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Date post:16-May-2015
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  • 1. Artist LogoIdeasBy Larelle Benjamin-Forrester

2. Throughout this PowerPoint there are a number of designs that mygroup and I came up with to be the official artist logo. The key features to our logo was to bebold, eye catching and mostimportantly concise. 3. Artist Logo 1This design was made to grab theattention of theviewer by beingreally boldcompared to the other parts of thelogo. The font style was taken from what I had lookedat in magazines and newspapers(headers). 4. Artist Logo 2For this design, I decided to use two boxesrather than one(like my lastdesign) to create a differentshape. The font of this is onceagain quite boldhowever it isthinner and has a more stylish element to it. 5. Artist Logo 3For this design, I still used a box conceptbut drew it at an angle to create adifferent effect. I also changed thename to Big Qrather than BigQuan. This was another bold idea of mine because the main focus is on theletters, once again. 6. Artist Logo 4This design doesnt really have a central focus as there is a variety of shape used. However, it is veryeye-catching anddoes draw the viewer into the design. It is alsovery detailed andmade up of a number of linesthat differentiate. 7. Artist Logo 5This design wasinspired by artthat I saw on thestreet wherebypeople had drewthere names andlabels. There isuse of line, shapeas well as colourwhich reflects thecreative side to the artist. This logo is also very urban. 8. Artist Logo 6The font I used for this logo came from the style in which graffiti is drawn. Once again it looks very urban and line is used in a number of ways. 9. Artist Logo 7My final logo is very basic but once again is bold, eye-catching and has an original style to it.This was inspired by the logos that Iveresearched into.

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