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2013 trends final

Date post:12-May-2015
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  • 1.The 2013 Personal BrandingTrends and How Translators CanLeverage Them Marcela Reyes, MBA Chief Branding Officer Latitudes Training, Coaching and Consulting www.latitudescoach.com1

2. A bit about me 20+ years industry experience MBA in Marketing Entrepreneur 12+ years as a ATA certified Eng>SP translator Certified Localization Project Manager Blue Ocean Strategy Certified Practitioner Professional business, marketing coach and branding coach Reach Certified Personal Branding Strategist Reach Certified Online Identity Strategist Certified 360 Reach Brand Assessment Analyst 2010-2012 ATAs Spanish Language Division Administrator Columnist International speaker 3. Personal Branding Trends for 2013Personal Branding Trends for 2013 By William Arruda, Founder, Reach Personal Branding ! Each December, I predict what personal branding trends will be valuable to career-minded professionals in the coming year. In writing this article, I continue the series with much enthusiasm as there are many exciting changes afoot that will simplify building your brand in 2013. Youll see some common threads linking many of these trends, as well as interconnections among them. For example, LinkedIn features prominently in many of the entries because of the significant changes they have been making to their functionality. The importance using of multi-media, and using it well, is also a notable theme. As you review these brand-building opportunities, consider how you will incorporate them into your strategies for increasing your influence, achievement, and personal brand value! 1. Curation Since social media turned the internet on its ear, it seems that everyone on the planet has become their own media outlet, creating, posting and distributing original content. The resulting upload overload has left many looking for less-demanding alternatives. Career-minded professionals understand that personal branding does not require constant content creation, and that the new key to expressing your point of view is content curation. Potent curation tools like Tumbler and Pinterest, plus newbies that will pop up in 2013, provide the opportunity to express your brand with the help of the ideas, images and information from the vast library we know as the internet, with limited original writing required. Phew! 2. CustomizationIt used to be that if you wanted a truly customized brandidentity on the web you needed to build your own web site.That requirement is so last year. A host of services now allowyou to build and customize a profile that uniquely reflects yourbrand. Some social networking sites have always allowedlimited customization; YouTube for example, lets you pick the color palette for your channel, while other social networking sites provide a structured template for their members to create a personalized profile. More and more sites are making real customization a key feature of their offerings. Even LinkedIn, one of the most structured social media sites, now allows you to change the order of the content and to easily personalize your profile with videos, images, documents, and presentations. I predict they will eventually allow you to choose color and other design elements - making your LinkedIn profile a good substitute for having your own website. In 2013, look for more ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2013!Reach!Communications/William!Arruda.!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Reprint!with!written!permission.!!William Arruda, CEO and Founder of ReachPersonal Branding 4. 1. Curation 5. Too much content! 6. Welcome toContent CurationFinding groups, content, posts, pictures and organizes and shares thebest and most relevant content on a specific issue online. 7. If you cantbe a creator. Then be a curator! 8. Content Curation Tools 9. 2. Customization 10. You need to be here! 11. 3. Mobile 12. 80% search forjobs. (JIBE) 77% use mobilejob search apps.(Beyond.com) Thousands of jobsearch apps. Lunchmeet Pocketresume Sparkshire 13. 4. People 14. Translators arepeople, notmachines! Promote yourself. Letothers see thehuman side ofYOU and your business. 15. The traditional word-based resume or CVwill be quickly replaced with pictures! 16. h t t p s : / / cr e a t e . vi s u a l . l y/ k e l l y/ 17. 6. QR Codes 18. 7. Timelines 19. http://goo.gl/daQ9D 20. [email protected]hblog.comwww.latitudescoach.commjenney

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