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Date post: 02-Jan-2016
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AEG Worldwide. Moncerrat Avila Alexis Ayala. Client Needs. AEG is the client Fill a venue in Northern California Determine ticket prices. Event. Soccer game: Real Madrid vs. Barcelona Hornets stadium. Demographic Target. Under 18 in Sacramento. Survey Interpretation Table. Graph 1. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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AEG Worldwide Moncerrat Avila Alexis Ayala
Page 1: AEG Worldwide

AEG WorldwideMoncerrat Avila

Alexis Ayala

Page 2: AEG Worldwide

Client Needs

0AEG is the client0Fill a venue in Northern California 0Determine ticket prices

Page 3: AEG Worldwide


0Soccer game: Real Madrid vs. Barcelona0Hornets stadium

Page 4: AEG Worldwide

Demographic Target

0Under 18 in Sacramento

Page 5: AEG Worldwide

Survey Interpretation Table

Page 6: AEG Worldwide

Graph 1Demand line :y= -50/35237x+153

Supply line: y= 1/500x+55

Page 7: AEG Worldwide


0 (28824,113)028824 people willing to attend at $1130Optimum ticket price: where supply and demand line


Page 8: AEG Worldwide


0Price of tickets goes up, people willing to attend goes down

0Optimum ticket price: $1130Event would sell out the Hornets Stadium