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CHAPTER-1INTRODUCTION AND DESIGN OF THE STUDYINTRODUCTIONStress is the debilitating effects caused by constant pressure both at work and home, are a modern phenomenon. However, stress, or at least temporary stress, is a very necessary part of our lives. One important function of short-term stress is to channel our resources to deal with challenging or even life threatening situations.Temporary stress, therefore, allows us an extra turn of speed in escaping Danger it increases the speed of our reactions when, for example, avoiding a Collision while driving, it recharges a mentally or physically exhausted body to cope with greater challenges, and boosts an athletes performance during an important event. In prehistoric times, this bodily reaction to stress was exactly what was needed. This is attributed to physiological changes that occurred to the body when danger appeared. Chemicals, especially adrenalin, were released into body and prepared it for fight or flight. The heart beat faster; blood supply was transferred from the non-essential to the essential; from the skin and digestive organs to the muscles and the head. The resulted both in clear, Swifter thinking and faster, stronger muscular responses. The lungs took in more oxygen, breathing became more, and the body anticipated keeping cool increasing perspiration. Once the danger had passed or fighting or fleeding had occurred (successfully!), the bodily functions reverted to normal. In prehistoric times, these bodily responses were vital for survival. Then the energy generated by stress was utilized in physical action.Today, however, the problems and stress that we experience have changed radically and can rarely be resolved with physical action. We are not designed to operate effectively in this hi-tech world. Hunting for food is how replaced by jostling with our trolleys in supermarkets! Psychological stresses lead to the same bodily state of arousal as does fight and flight, but mostly without any accompanying physical activity to use adrenalin and energy made available. When this stress is prolonged, physical and mental damage will occur, sometimes resulting in serious disease.STUDY OF THE STRESSStudy and stress are closely related. In normal condition, stress comes from school work, homework or from revising, also stress comes from examinations, tests, you cant control your mood in the student life, the you will waste more effort in studying.1. Sleeping Anyone over the age of eighteen needs to sleep about 8 hours at night. But many pupils have a very bad habit-they like to work on a certain project or revise their homework overnight until the early morning, where they found occasional pleasure. But this will affect their performance tomorrow. As a good student, I think they should go to sleep at eleven and wake up at seven so that they can work long enough for their work and on the hands it can keep you at top state and so you can have better performance in examinations or at school, so you can have your lesson concentrated or get a god result.Of course, this kind of time management need a good planning and well organized. But it is worth\ to do so. And you should know that you should have a time table to guide your tasks.2. RelaxIt is better to relax yourself after a period of studying. Like a short walk in fresh air as refreshment. Also using a hot drink can help you to relax.Study of the stress dangerous Stress can be fatal. Let me give an example, the sport man broke their record not on the quiet training tracks, but on the competition. Stresses in competition is great, it comes from crowd, friends, trainers of your team, media, and most important, you yourself. You want to gather prize from competition so you get the stress, and at the same time stress makes you to fight in competition, boost up yourself, because you want to have the joy and happiness from the time to win. So it is clear to see that stress is essential for people to do better.But the level of stress each people can suffer is different. Too much stress is very dangerous. Additional stress will become the barrier to success, worrying about something that is useless, for example, when you taking exam, you may be affected By stress and you become lost confidence and cant concentrate. But too little stress is also disastrous. If you do not have force comes from your life, then you will not have interest in living due to little changing, and you will feel life is boring and that comes to poor performance. So there is graph representing our stress against working performance, like our body cells and enzymes, you yourself works effectively only in certain stress range, too little stress comes to inability of your mind and works poorly, and too much stress will make us denatured, that means we cannot suffer the stress from work and instead, you will escape from reality.Stress Management.Provide stress management training and an employee assistance program (EAP) important workers to cope with difficult work situations. Nearly on-half of large companies in the United States provide so management training for theirWorkforces Stress management programs teach workers about the nature and so effects of stress on health, and personal skills to reduce stress-for example, time management or relaxation exe individual counseling for employees with both work and personal problems. Stress management training may rah symptoms such as anxiety and sleep disturbances; it also has the advantage of being inexpensive and easy to it stress management programs have two major disadvantages: The beneficial effects on stress symptoms are often short-lived. They often ignore important root causes of stress because they focus on the worker and not the environment.

Organization ChangeBring is consultant to recommend ways to improve working conditions. This approach way to reduce stress at work. It involves the identification of stressful aspects of work (e.g., excessive workload, expectations) and the design of strategies to reduce or eliminate the identified stressors. The advantage of this a directory with the root causes of stress at work. However, managers are sometimes uncomfortable with this approach involve changes in work routines or production schedules, or changes in the organizational structure.Study of the Physical action on handle stress Work for what you want I think everyone should have something he/shes interested, for example, reading comics, watching TV, or just sports. These area effective medicines for your stress! Talk with othersAnother effective method of solving stress is by social method- a quite effective way. Anyone who has pressure or stress can talk freely with their friends, dont mind what you talk about, dont mind who is chosen to listen to you. Just say out can make you happen! Sleeping Its from my own view that stress would be worsen if you do not have enough sleep. A research founds that a person who do no sleep in last 24 hours will become less self control and more bad temper. So sleeping is important Instant method Found that the method mentioned above needs a long time? There are methods that can make you more comfortable! That is breathing.OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY To find out the various factors that influences stress among employees. To find the employers opinion towards the stress disorder To find the employees opinion towards stress experienced in their job. To study the impact or stress on employees. To identify the appropriate copying strategies to overcome stress. To offer recommendations to manage stress among employees of ICL SCOPE OF THE STUDYThe study of stress may prove to be a useful tool for understanding the various problems associated with the progressive industrial unit or service organization. The study is able to bring ort the comparative structure of stress among different working groups. So the study will help us to a large extent to understand the logic behind the stress among workers, and also helps to suggest some possible recommendation to reduce the problems of stress in the appropriate field.

NEED FOR THE STUDYThe study which was undergone in INDIA CEMENT LIMITED. A study on stress management of employees in the organizational has been conducted to analyze what are the difficulties faced by them, how to very come this in the future. The study helps to know is drawbacks and suggestions.Stress is an inevitable concomitant of organizational life. Its source in an organizational I s tats or role related. The complex & dynamic environment in which organizational have to exist adapt them selves and grow, add to further stress at work.As business environment and organizations grow competitive and complex, stress at work is also bound to increase. Dr.Hans selye, one of the prominent psychologists of the twentieth century undertook original break through work in the understanding and defining of stress. Stress according to him is the single non specific reaction of the body to demand made upon it,Stress is the psychological and physiological reaction that takes places when once perceives an imbalance in the level of demand placed on the capacity to meet that demand in individuals. RESEARCH METHODOLOGIES NATURE OF STUDYThe present study is designed as a descriptive study on survey method. Both primary and secondary data have been used. The secondary data has been collected.Mainly from research reports, records of the company and from journals.Tools for Primary Data CollectionQuestionnaire In this study, a structured questionnaire consisting of a list of question pertaining to the survey is prepared. It consists of multiple choice question and questions for recommendation and suggestions. This facilitated it represents to fill up the questionnaire is an easy and fast manner.

Secondary Data collection The research related data has been collected

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