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An Advanced Cable Jointing Kit

Date post: 20-Sep-2015
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JMV is a known manufacturer of An advanced Cable Jointing Kit for making electrical connections in indoor, outdoor, buried, underwater and aerial applications.For more information visit: http://www.jmv.co.in/cable-jointer.html
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  • JMVs Silicon Gel Based Cable Jointing Kit Provide quick and reliable jointing of cables with self-sealing polymer insulation.Provide safe electrical connections between two nodes or electric circuit.An efficient solution for all LT Cables, unarmoured & armoured cables buried, outdoor, underwater or laying. UV radiation and atmospheric contamination resistance. High resistivity and dielectric strength (Upto 23 kV/mm).

  • Technical Properties of Cable Jointer

    High Dielectric Strength of 23 kV/mm Suitable for low voltage up to 11 kV Water tight protection (IP68 compliant) Ability to cross link at temperatures -100 C to 550 C Insulation Material PVC is Fire Retardant as per UL 94 V1 No decomposition will take place in the temperature range from 400 C to 2000 C Termite proof material of construction Fungus Resistant and Chemical Resistant No Environmental stress cracking Offering product life of minimum 25 years in every environmental conditions.

  • Advantages of Cable Jointer No environmental impact. Easy and time saving operation. No temperature (heat, humidity etc.) impact. The kit has high repeat value and can be use multiple times. During fault conditions the joint repairing is much more easier. Compact casing which eliminates the chances of electrocution. Single kit can be use for multiple conductors & for multiple connections. In case of manual mistake (loose connections) the current will not spread outside the casing.

  • Applications of Cable Jointer

  • Applications of Cable Jointer

  • Applications of Cable Jointer

  • For More Information :

    Website : www.jmv.co.inEmail : [email protected], [email protected]