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Boundary for puppet @ puppet conf2012

Date post:04-Dec-2014
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Molly Stamos our director of products discusses how the puppet and boundary integration works and how cool it is when these product work in unison.
  • 1. Rethink Monitoring What Just Happened?Leveraging Puppet & Boundary to Manage Dynamic Environments Molly Stamos, Director of Products
  • 2. Boundary: Highly Distributed Platform delivering SaaS Boundary is a SaaS application that monitors application performance by analyzing application communication over the network" Platform runs on Ubuntu Linux with a mix of off the shelf and home grown components " Continuous deployment shop - code rolled into production as its ready ""
  • 3. Boundary: The Team devops shop but two primary Ops guys managing about 200 nodes and overseeing all automation " Scott Smith Joe Williams"" Everyone participates in operations everyone is on call rotation (and gets the joy of 2am wake up calls)" Environment is hosted Provider racks & stacks Joe & Scott do everything else"
  • 4. An Example(but first a quick look at Boundary)
  • 5. Configuration Change in Production Kobayashi is our historical data store " 9 node cluster " Riak under the covers" Provides historical feed of data for Boundary dashboards (beyond streaming system)" Conguration change needed to alleviate feared future performance problems" In Riak, must perform a rolling upgrade" Push cong change to each node one at a time, restart services, wait for cluster to reach steady state" Unsure how cluster behavior would change "
  • 6. Using Boundary to Assess Cluster Health"
  • 7. Unexpected Benefit: Evenly Distributed Writes Across the Cluster BEFORE" AFTER"
  • 8. Application Latency (App RTT) Before the Change Node Data06 is 2x slower than the rest of the nodes"
  • 9. Application Latency (App RTT) After the Change App RTT are tightly grouped around 4-5 ms"
  • 10. Boundary & PuppetUsing the Puppet Module
  • 11. Download and Install the Boundary Module Fairly Straightforward:" sudo puppet module search boundary sudo puppet module install puppetlabs-boundary Make sure you get this one: puppetlabs-boundary (NOT the bprobe one) ! **Some conguration required**" Boundary::params class set your API Key and your OrgID " Located in /etc/puppetlabs/puppet/boundary/manifests/params.pp " Boundary.yaml le set your API Key and OrgID " Located in /etc/puppetlabs/puppet/boundary/"
  • 12. Where to get your API Key & OrgID in Boundary Go to Organization -> Settings" API Key & OrgID" API Key is like your password keep it secret"
  • 13. Using Puppet to Deploy the Boundary Meter
  • 14. Get Boundary Now Boundary: http://boundary.com/signup/" Literally takes less than 2 minutes to deploy" When was the last time a monitoring tool took less than 2 minutes to set up?" Free to use up to 2GB per day " How do I get more information? " Website: www.boundary.com" Email: service@boundary.com"
  • 15. Rethink Monitoring

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