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App for Student Development, Retention and Launch: The College Experience

Date post:20-Aug-2015
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  1. 1. Apply social, mobile app solution to college studentdevelopment P. Quake Pletcher5 March 20133/8/2013 Confidential Information of Quake LLC 1
  2. 2. Student Development OpportunitiesStudent self- awarenessCareer Student self- development actualization StudentBuilding social Collaboration proof of effectivenesscompetencies Soft-skill, interpersonal evidence3/8/2013Confidential Information of Quake LLC 2
  3. 3. Retain, Develop, LaunchSelf-awareness is critical to retention Retention rates are affected by many things beyond control of students,but self-awareness and engagement are controllable.Social proof drives development, self-actualization Students are motivated by benchmarking and social transparencyAlumni engaged with students Alumni that are engaged with students enriches all.A good fit, first job is critical to avoiding quarter-life crisis Many students drift or job hop, creating headwinds in theirsearch for long-run career satisfaction.3/8/2013 Confidential Information of Quake LLC3
  4. 4. peeqMe Accelerates Development SocialDevelopmentAnyone, How not Anywhere,WhatAnytime3/8/2013Confidential Information of Quake LLC 4
  5. 5. Why college students?The ability to adapt engagement for MillennialsClick to see Top Ten Ways to Engage Millennial Workforce Open-minded,They expect open, development is jobfrequent feedback #1Complementary to Social networks are aknowledge, technical natural way of lifeskill development3/8/2013Confidential Information of Quake LLC5
  6. 6. Business Priority Trends 2013 Business Leaders Human Resources People and Talent Management 51% Leadership Development56% 44%Employee Engagement51% 47%Employee Development 46% 55% Improve Team Performance36% Source: McLean and Company3/8/2013 Confidential Information of Quake LLC6
  7. 7. peeqMe for Now and the FutureHR Respondents: Projected Growth for each trendGamification260% Gamification is Stay interviews138% the highestHigh potential employee programs 97% scoring emerging trend for growth Planning for baby boomer retirement 94% in 2013. Social recognition/ collaboration tools 90% Engaging generation Y 80% Long-term incentives for non-80% Talent mobility strategy59%Results-oriented work environment56% Agile performance mgmt51% Wellness initiatives 41% Managing diversity 40% The trends with theFlexible work arrangements38%highest2012 CurrentSocial media for recruiting 38%implementation rateImplementation Rate: Globalization of HR as a function37% will continue to grow Low Implementation (
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