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A Partnership of & THE UNEP-GEF TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER NETWORKS: AN INTEGRATED SUPPORT SYSTEM for Technology Transfer Practitioners Frank Rittner http://www.SustainableAlternatives.net (SANet)www.SustainableAlternatives.net Connecting people, information & markets to protect the environment Slide 2 A Partnership of & Background: Global Environment Facility Intergovernmental Mechanism of World Bank, UN- Development Program and UN-Environment Program Finances incremental implementation costs of MEA in recipient countries, Facilitates removal of barriers for clean technology transfer, and is involved in pioneering technology transfer transactions across economic sectors, SANet augments project activities by offering support for dissemination & replication of successful GEF technology transfer cases Slide 3 A Partnership of & Background UNEP Extensive experience in providing information for decision making Ozone Clearing House first major technology information system in the UN Several sector specific systems have meanwhile been added: MAESTRO, ESTIS, EMERALD SANet build on these structures, integrates, reinforces and extends them Slide 4 A Partnership of & SANet Objective To develop a cross-cutting communication mechanism, and related information infrastructures that can help to address the knowledge management and dissemination needs of TT practitioners whose work affects the implementation of the different MEAs Slide 5 A Partnership of & UNEP Lessons Information only starting point: Interaction of People is what makes a difference, Clear communication strategy and target group are instrumental for success, Technical Solutions are only half the story - viability is key across all sectors, Environment is not the primary driver of TT, but contributions economic goals Slide 6 A Partnership of & Target Group: Practitioners Engineers are those most frequently involved in technology transfer, SANet is being developed in a strategic partnership with World Federation of Engineering Organization (WFEO), and the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC), which is registered for WSSD Local technology transfer practitioners are the primary know-how providers, users, and beneficiaries: from practitioners for practitioners Slide 7 A Partnership of & Result of cross cutting barrier review undertaken with WFEO and FIDC: Key constraint to clean technology transfer & replication across economic sectors and MEA are viability concerns. Slide 8 A Partnership of & Dow Jones Sustainability World Index Dow Jones Global Index (USD, Price Index) 330.00 280.00 230.00 180.00 130.00 80.00 12/936/9412/946/9512/956/9612/966/9712/976/9812/986/9912/996/0012/00. Mission: To assist public and private sector partners in turning environmental benefits into competitive advantage. 6/01 Slide 9 A Partnership of & Focus: Know-how to establish Sustainability In particular closure of cross cutting info gaps: Sources required to identify clean TT solutions with viability prospects Planning/Simulation tools to assess viability Oversight on conducive policies Specialists with proven expertise Incentives for exploration of cleaner win-win alternatives Slide 10 A Partnership of & Clearinghouse Directories: I A guide to national regulations and other successful policies designed to facilitate technology transfer, and to attract investments in sustainable solutions across MEA. No such resource was found, neither for developed nor for developing countries Slide 11 A Partnership of & Clearinghouse Directories II: Guided introduction of technology databases and resources according to relevance for TT decision making in sectors across MEA, (clearinghouse of clearinghouses) e.g.: MAESTRO, EMERALD, ESTIS, WOCAT, CAI Transport Technology Infopool Greentie, Caddett, Worldwide Overview on Renewable Energy(WIRE) CC-Clear Slide 12 A Partnership of & Clearinghouse Directories: III A guide to TT feasibility assessment tools that help to determine viability prospects, and related training e.g. COMFAR (UNIDO): Agrifood/Forestry, Manufacturing, Utility sectors, Mining FORUM Z (BAUM-GTZ): Integrated Waste Mgmt. RETSCREEN (NRCAN): RET VIPOR (NREL): Sustainable Rural SANet does not only provide guided access, it also helps to improve and customize. Slide 13 A Partnership of & Clearinghouse Directories IV: Guide to available commercial and public financing sources for clean TT, e.g. Directory of Sustainable Investment Funds of UNEP, Guide to relevant market information, e.g. GreenTradeNet, Natsource, Sustainable Asset Management (SAM) Slide 14 A Partnership of & Clearinghouse Directories V: Directory of specialists with proven expertise in establishing the viability of specific technology transfer solutions. (no such resource was found) Directory of successful technology transfer cases that demonstrate viable investments in clean technologies. (No comprehensive resource was found) Automated Expert Matchmaking Slide 15 A Partnership of & Routines to assure clearinghouse accuracy, actuality and comprehensiveness continuous screening of the Internet selection, ranking, and verifying credibility of most valuable sites and tools according to relevance for decision making guided introduction especially formulated for engineers involved in Technology Transfer identification of content gaps, development and implementation of strategies to close these gaps through upgrading and expansion of existing partner services gradual outsourcing of the management of specific content areas to assure continuous upgrading & long term sustainability. Slide 16 A Partnership of & Support Facility Co-financing for incremental feasibility work to validate win-win solutions (seamless online application) Support of targeted training according to opportunities to influence TT towards cleaner solutions Management Partner: UNOPS Slide 17 A Partnership of & The Heart of SANet: An on-line support desk connecting relevant information, experts and markets Support Desk Guidance on Information Clearinghouses Facilitation of Technology Transfer Partnerships Expert Network Directory of Specialists with proven win-win expertise Expert Matchmaking (Automated or individual) Co-financing for TT Feasibility Studies Slide 18 A Partnership of & Support Along Critical Technology Transfer Steps Pre- selection of viable choices Feasibility Assess- ment Win-win case directory Policy directory Planning & Training Tools Expert Network, Financing source guide, Co-financing for feasibility work Technology Transfer Partnerships Pre- feasibility work Technology, Clearing- houses Exploration of technical options STEPSTEP SERVICESERVICE Trans- action Due Diligence On-line Support & Training Desk Slide 19 A Partnership of & Outreach & Communication Strategy: Use of existing channels Engineering networks (WFEO, FIDIC) National WFEO bodies are focal points and proposed cross-cutting TT facilitation centers National Cleaner Production Centers Regional TT Centers, such as APCTT Use of their newsletters, email distribution lists, training seminars, congresses, web- pages etc. Slide 20 A Partnership of & On-line Partners Portal & database design and management: UNEPs Center of Excellence in Information Management GRID Arendal Content Area Development: Seven Partnerships according record of excellence in specific sectors Slide 21 A Partnership of & Technology Transfer Partnerships SANet facilitates targeted dialogues between practitioners who offer win-win experience and those who can benefit from this experience in preparing specific TT decisions. Partners: WFEO, FIDIC SANet also facilitates targeted exchange between public and private sector partners who share mutual interests in developing specific clean technology markets. Partner: GBPC Slide 22 A Partnership of & Scope: Key factors that influence technology transfer. Key sectors that affect the global environment. BUSINESS PLANNING & ADMINISTRATION ENGINEERINGENGINEERING INVESTMENT FINANCING & RISK MANAGEMENT POLICYMAKINGPOLICYMAKING ManufacturingConstruction Industry Sectors Textile EnergyWaste Utility Sectors Waters Eco-system Management Transport Sectors Commodity Transport Mass Transport Conser- vation Forestry Agriculture Individual Transport Slide 23 A Partnership of & www.SustainableAlternatives.net Our new portal will go on-line by May 10. To learn more about SANets products and services log on to:

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A Partnership of A Partnership of & THE UNEP-GEF TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER NETWORKS: AN INTEGRATED SUPPORT SYSTEM for Technology Transfer Practitioners Frank Rittner http://www.SustainableAlternatives.net (SANet) “Connecting people, information & markets to protect the environment”
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