)902 25 Cartridge assembly(722E)902 26 Cartridge assembly(722Ereversed)93515 Set of seals

    Part numbers for complete replacement 'reversed' cartridgeassemblies for Mira 722 or G72 Series are

    Reversed InletsREVERSED INLETS. (Refer item 1 of Diagnosis Chart). This canusually be corrected by crossing the inlet supplies at a convenientpoint e.g. in the roof space. If this is not possible, a 'reversed'cartridge assembly is obtained from Service Department,identified by the absence of the ridge mid-way on the port sleeve.

    StandardModels902 22

    Low CapacityModels902 24

    Lever ActionModels902 26


    Republic of Ireland Tnecompanyreservestherighttoalterproductspecificationswithoutnotice.Modern Plant Ltd. A ('"",adoncompanyOtter House, Naas Road, Clondalkin,Co. Dublin, Eire. tel. 591344 telex. El93657

    Caradon MiraCaradon Mira LimitedCromwell Road, Cheltenham GL52 5EPtel. 0242 221221 telex. 43242

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