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All day breakfast, sandwiches, toasties, omelettes ... · Latte £2.30 / £2.60 Cappuccino £2.30 /...

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  • All day breakfast, sandwiches, toasties, omelettes, jackets, coffee, tea and friendly staff!

    We’re family friendly...pop into our snug downstairs!Spread the love!

    Welcome to SerendipiteaWe’re really happy that you chose to join us today for

    a generous great British breakfast (all day, of course), lunch, cake or just a drink and a few minutes out of your day to relax.

    Our foodAll of our food is prepared freshly to order for you to enjoy inor take away. Because it’s fresh, during busy times you may

    have to wait a little longer than usual for food and drink service,but it’ll be worth the wait! We can also take your order by phone,

    just give us a call on 0161 962 8881 and we’ll get it ready. You can go as healthy (or not!) as you’d like by swapping or adding items.

    Tell us what you’d like and we’ll be happy to help.

    Please speak to a member of the team about the ingredients in your meal when making your order

    Putting the community at the heart We do great quality food and coffee, but we’re more than

    just a coffee shop. We’re proud to be local and independent and we get really involved by fundraising for worthwhile local causes, supporting

    other businesses and being a hub for all sorts of groups who need a space.

    serendipiteaandcoffeeshop Serendipitea2


    Serendipiteacoffee& 0161 962 8881

    117 Washway RoadSale, M33 7TY

    (Near Sainsburys Local & Johnsons Dry Cleaners)

    Mon - Fri: 08:00 - 15:30Saturday: 08:30 - 15:30Sundays: 09:00 - 14:00Sundays before Bank Hols & Bank Holidays: Closed

    FOOD & DRINKS MENUwww.serendipiteasale.co.uk

    Please help us by ordering at the counter first

  • Serendipiteacoffee&

    Breakfast PlatesFull Breakfast £6.50

    2 Bacon, 2 Sausages, 1 Egg, 1 Black Pudding, Beans and 1 slice of Toast

    Big Breakfast £7.503 Bacon, 3 Sausages, 2 Eggs, 1 Black Pudding, Beans and 2 Slices of Toast

    Small Breakfast £5.001 Bacon, 1 Sausage, 1 Egg,Beans and 1 Slice of Toast

    Vegetarian Breakfast £6.502 Vegan Sausages, 2 Eggs, Beans,

    Tomatoes, Mushrooms & 1 Slice ToastVegan Breakfast £6.50

    2 Vegan Sausages, Spinach, Beans, Tomatoes, Mushrooms & 1 Slice Toast

    Eggs3 Scrambled Eggs on Toast £3.50

    2 Poached Eggs on Toast £3.002 Fried Eggs on Toast £3.00

    All Served on a lightly toasted muffin or toast of your choice

    On a bagel +£1

    Eggs Benedict £6.00Layered with roast ham or bacon, 2 soft

    poached eggs topped with hollandaise sauceEggs Florentine £6.00

    Layered with Spinach, 2 soft poached eggs topped with hollandaise sauce

    Eggs Royale £6.50Spinach, Smoked Salmon, 2 soft poached

    eggs topped with hollandaise sauce

    All served on toasted muffins

    BagelsCream cheese £3.00

    Bacon £5.00 | Smoked salmon £5.00

    £1BaconSausageVeggie sausageBlack puddingHalloumiAvocadoHam/ChickenPiri chicken

    £2Smoked salmon

    50pEggBeansCheeseOnionsFresh tomatoesTinned tomatoesToast (1 slice)Gluten-Free bread or toast (1 slice)MushroomsSpinachFeta

    BREAKFAST is the most important meal of the day...that’s why we serve it all day!

    all day

    linda mccartney’s

    sausagesChoose your eggs - fried, scrambled or poached

    Lighter PlatesPLATE 1: £6.50

    2 Sausages, 2 Bacon, 2 Poached eggs, Spinach, Tomatoes

    PLATE 2: £7.00Smoked Salmon, 3 Scrambled eggs,

    Spinach, Avocado

    Breakfast SandwichChoice of barm, toast or bread

    Standard filling options: Bacon, sausage, black pudding, egg, mushrooms,

    onions, tomatoes(Premium fillings: Halloumi or avocado +£1)

    Any 1 filling £3.00Any 2 fillings £3.50Any 3 fillings £4.00Any 4 fillings £4.50

    On a baguette or bagel +£1

    Perfect for take-away

    Extras Add anything...to anything!

  • Serendipiteacoffee&

    Toast and...Beans on Toast £3.00

    2 Slices of toast of your choiceCheese on Toast £3.50Served with a side salad

    Tea Cake £2.00Choice of Jams or Marmalade

    Just Toast £1.502 slices

    Choice of Jams or Marmalade

    SandwichesOn bread or barm as standard, or choose

    one of our tasty fillings on a Toastie*, Panini*, Baguette or Jacket

    *All of our Toasties and Paninis have cheese - unless you tell us not to

    Piri Piri Chicken Bread/Barm £3.50Toastie £4.00 | Panini/Baguette/Jacket £4.50

    Chicken Mayo (add Bacon for free!) Bread/Barm £3.50 | Panini/Baguette/Jacket £4.50

    Bacon Brie & Cranberry Bread/Barm £3.50Toastie £4.00 | Panini/Baguette/Jacket £5.00

    B.L.T Bread/Barm £3.50Baguette £4.50

    Roast Ham & Cheese Bread/Barm £3.25Toastie £3.50 | Panini £4.00 | Baguette £4.00

    Just Cheese Bread/Barm £3.00Toastie/Panini/Baguette/Jacket £3.50

    Just Beans on a Jacket £4.00

    Beans & Cheese on a Jacket £4.50

    Cheese & Red Onion Bread/Barm £3.00Toastie £3.50 | Panini/Baguette £4.00

    Cheese & Tomato Bread/Barm £3.00Toastie £3.50 | Panini/Baguette £4.00

    Cheese, Pesto & Tomato Bread/Barm £3.00Toastie £3.50 | Panini/Baguette £4.00

    Tuna & Mayo Bread/Barm £3.25Toastie £3.50 | Panini/Baguette/Jacket £4.50

    Tuna & Red Onion Bread/Barm £3.25Toastie £4.00 | Panini/Baguette/Jacket £4.50

    Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Bread/Barm £4.00 | Baguette £5.00

    Omelettes3 egg Omelette £3.50Served with side salad

    Soup of the DayServed with

    bread & butter £3.25half a baguette and butter £3.50

    half a sandwich £5.00half a filled baguette or toastie £5.50

    Granary or white



    LUNCH & LIGHT BITES Lunch time - is the best time of the day!

    SaladsPiri Chicken £5.00

    Chicken Mayo £5.00Chicken & Bacon £5.00Bacon & Halloumi £5.00

    Roast Ham £4.50Roast Ham & Cheese £5.00

    Just Cheese £4.00Tuna Mayo £5.00

    Add a poached egg for 50p

    Due to kitchen processes, our food may contain traces of potential allergens including (but not limited to) nuts, gluten, seafood

  • DRINKS & SWEET TREATS “Coffee is a hug in a mug”

    CoffeeAmericano £2.00 / £2.40

    Latte £2.30 / £2.60Cappuccino £2.30 / £2.60 Flat White £2.30 / £2.60Macchiato £1.80 / £2.00

    Mocha £2.80 / £3.00Espresso £1.20 / £1.50

    Other drinksBabychino £1.50

    Hot Chocolate £2.80 / 3.00Cream and marshmallows +25p

    Chai Latte £2.30 / £2.60Caffeine free

    TeaWe have a specialist range of delicious,

    refreshing loose leaf teas.Any of which can be iced too!

    Tea BagsEnglish Breakfast (decaf too)| Earl Grey

    Green Tea | Lemon & Ginger | Peppermint Chamomile | Strawberry & Raspberry

    Ginger | Blackcurrant & BlueberryPeppermint & Liquorice

    Loose Leaf teasBreakfast | Blue Lady

    Kiwi & Strawberry | Peppermint

    Smoothiez £2.50TROPIC THUNDER

    Mango, Pineappple, Banana & Exotic Juice


    Pineappple, Raspberries, Blackberries, Blackcurrants, Redcurrants & Exotic Juice

    INTO THE WOODSBlackberries, Cherries, Grapes,

    Blackcurrants, Banana & Apple Juice

    TRUE ROMANCEStrawberry, Banana & Exotic Juice

    GREEN LANTERNGrapes, Kiwi, Cucumber, Spinach,

    Kale, Lime & Apple Juice

    Coolerz £3.00Vanilla | Caramel

    Banana |Choc CaramelChocolate | Hazelnut

    Mint Choc Chip | Gingerbread


    All available in decaf!

    100% real fruit!

    Add whipped cream for free!

    We can ice any of your coffees!

    Extra shot | Flavoured syrups | Soya milk +50p


    Cakes & BrowniesLocal businesses Lush Brownies and

    Cupcakes and Jellytots & Dollymixtures supply the sweet treats to Serendipitea.

    Ask our team which ones we have in!

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