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© 2008 IBM Corporation P110 - Introduction to Cognos TM1

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2008 IBM Corporation P110 - Introduction to Cognos TM1 Slide 2 Cognos TM1 @ IBM Cognos New analysis and business optimization capabilities across the Cognos product family Unique value propositions such as: very fast real-time performance scalability for large data volumes non-technical user-centric design an Excel-based approach to application development Deployable in a stand-alone configuration or integrated with dedicated Cognos planning, consolidation, analysis and reporting products Slide 3 Analyst Praise for IBM Cognos TM1 Key findings from the Butler Group "Technology Audit" inherent strength of this technology Strong OLAP capabilities and the speed of the TM1 engine underpin the inherent strength of this technology Linked multi-dimensional cubes Linked multi-dimensional cubes form the heart of this Performance Management solution real-time, Calculations are performed in real-time, so that dynamic analysis is possible Tight integration to Excel Tight integration to Excel enables users to work without stepping outside of traditional comfort zones Flexible Web delivery Flexible Web delivery includes dashboards and scorecards, self-service analytics, Excel-authored reports and ad-hoc analysis Slide 4 Cognos TM1 Capabilities in a Nutshell Read/write at speed of thought for Planning and Budgeting What-if scenario modeling for Forecasting In-memory multi-dimensional cubes for Analysis and Reporting Centrally-managed business hierarchies, rules and calculations Built-in data and metadata integration Leverages Excel functionality and skills Slide 5 TM1 Database Components FeatureBenefit 64-bit Model and analyze large data volumes with fast response times In-Memory Easily create simulations interactively to test new business assumptions Multi-Cube Model any type of business process; natural way to build models Rules Language Create complex financial applications Turbo Integrator Easily load large amounts of data quickly (e.g., intraday) from any sources including ERP, DW, etc. Server Explorer Cube Viewer TM1 Icon Bar Slide 6 TM1 Presentation Components FeatureBenefit TM1 Server Explorer Build, deploy, and maintain application dimensions, cubes, rules, security, etc. Cognos TM1 Excel Easily create reports and templates deployed via Excel or web Cognos TM1 Web Simply access Excel generated reports or input templates Cognos TM1 Executive Viewer Self-service ad-hoc analysis optimized for R/W access to TM1 (also supports Essbase, MSAS, SAP BW) Cognos TM1 Web Cognos TM1 Excel Cognos TM1 Server Explorer Cognos TM1 Executive Viewer Slide 7 TM1 Models: Extensible & Versatile An integrated extensible application for all users and business functions, with common: architecture fact data reference data scenarios business rules workflow presentation security An integrated extensible application for all users and business functions, with common: architecture fact data reference data scenarios business rules workflow presentation security Finance Customer Product Workforce Consolidation Product Profitability Salary Planning Resource Planning Customer Profitability Project Mgmt Cognos TM1 Marketing Effectiveness Pipeline Analysis Production Planning Quality Tracking Balance Sheet Cash Flow Profit & Loss Churn Analysis Sales Commissions Inventory Mgmt Slide 8 Cognos TM1 Solution Gallery Slide 9 TM1 Representative Solutions Executive Dashboard Slide 10 TM1 Representative Solutions Analyst Dashboard Slide 11 TM1 Representative Solutions Financial Reporting Slide 12 TM1 Representative Solutions Analytical + Transactional Views Slide 13 TM1 Unique Value 1: Deploy Easier User-Driven Design Maximum leverage of business knowledge Minimal coding and IT resources Rapid Time to Value Point-And-Click Development Data Integration Wizards Expressive Modeling Integrated Workflow Graphical Screen/Report Builders Simplicity One Technology One Database One Set of Skills Slide 14 TM1 Unique Value 2: Deploy Faster Leverage Excel Formulas Formatting Charting Leverage the Web Reach Every User Zero Footprint Minimal Training Empower All Users Interactive Analysis Advanced Visualization Automated Data Entry Slide 15 Connect Immediately SAP Connector Data orchestration Work Interactively In-memory modeling Concurrent write then read Grow Exponentially Extensible solutions Mainstream 64-bit hardware TM1 Unique Value 3: React Faster Slide 16 A Typical TM1 Deployment Scenario Application Name Integrated Workforce Planning Number of Users Administrators: 2 Professionals: 25 Viewers: 100 GeographiesUK, US, Canada Timing Start: September 2007 Go-live: November 2007 Current State Future State HR Systems Cognos TM1 Cognos TM1 ReportingPlanningForecastingReporting Planning Forecasting For Example Purposes Only Slide 17 TM1: Three Editions For Every Need Cognos TM1 Personal Edition Personal modeling and what-if analysis Single-user license Cognos TM1 MidMarket Edition Small-Medium Enterprises Departmental or Pilot Applications Up to 55 users / server Cognos TM1 Enterprise Edition Integrated with Cognos 8 Platform Unlimited scalability Slide 18 TM1 Licensing Model Three licensable categories: Servers (varies by Edition) User Roles (Enterprise = 4, MM = 2, Personal = 1) Add-On Extensions and Applications Journaling Module SAP Connector Cognos TM1 Enterprise Server TM1 Database ServerTM1 Presentation Server Developer Roles Administrator End-User Roles ProfessionalViewer Administrator for IT Other 3 rd -Party Slide 19 How Does Cognos TM1 Stack Up? In-memory, real-time Support for large models & data volumes Writeback Ease of deployment Level of IT support Handles all PM requirements QVPPSOLSTM1 OLS = SAP OutlookSoft, PPS = Microsoft PerformancePoint Server, QV = QlikTech QlikView

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