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Attracting New Members Through Association Marketing

Date post: 22-Jan-2015
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Creating an effective marketing plan to attract new members for your association.
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Attracting New Members Through Association Marketing
  • 1. Attracting New Members Through Association Marketing
  • 2. Marketing is more than selling/advertising It is a process that: Conveys value of services and products Should have a targeted audience Helps recruit new and retain existing members
  • 3. Does Your Association Have a Marketing Plan? Takes effort, but will be rewarded long term Elements of a Marketing Plan Goals and Objectives Strategy Measurement/Evaluation Budget Marketing Execution
  • 4. Goals and Objectives Guide of how marketing will work Should be clear and concise Allow for some flexibility Strategy How to achieve goals and objectives Monitors business opportunities
  • 5. Measurement, Evaluation and Controls Measurement necessary to identify areas for improvement Assess what is/isnt working and adjust Add monthly and quarterly plans Use Excel templates or membership marketing software to keep track
  • 6. Financials/Budget Common marketing budgets are 8-10% of overall budget Spend too much and ROI decreases Spend too little and may not reach goals Evaluate previous years budgets for perspective
  • 7. Marketing Executions and Digitization Nuts and Bolts How will you make the plan happen? Possible marketing tools include: Websites Email Newsletters Podcasts, Social media Trade shows and conferences
  • 8. Remember: Having a solid marketing plan for your association will pay off in the long term, with increased retention and new members.
  • 9. Inspiration for Planning Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now - Alan Lakein
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