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Page 1: Parish Family of Saint Mary & Saint Andrew and Our Lady of Lourdes · 2019-09-19 · Parish Family of Saint Mary & Saint Andrew and Our Lady of Lourdes St. Mary & St. Andrew 137 South

Parish Family of Saint Mary & Saint Andrew and Our Lady of Lourdes

St. Mary & St. Andrew 137 South Main Street Ellenville, N.Y. 12428

Our Lady of Lourdes Mission 6078 Route 209

Kerhonkson, N.Y. 12446 Mail address, Fax & Phone # -

same as Ellenville (845) 647-6080 Fax: (845) 647-2486

Holy Sacrifice of the Mass Sunday : In Ellenville: 5:00PM Saturday Evening 8:00 AM Sunday Morning 10:15 AM Sunday Morning 11:45 AM Sunday Morning (Spanish) 1:00 PM Sunday Afternoon In Kerhonkson: 10:00 AM Sunday Morning

Weekday Only in Ellenville 8:00 AM Monday - Friday 9:00 AM Saturday

Holy Day : Schedule will be in the bulletin.

First Friday: 8:00 AM “ “ -Exposition & Benediction In Ellenville 7:00 - 8:00 PM

Reconciliation: In Ellenville: On Saturday: 4:00 - 4:45 PM Or by Appointment.

Parish Membership: We welcome new parishioners. Please register at the Rectory. If you move or change your phone number please inform the Rectory.

Religious Education: Grades 1 through 8 Classes begin in September.

Our Sacramental Life Baptism: The Sacrament is usually celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of the month at 2 PM in the Ellenville Church. Parents take part in a Pre-Baptismal Program.

Sacrament of First Communion & Confirmation: The Sacraments are offered through the Religious Educa-tion Program.

Rite of Christian Initiation (RCIA): This program is for un-baptized people who are thinking of becoming Catholic as well as for those who are baptized and have not received the sacraments of First Communion and/or Confirmation. Call the office - 647-6080.

Sacrament of Matrimony: Reservation of date to be made at least six months in ad-vance. Parish registration and marriage preparation are required. Please call to make an appointment with a priest.

Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick: The Sacrament may be administered at any time for those who are seriously ill. Please call the parish office.

Our Homebound or Hospitalized Parishioners: Please notify the Rectory when a family member, friend or neighbor is confined to home or hospital so that we can arrange prayer and a visit.

December 23, 2018

Our website is: www.smsa parish.org Check it out!

Father Kenneth Riello, Pastor

Father Y. Vijaya Shekar, Parochial Vicar

Page 2: Parish Family of Saint Mary & Saint Andrew and Our Lady of Lourdes · 2019-09-19 · Parish Family of Saint Mary & Saint Andrew and Our Lady of Lourdes St. Mary & St. Andrew 137 South

Thalia Delgado, Ryan Hulick, Betty Halligan, Jesse

Shaw & Fam., Ana Sims, Patricia Mulieri, Christina

Busse, Kara Anderson, Christopher Judge, Dan

Goewey, Faith Dumond, Sal Giambruno, Delio Scudieri,

Stephen Rich, Kathy Loucks, Sister Mary Denise, Sherry

Engel, Charlotte Clark, Madison Cinalli, Daniel Allen, Ted & Olga Zazula, Tiffany Pautz,

Mattie Berhang, George Brown, John Speers, Christine A.

Fisher, Sylvia Boyd, Gloria Falzon, Gloria Bertolacci,

Charles Dechon, Dr. James Cone, Elizabeth Young, Thomas Dorsey, Sally O’Connor, Ria & Steve Romano, Evan Hulick,

Theresa Sass, Robert Samson , Stanley Hudson, Julie Volpini, Elisha Sickler, Eleanor Mason,

Laura Ann Quigley, Susan Cioffi, Melissa Chipman , Julie Donegan, Linda Kane, Marie

Maguire, Deborah Wenig, Claire Christensen, Kevin Mc Cormack, Carl Chipman, Kay Nigro, Dave Montero, Claire Preiato, Bea Speno, Stella Marino, John Sims, Mark

Rubertone, Sally Clinton, James Jones, Marlene Lenehan,

Kaitlyn Knapp & Michael, Thomas Preiato, Ruth

Auerbach, Constance Panaccione

Saturday 5:00pm Bill Collier

Sunday, December 23

8:00am Steve, Autun, Lucia Vlaovich

10:15am People of the Parish

11:45am Lori Stickles

1:00pm Monday—Friday, 8am Monday, Healing of Sinatra, Barringer, Cooks & Hull Families

Christmas Eve 5pm, Raiban Families

Mid. Ell. Lisa Vaughan-Van Orden Mid. Ker. Patricia Pinkerous

Tuesday, Christmas 8am, Stasia Lewis

10am, Patricia Fisher 10:15am, Thomas Viserta

11:45 Sp., Hulick Fam. Spec. Int.

Wednesday, Joseph Wolfe

Thursday, Patricia Mellone Friday, Ruth Backman

Saturday 9am, Joseph Wolfe

5pm John Rohn

Sunday, December 30 8:00am Sylvia Guliano

10:15am Monica May

11:45am People of the Parish


Fourth Sunday of Advent

Pray For Our Troops

Parish Family of St . Mary & St . Andrew and Our Lady of Lourdes

Welcome! We would like to hear from you so that we may serve you better. You can drop by the rectory or you can even call to regis-ter in the parish. We will be glad to hear from you.

Living or Deceased

Have a Mass Scheduled.

Finance Council

The current members of our Finance Council are: Bill Collier In Memorium, John Tobin

Fran Allen , Mike Durso, Val Panaccione & Maxine Martin We thank them for their continued

service to our parish.

Our Lady of Lourdes 10am John Kump

December 23, 2018





Our Lady of Lourdes 10:00am John Kump

We anticipate the long awaited

coming of the Messiah, into the world and

into our hearts.


Carlos Acevedo

Alexander Vega

Heather Kasch

Tim Martinez

Rickey Buley

Peter Murray

Dominick Byrnes

Kyle Conner

Jordan Torres

William Simpson

Keith Gordon

Page 3: Parish Family of Saint Mary & Saint Andrew and Our Lady of Lourdes · 2019-09-19 · Parish Family of Saint Mary & Saint Andrew and Our Lady of Lourdes St. Mary & St. Andrew 137 South

R=Rectory M=Mission P=Parish Hal l C=Church

Mon Tue Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun 24

C 8am Mass

Christmas Eve

C 5pm Mass C Midnight M Midnight


Christmas C 8:00am Mass

M10:00am C 10:15am

C Sp. 11:45am


C 8am Mass

Noon to 3pm


C 8am Mass


C 8am Mass

29 C 9am Mass

C 5pm Vigil


C 8:00am

M 10:00am C 10:15am C 11:45am

C 1:00pm Sp.

Month of the Holy Rosary

Many times due to traveling or sickness, parishioners are not able to

come to Mass. Please do your best when this happens to make up the

following week in your offering. Our income and expenses are so close that any drop in our collection can be

crucial to our financial well-being.

Thank You to the many parishioners who

are doing so.

Weekly Offering

The Weekly Average for the Month of October was

$3,329.75 This figure includes the

We Share Donations.

Average Attendance is 340.

Since Monday is Christmas Eve,

the Rosary will not take place in St.

Mary & St. Andrew Church


Lector 12/22-23/2018


J. Pagan


T. Houck


L. Duffy

Eucharistic Minister


H. Bartosik


C. Vazquez


M. Sciarrino Eucharistic

Minister I. Beke




J. Sciarrino Eucharistic


L. Sciarrino



H. Bartosik


C. Vazquez

Lector 4/7-4/8/2018

(RCIA) Rite of Christian Initiation

for Adults

Class meets weekly on Wednesday

in the rectory at 6:30pm. Interested? Come and see.

+ + + +

Gluten Free Eucharist is available at both churches.

Please advise the Celebrant before Mass and be last to receive

Holy Communion.

Please call the Rectory when someone is in the hospital, nursing home or becomes homebound and would like prayer or Communion.

Many times the rectory is the last to know, people assume we know,

but we may not.

Sick Calls

No Rel. Ed.

Page 4: Parish Family of Saint Mary & Saint Andrew and Our Lady of Lourdes · 2019-09-19 · Parish Family of Saint Mary & Saint Andrew and Our Lady of Lourdes St. Mary & St. Andrew 137 South

Parish Organizations & Contact Persons

Ellenville Lectors Carl Chipman- 389-0615

Kerhonkson Lectors/Euch. Min. Imre Beke -647-6080

Spanish Ministries 647-6080

Altar Servers Bruce Santiago - 647-6080

Music Ministries: Pat Hulick - 647-6080

Choir - Ell. Jeanette Tuzzolino - `647-8819 Sandy Chipman - 626-4574 Ker. Carl Chipman- 389-0615

Ushers - Ell. Mike Durso - 647-4324 Ker. Wayne Clark

Religious Education Bruce Santiago- 647-6080 Connie Burke - 647-8104

R.C.I.A. Call the rectory 647-6080

Finance Council Mike Durso - 647-4324

Trustees Monique Lipton- 647-6080 Paul Tuzzolino Parish Council Billie Bartosik - 647-4098

Knights of Columbus Donald Odom—845-423-1726 Hank Bartosik - 647-4098 Squires Jim Reilly - 626-8223 Imre Beke - 647 - 6080

Parish Network Imre Beke - 647 - 6080

Women’s Faith Circle Nancy George - 985-7907

Catholic Charities 340-9170 x 102

Ulster Vicariate Kathleen Smith 626-7477

Right to Life Anthony Pinque - 647-4183

Church Cleaners Ell. Noreen Dechon - 647-8639 Ker. Sis Ortlieb - 626-4828

Grounds Keepers Ell. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Ker. Wayne Clark

All organizations are in need of more people. If you are interested, please make a call.

We thank ALL in our organizations for your fine service to our parish.

Fourth Sunday of Advent December 23, 2018

Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb.— Luke 1:42

MEMORIES AND DREAMS Throughout our lives, we retain the language and habits of our native region and family of origin. Should we return to our home after a long absence, we quickly revert to its familiar speech and practices. Our deep memory is reflected in old stories and words and speech patterns. This familiarity runs like an underground river and accompanies us wherever we go. Not only do we remember, we are incorporated into and made part of a greater memory. In remembering and recollecting, we are in turn gathered up and re-collected. Today we remember Mary, a small figure travelling the country roads to visit Elizabeth. All the great pronouncements and dreams of the prophets point to this time when the Lord’s words to Mary would be gathered and fulfilled. The memories of her people are alive in her, and memories of her nourish our own living faith. Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co.

Cuarto Domingo de Adviento 23 de diciembre de 2018

Bendita eres entre las mujeres, y bendito es el fruto de tu vientre. — Lucas 1:42

RECUERDOS Y SUEÑOS En el curso de nuestra vida mantenemos el idioma y los hábitos de nuestra región nativa y familia de origen. Cuando retornamos a nuestro hogar tras una larga ausencia, rápidamente volvemos a su manera de hablar y a sus prácticas familiares. Nuestros profundos recuerdos se reflejan en viejas historias y palabras y en modos de conversar. Esta familiaridad corre como un río subterráneo y nos acompaña a donde sea que vayamos. No solamente recordamos, sino que somos incorporados y formamos parte de una memoria más amplia. Cuando traemos recuerdos a la mente somos a la vez reunidos y recordados. Hoy recordamos a María, una joven frágil, que reco-rre zonas rurales para visitar a Isabel. Todos los grandes pronunciamientos y sueños de los profetas apuntan a este tiempo en que deben cumplirse las palabras del Señor a María. Las memorias de su pueblo están vivas en ella, y esas memorias alimentan nuestra fe viva. Copy-

Page 5: Parish Family of Saint Mary & Saint Andrew and Our Lady of Lourdes · 2019-09-19 · Parish Family of Saint Mary & Saint Andrew and Our Lady of Lourdes St. Mary & St. Andrew 137 South


Exciting Things Happening ! Every 3 months we receive a cash payment from the campaign. Work is going on now in the Kitchen of the Parish Hall,

the Rectory is finished and the new Furnace is installed. Praise God!

The devotion to the Eucharist is the most noble because it has God as its object; it is the most profitable for salvation, because it gives us the

Author of Grace; it is the sweetest, because the Lord is Sweetness Itself... (Pope St. Pius X)

We have Silent Eucharistic Adoration at St. Mary & St. Andrew’s Church

Every Wednesday ~ Noon until 3pm.

If anyone still has Good Counsel Homes,

Baby Bottles to turn in, please return this week. Thank You!

Yuletide Workshop

Art teacher, Ellen Samson will give a

Yuletide themed class for children ages 7-13

Saturday, December 29th 1—2:30 pm Using craypas

Limited Space— Please call 647-6080 to register!

Coffee Hour This Sunday

after the 10:15 Mass in the Parish Hall.

The Catholic Faith On Demand, Be Informed, Entertained ! Great Catholic ~ Movies, Series, Study Programs, E-books and more…. From the most trusted apostolates and all are just a click away!!! Go to formed.org and sign in. Our parish code is: P44QVK

Christmas Schedule

Christmas Eve, December 24th

5pm Mass

Midnight Mass in Ellenville

Midnight Mass in Kerhonkson

Christmas Day

8am Mass 10am Mass in Kerhonkson

10:15 Mass in Ellenville 11:45 Missa Español

New Year’s Eve 7pm Vigil ~ Español

New Year’s Day 9am in Ellenville

12~ noon in Kerhonkson 7pm in Ellenville

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