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Company Profile
Market -Customers
Medical Diagnostic Development and Manufacturing Company.
Facility – Build up area 38,000sqf on One Build up area 38,000sqf on One Build up area 38,000sqf One Acres land.
Currently the Government of Malaysia and Malaysian Clinics..
Overseas Customersincluding countries like Laos, Cambodia, PNG, etc.,
It is expected to have 500 channels partners
To be the leading Rapid Diagnostic Test Kit Manufacturer in theWorld.
To Design Develop and Market new Patented Technologies
Global Presence In 2020
Appointing reputable representative / agents globally – 10% of the Market
Over 100 countries worldwide to be represented
New target market are VietnamKazakhstan, Indonesia, India, Philippine, Thailand, Middle East and Africa
Full Scale Manufacturing Company Including R&D in Malaysia.
Nano Technology
COVID-19 Test Kit has been Developed
Continue to Develop Test Kit for Tropical Diseases
Tie up with R&D organizations
Technology Innovation – Q-RTK & Microarray chip
500 Employees
Research & Development
Identification, evaluation and alleviation of the threat of Vector- borne rickettsial agents to human health in Malaysia.
Rapid measurement of important multiple biomarkers using microcapillary film (MCF), a portable low cost rapid test kit.
Development of a novel rapid point-of-care in Vitro Diagnostic Device for detection of HPV and cervical cancer prevention- DNA-based lateral flow assay.
Clinical diagnosis of early dengue infection by novel one-novel one time RT-PCR targeting NS1 gene.
IT-POC convergence in cardiac care and to evaluate the efficacy of Rapid test kit in chest pain evaluations in developing countries.
Liverpool University, UK and University Malaya, M’sia
Reading University , UK
ChungBuk National University, Korea
Prof Alexender
Prof Aziliyati
Prof Chester Drum M.D PhD
Prof Azliyati Azizan
Dr Murali Sukumaran
GMP Status, ISO certify, CE certificate
US Patetn Patetn (No ;9,354 ,234 )
Recognize as BIOTECH company by BIOTECHCORP & MIDA
In vitro Diagnosis Test (IVD)
Rapid Test Kit (RTK)
Box Measurement
Capture: immobilized antigens or antibodies onto N/C membrane.
Conjugate: antigen -or antibody-coupled colloidal gold
Driving force: micro porous capillary motion
Indirect method: using gold conjugate coupled 2nd antibodies and protein A (or G)
Sandwich method: Ab(C)-target-Ab(G), Ag(C)-target-Ag(G)
Obelis European Authorized Representative Center CE Certificate (European Union)
Care Certification International (M) Sdn Bhd ISO 13485-2005
The Director of the United State Patent & Trademark Office Patent / Trademark
MOSTI Bio-economy Transformation Programme
MIDA ‘PioneerStatus’ in Malaysia
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