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Technology Transfer from the University of Oxford An Introduction to Isis, Technology Transfer, and...

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Technology Transfer from the University of Oxford An Introduction to Isis, Technology Transfer, and Technology Transfer Consulting WIPO 11 th September 2008 Cardiff Dr Roger Welch Slide 2 Isis Innovation >A company owned by the University of Oxford >To help researchers commercialise the results of their research Activities Patenting 50 p.a. Licensing of intellectual property 30 p.a. Consulting and service contracts 50 p.a. Formation of new companies 8 p.a. Slide 3 Isis Innovation Ltd Oxford Technology Transfer IP, Patents, Licences, Spin-outs, Material Sales, Seed Funds, Isis Angels Network Oxford Expertise Consulting, Services Isis Consulting Business Technology Transfer and Innovation Management A company 100% owned by the University of Oxford Slide 4 Isis Innovation Staff Oxford University Consulting (6) Head of Group Steve Lee Project Managers Dr Caroline Jenkins Andrew Goff Gurinder Punn Gill Rowe Administrator Kerry Antcliffe Project Manager Teams Dr Mairi Gibbs Dr David Churchman Dr Emma Sceats Dr Stuart Wilkinson Dr Colin Story Dr David Phillips Dr Weng Sie Wong Dr Dina Chen Ya-hsin Shen Patent & Licence Administration Manager Steven Bayliss Post-Deal Admin Ridi Faruque Patent Administrator tba Technology Transfer Group (25) Head of Group Linda Naylor Project Manager Teams Dr David Eastham Dr Jamie Ferguson Dr Rakesh Roshan Dr Mike Gilbert Dr Adam Stoten Dr Fiona Begg Dr Sarah Deakin Dr Christine Whyte Dr John Wilson Dr Cynthia Green Dr Erica Conway IAN & Seed Fund Co-ordinator Andrea Alunni Isis Enterprise (10) Head of Group Dr David Baghurst General Manager Dr Mark Mawhinney Project Managers Dr Sarah Macnaughton Terry Pollard Robert Swerdlow Dr Roger Welch Dr Paul Whyte Dr Suzy Wood Dr Tim Hart Administrator Olivia Thomas Staff: 56PhDs: 28 MBAs: 12 Managing Director Tom Hockaday Business Support (7) Head of Group Matt Simons Accounts Gemma Allnutt Marketing Renate Krelle Cynthia Warmington Legal Emma Wheatley Sarah Litchfield Central Admin (5) Office Manager Jenny Bailey Office Administrator Nelson Sa HR Assistant Alex Allan Facilities Jane Tarry Reception Gillian Hicks OSEM (2) Dr Chris Towler James Mallinson Slide 5 Isis Innovation 2000 - 2008 Slide 6 Who profits from Technology Transfer ? >Researchers >Technology, royalties and company shares >Industry >New Technology >University >Royalties, shares >Research Funding >from spinouts and licensees >Economy >New industry and technology to existing ones >Investors >High returns on world class science Slide 7 Oxford Model - Key Ingredients >Rich portfolio of wholly-owned IPR >Strong, world-class research base >Diverse research sponsorship (700) >Clear intellectual property (IP) policy >Led from the top and widely supported >Investment in research support & tech transfer >85 staff in Research Services and Isis Innovation >Clear internal demarcation of responsibility >Effective internal & external communications Slide 8 Intellectual Property Policy (October 2000) >University claims ownership of all employees and students IP rights resulting from University research activities >The university assists those researchers who wish to commercialise their research > by patenting, licences, spinout companies & consultancy >Researchers share the benefits >Royalty shares from licences >Equity in spinout companies >Income from personal consultancy Slide 9 Licensing >Licensing is when you give someone permission to use your invention in return for: >money up front or >money when they achieve a defined event or >a share of their sales or >a share of their profits or >A combination of some or all of the above Slide 10 Royalty Rates >Tables are available but >With new technology the rate is rarely defined >One rule of thumb:We want a third of your incremental gross profit >So if they make 30% gross on sales we want 10% of sales >They do the work so they get 70% >Without our idea they dont get anything Slide 11 Licensing Pro >They work you get paid >Can make big money >Stimulates research ideas Con >Needs patent protection >Long time coming >Relies on licensee >May need proof of concept (resources) >They could bury it Slide 12 Spinouts Pro >Most fun >You can make most money >You still retain some control Con >Needs IP protection >Needs Investment >Needs management >Needs a lot of your time >Needs a lot of external advice >Management >Lawyers >Etc. Slide 13 Investors >Investors want their money back >They want more than they put in >They want to know by when >They want to know how certain Slide 14 Investment Sources Oxford University Challenge Seed Fund 4m >Launched in 1999 University 1m Treasury, Wellcome, Gatsby 3m >Development projects, spin-out seed equity; in a total of 83 projects >4m investment has resulted in Equity stakes in 22 spin-outs, 7 completed licensing deals & 33 active technology projects >These 22 spin-outs have attracted 40m seed/venture investment Isis Angels Network >Business Angels >Seed / Venture Capital >Private Equity >100 Members >Events >No Charges Slide 15 Oxford Spin-outs (pre 2000) * stock exchange listing Slide 16 Oxford Spin-outs (post 2000) Total external investment to date in spin-outs Post 1997: 334m 34m Seed/Business Angels & 300m Venture/Institution Capital * stock exchange listing Slide 17 Begbroke Science & Business Park University Department of Materials Prolysis Oxford Gene Technology OxLoc Oxonica >Owned & operated by Oxford University >University research labs >Business Incubator & premises for new companies >Central meeting room and caf Centre for Innovation & Enterprise Slide 18 >Isis Enterprise offers consulting expertise and advice in technology transfer, based upon the success of Isis Innovation as Oxford Universitys technology transfer company. >Isis Enterprise clients and services: >Governments: policy and benchmarking studies >Universities and research institutes: policy studies, technology audit, technology transfer office partnerships, training and secondment programmes >Companies: out-licensing or in-licensing support, university relationship management open innovation partnerships >Professional services firms: market validation studies >Investors: investor readiness appraisal >www.isis-enterprise.com Isis Enterprise Slide 19 >In December 2006, Isis became a Low Carbon Incubator in partnership with The Carbon Trust. >Isis offers support for early stage low carbon projects to anyone in the UK involved in developing low carbon technologies with commercial potential. >We work with: >Individuals >Companies >Universities >Research Institutes Isis and The Carbon Trust Slide 20 Sep 08 www.isis-innovation.com Slide 21 Executive (policies) Other academics Gene pool Commercially active scientists The University Tech transfer office Slide 22 Students Brokers Itinerant managers Consultants Sub-culture in a barter economy VC s Lawyers Head hunters PR agents Real estate Leasing Banks Accountants Specialist suppliers Other start-ups Slide 23 Contacts Isis Innovation Ltd Ewert House Ewert Place Summertown Oxford OX2 7SG T 01865 280830 F 01865 280831 E [email protected] www.isis-innovation.com Register to receive Isis E-News at www.isis-innovation.com/news/enews

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Technology Transfer from the University of Oxford An Introduction to Isis, Technology Transfer, and Technology Transfer Consulting WIPO 11 th September 2008 Cardiff Dr Roger Welch
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