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Attract Top Candidates with Employer Branding

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Hudson Internal Overview Presentation

Attracting Candidates with AuthenticityRebecca ValladaresSenior Vice President,Hudson RPO

Is Your Employer Brand Just Fluff?1AgendaOverview of Employer Brand (EB)Introduction to the Global Research StudyEmployee Value Proposition (EVP)Building the BrandMapping the Candidate JourneyHR Policy AlignmentThe Future of EB

2DEFINITION OF Employer Brandemployer brand[em-ploi-er brand]noun the perception of the organization by both current and potential employeesthe organizations reputation as an employer

3Sample Employer Brand Attributes*TMP Worldwide whitepaper Employer Brand ManagementOur employer brand global studyComplimentary Download at EmployerBrandGuide.com

328 global participantsTarget = HR LeadersKey Areas AnalyzedEmployer Brand DefinitionImportanceOwnershipManagementPromotion and Future plans1-on-1 Survey Particpants2014 Joint Hudson RPO / HRO Today Global Study5Does your company have a documented employer brand strategy? 6Documented employer brand strategyTop BrandsOther BrandsWe have a clearly defined documented strategy32.2%16.4%We have some broad guidelines we follow, but not a documented strategy46.3%40.8%We have no documented strategy21.5%42.8%

of top brands have either a documented strategy or some guidelines 78.5%Complimentary Download at EmployerBrandGuide.com 7Whats in it for me??The EVP = Your promise to employeesAn employee value proposition (EVP) is the companys promise to employees about the rewards and benefits they will receive in exchange for their performance. Defining the EVP so that this promise is clearly understood by all is critical to workplace culture, career management and retention.

9Does your company have a defined Employee Value Proposition? Create an Authentic EVPUse Surveys & Focus Groups for Authentic EVP Input

Include employees across departments, geographies and seniority levels Ask the right questionsDiscover what sets your company apart. In surveys ask questions about why they accepted the job at your organization, what they like most out of our employer offerings, how it compares to their other employers and what things theyd like to have implemented

Review draft EVP messages via focus groups to ensureFrom survey results, capture specific

words used to describe the EVP and use them in your messaging

they resonate and are true and authentic

1stDocument and acquire a more honest, well-rounded view of the employer brand to communicate in candidate touch points11Building the brand12Secure leadership buy inTop tier brands are significantly more likely to have CEO/President sponsorship (44.5%) than other brands (25.1%)Top brands consider CEO/President sponsorship 25.6 percentage points more important than HR Department sponsorship (44.5% vs 18.9%)Other brands consider HR Department sponsorship nearly as important as CEO/President sponsorship (23.6% vs 25.1%)

13Determine stakeholdersOverall, top tier employer brand companies involve more departments and other groups in promoting the employer brand including:Human Resources departmentMarketingCommunicationsTalent acquisition functionPublic RelationsOutside sales partnersInternal salesNearly one-half (44.6%) of top employer brand companies indicated that they have clearly defined organizational responsibilities for their brand, vs. only 17.6% of those without top employer brand companies.

14Define the strategy and investment

Top Employer Brands invest 52% more than Other Brands15Most (57.1%) companies manage the employer brand internally.However, companies with top brands are about equally as likely to use partners (48.8%) to some extent, whereas only about one-third (37.8%) of those without top brands use partners at all.

TotalTop BrandsOther BrandsMedia71.2%66.1%75.0%Strategy53.4%61.3%42.9%Execution42.4%41.9%42.9%Venue planning16.9%16.1%17.9%Define the strategy and investmentComplimentary Download at EmployerBrandGuide.com 16Communicate social channelsTop brands use more social channels to promote their employer brands, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and InstagramTotalTop BrandsOtherLinkedIn77.9%77.2%78.5%Facebook69.8%74.6%63.9%Twitter51.9%56.1%46.5%YouTube24.0%27.2%20.8%Blogs19.8%21.1%18.8%Forums17.8%18.4%15.3%Pinterest5.0%7.9%2.8%Collegefeed2.7%4.4%1.4%


TotalTop BrandsOther BrandsCampus recruitment64.7%63.1%66.0%Industry associations75.6%76.8%75.2%Online Forums54.3%60.1%50.0%Online social networking73.5%73.0%74.5%

Create Ambassadors

Top brands view the role of the overall workforce significantly higher in building the employer brand (75.7 versus 51.0), so they have more initiatives to promote the brand internally.TotalTop BrandsOther BrandsEmployee events66.4%80.6%53.4%Company intranet62.0%60.2%61.1%Leadership Presentations60.3%69.4%51.1%Emails59.0%60.2%55.7%CEO communications50.7%57.1%44.3%

19measure ROI20Mapping Candidate touch points A touch point = whenever a candidate comes in contact with your brandbefore, during, or after applying for a job

Identify your touch points to create a candidate journey map to determine how to satisfy candidates every step of the way


21Example Hr policiesEmployer Brand AttributeExample Policies & ProgramsWork-Life BalanceFlex time, vacation time usage, job sharing, telecommutingInternal MobilityInternal job posting blackout period, job shadowing programsSocial ResponsibilityAwards for employees who volunteer, support of employee social causes, paid time off for philanthropyCompetitive Compensation Regular benchmarking exercises, competitive intelligenceGrowth OpportunityFormal and informal training and development programs, future leader programs, group problem solving contests22The future of employer brandTwo thirds of respondents anticipate that the employer brand will increase in importance within their organization over the next 12-24 months, all citing similar reasons Get ready!

Download the Employer Brand Report at EmployerBrandGuide.com

QuestionsRebecca Valladares+1 212 351 7271rebecca.valladares@hudson.com@rebeccatheroseHudson.com

Complimentary Download at EmployerBrandGuide.com We are One Hudson Our Hudson25

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