Slide 1• History, evolution and role of the network
• Migratory Bird Sanctuaries
• National Wildlife Areas
• Budget 2018
Page 3 – March-8-18
Spiny Softshell Turtle
Snow Geese
Bighorn Sheep
Species at Risk Migratory Birds Other Wildlife
Page 4 – March-8-18
established to protect black
ducks and Canada Geese.
protected areas in
conservation tool of Environment and Climate Change Canada
Western Sandpipers (Tom Middleton) Horned Lark Nest (Olaf Jensen) Franck Lake (Garry Donaldson)
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Exclusive Economic Zone
Here be Dragons
Page 13 – March-8-18
population of a species
• Supports an appreciable assemblage
• Marine or terrestrial critical habitat
• Rare or unusual wildlife habitat
• High potential for restoration
and programs. Pelicans at Last Mountain Lake MBS © Chris Somers
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Canada Wildlife Act
Page 17 – March-8-18
Canada Wildlife Act
Governor in Council can
that forms part of the internal
waters, territorial seas or
exclusive economic zone of
Page 18 – March-8-18
Canada Wildlife Act
• public lands means lands belonging to Her Majesty in right of Canada
and lands that the Government of Canada has power to dispose of …
and includes
– (a) any waters on or flowing through the lands and the natural resources
of the lands, and
– (b) the internal waters and the territorial sea of Canada
Page 19 – March-8-18
Wildlife Area Regulations Wildlife Area Regulations 3(1) No person shall, in any wildlife area
(a) Hunt or fish;
(b) Be in in possession of any firearm, slingshot, bow and arrow, shot other than
non-toxic shot or any instrument that could be used for the purpose of hunting
(b.1) be in possession of, while fishing, any lead sinkers or lead jigs that weigh
less than 50 grams,
(c) have in his possession any animal, carcass, nest, egg or a part of any of those
(d) damage, destroy or remove a plant,
(e) carry on any agricultural activity, graze livestock or harvest any natural or
cultivated crop,
(f) allow any domestic animal to run at large,
(g) swim, picnic, camp or carry on any other recreational activity or light or
maintain a fire,
(h) operate a conveyance,
(i) destroy or molest animals or carcasses, nests or eggs thereof,
(j) remove, deface, damage or destroy any artifact, natural object, building, fence,
poster, sign or other structure,
(k) carry on any commercial or industrial activity,
(l) disturb or remove any soil, sand, gravel or other material, or
(m) dump or deposit any rubbish, waste material or substance
Spiers Lake NWA © Olaf Jensen
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Conservation of Wildlife
interfere with the
conservation of wildlife.
Page 21 – March-8-18
Specific Marine Regulations
Page 22 – March-8-18
For greater certainty, nothing in this Act
shall be construed so as to abrogate or
derogate from any existing aboriginal or
treaty rights of the aboriginal peoples of
Canada under section 35 of the Constitution
Act, 1982.
traditional practices
within these areas
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e s tr
M a ri
Page 25 – March-8-18
• Contribute $500 million to a $1 billion Nature Fund
• Protect Species at Risk
• Continue implementation of the Species at Risk Act
• Establish a coordinated network of conservation areas
Page 26 – March-8-18
Page 27 – March-8-18
Tufted Puffin (ECCC-CWS)
Page 30 – March-8-18
Scott Islands Background
• 2003 – Canada commits to creating a protected area
• 2010 – Steering Committee & Advisory Group
• 2013 – Regulatory Strategy posted for consultation
• 2016 – Proposed regulations published in CG1
• 2017 – ENGO community outlines conditions
• 2018 –
Condition Response
Minimum Standards National Advisory Panel
Boundary Adjustment Not required based on current science
Science Advice Existing and proposed
Relinquish Oil & Gas Moratorium in place
Shipping & Transportation Oceans Protections Plan
Fisheries Mitigation Research & Mitigation is ongoing
Eradicate Predators Budget 2018 (and ongoing)
Management Plan To be drafted following establishment
Page 33 – March-8-18
• Protected Area
– Clearly defined
– Geographical space
conserve ecosystems, together with
associated cultural values and
Protected Areas Categories to Marine Protected Areas.
• National Wildlife Areas and Migratory Bird Sanctuaries play an
important role in marine conservation, and are an important tool in
broader marine protected area networks.

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