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2013 holiday season key trends & drivers

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2013 holiday season key trends and stats
  • 1. Holiday Shopping 2013 Key Trends & Drivers Confidential Material | Brought to you by Gorillagorillagroup.com

2. Holiday Shopping Trends Strong economic growth and low unemployment rates project a healthy playing field for online holiday sales This strength is even more evident online than it is offline, as consumers continue to shift their spending to multiple digital devices from stores. Sucharita Mulpura, Forrester Research++ + + +Ecommerce sales reached $67B in Q3, up 17% from $57B last year, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. Q3 produced 12.5% more sales than Q4 holiday sales season last year. Shop.org estimated holiday sales to increase 13% to 15% over last year. 36% of holiday shopping tasks will happen online this season, up from 32.7% last year according to NRF. Forrester says U.S. consumers will spend $78.7B online in November and December, with mobile and online discounts driving purchases.12/9/2013 | Slide 3 Confidential Material | Brought to you by Gorillagorillagroup.com 3. Consumers Driven by Deals Shoppers are meticulously calculating the best ways to stretch their dollar, Matthew Shay, CEO of NRF+ + +++Online shoppers will head to the web in search of deals, with 56% of shoppers saying more price conscious than last year, according to NRF. 61% of consumers will avoid the hassle of shopping inside stores by shopping online, according to the same Forrester report. According to the Accenture study, 68% say free shipping encourages them to shop online, 58% are motivated by online-only discounts, and 28% will shop online to avoid crowds According to the NRF 41% cite sale and price discounts, and selection (18%) as the top two most important factors in convincing them to shop with retailers this holiday season. Online shoppers also start their holiday shopping sooner than the average consumer. 21% of online shoppers say they started their holiday shopping by the end of September, according to NRF.12/9/2013 | Slide 4 Confidential Material | Brought to you by Gorillagorillagroup.com 4. Mobile Influencers on Ecommerce Shoppers are looking for deals on items less than $100 and purchasing less expensive items through mobile, while they research on more expensive items Rojeh Avanesian, SVP of Marketing at PriceGrabber++++50% of consumers will use their smartphone to help them shop this season. Of those consumers 31% will use it to research or compare prices, and 14% will complete a purchase from a smartphone, according to NRF. According to a PriceGrabber survey 23% of consumers are comfortable buying all holiday gifts from a smartphone, up from 16% in 2012. 71% of those surveyed by PriceGrabber will buy books, CDs, DVDs or video games from a smartphone. 70% would buy clothing and 59% would buy shoes from a smartphone. 23% of those surveyed will download at least one app to help with holiday shopping, primarily coupon apps, comparison shopping apps, and retailer specific apps.12/9/2013 | Slide 5 Confidential Material | Brought to you by Gorillagorillagroup.com 5. Mobile Influencers on Ecommerce+ +16% of Video Games purchased during this holiday season will be purchased on smartphones, while 10% of video games purchases will be made on a tablet. The Toys & Hobbies category is heavily skewed towards mobile 15% of toy purchases expected through smartphones and 9% of toy purchases expected on a 12/9/2013 | Slide 6 tablet.Confidential Material | Brought to you by Gorillagorillagroup.com 6. Mobile Influencers on Ecommerce12/9/2013 | Slide 7 Confidential Material | Brought to you by Gorillagorillagroup.com 7. Mobile Influencers on In-Store ++++Macys installed the ShopKick app to push special deals to shoppers smartphones while they are in-store. Target, Best Buy and J.C. Penney also use the same app to push in-store promotions. According to Vibes 53% of shoppers will look up product information, 34% will use their device for as a mobile wallet for organizing coupons and loyalty cards, and 32% will make purchases using a smartphone this holiday season. According to Usablenet Inc, 30% of US shoppers will use their smartphones while in-store to help with shopping to lookup product information and compare product prices. 43% of consumers plan to showroom via mobile this holiday season to examine merchandise in a physical store while comparing product prices on a mobile device.12/9/2013 | Slide 8 Confidential Material | Brought to you by Gorillagorillagroup.com 8. Black Friday +++According to Placed Insights: + 49% will use smartphones for coupons / discounts + 43% will compare prices while in-store + 37% will lookup product information + 32% will access a retailers site or app + 30% will lookup a store location + 28% will make a purchase, and + 24% will make or reference a shopping list According to Accenture: + 30% will do most of their Black Friday shopping online, up from 25% in 2012. + 55% of respondents said they expect to shop on Black Friday, compared to 38% who expect to shop on Thanksgiving Day. According to the same study, online shoppers will tend to be younger: + 55% of consumers will be 18 to 24 + 61% of consumers will be 25 to 34 + 31% of consumers will be 45 to 59 12/9/2013 | Slide 9Confidential Material | Brought to you by Gorillagorillagroup.com 9. Cyber Monday+ +Cyber Monday will be the heaviest online spending day in history and approach $2 billion in spending with a 20%+ year-over-year growth rate. Heavier promotional activity from retailers will also contribute to heightened activity and leads us to predict that Cyber Monday will be the heaviest online spending day in history with $1.8 billion in desktop e-commerce and likely more than $2 billion when accounting for mobile commerce. 12/9/2013 | Slide 10Confidential Material | Brought to you by Gorillagorillagroup.com 10. Cyber Monday+ +We also expect that Cyber Monday will once again rank as the top online spending day of the year, as it has been for the past three years. Beginning in 2008 the day gained in importance as retailers ratcheted up their promotional activity dramatically. Since then it has never ranked outside the top 3 days, and it has held the mantle as the top online spending day since 2010. 12/9/2013 | Slide 11Confidential Material | Brought to you by Gorillagorillagroup.com 11. Thank YouConfidential Material | Brought to you by Gorillagorillagroup.com

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