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Agfa & Wide Format Inkjet Slide 2 www.switchtoC3.com Agfa & Wide Format Inkjet The C3 concept Wide Format Addressable Market Slide 3 www.switchtoC3.com Agfa Graphics: Vision Agfa Graphics believes in the future of the printed medium as a powerful communication tool for: Information (books, newspapers,..) Packaging Advertising & promotion We will therefore defend and promote the competitive position of printed media. the Power of Print Slide 4 www.switchtoC3.com Agfa Graphics: Mission Stay Ahead. With Agfa Agfa Graphics wants to maximise stakeholder value by: Improving our customers competitive position in prepress and industrial inkjet printing by offering them the means to grow profitably: Leading edge technology (= INNOVATIONS) Complete solutions High level service Confirming and enforcing Agfas leadership position: technology, cost and market leader in the commercial and newspaper prepress and printing markets. Slide 5 www.switchtoC3.com Concept - AGFA C 3 SYSTEMS COMPLETE INTEGRATION COMPLETE BENEFITS COMPLETE SERVICES C3 - systems offer completeness to the power of 3 Slide 6 www.switchtoC3.com Concept - AGFA C 3 SYSTEMS Slide 7 www.switchtoC3.com Concept - Complete integration Complete integration of inks/heads/engine and workflow software guarantees a predictable and consistent high-quality output INK SYSTEM MEDIA HEAD Slide 8 www.switchtoC3.com Agfa's C3-Systems print on anything, thanks to UV technology. The number of applications are endless. Agfa is working together with you and partners to develop new applications. Key is the ability to develop unique applications that will build the business of your clients. The Agfa Application team will assist you in this process Concept - AGFA C 3 SYSTEMS, a choice of applications Slide 9 www.switchtoC3.com Agfas C 3 concept: A comprehensive Go To Market model. Designed in the best interest of the customer Intended to establish a lasting and satisfying supplier customer business relationship Born out of Agfas ability to: Control the complete technology spectrum Understand the complete scope of industrial applications Adequately respond to the customer service & support requirements Agfa commits to a true end to end responsibility in the best interest of the customer Agfa Go To Market model: C 3 Slide 10 www.switchtoC3.com Imaging substrates (AgX coatings on film, Al-plates, paper,...) Imaging chemistry (developers, fixers, dispersions, emulsions, pressroom chemicals) Focus on Graphics Market Needs Imaging & appli- cation know-how (color mgmt, workflow, rendering, screening,..) Imaging & appli- cation know-how (color mgmt, workflow, rendering, screening,..) Integration in Imaging Systems (CTF-, CTP-, proofing- systems) Integration in Imaging Systems (CTF-, CTP-, proofing- systems) Inkjet is a coating technique super-precise (3 pl per droplet)super-precise (3 pl per droplet) super-accurate (300 > 1400 dpi)super-accurate (300 > 1400 dpi) layers of 5 to 30mlayers of 5 to 30m 1,5 m/s drop-on-demand1,5 m/s drop-on-demand 100 years imaging expertise, now embedded in millions lines of software code: ApogeeX, Intellitune, Arkitex, Sublima,... Worldwide supplier of Integrated Imaging Systems for Printers & Convertors, incl. pre- & post-sales advice & service. Short-run printing digitally Concept - Inkjet & Agfas Traditional Core Competences Inks are dispersions like photo- emulsions pigment dispersions in water, monomers, solventspigment dispersions in water, monomers, solvents stabilizing & optimizing by filtrationstabilizing & optimizing by filtration stirring & mixingstirring & mixing Slide 11 www.switchtoC3.com Strategic background Industrial Inkjet constitutes the next technological frontier and will be a highly attractive market The graphics industry is characterized by accelerating technology lifecycles. The industry is shaping up for the new wave of digital printing: Inkjet. Agfas Inkjet solutions target industrial applications, both UV-based: Wide Format (Anapurna and M-Press) Single Pass (Dotrix). Agfa is positioned to play a leading role in the HQ / HT segment Solid match between Agfas core competencies and the key factors for success. Agfa build proprietary integrated systems to fully address end-user requirements. Agfas know-how (heads, ink, integration) allow a solid technological position. Agfa has the global service capabilities to deliver on customer satisfaction. Slide 12 www.switchtoC3.com :DOTRIX High-speed, roll-to-roll industrial press 907 m 2 /hour single pass 63 cm [24.8 in] width Options: primer, white-colour ink or varnish Finishing options: cutting, folding, creasing, lamination Grey scale print technology M-PRESS Economical flatbed inkjet press Short and long runs Fully automated Flatbed 80 sheets (= 330 metres) Rigid & flexible substrates Grey scale print technology Options: Primer, spot-colour ink, varnish Best Cost of Ownership (COO) :ANAPURNA wide-format printers signs & displays Choice of speed Choice of quality level Choice of investment Choice of any media (rigid/flexible) White-colour option (with XL2) Economical run-length up to 100 sheets/run A gfa industrial inkjet solutions Agfas three families of industrial inkjet systems address the segment specific needs Slide 13 www.switchtoC3.com Productivity / Application positioning II. The products Productivity m 2 /hour 1000 500 400 100 50 10 Roll-to-roll, -to-sheet Flexible packaging printing Sheets Billboard PoP Signs Rigids, Sheets, Roll-fed Billboard PoP, Signs, Poster 1 2 :Dotrix :M-Press :Anapurna Single Pass Wide Format Slide 14 www.switchtoC3.com Agfa & Wide Format Inkjet The C3 concept Wide Format Addressable Market Slide 15 www.switchtoC3.com Value total digital printing market amounts to 110 B Inkjet >50 B Desktop narrow format 42 B Industrial Wide Format 8 B Single Pass Aqueous Solvent UV 2006 5 B 3 B 0,4 B 2010 5 B 3 B 2 B Toner Based 60 B Agfa focus Slide 16 www.switchtoC3.com PRODUCTS POP (Point-of-Purchase) advertising Signage informational, directional, corporate, branding Vehicle Graphics Exhibition Graphics Posters (indoor/outdoor) Street Furniture Window Graphics Flags & Banners Billboards Truck Curtains Building Wraps GF Vinyl Banners Aircraft Graphics Ship Decoration Replaces analogue graphic screen printing Disruptive technology Has a cost of ownership advantage for run lengths up to 100 prints. Offers more flexibility (versioning etc) Shorter turn around time/job Offers access to additional applications / market segments. The targeted wide format market Slide 17 www.switchtoC3.com The addressable wide format market GRAPHICS DISPLAY MARKET ANALOGUE OUTPUT TECHNOLOGY DIGITAL OUTPUT TECHNOLOGY SCREEN PRINTERS COMMERCIAL PRINTERS GRAVURE PRINTERS FLEXO PRINTERS AQUEOUS PRINTERS ECO SOLVENT IKJET PRINTERS AGGRESSIVE SOLVENT PRINTERS UV PRINTERS Bill boards Banners Exhibit builders Posters Point of Sale Point of purchase City lights Street furniture Airport advertising Railway advertising Floor graphics Short run packaging Slide 18 www.switchtoC3.com The addressable wide format market 2008 Worldwide Wide format UV printer market (sales) 2665 printers High end printer segment 575 printers List price > 180K Low end printer segment 2090 printers Low end entry level List Price < 75 K Low end Mid Range List price 100 K HIGH ENDLOW END REGIONAL SPLIT Slide 19 www.switchtoC3.com The addressable wide format market 2006 ALL MEDIA ADVERTISING SPENDING GREAT BRITAIN: 9.585 MILLION Source: Outdoor advertising association of Great Britain. Slide 20 www.switchtoC3.com The addressable wide format market In 2005, advertisers spent $6.3 billion (up 8%) on outdoor advertising. Source: Outdoor advertising association of America, INC. Slide 21 www.switchtoC3.com Wide format: a disruptive technology to graphic screen printing OffsetFlexoScreen Gravure Digital Total cost per printed m2 2007 Wide format break even cost of ownership curve for Graphic Screen Printing productivity & pricing 2009 Wide format break even 100 sheets 150 sheets :Anapurna :M-Press 2009 Hybrid systems break even 600 sheets Addressable part of screen print market: 2% 4% 20% 50% 350 sheets Break point controlled by 2007 Hybrid systems break even Combined input from: IT strategies; Web Consulting; SGIA; Agfa M-Press Market assessments Slide 22 www.switchtoC3.com Market Segments Wide Format SegmentHigh end Graphic Screen Mid end Graphic Screen Low end Graphic Screen PhotolabsDigital print Shops Exhibit builders Sign Shops # sites WW>2.0006.000 < 9.000 47.000 5.000 7.700 2.500 60.000 WW 2005 > 130.000 PFP- shops New printer models address a wider variety of applications and increase the size of addressable market. Technological enhancements in Heads & Inks brings up productivity and reduces cost of ownership.. Growth in UV is driven by quality, productivity, cost of ownership advantage, environmental friendliness and ease of printing on rigid surfaces. Slide 23 www.switchtoC3.com Single pass WF Market drivers for growth Signs commercial artwork books magazines newspapers posters Billboards wallpaper Labels Vehicle Graphics City lights Banners CDs Light box advertising POS/POP certificates Quality Number copies moneybills DIGITAL PRINTER PRESS Printed on a press or on a printer? pictures faxes letters Tickets/tags office copies forms packaging II. Industrial inkjet could unlock many applications Industrial inkjet could unlock many analogue printed applications Growth in UV is driven by quality, productivity, Slide 24 www.switchtoC3.com Market drivers for growth - Industrial wide format HP CANON EPSON ROLAND MUTOH MIMAKI SEIKO I VUTEK NUR SCITEX VISION GANDI MD COLORSPAN MUTOH OCE ZUND COLORSPAN INCA DURST NUR SCITEX VISION 3M VUTEK INDUSTRIAL WIDE FORMAT INKJET MARKET SEGMENTATION AQUEOUS SOLVENT UV PROFESIONAL CORPORATE WESTERN ASIAN LOW END HIGH END LOW ENDHIGH ENDMIL

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