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ifTlfB«lly nUpntck iaaerred tonVnintM.h- Cwuf weekly. Prtes for mailing, »fa year. ?fortU months U advance. * ?

nr T»« Weekly !? ia««| tmyrr|Ad tT, .n't mailed f- rolncMlwrnt »1 por »t»r» m



MkiCDAW»» t oLoiTi^ixr^^rr:-xnellent W never tailing remedy forooutha, y». Whoopiri* Couth. Pulmonary CotnpUtni, 1-u,;v ,n» jreat i»lief in CeMumprtaa, and meet <«??"


. c* frvm Cold« «itid ne«Vete4 Cougha, it rapld!vl»~H j*pu!»rt(v. The following testimonial u

* *enllen.»n well known in this communityRichmohb. Utt 23. i®wV » -1. R. Ahm r>e»r Madam, I take treat plea

ir. certifying to the beuc fioi»: elTecta of your val-, *)>;« iuadi«ne. named tuid to well kaewo u"11?PAW?' COUOH ELIXIR." ««,<( ii in mv/,forthe laat aeveu rem-*, in the «?« of which~ v wit him beor. *-eatIt and myt*lf re-,.c: ?<! from * diaeeee of tbe cheat contracted dnrina

T ,-ainpeign in tt e late war with Mexico, with el)ai »(.lvde. Madam toward" tou. tor tie (cod effects., t c«ii make any lute of thi« letter you may ibbukjr.pei, for thebeueiit of the communityat lan*.Your*. reapectfuUy,

THOMAS C. BALL.For tale by Mra. A. B. DAWK, 6«anett * Beei*.i ,i Dsvii, Puteraon k. Jsakeoa, Chas. *flllrMßth_

I. t'-.aot. A Bodeker ar.d Charge D Yale.VIHi.I.>IA W ÜBJI HII.LKK?C'HIL.i DkKK CKY rOR IT:?Thi. valuable and pop-

ulx- pjajuiration u recomraendod with tbe greateetcontideoce. r*tt *ipe;ienc« and t«.t of yeara, hav-'n ; proved i' to bf oneot the beat, aafeat and moatrehable worm dcr royera lu u»e

H ia nre«l and pleaaant to the taate, and I. readilyr*krn hjehiidrni. It may be niven with perfeet ae'e-i * to the you:eat iafsal, aa it contain, no OU ofU , Tuipentlne or other oauaeaUngdrug, thatt. c uid Ue apt to irritate or oiaorder the ayatem. On; i - coatruy the health of tie patient la generallyb'V 6u d by itaadmieiatratioo. even when no wortnaex.at it it'ptepared etpeeially ioi children.

Prepared oniy by E. J. rICOT; .old ako, byPurccll, Lido i Co;J>KNserT, Besa. k Fuh*ex, »hoieaai» a.ecta and by DniggiK. generally.

? * 6- -d3m< It.lll It aS r U K & U .? AMll\u25ba * WosDsstct. Ccaa or ticacrVLa «v HAMP-TON'S Vi.trjiLE Tincture.

Nnaa Cutstutowh, Oct. 23d, 1656.Mnsrt yf *rti*UTk .Votrbray: Having Men a C«W---c te of a gre*tcure of Scrofula by Hampton'* Vs-

stable Tircture on a servantb.>y in the family of theboo. Wl» P Thomaaaoc, of Kentucky, with eertiu-?-i>i of Hon H.Clay and other* testifying'o per-\u25a0: jcnr »d by it, I w»i ai«o induced to try rhe "nno-;s<ii. a servant girl of mine Herdi»sa3e(i«z* scro-

.:-i :n it* worst firm ; «'-.e wag bitni in both eyes;: her cats irii »o bad that I never expected tosee

- r restored I procured tli« Tincture and lam hap-: \ :u sa. before (he had used one bottle ihe beran to

? »e- aid by the t'me she had taken the second bottle. er eye-sight wa* quite restored, and *be cored cft.'.is loa;h»caie d'i««e, and now, thongh two year*t'-ve ihe ha* had no return of tba diiease1 consider her en'irely cured by thi» Tinoture.! give tin* certificate that others may be induced, aaI was, to try tbis most valuable remedy, »« 1 believefrom writ 1 have aeen it would cure tuoat disease* sft-iw kind. J B H Anderson,

Kent county, near Chettertown, Md.rr* Delicate Lacie* and children will please giveif »trial.

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Read the foUoving Certificate.Lewis Ckekk P. 0., Kanawha Co., Va., )July Slit, 1866. J

Messrs. Wm. S. Bkess ii. Co:Dear Sir*?l was, in theyear of 1350, attacked with

the Scrofula I wa* indeed,at onetime given up. Myreck was raw from on» ead to the other, 1 tried allPatent Medicines 1 could hear of, and employes leve-rsl physician*. All uid no good, until 1 saw ?? Carter *

Spanish Mixture" spoken so highly of by the new*-[ ipers ! got a few bottle*, according to direction*:tie reiul' i*. thai now 1 am as luund as 1 ever wa* ;

? afact, 1 feel better than 1 ever did in n.y life, andv-otild recommend it to all who may be afflicted withli«.t awful d.jeate.

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K. M CHALPANT,Druggist.Martiasfcurg, Va., Feb. 2", 1856.An tne above Medicines for gate by Parcell, Leud

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ing resumed their SteamshipExpress to Mid from Norfolk, Petersburg and Rich-mond, by steamers Jamestown and Koanoke, whichrave New York every Wednesday and Saturday,

\u25a04iid thence by railroad to Weldon, Wilmington,? Lynchburg, Salem, Wytheville, and the principal

in Virginiaand North Carolina, are now pre-pared toforwaid. with great dispatch, and at reduced? stes, everykind of Merchandise, Valuable Parcels,

ewelry, fcc? to the above named cities, and allpif-ces on the seaboard.

Our fcxprets on the Steamships will be acoompa-.Jed by special Messengers, who will give their per-sonal attention to the careful handling of goods en-trusted lathe ADAMS' iiXPREaS CO.'S SteamshipExpress

dippers mil please take notice tbr.t packages tcpo: rs in Virginiaand North Carolina, will be scat byr tamers, unless otherwise marks d

Freight received en day of sailing, until 3 o'clock,F M. J. L. MACDONUGH,

Agent of Adams' Express Co.HP-SPKCIAL NOTlCE.?Exnrass packages for

Norfolk, I'tle.sburg, Richmond, and all places in Vir-ginia r.nd North Carolina, intended for shipment by?toanjhips Roanoke and JamestowD, will hereafterbe received by theAl>-VMS' EXPRESS COMPANY,whoare tbe authorized Agents for Express privilegesco these ships.

Office of the New York end Virginia SteamshipCompany. LUDLAM k PLEASANTS,

up 4?U AgantsVA iiU.tAL JllinKl-, .»lulii atreei, sutni.> ton, Virginia?W. jTHUNTER k CO., Pro

prtetorsOr An Omcibo* will Cwayi be U re&dlnsseat the

Railroad Depot, tea take peseengers to and from thisbouse, free of charge. myB?6m

oIiVVAK 0~1 M. Hl» 1 K W?l>-CREASED DISPATCH.?I have made arrange

menu to increase the line of boats running from mj

huuae.snd shall, at the commencementof thefall sea-son, isnii onta boat every ptberdey Sundaysexcept-ed. By this arrangement I will put goods through twodavs sooner tfean heretofore, and nearly, if not alto-jf>uier, k, as by the S. R. R. R-, and at mach

iess expense.Merchantswest of Lynchburg wishingte consign

thrtir goods to the raiirord agent arerequired to ae-t funds to p»v the charges to that point, as the

Irgiueand Tennessee Railroad refuse to nay or col-lect charges ongoods received by the Canal.jy 29?ts ALKRED 8. L.KK, on the Dock

Eh. i:oi?h <v co.. aijctwnkkbs? NO. 70 MaiN STREET. o«er their service*to

thepublic hj Auctioneer* for the sale of Keel Eitile,furniture, Urooerte*, Dry Good*, Horsey Cattle, It*.,at the ahortett nstiee and upon the moet reasonable

« larre and eommodloas roome the* wUI re-?cive goUi for sale witheut the charge

"'onTdoor tale* of every deairt jtioa a***a4ad fc> ep-tr. reasonable term*. IV>a -

E. B. COO*. WM WOTT.to

SJ* W VUiiK IIAVtoOOiN Bt?a* niperfor irticle .ll audei deck, receivingperWk H« B lUi.jforfaleb aiTLoci fc g O N,

or, 5 £ Carr and ltth etraata.

Richmead 6 per MOti »eag ***

short date* . ..


10,000 Buto ef Virginia fl par aent., loafaad ekortdatri

JO,OOO Central Bond*A.OOO South-Side Bond*.

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no t -iitn Apothecary and Dmilit.wl'UtK* IMUK BAL. If.--Virginia State» .Awj. wai| bj y t

ae S8 f!ach*n«* *"d ftoek Broker*_

f Aiit U riKnlt-fßt IP !\u25a0 keiile* farI 4 family M* I*o eherf* for cartage. fcr tale at'

t. WILBACHEft'B.imi jib Wo. aoe Mela Mr*at.

VOL. X.~NU 133.THE DAILY DISPATCHTkqrnday Mwiifc Nevemker 91, 1830.

J4*!? "li?rLlve»--SufTerln*s of tkeBar.Tha.telegraph ui e lom of the steaa'er Superior, on Lake Superior, offPictured Rock*,on the 30th ult The mate of the vessel farnisbeethe Detroit Free Pre., with the folio wig* accountW


l*Ck*"3 tbe of the survivor* ?oJxhC B°P #riofth* Sault fit. MarV»Jf" ' ' clock on the morning of the "whaiable* paMed "?**« favor-

, , . .t?" "'teI lib Point «t lIAM imfiillh j/. c*nt *d round 8. W. andbleww, ?' °* orMd MaraU. anew .quail.r£t.rr ? b owin' fre,h ft" o® 8. W.[ Ithen tnlrCaptain Jones we would hare to run back iu"We will wait and see how ii I. «

W jft m i i Bt,U blowln* heavy from the HbLwitl »W.in4 h*al" d ?round N VT,blowing Tery heavy. At 11 o'clock, made Oran<lMend nght, bearing about W. S. W ,di»tant aboutfifteen mile, u waa the intention of the captatito run under the lee of Ora-id I.land.At Hi o'clock, we carried away our rudder: .ea


.Kn,*k,n|r S h« tben '?« off Into th.»r>ugh of the see. Vt o tben .hippedonr tiller, ao<»tr»e<t our after wheel, bnt found it would not work.At It! o'clock her .moke pipe, blew away Thed»ck load, couslstlug of tt .ur, merchandUe 34head of cattle aud hr.gs, ahifled to leeward. We thencommenced throwingover the deck load Withconsiderable difficulty, got part of tbe cattle andhogs overboard through tbe gangway, and by cut

tfug away the bulwarks. Wind and Ma increa.iogAt 12£ began to make water fiut Rigged thepumpa, but could not free her. Water gainingfeat Engines kept at work until, at 1 o'clock, th*water put out tbe Area. Seaboarding her; clearedaway the anchor*?hove tbe lead bat found nosoundings?snowing?kept tbe lead a going cnti'we got seven fathom* of water. Made tbe landunder oar lee. close aboard.

We then let go the small anchor; could cot gettbe large anchor off ber bows. Tbe small anchorwould not bold bor, when she Immediatelystruckforward ; ber stern swung round, and the next seacarriedbor broadside on tbe rocks. After shtstruck. I left tbe promenade deck, and went on tothe upper deck. Stood there a few minutes aft ottbe pilot bouse; then went down again on tbe prornenade deck, where I saw Capt Jones for tbe lasttime. Then went through tße cabin. Saw n<passengers In tbe cabin Went up on the hurricane deck again,aft of tbe wheels; there found anumber of tbe passengers and crew. I then wentdown on tbe main deck and stood in the gangwayon tbe lee side; saw the large boat in the waterwith a cumber of persons in it The cabin at thistime wag cracking and pieces flying in every direetion. I tbe-> jumper jiTerboard and|made for thebsataud got Into it- Tnefl st engineer.had bold ot tbtgunwale of tbe boat, hauled bim in, and also tbewatchman. Told tbe people in tbe boat to get owtheir oars and pull into tbe lake, which they didA sea struck her and slew her bows in shore. Thenext sea upset her.

1 found that my feet touchfd tbe rocks. After agood deal of exertion among the lioatlngtimbersportions of tho cabin, freight, &-o , I succeeded ingetting a foothold cn therocks.

Tbe place that myself aud others gained wasformed by rocks that bad fallen from overheadforming a sort of barrier, behind which I sucewded in getting Found some five or six alreadyaahore. Within about flftoen minntes, the remain-der of the survivors cameashore, making eighteenin all. It was very dark. The place where wereact ei was not more than IKrfeet in length by 5feet in width, at the foot of perpendicular rocksof the height of 150 to 200 feet, the seas sweepingat the base of the rocks on either side of us, ancthe water dashing up tbe height of 20 feet.

With a good deal of exertion we managed tokeep from freezing. At daylight we found thatthe boat was completely broken np, with the exception of tte wheels which were held togetherby the shafts and connections. They were distantirom the locks about one hundred feet. Aboutone-third of the wheels were out oi the water, onwhich we saw eight persons, viz: Henry Wright,steward; Jefie-son Warner, saloon-keeper; Henryllarne->, sectnd mate; Wm. Itobinsoa, secondclerk; Johu 11.1 inghurst, passenger (of Ontonagan;) Geo. Davis, deck hand, and two u«i, sapp.ised to be firemen (names notkuown.) The seasbreaking over tbem, one after another they dropped off, and by 0 o'clock they were all washedaway. We found the body of Capt. Jones, andalso tbe bodies of Mrs Bennett and onedaughter,after daylight; theirs beingthe only bodies washedashore.

All attempts to make a Are failed: one look satisfied us that anattempt toescape was fruitless.?We found the large boat thrown ashore, stove inWe remained there from the morning of the 30:btill the eveniDg of the 31st, when we succeeded ii>repairing the boat, subsisting, in the meantime,on raw cabbage and raisins, with now and then abiscuit

We took a portion of the saved In tbe boat, andlauded them on a sand beach, about a mile and ahalf to tbe westward, then returned aud got theremainder, and started for Grand Island.

The party landed on tbe beach started throughtbe woods for Mr. Powell's house, on tbe mainland opposite the island?distance about twelvemiles

With almost incredible suffering, tbe partyreached Grand Island, tbe residence of a Mr Willlama. Tbe snowwaa nearly two feet deep, tbebougbs of tbe trees were filled with frozen snow,so that they were obliged to ke*p tbr.ir hand* upbefore them constantly, to ward off the frozenmasses constantly striking their faces. Their tingers and feet were benumbed and frozen, so thatIt was almost a miracle that they were enabled toreach a shelter at aIL

Their journey could not be made in a directilne, so that the distance was much increased, andthey could make only the slowest progress, taintw 1 h hanger, and chilled with wet and cold, with-out any meansof kindlinga lire.

'I hey found the propeller B L. Webb on tbeSaut River, she having put baok thither fromWhiskey Bay While lying at the Bay, the mateand a party of the bands were sent back to theSaut iu a boat for seme we understand, ontbeir return, they were compelledto go upon the'\u25a0each with their boat, several miles below theBay.

While attempting to reach her on foot, nightovertook them. A river was crossed, which wasnearly waist deep. A fire was built on the oppo-site bank, and tbe party camped out for tbe nigblThe mate took off a portion of his clothing to dryit, and went to sleep before tbe fire. In the morn-ingbe was fouud dead, frozen stiff! Ills namewas George Leslie. The balance of the partyreached the propellerin safety.

"A City OF the Dead."?Since the opening ofGreenwood Cemetery, on Long Island, N Y., inSeptember, ItMO, the interments hive amountedto

CottonFactory isLouisian a.?The I)e Soto,Lv, Colombian states that tbe planters of tbatparish In Louisiana have subscribed £10,000 to tbestock of aproposed cotton factory there.

Stkaljxo at a Pxkjc?<ioota to tbe amount of#3000 were stolen daring the recent fir# at Beli»fontaine, Ohio, and seventeen men are now ia jailthere, awaitingtrial for the offence.

SY NOD OF S C.~The St nod of the Presbyterian Church of North Carolina adjourned on S»turday evening to meet at Charlette on Wednesdaybefore the 4tb Sanday in October, 1857. The at-tendance on Synod vai larger, and tha number ofCommunicant* greater, than at any former *ee*ionIn the bt«tory of the body.

\u25a0?merkakle Marnier Trlal-CMTtetfmieftke Wsr<ww.The trial of Ilayt tot the murder ot Mlse CaHstaC Allen at Erie, Pa, and his sentence to tea yean'confinement ia the State prison has been publishel TbeErie (.Pa.) Observer gives the followingaccount of this extraordinary casesIt appeared in evideoee.oa the part of the Com'{j* l Hayt had beeome acquaintedwith Miss Calista 0. Allen, while Hvlng with bi*slater In McKean township, in this county,duringtbe *«'«mn of 1865. She waa there In the eapa®' T ??rvsnt maid, and was at the time in thefi V **' AfUr Ut '»* there sometliM she left and went home,when Hayt also leftend engaged board with Miss A.'s father. DaringrJ nU!r

.tb* deceased went to school, andauortly after she commenced the nrisoner alarwent to school, although about 42 years old aodcontinued going duringthe winter. In tbe springhe rented a fsnn for Allen moved him and his famlvon to it, and went himaelf to board with his step

miuBaii. M

.r' ?.UTer'. wbo UTed *boat a half aUp tq> the time of tbe murder, Haytvisited at Alien s and aided him by procu-ring for blm a team end farming ntensila, and bybig own pernonal labor He also purchased goods

for Jhe Md 111*de macvattached.

deM>Med' 10 whom h® became muchThis attachment had become known to the fa-mily,but as she did not reciprocate It, he w«.much distressed and agitated when urged to giveher up. This was testified to by her parent? as

k ? other witnesses. On the Saturday prece-ding tbe murder, tbe prisoner, ia company withher parents weat to MrKean Corner, and purerased, on his credit, some store goeds for themand some fls worth for the girl It would seemthat on tbe day following (Sunday) tome conversatlon took place between Hayt and Miss A aboutgetting married, when, it would seem, from thetestimony, though not directly, that she refused tomarry him. He staid all night at Allen's, and to-tbe morning, the day of the murder, went home,ate bis breakfast, bitched up a horse to a plough,returned to Allen's and assisted him to ploughhalf an acre of potatoes. He tben returned borne,put the hcrae out, did some little work abont thehouse, such as bringing water, cutting wood, AcAfter dinner, he took down a revolver that beBad, and went awsy In a different direction fromthat which would have taken him to Allen's.?Abont 1} P. M. he came to Allen's and sat down intbe kitchen, neartbe door of an adjoiningroom iewhich deceased and her mother were sitting. Afterthe usual salutation, the deceased said, "Wal-ter, I should not think you would come here, ifyou thoughtI abused you." To which be replied"Come to tbink, Idon't know that you did abuseme; I said so, but did net mean it." He thenipoke of wfavt be had given her onSaturday She*ald, "You anow I never asked you for auything."He replied, "I know it. but 1 am glad I gut themfor you," and then s iid be would get her a bonnetand a pair of shoes. At this tbe mother said,"Calista, if you don't mean to have Walter, youougbt to tell him so" She replied, "I did tell himso, and 1 wish he would not come here again," attbe same time closing the room door suddenly.?Hayt thereupon arose, stepped into tbe room, plao-wd a revolver at tbe head of the deceased and dis-charge 1 it, the ball entering through the upperpart of tbe temporal bone. Tbe mother sprangfrom her seat, and rushing out of the room fellover the stove hearthin tbe kitchen.

About the time she fell Hayt fired at ber, but sheescaped the shot by ber falling. He fired again ather but missed ; and a third time ho fired at ber af-ter she was out of doors, and followed her to thegate, but ahe made her escape. lie then returnedto the house, and finding the deceased on the floor,took her up, laid ber 03 the aofa, and puttingthepistol to ber ear, again shot her. He then left, andtaking the nearest route to the village,soon ar-rived there. In the meantime, Allen came fromthe field where be was working, and found hisdaughter on tbc sofa dead. Alarm was soon given,theneighbors collected and sesrch was commenced,hut whilesearch was being uade for the prisoner,he bad gone to McKean Corners and given himseltnp, owning the act?saying that be "had killedaer," telling them the circumstances, that be intended to du so?that he loved her as he did hia life?that heknew the consequences of the act?thatbe would not recall the deed if he could?that hewas not sorry for anybody but bis mother.

For the defence it was alleged that the prisonerwas laboring under a species of ii sanity calledmoral mania, which deprived him of the power ofdeliberate, or premeditated action, necessary toconstitute the killing murder in the lirst degreennder the act of 1794.

Ttie outline of the evidence went to establishthe fact that maoy years before the prisonerbsdbeau crossed in an attachment for a girlwhom hisfriends opposed his marrying?that be becamegloomy and solitary?that subsequentlybe formedan unnatural and frantic attachment for a baif sister?that hs showed strong and almost unmistakable evidence of derangement or maniain his mat-ter?he would walk about in the night, and cryand moan likea person in despairand at the sametime acknowledge that he knewbis attaebmei twas wrong Tbis lasted for a period of severalmonths. He at last left home and overcame thismorbid state of feeling. He next formed a simi-larattachment for a niece of ten yearsof age ex-hibitingall the uncontrollable emotion and agonythat had existed in regara to bis half sister Heescaped from the terrible feelingby removingfromthe immediate neighborhood of tbe child in question. Some months after bis restoration to peaceand quiet, he became acquainted with tbe deceas-ed wbo, as has been stated, was working in thebouse where heboarded with a sister?wtiec theleft and went home be also went to hsr father'sbouse to live?when sbe went to school be sl»owent to school In &hort he was totallyunable toseparate himself from her. At times he exhibited great depression and gloom?was much agitstedand extremelyunhappy and desponding. Friendsattempted to arouse him from yielding to an at

which he seemed to speak of so dea*pondingly.

Tub Juryafter retiring for about an hour re-turneda verdict of murder in the second degreeThe prisoner was then sentenced bytbeConrttosolitary confinement In tbe Western Penitentiaryfor the term of ten years.

Clever Trick.?Among the " election inci-dents" iu this vicinity, says tbe Lynn News, wasone of an attempt to eollect a debt, which showed1 genuity. A gentleman had a demand againstanother, which hewas unable to colleet. Know-ing him to be an ardent politician,he got anotherperson to induce him to hot on the eltcion, offer-ing such a bet that it was quickly taken. Themoney was placed in the bauds of another citizen;and tbe creditor sent an officer and secured themoney by a trustee process.

Land Sales?t'hetarm of Mr Ro. T. Bowen,Culpeper C. H , containing near 200 acres, wassold on Saturday last Purchased by Mr. L PNelson, at $39.30 per acre Mr. Abram Curtishas sold bis farm, a short distance from the samop ace, contain ng 175 acres, for 430 per acre. Mr.Vf. W. Grinnan, was thepurchaser.

An* Appaixisg statement ?A ragged schoolassociation, in a public appeal, stated that thereare In London 1,400,000 who never attend pnbiicworship, 150.000 nabitual drunkards, 150.000 openprofligates, 20,000 professed beggars, 10,000 gam-biers, 30,000 destitute children, and 30.0U0 .re-ceivers of stolen goods. More than 10,000 youngmen nnder eighteen years of age are annuallycommitted for theft in Great Britain.

lion. J. J. Seibeis, U. S. Minister to Belgium,arrived at bis home, Montgomery, Ala., on the sthinst.

John B. Gongh lectures In the Academy of Mu-sle before the Young Men's Christina Associationof New York.Man Killed BY a BOT.?On the 6th Instant,

In an altercation between a man named Fulcamore, and a lad of 17, named WeUlogel, at Maaattlon Oblo, tha latter subbed the former with apocket knife is the abdomen, which caused bl*death sooo after. WeUlogel gave himself op totho officer*.

X Cow Story.?The Niagara Pall* (No#York) Gazette says: "The eastward bound train,when paaslngMiller's Corner, onFriday afternoon,at the rate of thirty Are mile* per hoar, caught a

cow, setting bar up in front of the ?°* lu * b*

train was stopped a* soon as pos»ible, and the cowassisted toalight, when she atarted off onft rm

Melancholyoccurrence.?On tho 30ih alt.,a Mr. Smith and bis wife were descending theriver Tittcbawasse, in a skiff, a few mUe* belowRaganaw City, Michigan, in ft danaeJames McOulloch wascomlng up toHearing tha dip ef the paddle, Mr. B®ilhr*marked to hi* wife, that "there wae ft d««r.and raising his rift* fired Mr. MoCnlloogh wasdiot la the hips and grota, «rfd #Mneighboring boose, where no died on tbe Ah to-?Unt

GeorgeFord, as American, waa iatelv murder*near the Vlllftde Mereede* la Baetx* Ajrrra

Oliver Cromwell's nameappear* among tbe lUtof deserter* from Gen. Walker's army, publishedIn El Nlcaraguense.

A Congress is to assemble In Brussels soon todecide upon "Improvement* la male attireSpikes, who is gettingrather seedy, saysbe hopesthey will decide on an improvementla bie.

Mis* Ann Jay, a daughterof the celebrated Johnja». died in New York a few days ago She wssbom in Passy, Prance, Auguat 13,17?3, and at herdeath was73 year* old.

The City Bank of Quebec, Canad*,waaentered»nd robbed a fewnights since, of $4,000.

Two men,-one named Partridge, were latelyhungiy Jod« Lyneh la Southern Kansas, foriteaiicf.

n«ii A(hinv. the man thatbuilt tbe Aral steam-Jj. tba river, died the other dayat SprlngfleU,Ma*s., aged 81

Tbawhole Norwegian veto of Wisconsin waathrown for Fremont-

John Mitebe11, tba Irish exile, lectared to Nash-vineea Friday alfht last SolJeet-'Koropa?Peace or no Peaae

Gen Aluwate, MexicanitndaißivutlMiVm On» ?? Ike lwsh «n>

daily dispatch.RICHMOND. IHUKgDAY.WKWTtgw m leg3"

\u25a0ecoant ofan aflMr la wbieh a Umiii an

sr^.&'7^\rr9arjsweduloua and alarmed culpability. That journal

A Southern merchant, who It called Philanderwaa dUcorered hi an odd rituaUon. ovWednesday night, at the American bouaeln'thl.eky. On his passage hither, he made the acquain-tance of a lone wornaa" In tbe cars-she waa go-lag to Boston, be waa going to Boston. The*took a carriage in common, a betel tnoMumontad agreed to he known as "Mr. and Mrs. PhllanT"T K,PP* d to<r,st,M» r ' «»«retired; bat acloud soon cane over their mooawin®At» o dock there was a fearful knocking at the?looe of the lady'* dumber?nothing like it sincethe death of Uuacaa?Mr Carrole cried oat "Whois there J" no answer; but more knocklag Thed-w opened at laatin poppedaeoneUble, a lawyer

f. ta thß as "InjuredH«ww. The constable bad a warrant, isstsed by<i « 8 rroceea at law, for the arrest of Mr. Carrole"?be was greatly frightened. There was a greatdea» of excitementfor teamlnatas. The"husband"exhibited much wrath and a pistol; bat he wax5? **"7 to ImkMm in theE®«. Ican t. John," was her realy "Mary lookup tome!" "I cannot, JoharThe coarse disloguo wan continued; the merchant shivered andimploredfor term*?a settlement?somethingwith-in the reach of d' llart.

This wasj&st what "John" wanted. He tooksome hard cash, some notes for more: In all thesum of #5.000 was to be paid him as a ransomgainst *>i« »-g-r. Mary, all tears, left the hotel,upon her "husband s armIt ia already clear that this is a easeef the panel*thieving kind. Thecreature Mary was set adriftIn Baltimore, and knowing somewhat of Mr. PCarrole?which is a good fictitious name sha determiued toentrap him. "John," the hnsbstid hadbis eye upon tbe movementsof the pair all through-and accomplifbed his mission. Perhaps it wouldbe well to say that this "John" is a fellow whohag figured in this business to some extent Hehas also been known as " Presoott P. Harris * as"Prof Harris," and "Prof. Prescott," and be' baabeen engagedin the business of disclosing to youngpeople,for a dollar each, the secret of how theymay gain each other's affections He has madequite a penny in this way. He ia altogether agood deal of a scoundrel.

Of the lawyer and the constable who figured Inthis case, perhaps tbe least said the better. PoorMr. P. Carrole was their victim, too, somewhat IA policemanis on tbe track of Prof Harris, andit is quite likely that he will prevent the paymentof the notes for the balance of the five thousanddollars extorted from the unfortunate Balti-morean. .

Tbe Travel er adds cHarris belong* to that class of fellows generally

termed "confidence men," and at the time of bisarrest on Saturday, bad the effrontery to declarpthat a hundred thousand dollars would not satisfyhi* wounded honor I He is said to be a nativeofMetbuen, and within a few years past has beenunder arrest ia this city three several times for at-tempts at extortion. Once hekwas arrested atGibb's Hotel; at another time, some two yearssince, be was arrested at the Revere House, antbsgain at the Worcester depot. He is well knownto the police as an accomplished practitionerof hispeculiar villianoas mode of obtaining the means ofliving1."Mary," the heroine of this vulgaraffair, ig quitean artist, in ber way. She is described aa being asmall, tender lady-like little body, with qualitiesequal to any emotion?from the deepest acd mosttouchingsorrow to the grandest fascination?everyquirk complete, every muscle trained; every gtiiure studied; the eyes now emittingsparks to indi-ces aensibiiity to a shame which Bhe never fel<*and then softened to grief's lowest and htimblettmeasure Theoldest disciple of Dogberry couldnot withstand her tear*; and the rough visagedHolmes and the stern Ham were not a littledmoved, althoughthey knew them |o be counterfeitof wo.

Eclipses.?The Paris correspondent of the NewYork Express says:

"The calculation baa just been made at the Pa-ri* Observatory that between the present timeand the end of the century, only six total eclipsesof the sunwill take place, noneof which will bevisible in France. These eclipseswill occur io theyears I*6o, 1861,1P70, 1837, 1896 and 1900. It is asomenhat singular fact, that of 295 eclipse*of th«son, which hav.. taken place sioce the year 1000only one total eciip?e was visible (can the word beused in tbis conjunction?)in Paris?that of the 12thAugust, 1654."

Shockixo Fatality ?A letter from Morgancounty, Illinois, inform.) the St Louis News of amust distressing casualty, or, ratber scenes of cas-ualties, which occurred about three miles fromJacksonville, a few days ago, and to which nearlya whole family fell victims A small girl, daughterof a widow named Ironmonger, while feeding thepigs, having got into the pen where they wereconfined for the purpose, was attacked bya vicioussow, and torn so shockingly that she died, a largebole was eaten in her side by the savage beast,and she was otherwise mangled. Tbe shock ontbe mother at tbe horrible spectacle,killed her too.Tha next night a camphine lamp exploded, accidentally, in the house,killing one child instantly,sad so severely injuring another that it is not ex-pected to survive.

FROM Rio.?A letter from Rio, to the 7th Oct.,says:

Coffee.?Former quotations have been maintained?stosk 100,000 bsgi.

Flour.?A salebad been made of a cargo of oldRichmond flour at credit round fur first andsecond brand"

Thk Granada Massacre.?Col Wheeler, itisstated, has intimated that he will mske the verystrongest representations at Washington concerniug tuo killing of sundry American citizens atGr&cads, under circumstances already familiar tothe public. Lette. s from Panama, however, statepoi'.:iv«ly that one of those wizans at least?theBev Mr. Wheeler? icat token teith arms in hit hand*

Lands in Kansas ?The St. Louis Intelligencersays:

"It isaimost Incredible the amount of gold thathas been poured into Kansas, from all parts of tbecountry, la view of the sale of the Delaware lands.We are sure that not less tban 1100,000 have beonsent to Leavenworth by the St. Loots brokersalone."

Whiskey and Water?Tne navigation of tbeChesapeake and Ohio Canal, at Cumberland, wasinterruptedtwo days last week, by a boat sunk lathe lock through the drunkenness of those onboard.

Litseri a LiTUUTtne? Martin P. Tupper. ofEngland,baa given a gold medal for the encouragement of Lfberian literature, tj be awarded to tbeanihor of tbe best essay on "The Fnture of Afri-ca." All competitors mast be Liberian citizens.

Russian Visitors ?There are rumor* of a projected visit, next spring, of the Grand Duke Con-stantine to this country, witb a fleet. Tbe GrandDuke is considered as the eagle of tb* Imperialfamily and ot tbe nation. He professes great ad-miration for the United States

Fall or a Floor.?Ou Saturday evening,while the Rev H. Ward Beeeher was lecturing inCincinnati, in Smith & Nixon'sHail, to a crowdedaudience, the floor suddenlygave way, but fortunately no one waa injured

Promiaer Burnt ?A telegraphic dispatchBuffalo, 18th loitMtt ftittf UuU theprouilisrWebb, with a full cargo of miningfreight end pro'

visions, bound to Marquette,was bnrnt up on LakeSuperior, 12th lostHon. Mr. Forsyth, Uaitod Statee Mtalater toMexico, tba latest accounts from thatcoaatry

state, bad been preoented to President Ooeeoafortandreceived with flattering assurancesof esteem.

Death or Gin. Goto*.?Gan. Guyoa, one ofthe heroes of the recent Hungarian war, died atConstantinopleon or ia tbe vieinltyof the 19thnitGnyoa had entered the Turkish eervica, and as-sumed the nameof Kharehid Pacha.

TheSchiller Society, ia Germany,has purchasedtbe bouse ia which the poet lived, ia GobHs, for asum of S3 000.

Daring the fiscal year 1033--S6 the Import* ofBrasil amounted to $&,*#,473, and the exports

ItIsalleged tbatOea Concha getoOl eaoh forpermits to isad aefroeala Cuba from Africa, andhi* deputies get ?» 80 for each negro.

Order* have beea received at the Norfolk navyyard to reduce the number of baa is cvflojrtd, ouaotoual ot waat wwh.

fIUPB ONK CENTlocal m«a»

r jv*.?Abaat i-"r*"*-'iti>iiiii.it*tfe»Mefofaft*BM *?"Hm iSwwfeWal(MmMtf*! ??» ? llfiVZ.'uLTon tft sod the ihm gtvwa, bat«0M gathered, knocked efftbe-T'-rt-Ti ttirflimntinfnri irrion il?\u25a0\u25a0 d,to the property. -

Tk* Board ?/ 7V«fe held * meeting mm»?fternoon at 5 o'clock, bat traasacted nebMfeZllathe absence of PtmMnl Kwt, JewafcB.Anderson, Esq, wu choeea eluimu; aad Ueproceedings of tbe last aeeeting were tfcaareadand approved. ?

*L **"*~| n ***vi?rrr lelliduana tnr niwu.but aU of them asked sad attained farthertrace. -

A communication sailing for atalbtleal iadmattaef animportantcharacter, was submitted aadreferred to the appropriate committee

informal conversation, the Beard tben

'*.d LerfMysz99 *? * Ootoberlast, sleepingroom of OVaftaa Dijon, data toMessrs. Tiaaiey *Co.oa ShoekoeHia, wasbrokenw,tch ukea U*refrwn. Over-n r° 7 wi? 10 «\u25a0**««* <* the theft, and

ItSS?"h?" *S««3«Uted that he received the watch last Satardaynight of Amanda, slave to Wat kiss Taylor?Amanda wee sworn as a witness and admitted thatshe let Bill have the watch at tbe time he statedbut declared that she took it from him the nlsfatbefore a> a pledge for money she had loaned hima don y let him h-ve itbaek bee.£ ThlTpromining to return It the next day. With the hope o*getting other testimony, the exaaiiaatien was ad-jturned until this morning.

Fair Exchange.?Via have beard It suggestedthat atsome future day, the City Council will h«applied to by tbe Richmond. andPotomac Railroad Company, for permissionto runtheir road IntoSth street between Broad and Mar-shall, and to cover that street with a handsomeornamental roof, under which the paasenaeVeer!can stop at all times, the Railroad Comgive the city in exchange therefor a street throughtieir lot adjoiningthe Broad Street Hotel property. The street alluded to is nsed but little be-cause of the fact that it has only one sidewalkand if the city can get another and a better onefor it, andBroad street is to be relieved of the confusion ineident to the cars stopping in it the exchange will be a fair oae. a7Lc? ofin tbe city the various companies should havecovered places uader which to stop and starttheir cars, so that travellers will noLbe exposed to"If Iw?*th ®r: 4,l(l we »'«d «o see that tbe Fredericksburg Company is abont to make aa effort torelieve their passengers of some of the inoonveniences to which they are now subjected.

Lsinff Fire Arms ?Whilst standing near thecorner of 6th and Cary street last Tuesday afternoon, officerPerrin heard one man threaten to pnta leaden pillInto another, and on looking arounds»w a tall black impcalled Jim, slave to W. S. Jobfson, with a pl-tol in bis h;nl, as ifabont to fire ?

Fearing thataome one might be killed, the officerimmediately made at the armedruffian who see-ing him approach, instantly offered leg bail for hi»appearance The offieer continued the pursuit,until became np with the fugitive on the Canalbank, when he seised him and a scuffle ensued ?

Jim exerted his strength to throw Mr Perrin intothe canal, and bat for the activityof that gentleman, might havesucceeded; but finding it uselessto resist, gave np and was caged for the evening.?Yesterday mo.nlog he was brought before theMayor, and after a hearing, was ordered to re"?e've thirty stripes, as well as submit to the loss ofhis plstoL

Charge of Rape.?A n*gro fellow called Randall,the property of Mr- William N Gardner, waa ex-amined before Justice Waldrop of Henrico, yes-terday, and committed to jail for final trial at thenext term of the County Court, on the charge ofrape. We learn from Constable Wm. E Wade,by whom the prisoner was arrested, that he(Ran-dall) went to Mr. Abner Ililyard's kitchen lastMonday night, fsreed the door open, and findingCaroline, a servant woman, in there alone, drewa pistol on her and threatened ber with instantdeath if she did not yield to bis demands. Fearingto give any alarm sbe suffered the violence of berperson, but informed ber master of what occurredsoon after theblack monster left the premise*.

Astaultinga Watchman ?On Sunday night lastMr. William Bolton was attacked and severelybeaten by several persons, as M alleges, whilstattempting to convey to the cage a young manthat had wantonly assailed him in the publi-streets Some of the parties charged with this of-fence have been arrested, but as the examinationwill not take place until Saturday, we decline giv-ing their names in the warrant till that time.

retary, at tha ball of the laetirate, today at Uo'clock.fiJiNfcKAt, l*f>l MAH'k AUh»t^SV* THa CITY OF Ht-BMONP, Va.CAPITAL REPRE>EV?ED 16,690,000,ristlatnrmnee Comrao) of tbe Valley of Va *..< *.«?Howard firelntaraDceCtmpaay N fork.. tt>r*Kire Infuraoee Company, Alexandria, Va... J4 009dntnatLife lo*a>aa:e Company. N. Toik...S&0luU)United St«l«» Life leinreaoe Aaaatty aadTreatCompany of »'>'»<\u25a0' Ma .1,606,0*

let formed in the etreete of the eity laat Moadajrnight, and yesterday morning tha topa of tbfsrv~-s*r "?

Theatre.?Mr. Wallack, the popular actor and ae-eomplisbed gentleman,whose engagement at tieRichmond Theatre i* rapidly drawiagu a close,takes a benefit to night, when ha will appear as'? lveon," in tho tbriilingly interesting play of"Iron Ma*k" This piece has been east in the fullstrength of the company, the popular Mia* Devi nappearirg as "Horte*se,"and that gitted and talen-ted lady, Mrs. Mozzy as "Mad. Cabbot." As most ofour play goers have already bad aoopportunity ofseeing Mr. Wal ack in some of his finest characters,we are sure It is useless lu us to domore than an-nounce his name and benefit to insure him n«tonly a packed bat fashionable bouse. Standing, asbe does, as one of the first actors of the age, doone will miss an opportunity of seeing him thisevening aod enjoying a mental entertainment oftbe rarest order Seats may be secured daring theday, by applicationat the box offloe.


!???\u2666?? o»«a*49*ae« X79 I ? ?*?*? Ifcllkla»Oa4#i IflMtil**** f

j^SSSsv^SHSS® Bj J- ?/"* Mi*U*.?A wtiln

[aM§ pVMII IwMl Ml flkMfetfa ;flMLaHS^daataLy M poMgaaiaa o(kM|ptM af laadamm tea« Teeedey wm<h, ?< \u25a0?iwrf >Jm»,gawtoaaflhadeadly drug A*Mwmrf dWMtiim,it tin temttM-urcaa MMkintttM wfliih «Yeeterday awraiag tka cMU mm m mmlji m>covered (row Ikt effects ofAt pa tat aa tobaeooeldered oat at daoger. Pimti cannot kt to*Mrafal in keeping pefanaeof all aorta beymtf tbaraacb of yoaagehitdrtm.

B*wki are aald to be mora atamlaai ia tbaenan-try tban erer know befera, U< May ef earMonde Internna, tbattbpyare Majieg *aaeo tefcfrpartridge*that (arrived tbroagb the paat .wi,t « r- We ore gratified to tan th«t afl una

?poitwen ia tbia renkw of the mauy harato m aepaitrMfMiMa >M«»«, andtaM doebt ttfy wildo all la their iumH la iiaiinl

fnwa dertmyirg this b*aatital gamebird ?

*"*** <Wld aporta tboold aaa übtordi-!2L22sre.

le ?*>«?*«*? ba»k« ta the*?« «ay bo IwafcK

'ff-rta« a«a pttafcrtMrkoaf*KXeSßSffS^tsaß! 1"

Deranged.?An old negro woman of impalre!intellect, was discovered yesterday morning, intbe act of jumping into tha dock, and taken toher owneron Church Hill, from whom she badmade her escape 'J be old ereature had been partlallyderanged for more than two yean, duringwhich time shehaa madejsiveraiineffectual effortsto shuffle offlife's mortal coil Uales* e'nsely watched she will yet get into the dock and pot an end toher existence.

fmprctementi.?Mr. C Crew is now erecting severa! (.eat and convenient private residences onBroad street, near 13th. Small tenement* aremuch needed at this time, and it has long been amatter of surprise to as that property holders InJefferson Ward did not improve their vacant lotsby the erection of such edifice* as will accwnmodate persons of limited mean*wbocanuot afford topay mote than one or two hundred dollars rent.

Qace Bail?William Curtain and W B. Winter,coufioed in prison in default of bail for their gooabehavior, gave the required seeniity yesterday,tn< were discharged.

Out Again?Alexander Jacksod. a free negroof son" 1 police notoriety, gave security for hisfuture good behavior yesterday, and was releasedfrom the chain gang.

FIRE, MARINE AND LIFE INSURANCEm*j be negotiated tnrouah th<t Aftaey ia M bestoffieN in Mew York mi Philadelphia. Baring atoowledge ofihe tiacdii gand ritpoaadbillty of e.m-peni a doing butinesa ia thit coaatry, I p im npirior facilities for placingriaka with tu«h uare of aa-doubted strength and character, AT TBI LOW&itatris

The stteatioa of Tobaeao manufacture?, Mitten,and other* baring large aramtcu to iasate,Fire or Ifarise,) it particularly Invited, as I eaa, atthe shortest notice, provide for any amountof iMr-aoca in one locality and assure all who may eauaatiheir businrM te me that it thai) be paneiaally at-tended to asd their inttrttUcarefntly gwtritd.

T» business men the saving of Dim aaS the at-. tendantvexations will of itaelf recommend thie offie*te th> ir favorable comiteration.

BO 14 d m or BREBEE, AgeatputuVAL- Dr. J'l.llitK kat iea«vedIIhit offise to th* third honae, loaib of 1rialirChurch, South aid*, and afcoat oaebaadiad paid} be-low the (Exchange Hot»L Dr. P ountinaeeto treat?11 ayphllticaad gonorrhtet] cnmplaiatt \ and havinghad tnsch practice la this line flatten himself thatbecto give vrv t- '» ' lalUUattoa. A oall fromthose interested is solicited.or f. >i> uiuu »«- > audi one of the beet rastrwTitivet. (Chemical Extract of rranoh Plowera,) foroouetitutional weaknete, everoffered to the tUuiic.

Or. P. mty be eonralted eooft«eatiaUj bj letter,or otherwise. Meoicinea t» curely packed aad mmtoorder, in almost any direction.

Office boors from lilt,til) #P. M. Franklinstreet, near the Exchange Hotel, ftiefcmnad ci'v,Va. no IA

Mo .<«m( taipct/ 'Ware Rooms, for oath oaly, at lass than mioa-

factnrei's prices. Purchaser* will please call aadtecure some bargatas in thisway A lor { StripedC»rpett at 13$ cts; a lot J Striped Carpeta at .8| ots (a lot of 4 4 Striped Carp is at2S eta; a lot frota ate*tion (woolen) 50 ctt; the cheapest goods of the sea-ion; a lot super. Ingrain Caipatt the cheapest iatown; Imperial Threeply Carnetlng, aaw pattern t<elegant Velvet Carpers at ?! 35, richly worth $SH,ind the cheapeet goods of theseaaon Alto, a largelot of Rut, ve>y cheap. Alao, Bemaan'a at halfprice. C A OWATXIN, r

bo 18 Opposite Excbaaa* Meek.DKKNCU HIUNOIKHta band itnoJdniyr paid; Hungarian Wlnet of different kiades Pr-oeaClaret and Champagne Wineet Whitkiass Ola; Ha-vana aad Principe Cigars; fine obewiog Tobaooo of.be be«t bratdi. For sale at

f. WILBACHER'O,no 18 KW Main Hurt.

OUAPM, PKKKDMKUKtI fte.~Uw*tOld Urowv Windsor, Cleaver's Genuine Import*

ed Premium Honey Soap, the American ShavingSoap, iu bars, a new and cholae article; Swaa's ? o-logee, a delicate aad beaatifal article; Well's hijhlyperfumed Ox Marrow, together with Labia's. Ru»-nel't H^rriton's, and other extracts, Jott receivedand for tale by

JNQ w OARI(t CK Onifrfst,ao I?lra Market Plae. Fraaklln it.


BURGLARS.?TbIt tube teuton f ur LOsart «v riae. -

Merchant* and otbera, who have valuable account,deedt, scrip, be, should have ene '\u25a0( Heri log'sSafes" to preserve them ia. They wll prove a greatcomfort when the fire bells ring oa a cold nlaht Callit Stationer's Hall. No. 21, Peart street We keen aUrge at'ortmeat, and are pleased to shew the* withthe rowott moor lock.

ao 18?lw B. W. KNOWLER A»et>U


uon of the public 1* lovted to the fact, (bat mo* aftb*Star »nd Admmactia* Candlaa off-red for aa'e ate

d.fie eat in weight, *o that wba» 1« aoid for a pooadactually weigh* bat foorteea or fifteen ounce* aa4package* marked 'MO <b« " fall abort two, tbrea andeven five pound* per bos Thl« lot* doe* aot fatupon the Wholesale Dealer*, who **U paebaara athi Marked Weight norupon tbe fUtail-t* wbo wll

by Count hut open th§Coo»nroer«, who tha* pay forabout one-tenth roo'O thin theyrroeir*

Tbe *nb*oriber* bave alwaj* made their Ceadle*faii »'* aao otuue* to tha piucd and ro*rk*d packa-ge* at tbe real wbicb maybe a*c«rtalo.d bytearingthem A* iK»ir eaperieoca In tha baataaaa

\u25banable* them to attar an article eqaai fa qaaM'y to

aay ia tbe murk-t. tbej aolicit tha patioaafe of par»cbo*ria who Hevire to *tody tbair own inter**, and,at tbe wme time, eaooaraae aorxaat daaliaa

raocTtA k gambleCiaaUracL

WOMBLE fc CLAIBORNE Ag-a ano 18?iw ilebmot d. Va.kCKIVbU today »r> Jaamiaaa kid

for aale, BeTer.gr'* Ala, la whoia and haf bar-r»la f. WIUiACBK*,

no IB No Ml Mai i a>re»».eaaiw plata « k»«*,i»r

/ »l.bj CHAB. T WORTS AM kiO.noIDOTA i OKS.-'i3 bhia atltcud itaercwr

T wwu. . <?<.

iTTKM 3VU'?\u25a0?MUllj |fUMVfu#l> -a

1r'voi) #iW ,«35"S?J| t'!l ***»aa,y^a.yIK YOU WANT TO Oif AW* t'Al I


IP YOP WANT T','i?*ru* ChtoViA\o c

i9OAK for ?«\u25a0»*«?

IP V&L #ANT T«» WAT THlt tlUUl'-

SriSworld to fawlah iU e*?Lthi. traablaaa** a*eetic« aa*h£*^«** ?-i- i> w'->?b A K»n»>i .f. « No «*Mala*faa*.


Crocus K6»l "

la «o>* ta **lt parahaaarm. Or«« mm tarn aaaw-tej promptly utmM». w TOWnBIA A Oft.

»t laaeaaypa*MaaU«.

U.city m* J. EOMIEtTX,hK *

At kit Old Tricks.?Conrad Hnffnaf'e waa h«-Ulto bail by tbe Mayor yesterday is tbe *nm of SIOO,on conviction of being drunk, and disorderly tbenight before. When airested by tbe poiiee, bewas almost in a state of nudity, asd bad to betaken to tbe lock-up in that condition, because ofbis refusal to don bis outer garments.

Taking Time ?George Brown, slave to R. F.Broaddas, was convicted before the Mayor of 1stealing a silver wateh from Joseph Yolaski, andordered twentyfive stripes.

Sunday Rme ?William Peasly wasfceMl to ballby tbe Mayor yesterday in tbe sum of $100. u>keep the peaoe asd bo of good behavior, and $100to answer an indictment before the Grand Jury,on the charge of being connected with tbe aeesulton R P. Mundin, at Scbad's Hotel, last Sundayttlghi,

PI«MK JCnurtmitMuni.?The ladies connectedwith the Grace street Baptist Church will giveaappper at the Monument Hotel to-night, and haveengaged the Armory Band to diesoarss sweetmasio on tbe ooeasfcai They invito the pnblioto patronise them, and promise to all a feast otdelicacies asd «f the Mat enticing

kind.B*rtkunti*# is an exeittag \u25a0>ur«,and wiil bo ex

toastvely indulged in byJil who can parade abraoe of bounds., Friend* in tbe country assureus they are abundant, and woknow that the pree-eat frosty weather has made them as Cat and ten-der as house pigs. "Wftl coonple of well brokebeaglee anda good gan,a fairabet may bagaemaayor these timid crcatnree In amorning's hunt aehewsril Mho to oasty a«i<Mihl* usah,

three saiaesf strekof the Merebaats lnausaace Company yeeteMUyaftemooa, ia*h rt >wiiiiifin ths par valueof iOO per share, a* follow* «fls share* at $fidK>?3 shares at jMS and W share* at $30eaoh--~These sale* speak weli for tbe new company,which promise* to doa ttopi and. ws trust, profit*aMabastaas*

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