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  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En


    Nokia 6303i classic User Guide

    Issue 1.2

  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En



    Safety 4

    Get started 5Keys and parts 5

    Install SIM card and battery 5Insert and remove the memory card 6Charge the battery 7

    GSM antenna 7Connect a headset 7Connect a USB cable 8

    Attach a strap 8

    Switch it on 9

    About your device 9Network services 9Access codes 9

    Switch the device on or off 10Home screen 10

    Navigate the menus 12Lock the keys 12Functions without a SIM card 12

    Flight profile 12

    Support and updates 14

    Support 14

    My Nokia 14Download content 14

    14Update software over the air 14

    Restore factory settings 15

    Make it your device 16

    Visit Ovi 16Basic settings 16

    Personalise your device 17Network provider services 19

    Make calls 21

    Make a voice call 21

    Handle voice calls 21Dialling shortcuts 21Voice dialling 21Options during a call 22Voice messages 22Call log 22Call settings 22

    Text and messages 24

    Write text 24Text and multimedia messages 25Flash messages 26Nokia Xpress audio messages 26Message settings 26

    Mail and Instant Messaging 27

    Nokia Messaging Mail 27

    Nokia Messaging IM 28

    Connect 30

    Bluetooth wireless technology 30

    USB data cable 30Connect a USB storage device 31Synchronisation and backup 31

    Packet data connection 31

    Image and video 33

    Capture images 33

    Record video clips 33Camera and video settings 33Gallery 33Print images 34

    Share images and video clips online 35Memory card 35

    Listen to music 36

    Media player 36

    Transfer music from a computer 37Radio 37Voice recorder 38

    Equaliser 38

    Stereo widening 39

    2 Contents

    Update device software using your PC

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  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En


    Web 40

    Browse the web 40Share online 40Browser settings 40Cache memory 41Browser security 41

    Games and applications 42

    Open an application 42

    Download an application 42

    Maps 43

    About Maps 43Nokia Map Loader 43

    GPS receiver 44Navigate to your destination 44

    Organise 46

    Manage contacts 46Business cards 47Date and time 47Alarm clock 47Calendar 47

    To-do list 48Notes 48

    48CalculatorCountdown timerStopwatch

    Green tips 50

    Save energy 50

    Recycle 50

    Nokia original accessories 51

    Practical rules about accessories 51Battery 51

    Index 56

    Contents 3

    Nokia Ovi Suite494949

    Product and safety information 52

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  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En



    Read these simple guidelines. Notfollowing them may be dangerous orillegal. Read the complete user guide forfurther information.


    Do not switch the device onwhen wireless phone use isprohibited or when it maycause interference or danger.


    Obey all local laws. Always keepyour hands free to operate thevehicle while driving. Your firstconsideration while drivingshould be road safety.


    All wireless devices may besusceptible to interference,

    which could affectperformance.


    Follow any restrictions. Switchthe device off in aircraft, nearmedical equipment, fuel,chemicals, or blasting areas.


    Only qualified personnel mayinstall or repair this product.


    Use only approved accessoriesand batteries. Do not connectincompatible products.


    Your device is not water-resistant. Keep it dry.

    4 Safety

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  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En


    Get started

    Get to know your device, insert thebattery, SIM card, and memory card, andlearn some important information aboutyour device.

    Keys and parts

    Get known to the keys and parts of yourdevice.

    Keys and parts (front)

    1 Earpiece2 Display3 Left and right selection keys4 Navi key (scroll key)5 Call key6 Keypad7 Microphone

    8 End key9 Light sensor

    Keys and parts (back)

    1 Power key2 Loudspeaker3 Volume up key4 Volume down key5 Camera lens6 Camera flash


    1 Charger connector2 Wrist strap eyelet3 Nokia AV Connector (3.5 mm)4 Micro USB cable connector

    Install SIM card and battery

    This device is intended for use with aBL-5CT battery. Always use original Nokiabatteries.

    The SIM card and its contacts can be easilydamaged by scratches or bending, so becareful when handling, inserting, orremoving the card.

    1 Slide the cover (1), and remove it.Remove the battery (2).

    Get started 5

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  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En


    2 Open the SIM card holder (3). Insertthe SIM card into the holder, with thecontact surface facing down (4). Closethe SIM card holder (5).

    3 Line up the battery contacts (6), and

    insert the battery (7). Replace theback cover (8).

    Insert and remove the memory card

    Use only compatible microSD cardsapproved by Nokia for use with thisdevice. Nokia uses approved industrystandards for memory cards, but somebrands may not be fully compatible with

    this device. Incompatible cards may

    damage the card and the device andcorrupt data stored on the card.

    Your phone supports microSD cards witha capacity of up to 8 GB.

    Insert the memory card

    1 Remove the back cover.

    2 Insert the card into the memory cardslot, with the contact surface facingdown, and press until it locks intoplace.

    3 Replace the back cover.

    Remove the memory card

    Important: Do not remove the memorycard during an operation when the card isbeing accessed. Doing so may damage thememory card and the device, and corruptdata stored on the card.

    You can remove or replace the memorycard without switching the device off.

    1 Ensure that no application is currently

    accessing the memory card.2 Remove the back cover.

    3 Gently push the memory card in, torelease the lock, and remove thememory card.

    4 Replace the back cover.

    6 Get started

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  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En


    Charge the battery

    Your battery has been partially charged atthe factory. If the device indicates a lowcharge, do the following:

    1 Connect the charger to a wall outlet.

    2 Connect the charger to the device.3 When the device indicates a full

    charge, disconnect the charger fromthe device, then from the wall outlet.

    You can also charge the battery with a USBcable, using power from a computer.

    1 Connect the USB cable to a USB port ofa computer and to your device.

    2 When the battery is fully charged,disconnect the USB cable.

    If the battery is completely discharged,USB charging may not work. Use thecharger instead.

    You do not need to charge the battery fora specific length of time, and you can usethe device while it is charging. If the

    battery is completely discharged, it maytake several minutes before the chargingindicator appears on the display or beforeany calls can be made.

    Charging the device while listening to theradio may affect the quality of reception.

    GSM antenna

    Your device may have internal andexternal antennas. Avoid touching theantenna area unnecessarily while theantenna is transmitting or receiving.Contact with antennas affects thecommunication quality and may cause ahigher power level during operation andmay reduce the battery life.

    The figure shows the GSM antenna areamarked in grey.

    Connect a headset

    Warning:When you use the headset, your ability tohear outside sounds may be affected. Donot use the headset where it canendanger your safety.

    When connecting any external device orany headset, other than those approvedby Nokia for use with this device, to theNokia AV Connector, pay special attentionto volume levels.

    Do not connect products that create anoutput signal as this may cause damage

    to the device. Do not connect any voltagesource to the Nokia AV Connector.

    Get started 7

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  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En


    Connect a USB cable

    Open the cover of the USB connector, and

    connect the USB cable to the device.

    Attach a strap

    1 Open the back cover.

    2 Thread the strap, and tighten it.

    3 Close the back cover.

    8 Get started

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  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En


    Switch it on

    Learn how to switch on your device, andhow to use the basic functions.

    About your device

    The wireless device described in this guideis approved for use on the EGSM 900, 1800,1900 MHz networks. Contact your serviceprovider for more information aboutnetworks.

    Your device may have preinstalledbookmarks and links for third-party

    internet sites and may allow you to accessthird-party sites. These are not affiliatedwith Nokia, and Nokia does not endorseor assume liability for them. If you accesssuch sites, take precautions for security orcontent.

    Warning:To use any features in this device, otherthan the alarm clock, the device must be

    switched on. Do not switch the device onwhen wireless device use may causeinterference or danger.

    When using this device, obey all laws andrespect local customs, privacy andlegitimate rights of others, includingcopyrights. Copyright protection mayprevent some images, music, and other

    content from being copied, modified, ortransferred.

    Make back-up copies or keep a writtenrecord of all important information storedin your device.

    When connecting to any other device,read its user guide for detailed safetyinstructions. Do not connect incompatible


    The images in this guide may differ fromyour device display.

    Refer to the user guide for otherimportant information about your device.

    Network services

    To use the device you must have servicefrom a wireless service provider. Somefeatures are not available on all networks;other features may require that you makespecific arrangements with your serviceprovider to use them. Network servicesinvolve transmission of data. Check withyour service provider for details aboutfees in your home network and whenroaming on other networks. Your serviceprovider can explain what charges willapply.

    Your service provider may have requestedthat certain features be disabled or notactivated in your device. If so, thesefeatures will not appear on your device

    menu. Your device may also havecustomized items such as menu names,menu order, and icons.

    Access codes

    To set how your device uses the accesscodes and security settings, selectMenu > Settings and Security > Accesscodes.

    The security code helps to protectyour device against unauthorised use.The preset code is 12345. You canchange the code and set the device torequest the code. Some operationsrequire the security code regardless ofthe settings, for example, if you wantto restore the factory settings. Keepthe code secret and in a safe placeseparate from your device. If youforget the code and your device is

    Switch it on 9

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  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En


    locked, your device will requireservice. Additional charges may apply,and all the personal data in yourdevice may be deleted. For moreinformation, contact a Nokia Care

    point or your device dealer. The PIN code, supplied with the SIM

    card, helps to protect the card againstunauthorised use.

    The PIN2 code, supplied with someSIM cards, is required to access certainservices.

    PUK and PUK2 codes may be suppliedwith the SIM card. If you enter the PIN

    code incorrectly three times insuccession, you are asked for the PUKcode. If the codes are not supplied,contact your service provider.

    The barring password is requiredwhen using the call barring service torestrict calls to and from your device(network service).

    To view or change the security

    module settings for the browser,select Menu > Settings andSecurity > Security module.

    Switch the device on or off

    Switch on or off

    Press and hold the power key.

    Enter the PIN code

    If requested , enter the PIN code(displayed as ****).

    Set the time and date

    If requested, enter the time and date.

    You may be prompted to get theconfiguration settings from your serviceprovider (network service). For moreinformation, contact your service


    Home screen

    When the device is ready for use, and youhave not entered any characters, thedevice is in the home screen.


    1 Signal strength of the cellularnetwork

    2 Battery charge status3 Indicators4 Name of the network or the operator


    5 Clock

    10 Switch it on

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  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En


    6 Date (only if the enhanced homescreen is deactivated)

    7 Display8 Function of the left selection key

    9 Function of the scroll key10 Function of the right selection key

    You can change the function of the left andright selection key.

    Enhanced home screen

    With the enhanced home screen, you candisplay a list of selected information andfeatures that you can directly access.

    Select Menu > Settings and Display >Home screen.

    Activate the enhanced home screen

    Select Home screen mode >On.

    Organise and personalise theenhanced home screen

    Select Personalise view.Select the key used to activate theenhanced home screen

    Select Home screen key.

    Navigate in the home screen

    Scroll up or down to navigate the list, andselect Select, View, or Edit. The arrowsindicate that further information is


    Stop navigating

    Select Exit.


    When your device is in the home screen,you can use shortcuts.

    List missed, received, and dialled calls

    Press the call key. To make a call, scroll tothe number or name, and press the callkey.

    Open the web browserPress and hold 0.

    Call the voice mailbox

    Press and hold 1.


    You have unread messages.You have unsent, cancelled, orfailed messages.The keypad is locked.

    The device does not ring forincoming calls or text messages.An alarm is set.

    / The device is registered to theGPRS or EGPRS network.

    / A GPRS or EGPRS connection is

    open./ The GPRS or EGPRS connection is

    suspended (on hold).Bluetooth connectivity isactivated.If you have two phone lines, thesecond line is in use.All incoming calls are diverted toanother number.

    Calls are limited to a closed usergroup.The currently active profile istimed.A headset is connected to thedevice.The device is connected toanother device, using a USB cable.

    Switch it on 11

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  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En


    Navigate the menus

    The device offers a range of functions thatare grouped into menus.

    1 To access the menu, select Menu.

    2 Scroll through the menu, and select anoption (for example, Settings).

    3 If the selected menu contains furthersubmenus, select one (for example,Call).

    4 Select the setting of your choice.

    5 To return to the previous menu level,select Back.

    To exit the menu, select Exit.

    Change the menu view

    Select Options >Main menu view. Scrollright, and select from the availableoptions.

    Rearrange the menu

    Select Options >Organise. Scroll to themenu item to be moved, and select

    Move. Scroll to where you want to movethe menu item, and select OK. To save thechange, select Done > Yes.

    Lock the keys

    Lock the keypad to prevent accidentalkeypresses.

    Lock the keypad

    Select Menu, and press * within 3.5seconds.

    Unlock the keypad

    Select Unlock, and press * within 1.5seconds. If requested, enter the lock code.

    Answer a call when the keypad islocked

    Press the call key. When you end or rejecta call, the keypad locks automatically.

    Further features are Automatic keyguardand Security keyguard. See "Phonesettings", p. 16.

    When the device or keypad is locked, callsmay be possible to the official emergencynumber programmed into your device.

    Functions without a SIM card

    Some functions of your device may beused without inserting a SIM card, such asOrganiser functions and games. Somefunctions appear dimmed in the menusand cannot be used.

    Flight profile

    In radio sensitive environments, whereyou are asked not to use your device, you

    can still access your calendar, contacts list,and offline games by activating the flightprofile.

    indicates that the flight profile isactive.

    Activate the flight profile

    Select Menu > Settings > Profiles andFlight > Activate or Personalise.

    Deactivate the flight profile

    Select any other profile.

    12 Switch it on

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  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En


    Warning:With the Flight profile you cannot make orreceive any calls, including emergencycalls, or use other features that requirenetwork coverage. To make calls, you

    must first activate the phone function bychanging profiles. If the device has beenlocked, enter the lock code.

    If you need to make an emergency callwhile the device is locked and in the Flightprofile, you may be also able to enter anofficial emergency number programmedin your device in the lock code field andselect 'Call'. The device will confirm thatyou are about to exit Flight profile to startan emergency call.

    Switch it on 13

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  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En


    Support and updates

    Nokia helps you in many ways to gain themost benefit from your device.


    When you want to learn more about howto use your product or you are unsure howyour device should function, see the userguide or see the support pages atwww.nokia.com/support or your localNokia website, or with a mobile device,www.nokia.mobi/support.

    If this does not resolve your issue, do oneof the following:

    Restart the device: switch off thedevice, and remove the battery. Afterabout a minute, replace the battery,and switch on the device.

    Restore the original factory settingsas explained in the user guide.

    Update your device software regularlyfor optimum performance andpossible new features, as explained inthe user guide.

    If your issue remains unsolved, contactNokia for repair options. See www.nokia-asia.com/repair. Before sending yourdevice for repair, always back up the datain your device.

    My Nokia

    Select Menu > Applications > Extras >Collection >My Nokia.

    My Nokia is a free service that regularlysends you text messages containing tips,tricks, and support for your Nokia device.It also allows you to browse the My Nokiasite where you can find details about

    Nokia devices and download tones,graphics, games, and applications.

    To use the My Nokia service, it must beavailable in your country and supported

    by your service provider. You must sign upto use the service. Call charges apply whenyou send messages to sign up orunsubscribe. For terms and conditions,see the documentation supplied withyour device, or www.nokia.com/mynokia.

    Download content

    You may be able to download new content(for example, themes) to your device(network service).

    Important: Use only services that youtrust and that offer adequate security andprotection against harmful software.

    For the availability of different servicesand pricing, contact your service provider.

    To get more information and to downloadthe Nokia Software Updater application,go to www.nokia-asia.com/softwareupdate.

    Update software over the air

    Your service provider may send devicesoftware updates over the air directly toyour device (network service). This optionmay not be available, depending on yourdevice.

    14 Support and updates

    Update device software using your PC

    You can use the Nokia Software UpdaterPC application to update your devicesoftware. To update your device software,you need a compatible PC, a high-speedinternet connection, and a compatibleUSB data cable to connect your device tothe PC.

    2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.

  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En


    Downloading software updates mayinvolve the transmission of large amountsof data (network service).

    Make sure that the device battery hasenough power, or connect the charger

    before starting the update.

    Warning:If you install a software update, youcannot use the device, even to makeemergency calls, until the installation iscompleted and the device is restarted. Besure to back up data before acceptinginstallation of an update.

    Request a software update

    1 Select Menu > Settings andPhone > Phone updates to requestavailable software updates from yourservice provider.

    2 Select Current sw details to displaythe current software version andcheck whether an update is needed.

    3 Select Downl. phone sw todownload and install a softwareupdate. Follow the instructions.

    4 If the installation was cancelled afterthe download, select Install swupdate to start the installation.

    The software update may take severalminutes. If there are problems with theinstallation, contact your service provider.

    Check automatically for new devicesoftware

    Select Auto sw update and the timeinterval to check for new software. Todisable, select Never.

    Restore factory settings

    To restore the device back to the factorysettings, select Menu > Settings >Rest.fact. sett. and from the following:

    Settings only Reset all preferencesettings without deleting any personal

    data.All Reset all preference settings, anddelete all personal data, such as contacts,messages, media files, and activationkeys.

    Support and updates 15

    2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.

  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En


    Make it your device

    Set up your device and personalise it.

    Visit Ovi

    Ovi contains services provided byNokia. With Ovi, you can create a mailaccount, share your images and videoclips with friends and family, plan tripsand view locations on a map, downloadgames, applications, video clips, andtones to your device, and purchase music.The available services may vary by region,and not all languages are supported.

    To access Ovi services, go towww.ovi.com, and register your ownNokia account.

    For more information on how to use theservices, see the support pages of eachservice.

    Basic settings

    Phone settingsSelect Menu > Settings and Phone.

    Select from the following:

    Language settings To set thelanguage of your device, select Phonelanguage and a language. To set thelanguage of your device according to theinformation on the SIM card, select Phone

    language > Automatic.Memory status View the memoryconsumption.

    Automatic keyguard Set the keypadto lock automatically after a preset timedelay when the device is in the homescreen and no function has been used.

    Security keyguard Set the device toprompt for the security code to unlock the


    Voice recognition Set up voicecommands, or start voice recognitiontraining.

    Flight query Set the device to promptfor the flight profile when you switch thedevice on. In the flight profile, all radioconnections are closed.

    Phone updates Allow softwareupdates from your service provider(network service). The available optionsmay vary.

    Operator selection Manually selectwhich network to use.

    Help text activation Set the device todisplay help text.

    Start-up tone Play a tone when youswitch the device on.

    Confirm SIM actions Access additionalnetwork services from your SIM card. Thisoption may not be available, dependingon your SIM card.

    Security settingsSelect Menu > Settings and Security.

    When security features that restrict callsare in use (such as call barring, closed usergroup, and fixed dialling), calls may bepossible to the official emergency numberprogrammed into your device. Call barringand call diverting cannot be active at thesame time.

    Select from the following:

    PIN code request or UPIN coderequest Set the device to request forthe PIN or UPIN code every time the deviceis switched on. Some SIM cards do notallow the code request to be deactivated.

    Call barring service Restrict incomingcalls to and outgoing calls from your

    16 Make it your device

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  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En


    device (network service). A barringpassword is required.

    Fixed dialling Restrict your outgoingcalls to selected phone numbers ifsupported by your SIM card. When fixeddialling is activated, GPRS connections arenot possible except while sending textmessages over a GPRS connection. In thiscase, the recipients phone number andthe message centre number must beincluded in the fixed dialling list.

    Closed user group Define a group ofpeople whom you can call and who cancall you (network service).

    Security level To request the securitycode whenever a new SIM card is insertedinto the device, select Phone.

    Access codes Change the securitycode, PIN code, UPIN code, PIN2 code, orbarring password.

    PIN2 code request Set the device torequest the PIN2 code when using aspecific device feature protected by the

    PIN2 code. Some SIM cards do not allowthe code request to be deactivated. Thisoption may not be available depending onyour SIM card. For details, contact yourservice provider.

    Code in use Display and select the typeof PIN code to be used.

    Auth. certificates or Usercertificates View the list of the

    authority or user certificates available onyour device.

    Security module View Sec. moduledetails, activate Module PIN request, orchange the module PIN and signing PIN.

    Personalise your device

    Give your device a personal touch withringing tones, display backgrounds, and

    themes. Add shortcuts for your preferredfeatures, and attach enhancements.


    Your device has several profiles, which youcan customise.

    Select Menu > Settings and Profiles.

    Select the desired profile and from thefollowing:

    Activate Activate the profile.

    Personalise Modify profile settings.

    Timed Set the profile to be active for

    a certain period of time. When the timeset for the profile expires, the previousprofile that was not timed becomesactive.


    With themes, you can personalise yourdevice.

    Select Menu>

    Settings and Themes.Select a theme

    Select Select theme > Themes and atheme.

    Download more themes

    Select Theme downld..

    TonesYou can modify the tone settings of thecurrently active profile.

    Select Menu > Settings and Tones. Youcan find the same settings in the Profilesmenu.

    Make it your device 17

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  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En



    You can activate or deactivate light effectsassociated with different devicefunctions.

    Select Menu > Settings and Lights.


    Select Menu > Settings and Display.

    Select from the following:

    Wallpaper Add a background imageto the home screen.

    Home screen Activate, organise, and

    personalise the home screen.Home scr. font col. Select the fontcolour for the home screen.

    Notification details Display details inmissed call and message notifications.

    Screen saver Create and activate ascreen saver.

    Main menu view Select the layout of

    the main menu.Font size Set the font size formessaging, contacts, and web pages.

    Operator logo Display the logo of thecurrently selected operator.

    Cell info display Display the cellidentity, if available from the network.

    Set shortcuts for the selection keys

    You can set shortcuts for the selectionkeys, to quickly access frequently usedfeatures or applications.

    Select Menu > Settings and Myshortcuts.

    Set shortcuts to features orapplications

    Select Left selection key or Rightselection key, and the desired feature orapplication.

    Add or remove shortcuts to Go to

    In the home screen, select Go to >Options > Select options.

    Rearrange the order of shortcuts in Goto

    In the home screen, select Go to >Options >Organise.

    Set shortcuts for the scroll key

    You can set shortcuts for the scroll key, toquickly access frequently used features orapplications.

    Select Menu > Settings and Myshortcuts.

    Set shortcuts to features orapplications

    Select Navigation key, a scroll direction,Change, and a feature or application fromthe list.

    Set the scroll direction used to activatethe enhanced home screen

    Select Home screen key and the desiredoption.

    Assign dialling shortcuts

    Create shortcuts by assigning phonenumbers to the number keys 2-9.

    1 Select Menu > Contacts > Speeddials, and scroll to a number key.

    2 Select Assign, or, if a number has

    already been assigned to the key,select Options > Change.

    18 Make it your device

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  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En


    3 Enter a number or search for acontact.

    Voice commands

    You can use voice commands to makephone calls, launch applications, andactivate profiles. Voice commands arelanguage-dependent.

    Select Menu > Settings and Phone.

    Set the language

    Select Language settings > Phonelanguage and the language.

    Train voice recognition to your voice

    Select Voice recognition > Voicetraining.

    Activate a voice command for afunction

    Select Menu > Settings > Phone >Voice recognition > Voice commands,a feature, and the function.

    indicates that the voice command isactivated. If the icon is not displayed,select Add.

    Play an activated voice command

    Select Play.

    Use voice commands

    In the home screen, press and hold the

    right selection key. A short tone sounds,and Speak after the tone is displayed.

    Say the command. If the voice recognitionis successful, a list of proposed matches isdisplayed. The device plays the voicecommand of the first match on the list. Ifit is not the correct command, scroll toanother entry.

    Rename or deactivate a voicecommand

    Scroll to a function, and select Options >Edit or Remove.

    Activate or deactivate all voicecommands

    Select Options > Add all or Remove all.

    Network provider services

    Your network provider provides severaladditional services you may want to use.For some of these services, charges may


    Operator menu

    Access a portal to services provided byyour network operator. The operator canupdate this menu with a service message.For more information, contact yournetwork operator.

    SIM services

    Your SIM card may provide additionalservices. You can access this menu only ifit is supported by your SIM card. The nameand contents of the menu depend on theavailable services.

    Accessing these services may involvesending messages or making a phone callfor which you may be charged.

    Position log

    The network may send you a positionrequest (network service). To subscribeand agree upon the delivery ofpositioning information, contact yourservice provider.

    Make it your device 19

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  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En


    Accept or reject an incoming positionrequest

    Select Accept or Reject.

    View the latest position requests

    Select Menu > Log > Positioning andPosition log.

    If you miss the request, the deviceautomatically accepts or rejects itaccording to what you have agreed withyour service provider.

    Info messages, SIM messages, and

    service commands

    Select Menu >Messaging and More.

    View info messages

    Select Info messages. You can receivemessages on various topics from yourservice provider (network service). Formore information, contact your serviceprovider.

    Send service commands

    Select Serv. commands. Servicecommands allow you to write and sendservice requests (USSD commands) to yourservice provider, such as activationcommands for network services. Fordetails, contact your service provider.

    View SIM messages

    Select Menu >Messaging andOptions > SIM messages. SIM messagesare specific text messages that are savedto your SIM card. You can copy or movethose messages from the SIM to the devicememory, but not vice versa.

    Configuration settings

    You can configure your device withsettings that are required for certainservices. You may receive these settings asa configuration message from your

    service provider.

    Select Menu > Settings.

    Select Configuration and from thefollowing:

    Default config. sett. View the serviceproviders saved in the device, and set adefault service provider.

    Act. def. in all apps. Activate thedefault configuration settings forsupported applications.

    Preferred access pt. View the savedaccess points.

    Device mgr. settings Allow or preventthe device from receiving softwareupdates. This option may not be available,depending on your device.

    Personal settings Add manually newpersonal accounts for various services,and activate or delete them. To add a newpersonal account, select Add orOptions > Add new. Select the servicetype, and enter the required parameters.To activate a personal account, scroll tothe account, and select Options >Activate.

    20 Make it your device

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  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En


    Make calls

    Learn about the various possibilities tomake and receive calls.

    Make a voice call

    Dial a number manually

    Enter the phone number, including thearea code, and press the call key.

    For international calls, press * twice forthe international prefix (the + characterreplaces the international access code),enter the country code, the area code

    without the leading 0, if necessary, andthe phone number.

    Redial a number

    To access the list of dialled numbers, in thehome screen , press the call key. Select anumber or name, and press the call key.

    Call a contact

    Select Menu > Contacts and Names.Select a contact, and press the call key.

    Handle voice calls

    Answer an incoming call

    Press the call key.

    End a call

    Press the end key.

    Mute the ringing tone

    Select Silence.

    Reject an incoming call

    Press the end key.

    Adjust the volume in a call

    Use the volume keys.

    Dialling shortcuts

    Vou can assign phone numbers to thenumber keys 2-9.

    1 Select Menu > Contacts > Speed

    dials, and scroll to a number key.2 Select Assign, or, if a number has

    already been assigned to the key,select Options > Change.

    3 Enter a number or search for acontact.

    4 To activate one key dialling, selectMenu > Settings and Call > Speeddialling >On

    Use a dialling shortcut

    Press a number key, then the call key.

    Use one key dialling

    Press and hold a number key.

    Voice dialling

    Make a phone call by saying the name thatis saved in Contacts.

    As voice commands are language-dependent, before voice dialling, selectMenu > Settings and Phone >Language settings > Phone language,and your language.

    Note: Using voice tags may be difficult in

    a noisy environment or during anemergency, so you should not rely solelyupon voice dialling in all circumstances.

    1 In the home screen, press and holdthe right selection key. A short tonesounds, and Speak after the tone isdisplayed.

    2 Say the name of the contact you wantto dial. If the voice recognition is

    successful, a list of proposed matches

    Make calls 21

    2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.

  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En


    is displayed. The device plays thevoice command of the first match onthe list. If it is not the correctcommand, scroll to another entry.

    Options during a callMany of the options that you can useduring a call are network services. Foravailability, contact your service provider.

    Activate options during a call

    Select Options.

    Some of the network options are Hold,

    New call, Add to conference, End allcalls, and the following:

    Send DTMF Send tone strings.

    Swap Switch between the active calland the call on hold.

    Transfer Connect a call on hold to anactive call and disconnect yourself.

    Conference Make a conference call.

    Private call Start a private discussionin a conference call.

    Voice messages

    The voice mailbox is a network service towhich you may need to subscribe. Formore information, contact your serviceprovider.

    Call your voice mailbox

    Press and hold 1.

    Edit your voice mailbox number

    Select Menu >Messaging >More >Voice messages and Voice mailboxno..

    Call log

    To view details of your calls, messages,data, and synchronisation, select Menu >Log and the desired item.

    Note: The actual invoice for calls andservices from your service provider mayvary, depending on network features,rounding off for billing, taxes, and soforth.

    Call settings

    Select Menu > Settings and Call.

    Select from the following:

    Call divert Divert your incoming calls(network service). You may not be able todivert your calls if some call barringfunctions are active.

    Anykey answer Answer an incomingcall by briefly pressing any key, except thepower key, the left and right selectionkeys, or the end key.

    Automatic redial The device redialsthe number automatically if a call fails.The device tries to call the number 10times.

    Voice clarity Improve speechintelligibility, especially in noisyenvironments.

    Speed dialling Dial the names andphone numbers assigned to the number

    keys (2-9) by pressing and holding thecorresponding number key.

    Call waiting The network notifies youof an incoming call while you have a callin progress (network service).

    Call dur. display Display the durationof the call in progress.

    Summary after call Briefly display theapproximate duration after each call.

    22 Make calls

    2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.

  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En


    Send my caller ID Show your phonenumber to the person you are calling(network service). To use the settingagreed upon with your service provider,select Set by network.

    Outgoing call line Select the phoneline for making calls, if your SIM cardsupports multiple phone lines (networkservice).

    Make calls 23

    2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.

  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En


    Text and messages

    Write text, and create messages andnotes.

    Write textText input modes

    To enter text, for example, when writingmessages, you can use traditional orpredictive text input.

    Indicates traditional text input.

    Indicates predictive text input.

    Indicates the charactercases.

    Indicates number mode.

    Switch between text input modes

    Select and hold Options. Not alllanguages are supported by predictivetext input.

    Switch between character cases

    Press #.

    Switch between letter and numbermodes

    Press and hold #.

    Set the writing language

    Select Options >More >Writinglanguage.

    Traditional text input

    Write a word

    Press a number key, 2-9, repeatedly untilthe desired character is displayed. Theavailable characters depend on theselected writing language. If the nextletter you want to enter is located on the

    same key as the present one, wait until thecursor is displayed, and enter the letter.

    Insert common punctuation marks

    Press 1 repeatedly.

    Insert special characters

    Press *, and select a character from thelist.

    Insert a space

    Press 0.

    Predictive text input

    Predictive text input is based on a built-indictionary to which you can also add newwords.

    Write a word

    Press the number keys, 2-9. Press each keyonly once for one letter.

    Confirm a word

    Scroll right, or press 0 to add a space.

    Select the correct word

    If the proposed word is not correct, press* repeatedly, and select the desired wordfrom the list.

    Add a word to the dictionary

    If the ? character is displayed after theword, the word you intended to write isnot in the dictionary. To add the word tothe dictionary, select Spell. Enter the wordusing traditional text input, and selectSave.

    Write a compound word

    Write the first part of the word, and scrollright to confirm it. Write the next part ofthe word, and confirm again.

    24 Text and messages

    2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.

  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En


    Text and multimedia messages

    You can create a message and optionallyattach, for example, a picture. Your deviceautomatically changes a text message toa multimedia message when a file is


    Text messages

    Your device supports text messagesbeyond the limit for a single message.Longer messages are sent as two or moremessages. Your service provider maycharge accordingly. Characters withaccents, other marks, or some language

    options take more space, and limit thenumber of characters that can be sent ina single message.

    The total number of characters left andthe number of messages needed forsending are displayed.

    To send messages, the correct messagecentre number must be stored in your

    device. Normally, this number is set bydefault through your SIM card.

    Set the message centre numbermanually

    1 Select Menu >Messaging andMore >Msg. settings > Textmessages >Message centre.

    2 Enter the name and the numbersupplied by the service provider.

    Multimedia messages

    A multimedia message can contain text,pictures, and sound or video clips.

    Only devices that have compatiblefeatures can receive and displaymultimedia messages. The appearance ofa message may vary depending on the

    receiving device.

    The wireless network may limit the size ofMMS messages. If the inserted pictureexceeds this limit, the device may make itsmaller so that it can be sent by MMS.

    Important: Exercise caution whenopening messages. Messages may containmalicious software or otherwise beharmful to your device or PC.

    For availability and subscription to themultimedia messaging service (MMS),contact your service provider.

    Create a message

    1 Select Menu >Messaging andCreate message.

    2 Write your message.

    To insert a special character or asmiley, select Options > Insertsymbol.

    To attach an object to the message,select Options > Insert object. Themessage type changes automaticallyto multimedia message.

    3 To add recipients, select Send to anda recipient.

    To enter a phone number or mailaddress manually, select Number ore-mail. Enter a phone number, orselect E-mail and enter a mailaddress.

    4 Select Send.Multimedia messages are indicated at thetop of the display.

    Service providers may charge differentlydepending on the message type. Fordetails, contact your service provider.

    Read a message and reply

    Important: Exercise caution whenopening messages. Messages may contain

    Text and messages 25

    2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.

  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En


    malicious software or otherwise beharmful to your device or PC.

    Read a received message

    Select View.

    Reply to a message

    Select Reply.

    Read several received messages

    Select Menu >Messaging and Inbox,and the desired message.

    Send and organise messages

    To send a message, select Send.

    Note: The message sent icon or text onyour device screen does not indicate thatthe message is received at the intendeddestination.

    If message sending is interrupted, thedevice tries to resend the message a fewtimes. If these attempts fail, the messageis marked as failed in the Sent itemsfolder.

    The device saves received messages in theInbox folder.

    Flash messages

    Flash messages are text messages that areinstantly displayed upon reception.

    Select Menu >Messaging.

    1 Select More >Other messages >Flash message.

    2 Write your message.

    3 Select Send to and a contact.

    Nokia Xpress audio messages

    Create and send audio messages usingMMS in a convenient way.

    Select Menu >Messaging.

    1 Select More > Other messages >Audio message. The voice recorderopens.

    2 Select the icons to control therecording.

    Record your message.

    Pause the recording,

    Stop the recording.

    3 Select Send to and a contact.

    Message settings

    Select Menu >Messaging and More >Msg. settings.

    Select from the following:

    General settings Set the font size formessages, and activate graphical smileysand delivery reports.

    Text messages Set up message

    centres for text messages and SMS mail.Multimedia msgs. Allow deliveryreports and the reception of multimediamessages and advertisements, and set upother preferences related to multimediamessages.

    Service messages Activate servicemessages, and set up preferences relatedto service messages.

    26 Text and messages

    2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.

  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En


    Mail and Instant Messaging

    Set up your device to send and receivemails from your mail account.

    Or register with an instant messaging (IM)service to chat in your instant messagingcommunity.

    Nokia Messaging Mail

    Access your mail accounts from differentproviders with your mobile device to read,write, and send mail.

    Before you can use mail, you must have amail account. If you do not have already amail account, create it in Ovi. The menusmay vary depending on the mail provider.

    Set up mail

    You can sign in to an existing mail accountor set up a new Ovi Mail account.

    Select Menu >Messaging >More > E-


    Sign in to your mail account

    1 Select your mail service provider.

    2 Enter your account ID and password.

    3 Select Remember password todisable the password query when youaccess your mail account.

    4 Select Sign In.

    To sign in to an additional mail account,select Add account.

    Set up Ovi Mail

    If you do not already have a mail account,you can create a Nokia account, whichincludes the Ovi Mail service.

    1 Select Get Ovi Mail.

    2 Follow the instructions on the display.

    Once you have created your new Nokiaaccount, you can sign in to the Ovi Mailservice and start sending and receivingmail. You can also use the account to signinto other Ovi services, such as IM. For

    more information, see www.ovi.com.

    Read, create, and send mail

    Select Menu >Messaging >More > E-mail and a mail account.

    Read mail and reply

    1 Select a mail and Open.

    2 Use the scroll key to see the entire

    mail.3 To reply to or forward a mail, select


    View and save attachments

    Mails with attachments, for example,pictures, are marked with a paperclip icon.Some attachments may not be compatiblewith your device, and cannot be displayed

    on your device.1 Expand the attachment list.

    2 Select an attachment and View.

    3 To save the attachment to yourdevice, select Save.

    Create and send a mail

    1 Select Options > Compose New.

    2 Enter the recipients mail address, thesubject, and your message.

    3 To attach a file to the mail, selectOptions > Attach file.

    4 To capture an image to attach to themail, select Options > Attach newimage.

    5 To send the mail, select Send.

    Mail and Instant Messaging 27

    2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.

  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En


    Close the mail application

    Select Sign Out.

    Access IM from your mail account

    Some mail service providers allow you toaccess your instant messaging accountdirectly from your mail account.

    To sign in to your provider's instantmessaging service when writing a mail,select Options and your IM service.

    Nokia Messaging IM

    With instant messaging (IM) you can chatwith other online users using your device.

    You can use your already existing accountwith an IM community that is supportedby your device.

    If you are not registered to a IM service,you can create an IM account with asupported IM service, using your

    computer or your device. The menus mayvary depending on the IM service.

    IM services

    Sign in to an existing IM account

    1 Select Menu >Messaging >More >IMs.

    2 Select an IM service.

    3 Enter your account ID and password.

    4 Follow the instructions on the display.

    Create a new Nokia account

    To create a Nokia account, which includesmail and IM services, using your PC, visitwww.ovi.com.

    To create an account using your device:

    1 Select Menu >Messaging >More >


    2 Follow the instructions on the display.

    Use IM services simultaneously

    1 To return to the IM main view, selectHome from within any IM service.

    2 Select an IM service, and sign in.

    3 To switch between IM services, in thecontacts list view, scroll left or right.

    Exchange messages

    Select Menu >Messaging >More >IMs.

    Send an IM

    1 Select an IM service.

    2 Select a contact from the contacts list.

    Each conversation is on a tab in theconversation view.

    3 Enter your message in the text box atthe bottom of the display.

    4 Select Send.

    Receiving messagesWhen a new message arrives in yourcurrent conversation, the messageappears at the end of the chat history.When a new message arrives for anotherconversation, the correspondingconversation tab flashes. To switchbetween conversations, do the following:

    1 Scroll up to the conversation tabs.

    2 Scroll left or right to open aconversation.

    When a new message arrives fromanother community, it is indicated at thetop or bottom corner.

    Scroll up, and select Switch or Select.

    28 Mail and Instant Messaging

    2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.

  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En


    Notification settings

    Even when you are not using theapplication, you are notified of newmessages. To modify notification settings,do the following:

    1 In the IM main view, selectOptions > IM settings.

    2 Select a notification type and Save.

    Leave the IM application

    When you exit the Instant messaging (IM)application, you remain signed in to IMservices. Your sessions remain active for a

    period of time, according to your servicesubscription. When the IM application isrunning in the background, you can openother applications, and return to using IMwithout signing in again.

    Close the IM window

    Go to the IM main view, and select Exit.

    Sign out from IM

    Select Options > Sign Out.

    All conversations are closed.

    Mail and Instant Messaging 29

    2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.

  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En



    Your device provides several features toconnect to other devices to transmit andreceive data.

    Bluetooth wireless technology

    With Bluetooth wireless technology, youcan connect your device, using radiowaves, to a compatible Bluetooth devicewithin 10 metres (32 feet).

    Select Menu > Settings >Connectivity > Bluetooth.

    This device is compliant with BluetoothSpecification 2.1 + EDR supporting thefollowing profiles: SIM access, objectpush, file transfer, headset, handsfree,generic access, serial port, generic objectexchange, dial-up networking, device ID,phonebook access, service discoveryapplication, advanced audio distribution,audio video remote control, and generic

    audio/video distribution. To ensureinteroperability between other devicessupporting Bluetooth technology, useNokia approved accessories for thismodel. Check with the manufacturers ofother devices to determine theircompatibility with this device.

    Features using Bluetooth technologyincrease the demand on battery power

    and reduce the battery life.

    Set up a Bluetooth connection

    1 Select My phone's name, and enter aname for your device.

    2 To activate Bluetooth connectivity,select Bluetooth >On.

    indicates that Bluetoothconnectivity is active.

    3 To connect your device to an audioaccessory, select Conn. to audio acc.and the accessory.

    4 To pair your device with anyBluetooth device in range, selectPaired devices > Add new device.

    5 Scroll to a found device, and selectAdd.

    6 Agree on a passcode (up to 16characters) with the user of the otherdevice and enter the passcode on yourdevice. To establish the connection,enter the passcode on the otherdevice, when requested.

    Operating the device in hidden mode is asafer way to avoid malicious software. Donot accept Bluetooth connectivity fromsources you do not trust. Alternatively,switch off the Bluetooth function. Thisdoes not affect other functions of thedevice.

    Connect your PC to the internet

    1 Make sure that your device can

    connect to the internet.2 Pair your device with your PC usingBluetooth connectivity. Your deviceautomatically opens a packet dataconnection to the internet.

    USB data cable

    You can use the USB data cable to transferdata between your device and acompatible PC or a printer supportingPictBridge.

    30 Connect

    You can use Bluetooth technology toconnect your compatible PC to theinternet without the Nokia Ovi Suite

    software. Your device must be able toconnect to the internet (network service),and your PC must support Bluetoothtechnology.

    2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.

  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En


    Select USB mode

    To activate the device for data transfer orimage printing, connect the USB datacable, and select from the following:

    PC Suite Use Nokia PC Suite or Ovi Suiteon your PC.

    Printing & media Use your device witha PictBridge compatible printer or with acompatible PC.

    Data storage Connect to a PC that doesnot have Nokia software, and use yourdevice as data storage

    Change USB mode

    Select Menu > Settings >Connectivity >USB data cable and thedesired USB mode.

    Connect a USB storage device

    You can connect a USB storage device (forexample, a memory stick) to your deviceand browse the file system and transfer


    1 Connect a compatible adapter cable tothe USB port of your device.

    2 Connect the USB storage to theadapter cable.

    3 Select Menu > Gallery and the USBdevice.

    Not all USB storage devices are supported,depending on their power consumption.

    Synchronisation and backup

    Select Menu > Settings > Sync &backup > Synchronisation and from thefollowing:

    Phone switch Synchronise or copyselected data between your device andanother device using Bluetoothtechnology.

    Create backup Create a backup ofselected data.

    Restore backup Select a storedbackup file, and restore data to the device.Select Options > Details for informationabout the selected backup file.

    Data transfer Synchronise or copyselected data between your device andanother device, PC, or network server(network service).

    Packet data connectionGeneral packet radio service (GPRS) is anetwork service that allows mobiledevices to send and receive data over aninternet protocol (IP) based network.

    Connect 31

    2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.

  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En


    Select Menu > Settings andConnectivity > Packet data > Packetdata conn..

    Select from following:

    When needed Establish the packetdata connection only when an applicationneeds it. The connection is closed whenthe application is closed.

    Always online Automatically connectto a packet data network when you switchthe device on.

    You can use your device as a modem by

    connecting it to a compatible PC. Fordetails, see the Nokia Ovi Suitedocumentation.

    32 Connect

    2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.

  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En


    Image and video

    Take pictures or video clips, and manage,edit and view them on your device.

    Capture images

    Activate the camera

    Select Menu > Applications > Camera;or, if in video mode, scroll left or right.

    Zoom in or out

    In image mode, scroll up and down, or usethe volume keys.

    Capture an image

    Select Capture.

    Images are saved in Gallery.

    Activate the camera flash

    To set the device to use the flashautomatically if the lighting conditionsrequire it, select Options > Flash >

    Automatic. To set the device to alwaysuse the flash, select Flash on.

    Keep a safe distance when using the flash.Do not use the flash on people or animalsat close range. Do not cover the flash whiletaking a picture.

    Display images after capture

    Select Options > Settings > Photopreview time and the preview time.

    End the image preview manually

    Select Back.

    Your device supports an image captureresolution of up to 1536x2048 pixels.

    Record video clips

    Activate video mode

    Select Menu > Applications and Videocamera, or, if in image mode, scroll left or


    Start recording

    Select Record.

    Pause or resume recording

    Select Pause or Continue.

    Stop recording

    Select Stop.

    Video clips are saved in Gallery.

    Camera and video settings

    Select Menu > Applications > Camera.

    In image or video mode, select Optionsand from the following:

    Settings Modify other camera andvideo settings, and select where to saveimages and video clips.

    Self-timer Use the self-timer.

    Effects Apply different effects (forexample, greyscale and false colour) tothe captured image.

    White balance Adapt the camera tothe current light conditions.

    Landscape format or Portraitformat Select the orientation of thecamera.


    Manage images, video clips, music files,themes, graphics, tones, recordings, andreceived files. These files are stored in thedevice memory or on a memory card and

    may be arranged in folders.

    Image and video 33

    2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.

  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En



    View images and play video clips with thePhotos application.

    Select Menu > Gallery > Photos.

    Select from the following:

    My photos View images in a thumbnailgrid. You can sort images by date, name,or size.

    Timeline View images in the orderthey were captured.

    My albums Sort images into albums.

    You can create, rename and removealbums. If you remove an album, theimages inside the album are not deletedfrom the memory.

    Rotate an image

    Select Options > Landscape mode or

    Portrait mode.

    View a slide show

    A slide show uses the images of thecurrently selected folder or album.

    1 Select My photos, Timeline, or Myalbums.

    2 Select Options > Slide show.

    3 Select Start slide show.

    Edit images

    You can, for example, rotate, flip, crop,and adjust the brightness, contrast, andcolours of images.

    1 Select an image in My photos,Timeline, or My albums.

    2 Select Options > Edit photo.


    Music and videos

    Your device includes a media player forplaying songs and video clips. Music andvideo files stored in the music folder in thedevice memory or on the memory card areautomatically detected and added to thevideo or music library.

    Select Menu > Gallery and Music &videos.

    Select from the following:Videos List all available video clips.

    All songs List all available songs. Youcan sort songs by artist, album, or genre,for example.

    Manage folders and files

    To manage folders and files in Gallery,select Menu > Gallery.

    View a list of folders

    Select All content.

    View a list of files in a folder

    Select a folder and Open.

    View the folders of the memory cardwhen moving a file

    Scroll to the memory card, and scroll right.

    Print images

    Your device supports Nokia XpressPrint,allowing you to print images in the JPEGfile format.

    1 Connect your device to a compatibleprinter, using a USB data cable, or, if

    supported by the printer, Bluetoothconnectivity.

    34 Image and video

    You may not be able to view, use, or editphotos until they have been processed.

    Select an editing option, and use thescroll key to modify the settings orvalues.

    2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.

  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En


    Share images and video clips online

    Share images and video clips in

    compatible online sharing services on theweb.

    To use online sharing, you must subscribeto an online sharing service (networkservice).

    1 Select Menu > Gallery > Photos anda file from a folder.

    2 Select Options > Send >Upload toweb.

    3 Select an online sharing service, andfollow the instructions on the display.

    You may also mark several images orvideo clips and upload them together tothe online sharing service.

    You can view uploads on the internet

    pages of the online sharing service onyour device.

    For more information on online sharingand compatible service providers, see theNokia product support pages or your localNokia website.

    Memory card

    Use a memory card to store your

    multimedia files, such as video clips,songs, sound files, images, and messagingdata.

    Select Menu > Gallery > All content >Memory card.

    Some of the folders in Gallery that containcontent used by your device (for example,Themes) can be stored on the memory


    If your memory card has not been pre-formatted, you need to format it. Whenyou format a memory card, all data on thecard is permanently deleted.

    Format the memory cardSelect Options >Mem. card options >Format memory card > Yes. Whenformatting is complete, enter a name forthe memory card.

    Protect the memory card with apassword

    Select Options >Mem. card options >Set password. The password is stored inyour device, so you only have to enter thepassword when attempting to use thememory card in another device.

    Remove the memory card password

    Select Options >Mem. card options >Delete password.

    Check the memory consumption

    Select Options > Details. The memoryconsumption of different data groups,and the amount of available memory toinstall new software, is displayed.

    Image and video 35

    2 Select an image from Gallery andOptions > Print.

    2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.

  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En


    Listen to music

    Listen to music with the music player orradio, and record sounds or voice with thevoice recorder. Download music from theinternet, or transfer music from your PC.

    Warning:Continuous exposure to high volume maydamage your hearing. Listen to music at amoderate level, and do not hold the devicenear your ear when the loudspeaker is inuse.

    Media playerMusic menu

    Access your music and video files stored inthe device memory or on the memorycard, download music or video clips fromthe web, or view compatible videostreams from a network server (networkservice).

    Select Menu > Applications >Mediaplayer.

    Play a media file

    Select a file from the available folders andPlay.

    Download files from the web

    Select Options > Downloads and adownload site.

    Update the music library after addingfiles

    Select Options >Update library.

    Create a playlist

    1 Select Playlists > Create playlist,and enter the name of the playlist.

    2 Add music or video clips from the

    displayed lists.3 To store the playlist, select Done.

    Play songs

    Operate the media player

    Use the scroll key according to the virtualkeys on the display.

    Adjust the volume

    Use the volume keys.

    Start playing

    Select .

    Pause playing

    Select .

    Skip to the next song

    Select .Skip to the previous song

    Select twice.

    Fast-forward the current song

    Select and hold .

    Rewind the current song

    Select and hold .

    Switch to the music menu

    Select .

    Switch to the current playlist

    Select .

    36 Listen to music

    2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.

  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En


    Leave the media player playing in thebackground

    Press the end key.

    Stop the media player

    Press and hold the end key.

    Change the media player look

    Your device provides several themes tochange the look of the media player.

    Select Menu > Applications >Mediaplayer and Go to Media pl. > Options >Settings >Media player theme and thedesired theme.

    The virtual keys may change dependingon the theme.

    Transfer music from a computer

    You can transfer music to your device inthe following ways:

    Use Nokia Music to transfer, rip, burn,and play new music on your PC andmobile device. Download the PCsoftware fromwww.music.nokia.com/download.

    Connect your device to your PC usingBluetooth connectivity or acompatible USB data cable, and copymusic files to the device memory. To

    use a USB data cable, select Datastorage as the connection mode.

    Use Windows Media Player. Connect acompatible USB data cable, and selectPrinting & media as the connectionmode.

    Operate the radio

    Use the scroll key according to the virtualkeys on the display.

    Search for the next available stationPress and hold the scroll key left or right.

    Tune the radio frequency in 0.05 MHzsteps

    Briefly press the scroll key left or right.

    Save a station to a memory location

    Select Options > Save station.

    Enter the name of a radio station

    Select Options > Stations >Options >Rename.

    Switch to another saved station

    Scroll up or down.

    To access a station directly from the savedstation list, press the number key thatcorresponds to the number of the station.

    Listen to music 37

    RadioTune in to radio stations

    Select Menu > Applications > Radio.

    The FM radio depends on an antenna otherthan the wireless device antenna. Acompatible headset or accessory needs to

    be attached to the device for the FM radioto function properly.

    It is not possible to listen to the radiothrough a Bluetooth headset.

    2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.

  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En


    Adjust the volume

    Use the volume keys.

    Pause or resume playback

    Set the radio to play in the background

    Briefly press the end key.

    Close the radio

    Press and hold the end key.

    Radio settings

    Select Menu > Applications > Radio.

    Select Options > Settings and from thefollowing:

    RDS Display information from the radiodata system, such as the name of the

    station.Auto-frequency Allow the device toautomatically switch to a frequency withbetter reception (available when RDS isactivated).

    Play via Listen using the headset orthe loudspeaker.

    Output Switch between stereo andmono output.

    Radio theme Select the look of theradio.

    Voice recorder

    Record speech, sound, or an active call,and save the recordings in Gallery.

    Select Menu > Applications > Voicerecorder.

    The recorder cannot be used when a datacall or GPRS connection is active.

    To play or send the last recording, toaccess the list of recordings, or to selectthe memory and the folder to store the

    recordings, select Options and theappropriate option.


    Adjust the sound when using the mediaplayer or radio.

    Select Menu > Applications >Equaliser.

    38 Listen to music

    Search for all available stations

    Select Options > Search all stations.

    Manually enter a frequency

    Options > Set frequency.

    Organise saved stations

    Select Options > Stations.

    To access a website that lists radiostations (network service), selectOptions > Station directory.

    To use the graphical keys , , or , scrollleft or right.

    Start recording

    Select , or, during a call, selectOptions > Record. While recording a call,all parties to the call hear a faint beeping.

    Pause recording

    Select .

    Stop recording

    Select . The recording is saved in theRecordings folder in Gallery.

    Press the scroll key ( / ).

    2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.

  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En


    Activate a predefined equaliser set

    Scroll to a set, and select Activate.

    Create a new equaliser set

    1 Select one of the last two sets in thelist and Options > Edit.

    2 Use the scroll key to adjust the soundcontrols.

    3 To save the settings and enter a namefor the set, select Save andOptions > Rename.

    Stereo widening

    Stereo widening creates a wider stereosound effect when you are using a stereoheadset.

    Select Menu > Applications and Stereowiden..

    Listen to music 39

    2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.

  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En



    You can access various internet serviceswith your device browser (networkservice). The appearance of the internetpages may vary due to screen size. Youmay not be able to see all the details onthe internet pages.

    Browse the web

    Important: Use only services that youtrust and that offer adequate security andprotection against harmful software.

    For the availability of these services,pricing, and instructions, contact yourservice provider.

    You may receive the configurationsettings required for browsing as aconfiguration message from your serviceprovider.

    Select Menu > Internet.

    Open the home page

    Select Home; or in the home screen, pressand hold 0.

    Select a bookmark

    Select Bookmarks.

    Enter a web address

    Select Go to address, enter the address,

    and select OK.

    Select the last visited web address

    Select Last web addr..

    Search the web

    If you search for the first time, select asearch provider. Then select Search, enterthe search terms, and select Search.

    Change the search provider

    Select Options > Change provider.

    After you connect to the service, you can

    start browsing its pages. The function ofthe device keys may vary in differentservices. Follow the instructions. For moreinformation, contact your serviceprovider.

    Share online

    On the web page of your online sharingservice, you can view uploaded imagesand video clips and modify settings(network service).

    Select Menu > Internet and Webuploads.

    Open an online sharing service

    Select an online sharing service and a linkoffered by the service.

    Modify settings

    When an online sharing service is open,select Options > Settings.

    Browser settings

    While browsing the web, selectOptions > Settings and from thefollowing:

    Display Select the font size, whetherimages are displayed, and how the text isdisplayed.

    General Select the encoding type forthe contents, whether web addresses aresent as Unicode (UTF-8), and whetherJavaScript is enabled.

    The available options may vary.

    40 Web

    2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.

  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En


    Cache memory

    A cache is a memory location that is usedto store data temporarily. If you have triedto access or have accessed confidentialinformation requiring passwords, empty

    the cache after each use. The informationor services you have accessed are storedin the cache.

    A cookie is data that a site saves in thecache memory of your device. Cookies aresaved until you clear the cache memory.

    Clear the cache

    While browsing, select Options >Tools > Clear the cache.

    Allow or prevent cookies

    Select Menu > Internet and Websettings > Security > Cookies.

    Browser security

    Security features may be required for

    some services, such as banking services oronline shopping. For such connectionsyou need security certificates and possiblya security module, which may be availableon your SIM card. For more information,contact your service provider.

    To view or modify the security modulesettings, or to view a list of authority oruser certificates downloaded to your

    device, select Menu > Settings andSecurity > Security module, Auth.certificates, or User certificates.

    Important: Even if the use of certificatesmakes the risks involved in remoteconnections and software installationconsiderably smaller, they must be usedcorrectly in order to benefit fromincreased security. The existence of a

    certificate does not offer any protection

    by itself; the certificate manager mustcontain correct, authentic, or trustedcertificates for increased security to beavailable. Certificates have a restrictedlifetime. If "Expired certificate" or

    "Certificate not valid yet" is shown, even ifthe certificate should be valid, check thatthe current date and time in your deviceare correct.

    Before changing any certificate settings,you must make sure that you really trustthe owner of the certificate and that thecertificate really belongs to the listedowner.

    Web 41

    2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.

  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En


    Games and applications

    You can manage applications and games.Your device may have some games orapplications installed. These files arestored in the device memory or anattached memory card and may bearranged in folders.

    Open an application

    Select Menu > Applications > Extras.

    Open a game or application

    Select Games, Collection, or Memory


    Scroll to a game or application, and selectOpen.

    Set sounds, lights, and shakes for agame

    Select Options > Application settings.

    Download an applicationYour device supports J2ME Javaapplications. Ensure that the applicationis compatible with your device beforedownloading it.

    Important: Only install and useapplications and other software fromtrusted sources, such as applications thatare Symbian Signed or have passed theJava Verified testing.

    You can download new applications andgames directly or using your PC.

    Download directly

    Select Menu > Applications > Extrasand Options > Downloads > App.downloads or Game downloads; the list

    of available bookmarks is shown.

    Download using your PC

    Download applications and games to yourPC and use Ovi Suite to install them on yourdevice.

    For the availability of different servicesand pricing, contact your service provider.

    42 Games and applications

    2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.

  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En



    With Maps, you can browse maps fordifferent cities and countries, search foraddresses and different points of interest,and plan a route.

    About Maps

    When you connect an external GPSreceiver using Bluetooth technology, youcan see your current position.

    You can also purchase a licence for anavigation service with voice guidance.

    This service is not available for allcountries or regions.

    If there are maps available in your deviceor on an inserted memory card, you canbrowse them without an internetconnection. When you browse to an areawhich is not covered by the maps alreadydownloaded in your device, a map for thearea is automatically downloaded

    through the internet. You may beprompted to select an access point to usewith the internet connection.

    Downloading maps may involve thetransmission of large amounts of datathrough your service provider's network.Contact your service provider forinformation about data transmissioncharges.

    You can also use the Nokia Map Loader PCsoftware to download maps to yourdevice. To install Nokia Map Loader on acompatible PC, see www.nokia.com/maps.

    Select Menu > Applications >Maps andfrom the following:

    Last map Open the map that wasdisplayed last.

    Find address Search for a specificaddress.

    Saved locations Find a location youhave saved on your device.

    Rec. locations View the locations youhave browsed.

    Current position View your currentlocation, if a GPS connection is available.

    Plan route Plan a route.

    Extra services Purchase a license fornavigation.

    Settings Define the settings.

    Almost all digital cartography isinaccurate and incomplete to someextent. Never rely solely on thecartography that you download for use inthis device.

    Nokia Map Loader

    With the Nokia Map Loader application forPC, you can download maps and voice

    guidance files from the internet. Amemory card with sufficient space mustbe inserted in your device. You must usethe Maps application and browse maps atleast once before using Nokia Map Loader,as Nokia Map Loader uses the Maps historyinformation to check which version of themaps to download.

    To install Nokia Map loader, visit

    www.nokia.com/maps, and follow theinstructions.

    Download maps with Nokia MapLoader

    1 Connect your device to the computerwith a compatible USB data cable orBluetooth connection. If you use adata cable, select PC Suite as the USBconnection method.

    Maps 43

    2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.

  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En


    2 Open Nokia Map Loader on thecomputer.

    3 Select a continent and a country orregion.

    4 Select the maps or services, anddownload and install them to yourdevice.

    On the Service tab of Nokia Map Loader,you can purchase navigation and trafficinformation licences, travel guides, anddownload maps.

    GPS receiver

    Your device does not have an internal GPSreceiver. To use applications that requirea GPS connection, use a compatibleexternal GPS receiver (accessory soldseparately).

    Use an external GPS receiver

    1 Fully charge your compatible GPSreceiver, and switch it on.

    2 Set up a Bluetooth connectionbetween your device and the GPSreceiver.

    3 Place the GPS receiver in a positionwith an unobstructed view to the sky.

    4 Open the Maps application, and selectthe external GPS receiver.

    After pairing your device with an externalGPS receiver, it may take several minutesfor the device to display the currentlocation.

    You can use GPS to support the Mapsapplication. Find out your location, ormeasure distances and plot coordinates.

    You can also use Maps without a GPSreceiver to browse maps, search foraddresses and locations, and plan routes.

    Navigate to your destination

    You can upgrade Maps to a full navigationsystem to be used by car and by foot. Youneed a regional licence for the fullnavigation system, and a compatible GPSreceiver. The car navigation is fully voice-guided with two and three-dimensionalmap views. Pedestrian navigation islimited to a speed of 30 km/h (18.6 miles/h) and provides no voice guidance. Thenavigation service is not available for allcountries and regions. For details, seeyour local Nokia website.

    Purchase a licence for navigation

    Select Extra services. The licence isregion-specific and can be used only in theselected area.

    Navigate to the destination

    1 Select Plan route, and create a route.

    2 Select Options > Show route >Options > Start navigation.

    3 Accept the displayed disclaimer.

    4 Select the language for voiceguidance, if prompted.

    If you deviate from the set route, the

    device automatically plans a new route.

    44 Maps

    2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.

  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En


    Repeat the voice guidance

    Select Repeat.

    Silence the voice guidance

    Select Options >Mute audio.

    Stop navigating

    Select Stop.

    Navigate on foot

    Select Settings > Routing settings >Route selection > On foot. Thisoptimises the routes you create fornavigation on foot.

    Maps 45

    2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.

  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En



    Let your phone help you to organise yourlife.

    Manage contacts

    Save names, phone numbers, andaddresses as contacts in the device and onthe SIM card.

    Select Menu > Contacts.

    Select the memory to use for contacts

    The device memory can save contacts with

    additional details, such as alternativephone numbers. You can also save animage, a tone, or a video clip for a limitednumber of contacts.

    The SIM card memory can save names withone phone number attached to them.

    indicates contacts saved in the SIM cardmemory.

    1 Select More > Settings >Memory inuse to select the SIM card, the devicememory, or both for your contacts.

    2 Select Phone and SIM to recallcontacts from both memories. Whenyou save contacts, they are saved inthe device memory.

    Handle contacts

    Search for a contact

    Select Names.

    Scroll through the list of contacts, or enterthe first characters of the contact's name.

    Save a name and phone number

    Select Menu > Contacts and Add new.

    Add and edit details

    Select Names, a contact, and Details >Options > Add detail.

    Delete a detail

    Select Names, a contact, and Details.Select a detail and Options >Delete.

    Delete a contact

    Select Names, a contact, and Options >Delete contact.

    Delete all contacts

    Select More > Del. all contacts > From

    phone mem. or From SIM card.

    Copy or move contacts between thedevice and SIM card memories

    Copy single contacts

    Select Names > Options >More >Marking options >Mark. Mark thecontacts you want to copy or move, and

    select Options > Copy marked or Movemarked.

    Copy all contacts

    Select More > Copy contacts or Movecontacts.

    Create a contact group

    Arrange contacts into caller groups with

    different ringing tones and group images.

    1 Select More > Groups.

    2 Select Add or Options > Add newgroup to create a new group.

    3 Enter the group name, optionallyselect an image and a ringing tone,and select Save.

    4 Select the group and View > Add to

    add contacts to the group.

    46 Organise

    2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.

  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En


    Business cards

    You can send and receive a personscontact information from a compatibledevice that supports the vCard standard.

    Select Menu > Contacts and Names.

    Send a business card

    Select a contact, Options >More >Business card, and the sending type.

    Save a received business card

    Select Show > Save.

    Date and time

    Modify date and time settings

    Select Menu > Settings and Date andtime.

    Change the time zone when travelling

    Select Menu > Settings and Date andtime > Date & time settings > Time

    zone:, and scroll left or right to select thetime zone of your location.

    The time and date are set according to thetime zone and enable your device todisplay the correct sending time ofreceived text or multimedia messages.

    For example, GMT +8 denotes the timezone for Singapore, Malaysia, andPhilippines, 8 hours east of Greenwich,London (UK).

    Alarm clock

    You can set an alarm to sound at a desiredtime.

    Set the alarm

    1 Select Menu > Applications >

    Alarm clock.

    2 Set the alarm, and enter the alarmtime.

    3 To issue an alarm on selected days ofthe week, select Repeat: >On andthe days.

    4 Select the alarm tone. If you select theradio as the alarm tone, connect theheadset to the device.

    5 Set the length of the snooze time-outperiod, and select Save.

    Stop the alarm

    Select Stop. If you let the alarm sound fora minute or select Snooze, the alarm

    stops for the length of the snooze time-out period, then resumes.


    Select Menu > Calendar.

    The current day is framed. If there are anynotes set for the day, the day is in boldtype.

    Make a calendar note

    Scroll to the date, and select Options >Make a note. Select the note type, and fillin the fields.

    View the day notes

    Select View.

    View a week

    Select Options >Week view.

    Delete all notes in the calendar

    Select Options > Delete notes > Allnotes.

    Delete old notes automatically after aspecified time

    Select Options > Settings > Auto-delete notes.

    Organise 47

    2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.

  • 7/30/2019 Nokia 6303ci APAC UG En


    Edit settings related to the date andtime

    Select Options > Settings.

    To-do listYou can save a note for a task you must do.

    Select Menu > Applications > To-dolist.

    Add a note

    If no note is added, select Add; otherwise,select Options > Add. Fill in the fields,and select Save.

    View a note

    Select a note and View.


    Select Menu > Applications >Notes.

    Add a note

    If no note is added, select Add; otherwise,select Options >Make a note. Write thenote, and select Save.

    Send a note

    Select Options > Send note and thesending type.

    48 Organise

    Nokia Ovi Suite

    Nokia Ovi Suite offers a new, more user-friendly approach to Nokia PC software.The PC application gives you easy accessto the files on your Nokia 6303i classic,your other Nokia devices, and Ovi, allwithin a single window.

    With Nokia Ovi Suite, you can movemessages, contacts, images, music, andmore between your computer and Nokiadevice, register for a Nokia account, and

    share your images on Ovi. You can alsokeep your Nokia device and computer ins

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