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Aer lingus Information Powerpoint

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THIS IS THE POWERPOINT THAT GIVES YOU INFORMATION ON AER LINGUS. 12an1 has quit so dont be fooled as it says here

2. WHAT WILL THIS POWERPOINTPROVIDE?This PowerPoint will provide the important information onAer Lingus.This PowerPoint will also give you a further notice on whatwill happen or has happened. 3. ORIGINWe are an Irish airline brought into ROBLOX by Obiliskfart.We sell cheap tickets to amazing places. And we also have anamazing fleet.We did this because the official Aer Lingus was owned bySirBlueBuru, this Airline is to carry on his spirit after beingexploitet by DrShrink and scammed by SirLarsje. 4. WEBSITE?We have had people ask if we have a website.Well infact we do:www.robloxaerlingus.webs.comThis is the link to the website.The website has information that this PowerPoint does nothave so please go and have a look. 5. FLIGHTSAer Lingus is the home of Irish Flying,We host Flights Every Saturday at 6PM.Where? You may ask,Well we have many many hubs.El Barrancas (Main)Santa MariaEarlston SouthShannonHuketTorontoMoreton 6. FLEETDuring flights we have to choose a plane.These are all the planes we have:Airbus:A350-900A319-100A321-200Boeing:747-400LR (Converted from a 747-300)BAC:1-11Dash:Q-400 7. WHO?How can you have an Airline with no one to run it?This is the Amazing People that run Aer Lingus:Obiliskfart,Simonsoldier,M0n0c0l0us,12an1,Nomte10,Ditto987,kieranm9090. 8. THE ENDAny Questions?PM kieranm9090 or obiliskfart

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