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    Refining Transportation Raw Material Production

    Habonim is a leading manufacturer of ball valves and pneumatic actuators. With over 50 years experience, the company enjoys a worldwide reputation for its high quality, innovation and engineering expertise, and offers the industrys best customized services.Habonim supplies a wide range of 3-piece and flanged ball valves, as well as tailor-made solutions, generating significant cost and space savings for its customers. All Habonim products meet international standards and are engineered to work safely and efficiently in a variety of applications.

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    Storage Distribution

    Habonim Dedicated Petrochemical Solutions The process of refining crude oil into petrochemicals involves handling abrasive materials at extreme temperatures and high pressure, whilst adhering to stringent safety and quality requirements at every stage of the process, from refining to distribution. Habonims tough metal seated ball valves (MTM) are specifically designed to operate under the severe conditions of the fractional distillation, hydrocracking and treatment processes. Habonim has been granted certification by SIRA covering automated packages intended to work in a SIL2/SIL3, which demands the highest levels of reliability.

    Refining Habonims Dual-Safe DBB valves ensure the safe operation of furnaces, while high-pressure H27 valves guarantee instant adaptability to changing pressures and temperature variations inherent in the distillation process.

    Habonims Metal Seated valves are uniquely suited for the elevated temperatures and pressures of hydrocracking.

    Transportation - Habonims standard valves with HermetiX Fire Safe technology eliminate fugitive emissions during the transportation of petrochemicals.

    Treatment - Habonims metal seated valves, as well as H27 valves equipped with HermetiX Fire Safe technology are used in raw material production.

    Storage & Distribution - Habonims standard HermetiX Fire Safe valves ensure optimum safety during storage and distribution of petrochemicals.

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    Metal Seated Valves (MTM)

    Robust and ReliableHabonims metal seated ball valves are designed for the severe service challenges of the petrochemical industry: operation under extreme temperatures, high pressure and other punishing conditions. Their superior engineered design and rigid construction make Habonim metal seated valves the right choice for the industrys toughest applications.

    Size Range: 1/4-8(DN8-DN200)Construction: Uni-directional, Full-portSeries in Range: 27 (High-pressure), 47 (3-piece), 73 / 74 (Full bore ANSI flange) 77 / 78 (Full bore DIN flange)Typical Service: Super heated steam, hot gas, coal ash, high viscous media,

    molten metalsPressure Range: Vacuum 10-6 Torr to 414 bar (6000 psi)Temperature Range: -196C to +650C (-320F to 1200F)Materials: Carbon steel, Stainless Steel, Super DuplexEnd connections: Flanged, threaded, welded, extended welded Standards: ISO 10497 API 607 5th ed. Fire type-testing requirements ANSI/ASME B16.34 - Valves Flanged, Threaded and Welding

    End BS EN ISO 17292 - Anti-static - Metal ball valves for the petroleum, petrochemical and allied industries

    API spec 6D - Specification for Pipeline Valves ISO 14313 - Petroleum and natural gas industries - Pipeline

    transportation systems - Pipeline valvesOperation: Lever or gear operated, pneumatic or electrically actuated

    Advanced design features include: Full port design, as standard, for high flow capacity and minimum turbulences Mate lapped metal ball and seats for 100% contact and absolute shutoff Preload of the ball/seats set maintained by Inconel 718 Belleville spring, to ensure

    low valve operating torque Superior seal design assures zero emissions/leakage and long operating life in

    severe conditions: live loaded stem seal, encapsulated body seals, rigid one piece stem extension for extreme applications, unique downstream seat seal design to eliminate seat back flow and in-line leakage

    State-of-the-art surface treatments and coatings Habonims unique Low Temperature Plasma Nitriding (LTPN) offers for greater hardness and excellent corrosion resistance. Also available: Salt-bath Nitriding (DHN), Chromium Carbide coating, Tungesten Carbide, and Stellite.

    Variety of valve end connections: welded, screwed, flanged

    Refining Transportation Raw Material Production Storage Distribution

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    High Pressure H27 Series

    Double Block & Bleed (DBB)

    The H27 Series is built for endurance and specifically designed for high pressure applications, with a working pressure range up to 6000psi; ANSI Class up to 2500. Its unique design assures smooth two-way flow, tight shutoff and instant adaptability to changing pressures and temperature variations. The H27 Series delivers reliable performance in the most demanding applications such as offshore, petrochemical and oil refining. Habonims H27 Series incorporates HermetiX ZERO-Stem-Leak technology.

    The Habonim Dual-Safe DBB series is an optimal design solution that prevents furnace explosions in fuel and oil furnaces. The rugged Dual-Safe unit incorporates two main isolation valves and one bleed valve in a single compact body, reducing potential leakage points to an absolute minimum. The DBB features bubble tight shutoff on all three valves, tongue and groove design for all body seals and a coupled operating mechanism to reduce the number of actuators on the main line. Habonims DBB valves incorporate HermetiX ZERO-Stem-Leak technology as standard.

    Size Range: 1/2 - 8 (DN15 - DN200)Class Range: 1/2 - 21/2 (DN15-DN65) up to class 2500, PN(414 bar 6000 psi) 3-8 (DN85-DN200) up to class 1500, PN(255 bar 3700 psi)End Connections: Screwed, Socket weld, Butt weld, Flanged (ANSI, ISO, SAE, DIN)Design: ASME/ANSI B16.34 Application: Offshore drilling, Oil & Gas production, Chemical, Petrochemical,

    Refining, EnergyService: Liquids & GasesMaterials: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel and Nickel AlloysCertification: Fire safe to API 607, ISO 10497 PED 97/23/EC Module H ATEX Directive 94/9/EC Lloyds Type approved to ISO 17292 & API 6D DNV Certified 2.9

    No. 5-794.4 Operation: Hand or Gear operated, Pneumatic or Electric Actuated.

    Size Range: - 4 (DN15 - DN100)Design: Single Body Construction (SBC) with reduced number of body sealsService: Gas, Steam, Chemicals Pressure Range: ANSI Class 150 to 1500Temperature Range: -40C to 250C (-40F to 480F) Materials: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Exotic AlloysEnd Connection: Screwed, Socket & Butt weld, Flanged & RTJStandards: Firesafe to API 607 4th Edt. and BS 6755 Pt 2Operation: Manual, Actuated and Coupled Actuation

    Refining Transportation Raw Material Production Storage Distribution

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    Refining Transportation Raw Material Production Storage Distribution

    Quick Shut-off Pneumatic Actuator - Compact IIActuationThe patented 4-piston quarter turn actuator delivers twice the torque in a smaller housing. The fastest cycling, most reliable pneumatic actuator with the highest cycle life performance in the market today. The Compact actuator has emergency shutdown applications and comes with a 7-year warranty due to its high performance and reliability.

    Habonims unique, patent-pending HermetiX technology offers ZERO-Stem-Leak and optional Fire Safe capabilities, which are critical in the petrochemical industry.

    Habonims 3-piece ball valve series is suitable for applications requiring high flow capacity and tight shutoff where reliability, functionality and flexibility are essential for product quality. The valves meet the toughest industry requirements and international standards.

    Habonims 1-piece ball valves in ANSI classes 150 and 300 offer tight shutoff, long service life, high durability and exceptional performance in many service applications under the most severe working conditions.

    Habonims line of flanged full bore ball valves in ANSI classes 150 and 300 are ideal for conditions that require minimum pressure drop and reduced risk of clogging with solids or slurries. Flanged full bore valves offer tight shutoff, long service life, high durability and exceptional performance in many service applications and under the most severe working conditions.

    3-Piece Ball Valve Full Flanged Reduced Bore Full Flanged Full Bore

    HermetiX Fire Safe ZERO-Stem-Leak Valves

    applications and comes with a 7-year warranty due to its high performance and reliability.

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    Custom Made Valves

    Special flush pipe valves

    Low Temperature Plasma Nitriding (LTPN)

    Revolutionizing Skid

    Space-Saving Flexible Design

    Habonim provides custom valve assemblies for unique one-off applications or whole system solutions. Precision engineered to exacting tolerances, Habonim custom valves, manifolds and special solutions meet the highest demands of high pressure, corrosive and high temperature applications within a wide range of sizes and materials.

    Mounted Valve Systems: Habonims Multi-Valve Ensemble (MVE) is an innovative alternative to large, heavy skid-mounted valve assemblies that consume space and are loaded down with complex piping that make them vulnerable to leakage. The MVE eliminates up to 90% of the piping of conventional skids, and weighs 30% less.

    The Habonim R Series Flush Tank valve offers a unique geometric pad design as an integral welded part of the tank surface. The result is the perfect adaptor between the reactor and valve body. The pad is quick and easy to install, minimizes the diameter of the prepared tank bore, and reduces the stress concentration and tank twisting caused by weld over-heating.

    Habonims special flush pipe ends can be custom-designed with the same geometry (diameter and wall thickness) as the pipe line, enabling branch valve connection without welding. Made to customer specifications, they provide minimum dead volume in pipelines, prevent media from stagnating, and fully ensure the drainage of pipe cavities.

    The small modular manifold uses multiple valves to enable precision distribution of process fluid or gas to multiple points. A flexible, space-saving configuration that can either be expanded or reduced to suit changing flow demands.

    Low-temperature plasma nitriding at temperatures of 400C produce a significant hardening effect on the surface of austenitic 300 series stainless steel. LTPN typically results in a nitride layer up to 25m thick and a micro-hardness as high as 62 Rc, compared with a hardness of no more than 25 Rc on an untreated surface. As a result, the wear resistance of the stainless steel is improved whilst preserving its corrosion and resistance properties.

    Special Solutions

  • Oil field skid utilizes Habonim valvesA consortium of small oil field developers is employing a new technology to recover oil reserves previously deemed to be unrecoverable. Habonim valves were selected for this critical new project due to the quality and proven reliability of its specialty valves. The engineers specified 316L for the entire ball valve assembly and Habonim recommended its TuBore 48 Series valves, with schedule 80 weld ends. To control the flow of oxygen and carbon Habonim V-Ball Control valves were selected and automated with Habonims actuators, as well as block valves using on/off electric actuators with battery packs.

    New petrochemical installations in Poland choose Habonims MTM valves Special sampling units for different media operating at temperatures of 300C - 500C were designed for Lurgi and Fluor by Ecozam, Habonims distributor in Poland. Habonim MTM valves made from special alloys were mounted in the insulated box.

    Customized DBB Dual-Safe valves developed for ORL oil refineriesHabonim developed a Double Block and Bleed valve with total shutoff to ensure the safe flow of gas at ORL refineries in Israel. The Dual-Safe unit incorporates two main isolation valves and one bleed valve in a single body, effectively eliminating the danger of combustion.

    PED 97/23/EC, ATEX, BS EN 10204, SIL 2-3 LEVEL, ISO 9001-2008, , ISO10497, API 607 5th ed., BS EN 12266-1 (RATEB), ISO 5208, API 598, API6D, ISO 17292, GOST


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