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5Q Communications "5 Questions That Change The Web"

Date post:30-Oct-2014
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This presentation was given by Nathan Ho.

1. Chopsticks: How to use them, and why theyre the best! Nathan Ho [email_address] http://www.ask5Q.com / 2. Five Questions that can Change The Web Nathan Ho [email_address] http://www.ask5Q.com / 3. Why Nathan Ho is up front... Child Evangelism Fellowship Network and PC administrator PC technician Support and training Gospelcom.net Alliance Support (400+ ministries) 5Q Communications, Inc. Support Lead Programmer Systems Administrator Chopstick and Mac user 4. Change the WEB !? Really? Romans 10:14(NASB) How then will they call on Him in whom they have not believed? How will they believe in Him whom they have not heard? And how will they hear without a preacher? 5. http://www.dokimos.org/ajff/ 6. 1. Who Is Your Audience? Age (example: facebook) Gender Financial situation Occupation Political standing Religious Affiliations and leanings Likes and dislikes 7. 1. Who Is Your Audience? EXAMPLE: Web personas and archetypes* age / gender life situation (married, single, finances?) attitudes (happy, easy-going, anxious, etc) skills and goals (education, etc) schedule and available time (family? work?) behavior patterns (work travel? kids care?) how they find your site (friend, search engine, etc) technology used (computers,browsers,etc) http://www.bruceclay.com/design/articles/webpersona.htm 8. faithfacts.org 9. joniandfriendsradio.org 10. 2. How Do You Define Success? Donations Sales Leads Lives Impacted Building Community / Social interactions Inform Tools: Google Analytics, Quantcast, ClickTracks, Internal reporting Brian Tol: Hits, Pageviews and other Lies http://www.slideshare.net/wiremine/hits-pageviews-and-other-lies 11. www.google.com/analytics 12. 13. www.actsweb.org 14. ListenersBible.com 15. 3. What is the Primary Action? Read? Fill out form? Donate/Purchase?Volunteer? What do you want the users to do? Each page should have a call to action Examples: Read the next / newest article Sign up for RSS Join Community Point to Related Articles / products No Dead End Pages 16. Example Strategy 17. 4. Does Your Design and Text Communicate Effectively? Serve the audience Visual Hierarchy Use Conventions (naming, layout, etc) Make it Obvious Whats Clickable Good use of White space 18. FirstFruit.org 19. FirstFruit.org 20. DOORinternational.org 21. DOORinternational.org 22. 5. Are Your Systems Integrated and Compliant? Integrated with other marketing processes Integrated with other ministry processes When a person signs up for an email list, do flow right into the donor cultivation process? If a person donates via a check in the mail, are they tracked for thanks and other appropriate responses? 23. ListenersBible.com 24. Five Strategic Questions Who is your audience? How do you define success? What is the primary action? Does your design and text communicate effectively? Are your systems integrated and compliant? 25. 5Q Communications [email_address] http://www.5Qcommunications.com

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