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2. The #Strella TeamRachel Strella & Amanda Harrison 3. Thank you!Debbie String Dewz Dogz 4. Central Penn Minute Amanda HarrisonStrella Social Media 5. Twitter 101 Agenda:o Twitter Basics o Twitter Terminology o Getting Started o Attracting Followerso Creating Powerful Contento Tips, Applications and Toolso Best Practiceso Twitter Lingo 6. Twitter Basics 7. Twitter BasicsAllows for short updates140-character limitLargest age segment is 30-49-year-olds, followed by 18-29-year-oldsWide-open channel 8. Twitter Basics200 million usersLove/hate relationshipCustomer service outletUseful for reachingnational/international usersand influencers 9. Common Twitter Terms 10. Twitter TerminologyTwitter [email protected] symbol before a Twitterusername. For example, myTwitter handle is @RachelStrella 11. Twitter TerminologyFollow/Follower/FollowingOn Twitter, you dont friendsomeone or like a companypage, you follow them 12. Twitter TerminologyTweetWhen you post a message onTwitter 13. Twitter TerminologyRetweet (RT)When a tweet is shared withothers by clicking the retweetbutton below it 14. Twitter TerminologyMentionYou can mention others in yourTweets by typing the @ symbolfollowed by their Twitter handle 15. Twitter TerminologyDirect Message (DM)Allows you send a privatemessage to someone who isalready following you 16. Twitter TerminologyListsTool that allows you to categorizewho you follow 17. Twitter TerminologyLists Organize who you follow Find targeted people To add someone to a list, click the icon to the left of the follow button and from the drop down choose add to lists 18. Twitter TerminologyLists 19. Twitter TerminologyHashtagThe pound sign or # sign -used to categorize content andallow you to join a conversationon common interests. 20. Twitter TerminologyHashtagIf you click on a hashtag, it willtake you to list of everyonetweeting with that hashtagUseful for building acommunity around an event 21. Twitter TerminologyHashtagI created a hashtag for my brand -#Strella and offer a tip of the day 22. Twitter TerminologyHashtag Resource: Hashtags.orgAllows you to search forhashtagsSee popular, recent, andtrending hashtagsView the frequency/populartimes for hashtags 23. Twitter TerminologyTwitter ChatA scheduled conversation around a specific topic whichis followed by using a hashtag 24. Twitter TerminologyTwitter ChatChats are weekly or bi-weekly during the same timeRecommend using a third-party service (Tweetdeck)View the list of chats: 25. Getting Started 26. Getting StartedSet-up Go to and create a username (handle) Username should be your name or close to it Add a photo of yourself 27. Getting StartedSet-upCustomize background & header 28. Getting StartedSet-up Create a keyword-laden bio that explains your expertise and what you care about Be sure to include a website 29. Getting StartedSet-up 30. Attracting Followers 31. Attracting FollowersEmail contacts and let themknow youre on TwitterUse the Discover tab 32. Attracting FollowersFollow leadersFollow who top industryexperts are followingFollow a targeted audience some follow back 33. Attracting FollowersA Word of CautionBe careful not to follow morethan 200 people in one dayWhen you follow 2,000people, your ratio of followerswill need to be equivalent inorder to continue followingmore people 34. Attracting FollowersConnect with FB/LI or forumconnections on TwitterShare content your contentand the content of othersInteract with othersParticipate in chatsTweet high-value messages 35. Creating PowerfulMessages 36. Powerful ContentAuthentic, helpful, relevant,inspiring content is whatmakes Twitter powerfulThe stronger the content, thehigher the chance for the RT 37. Powerful ContentWhat Works 38. Powerful Content What Doesnt 39. Powerful ContentWhat Works 40. Powerful Content What Doesnt 41. Powerful Content - Checklist Offer Value Showcase Expertise Post Consistently Be Social Be Yourself 42. Quick Tips,Applications & Tools 43. Tips & ApplicationsTry to keep tweets at 120characters so there is plenty ofroom for people to RTThe shorter, the more likelythey will be re-tweetedAs your followers grow, yourinfluence and reputation grow 44. Tips & ApplicationsYou can use URL shorteners(bitly/tinyurl)Best times to tweet: 9 am,lunchtime, 4 pm and 7 pm ETMonday & Tuesday are thehighest tweet daysSchedule tweets using a third-party service (Hootsuite) 45. Best Practices 46. Best PracticesShare YOUR voiceDont use auto DMsBe responsiveVary the times you tweetAvoid bulk tweeting 47. Best PracticesHave a good mix of contentUse #FF appropriatelyKeep tweets relevantBe conscious of the character-limit when posting from otherchannels or scheduling postsusing a third-party service 48. Twitter Lingo! 49. Twitter LingoYou all have a sheet in front ofyou with common TwitterlingoPlease take a moment and tryto guess the answer to eachone 50. Prizes$10 Gift Card to CornerstoneCoffeehousePicture Frame from Balloonsand More 51. Twitter LingoAnswers:B4 = BeforeBRB - Be Right BackDYK = Did you know, Do youknowEM/EML = EmailF2F/FTF = Face to face 52. Twitter LingoAnswers:Fab- FabulousFB = FacebookIDK- I dont knowJK = Just kidding, jokeLI = LinkedIn 53. Twitter LingoAnswers:LOL = Laugh out loudMT = Modified tweetOMG- Oh My GodPRT = Partial re-tweetSMO = Social Media Optimization 54. Twitter LingoAnswers:TMI- Too Much InformationTTYL- Talk To You LaterTY = Thank youYT = YouTubeYW = Youre welcome 55. Lets Rock! 56. Connections and Resources Website and Blog: LinkedIn:

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