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Automotive Circuit Boards; Electronic Manufacturing

Date post: 11-Aug-2014
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Automotive PCB Fabrication Manufacturing presentation from TS16949 certified Saturn Electronics Corporation featuring special section automotive heat transfer and the latest company updates to include
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Automotive PCBs
  • Automotive PCBs
  • Increasing Vehicle FunctionalityMultilayer PCBsAdvanced Technologies Microvias Heavy Copper
  • Increasing Vehicle FunctionalityMeeting Future Requirements Satellite Navigation Location-Based Services Remote Diagnostics Emergency Assist Airbag Deployment Notification Internet Access Communications
  • Saturn Sales History
  • Company ProfileEstablished in 1985Majority Owners Remain Full-Time Operators89,000 ft Facility 15,000 ft Warehouse 155 Employees 2 Shifts operating at 65% capacityTop 25 PCB Domestic PCB Fabricator $26.8 Million Sales in 2007
  • Programs Supported in the Past Rear LED Brake Power Distribution Power Distribution Power Distribution Light 1995-2001 Junction Box PCB Junction Box PCB Junction Box PCB (3 ounce Cu); (4 ounce Cu); 575k (4 ounce Cu); 272k 700k-1MM units; units EAU; 2000- units EAU; 2002- EAU 1995-2001 2004 2004 Chrysler Caravan Ford Super Ford Expedition Cadillac STS / Plymouth Duty / Lincoln Voyager Navigator Power Distribution Automatic Dimming Wiper Switch Junction Box PCB Rear View Mirror; Contact Board; (4 ounce Cu) 700k Various lines, Various Lines, units EAU; 2003- Current Production Current 2004 Production Magna Ford F150 Donnelly Wabash
  • Quality Certification History (1995) ISO-9000 General quality systems certification (1998) QS-9000 Quality systems certification for Big 3 Automotive (1999) Delphi C-7000 Safety, High-Reliability, & Under-Hood applications (2003) TS-16949 Quality systems certification for Worldwide Automotive
  • PCB CapabilitiesPrototypes built to production standards(all testing is production applicable)Volume ProductionDomesticOverseas under our TS16949 flagLevel III PPAP capability
  • Offshore Sourcing
  • OverviewPCB Fabrication Services High-Mix High-Volume Diversified Supplier 1-2 Layer to Multilayer Medium-High High Mix of Industries Advanced Capabilities Volume Production Automotive Base
  • Offshore OverviewAsian Headquarters located in Shen Zhen, ChinaU.S. & Asian Facilities CertificationsQS 9000 , ISO 9001, TS 16949, UL
  • Saturns Added Support Superior Offshore Sourcing Quality, Reliability, & Service Quicker Delivery Seamless Facilitation Increased Flexibility Greater Overall Cost Savings
  • Saturns Added Support Protected Offshore Sourcing High-Volume Supplier to Domestic Market SECs partnering with high-quality Chinese-based PCB manufacturers allows us to supply the domestic market with high-volume single-sided, double-sided, and multi-layer PCBs at offshore prices with the security of a full-service domestic production facility.
  • Saturns Added Support Engineering & Technical Support Saturn is the Only Point of Contact Our personnel will handle all issues concerning Manufacturing, shipping, customs, and exchange rates. Saturn also provides complete Kan Ban as well as stocking and inventory programs.
  • HIGH QUALITY & ON-TIME DELIVERY SEC Manages Operations in ShenzhenSECs manages all of 4 of our PCB Facilities in terms of logistics, operations, quality, & supply chain functions. focuses on core manufacturing capabilities to ensure optimal quality and on-time delivery. SEC provides Supply Chain ExperienceSaturn performs First Article Inspection domestically. We are not a broker. We provide real board house experience to our Offshore Sourcing. Saturns Supply Chain Protection In the event of a supply chain disruption, Saturn will manufacture domestically at offshore price
  • Offshore Overview (cont.) Offshore Qualification Process Eight Discipline Saturn Mgt. Visit to Factory & Process Warehouse Staff Training and Conduct Quality Certification Systems Audit ISO 9001-2000 Capabilities Survey Certification
  • Offshore Overview (cont.) Saturn Requires minimum score of 90% from PartnersOffshore Certification Process Supplier is certified for production only if the minimum score of 90% or above is achieved. Saturn doesnt stop there, however. Most manufacturers in Asia have some percentage of their operations outsourced. We value complete knowledge of our supplier base and realize the importance of the entire manufacturing process. That is why we survey any subcontract operations during the audit as well. Because their capabilities will be affecting our end productand yours.
  • Offshore Overview (cont.)Saturns Added Support TS16949 Domestic Manufacturing Facility Saturn does First Article inspection on all new lots. Saturn will inventory up to 4weeks at Romulus MI. Pre-engineering on all boards prior to offshore manufacturing & panelization (if required). Romulus facility manufactures boards at same cost as offshore provider in event of a quality issue Delivered on time to support your production. Saturn has its our own team off-shore employers to supervise orders at the manufacturing level.
  • Saturn Electronics Corporation Competitors Many dont even have a facility, just an office and/or warehouse. ThoseProduction/TS16949 Certified Domestic Facility as backup with facilities are not production/TS16949 certified.We audit & approve our suppliers in person per TS 16949 audit Many have not even visited their suppliers. Those that have arentprocedures certified themselves to audit to particular standardsOffshore product is shipped out to customers under our TS 16949 flag The vast majority of our competitors lack this certificationAll product is automotive certified, regardless of end use ???Saturn guarantees offshore product with our unmatched 5x guarantee No published guarantee matches SaturnsOn-site personnel in Asia oversee ours & customers interests Majority do not have any staff whatsoever in AsiaSaturn performs all engineering work domestically prior to sending filesfor offshore manufacture. This ensures customers requirements are ???properly communicated .