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App Portfolio Cloud Portfolio Demos Customers

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Hybris Cloud

App Portfolio Cloud Portfolio Demos Customers
Ariba Network Demo (Browser) Hybris Commerce Accelerator (Browser) KXEN SAP Lumira Cloud for Customer Successfactors Learning Solution Customers Mavs Ford Burberry Consumer SNAP SocialFlex MyRunway Wow Factor Visual Work Manager (Android Note 3) Hybris Cloud Ariba Network Buyer account:https://service.sales.ariba.com/Buyer.aw
Userid: Password: Welcome1 Supplier Account: https://service.sales.ariba.com/Supplier.aw AN Userid: KXEN KXEN Modeler (License has to be generated) check notes
Smart Vending (Snickers modeling dataset/script) KXEN: You can download a trial version of KXEN (for 64-bit Windows) here: http://downloads.kxen.com/ProductDownloads/index.php?a=SAP Analytic Framework&e=6.5.2.i&f=X64-WIN64&g=1&o=Yes&p=English&q=&r=&s=&t= &z=525a310e431a Login: downloadPassword: PPqjVwxV Just install the items selected by default in the installer, that will generally suffice. Once you've installed it you'll find a file at C:\Program Files\KXEN\InfiniteInsightV6.5.2-i\EXE\Protection\KxNodeCode.txt Open that and grab the little hex code from inside there. Now go to this link, and plug your node code in the page: Analytic Framework&e=6.5.2.i&f=X64-WIN64&g=1&o=Yes&p=English&q=&r=&s=&t= &z=525a310e431a It'll send you a secondwith the license that will activate this version of KXEN on your machine. Copy that file, License_nl.cfg, to: C:\Program Files\KXEN And your copy of KXEN will be activated. Simply go to InfiniteInsight in your Start menu and you can begin using KXEN. SAP Lumira Desktop: (check notes) Cloud Link
Download Lumira from below link. install and use the SAP Key below. https://www.dropbox.com/s/n1zyktv2gx637hu/SAPLumiraSetup%20%28Esri%29.exe DA20W-9VG3D30-V55NGA6-HU8GU6T-H1 Go to the below link to get the extensions and the Click through video. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ezqcs17jy88v60y/kClNtkp4tV Take the contents of SAP Lumira Documents folder and put them into C:\Users\inumber\Documents\SAP Lumira Documents\ Take the contents of charExtensions folder and put them into C:\Program Files\SAP Lumira\Desktop\chartExtensions More extensions located in Demo portfolio folder SAP Cloud for Customer Browser: Link (online only)
iPad: Download (online/offline) Android: Download (online/offline) System URL: https://my vlab.sapbydesign.com/ Username: ussalesrep01 Password: Welcome1 Successfactors (Workforce Analytics and Planning, Employee Central, Compensation, Onboarding)
URL: https://pmsalesdemo8.successfactors.com/login Company ID: EXEC01 Usernames: cgrant, admin, others mentioned in scripts (in portfolio folder) Password for all users: demo101 Scripts located in projects/demo portfolio folder Successfactors LMS SNAP Installer: iPad SocialFlex SocialFlex MyRunway Apple App store Google Play Store Visual Work Manager Device: Samsung Note III
Installer: APK located In portfolio folder Talk Track Giving users new user experiences to reduce errors, improve safety, and save time Leave their gloves on and interact with work instructions Hands free interaction devices and wearables (Google Glass) Real time parts availability and supplier networks Improved customer service, and new cross sell up sell opportunities A lot of parts look similar, AR objects in the cloud will confirm the object is in fact the object you think it is Add in new levels of service, knows where objects are physically located and how often they are being recognized Mavs Ford Tennis Burberry Others NBA SportVu Predictive Maintenance (Boeing)

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