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TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION This is a simple meditation technique for dissolving and releasing stress. Based on silent mantra repetition, the experience of clearer states of consciousness, and levels of awareness become established and we automatically start to expect and experience a higher quality of life. Regularly allowing ourselves to relax and gently sink down to this place of serene stillness, is to reacquaint ourselves with the source of thought, the unified field of Natural Law, the switchboard of all the laws of nature. Currently the laws of stress and struggle are perceived to be real because they are so dominant in our world view. The reality is that nature always takes the quickest, surest route in her creation and expression effortlessly. When we align ourselves to nature's superior intelligence through T.M. our emotional and spiritual intelligence expands, life is richer, more relaxed, much more is possible. "The functioning of transcendental pure consciousness is the functioning of natural law in its most settled state. The conscious human mind, identifying itself with this level of nature's functioning, gains the ability to perform in the style in which nature performs its activity at its most fundamental level. "

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

"Our senses may be capable only of the gross outer experiences of daily life and if we experience the gross levels for a long time, the capacity for subtle experience is rusted because the machinery is not used. When the finer faculties of experience are not used, then life becomes dry, brittle and tense."

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi "The Transcendental Meditation Technique is easy because it is natural. Evolution is natural to life. It is in the natural tendency of the mind to settle down to more refined levels. This is why we know that if a technique is hard it is unnatural. If it is hard it is against the natural tendency of life. For centuries past the message has been that meditation is difficult only for some chosen few in life. But the reason for that has just been lack of guidance. Lack of proper guidance."

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

3 in 1 Taste of Ayurveda £45.00 Head Massage only - William or Zoë £15.00 Head Massage - including wash & blow-dry £30.00 Pulse Reading only £20.00 Pulse Reading/Somatic Technique £35.00 Hair Cut & Finish £35.00 Pre-haircut deep oil head massage - you ‘re so relaxed you don't argue about how much hair needs cutting! £9.00

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TASTE OF AYURVEDA Renewing Your Life

75 minutes of Ayurvedic therapy and information that will turn the tide of stress and negativity currently influencing our daily life.


BEHAVIOURAL RASAYANA A three-in-one approach to perfect health derived from the oldest system of health care Ayurveda (the science of life). Three treatments targeting one goal, which is to unify mind and body to experience the fullness of real happiness, and bliss which is our natural state and status when stress and anxiety are absent. "Health is the only thing that makes you feel that now is the best time of the year" Franklin Adams

Page 2: TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION TASTE OF AYURVEDA …transcendental-meditation-plus.com/wills_photos/TM2a.pdf · TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION TASTE OF AYURVEDA This is a simple meditation

AYURVEDIC PULSE DIAGNOSIS This is an ancient procedure that listens to the language of the body/mind and can reveal traits that predetermine our tendency to any particular illnesses. This technique shows the route back to health and your own inherent wisdom. Your perfect diet, exercise system and type of relaxation technique are indicated from this procedure.

AYURVEDIC HEAD MASSAGE Using special Ayurvedic oils indicated by pulse diagnosis. This treatment shifts toxins and blockages to the circulation of the scalp, neck and shoulders and triggers a calm and soothing effect on the whole system. Also the oil is allowed to be on the head overnight, which helps the scalp to be softer and tension free. This encourages the hair to root more deeply, enhancing hair growth.

BEHAVIOURAL RASAYANA Individually suited and drawn from one of 108 different techniques. Deep relaxation while awake re-educates every cell in the body to function easily and effortlessly in accord with Natural Law. Natural Law is our ever-present reservoir of energy and knowledge. Through the Windows of Science we now know the huge healing benefits of deep relaxation.

"Pure knowledge is immortal. The organising power of Nature inherent in the structure of pure knowledge is immortal. Thus balance is immortal and if, through the knowledge of Ayurveda, one maintains balance in the physiology, mind and behaviour, then that is the direction of long life."

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

WILLIAM TREND William is a qualified teacher of Transcendental Meditation. He pioneered Vidal Sassoon hair cutting techniques in Portsmouth - opening three salons. The skill of Ayurvedic Pulse Reading was acquired under the world famous Indian, Vaidya Dr Raju. As a natural Law Party candidate in four elections, he is fully conversant with the term holistic. Treatments and therapies from the Ayurvedic tradition fulfil this holistic criterion. That means a deeply life enhancing benefit that has no side effects, only side benefits. Not just appealing to current trends but time tested.

MAHARISHI AYURVEDA The oldest and most complete system of preventative health care on the planet, Ayurveda is completely natural and scientifically verified. Just grasping the fundamental principles of Ayurveda can raise your health profile and quality of life. A simple health questionnaire and pulse diagnosis will allow you to know your body type according to the three elemental principles or doshas.

DOSHAS VATA DOSHA (ELEMENTS AIR & SPACE) In balance: lively, clear and alert mind; flexible, exhilarated, quick to respond. Out of balance: restless, anxious, underweight, constipated, light interrupted sleep. PITTA DOSHA (ELEMENT FIRE) In balance: warm, loving, contented, enjoys challenges, strong digestion, lustrous complexion, precise speech, bold sharp wit. Out of balance: demanding, anger, frustration, skin rashes, premature grey hair. KAPHA DOSHA (ELEMENTS WATER & EARTH) In balance: affectionate, forgiving, slow, emotionally steady, methodical, good memory, good stamina, stability, natural resistance to sickness. Out of balance: complacent, dull oily skin, too little variety in life, slow digestion, lethargic, overweight, tendency to oversleep.

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