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  • 1. TAXES

2. After the French and Indian War Colonists are notallowed to live Westof AppalachianMountains- by orderof King (Proclamationof 1763). 10,000 troops sent tomake sure that thecolonists obey thisorder 3. Paying for the war The French and IndianWar was very expensive.Britain was in debt andhad to pay for the 10,000troops now in Colonies tokeep the peace King and Parliament(British version ofCongress) felt that theColonies should help pay. Britain began to issuenew taxes as well asenforce older tax laws. 4. New Taxes Colonists beginsmuggling to avoid taxes Colonial courts oftenfound smugglersinnocent, so Parliamentpassed a law that madesure Smugglers weretried by Royal Judges. Parliament also allowedfor writs of assistanceallowing British customsofficers to search almostanywhere for smuggledgoods. 5. 3 Sides Form 3 distinct points of view lookat the new taxes 1. Patriots- believe that thecolonies are being unfairlytaxed for the war- Britain issupposed to protect thecolonies, why should theyhave to pay more? Arentthey British citizens? 2. Loyalists: Believe that theBritish government is correct.Britain has defended thecolonies for a war started byVirginia. Shouldnt thecolonies have to pay for it? 3. Neutral- can see bothsides and choose not to takeone. 6. The Assignment As each event or conceptis presented, you need towrite a newspaper articlerepresenting your side.This can done in a fewdifferent ways 1. A news article showingbias (favoring one side orthe other) (key wordsshow bias. ex. Massacrevs. battle, etc. 2. An opinion piece (tryingto convince others to takeyour side 3. A political cartoon 7. Sugar Act Passed in 1764 Lowered tax onMolasses (sugar) The tax was an oldlaw that was beingenforced again Britain hoped that bylowering the tax,people would pay it. 8. Walk through together Loyalist View Patriot View We should pay taxes-These taxes violateto help our home our rights- we have acountry- it is only fair right to trial by jury How do they look at and to have ourwhat the Patriotsthink? voices heard in Parliament -How would they see the Loyalists? 9. Stamp ActTaxed all printedmaterials-Wills, newspapers,playing cards, lettersneeded a stamp toshow the tax had beenpaid- Colonists argue thatonly the colonialassemblies can createtaxes, not the Britishgov. 10. So What do the loyalists think? Remember, you believe you are a British citizen,no different from those in England What do you think about what the Patriots decideto do What do the Patriots think Remember,you believe you are a colonist first. You have no representative in Parliament to voiceyour concerns Use page 115 to help you 11. Townshend Acts-1767 A tax on importedgoods instead of goodssold within the colonies. Taxed goods like glass,tea, paper Tax was paid whengoods arrived, beforethey were sold (thestore that bought themwould pay tax, notindividuals) This does NOT lead tothe Boston Tea Party 12. Boston Massacre Britain has sent troops tooccupy Boston- the center ofPatriot protest. 1768 Colonists are angry Two years after occupationtroops arrive, a mob gathersto protest the British troops As colonists throw snowballs,ice and rocks while insultingthe British, a soldier fires,others fire and in the end 5Colonial depiction of thecolonists are deadevent- we will talk more about This event is called thethe event laterBoston Massacre by thecolonists 13. Tea Act East India Tea companywas a big part of Britisheconomy Colonists wereboycotting the companyand had almost driven itout of business To save the company,Parliament allows EastIndia Tea Company to beonly company that cansell tea in colonies Lowers tax on tea 14. Boston Tea Party Three East India TeaCompany shipsarrive in BostonHarbor Sons of Libertydressed as NativeAmericans board theships and throw thetea into BostonHarbor 15. Intolerable Acts/ Coercive Acts Britain is worried that they arelosing control of colonies Boston tea party shows thatthey need to show they are incontrol Intolerable/Coercive Acts arepassed to punish the colonistsfor resisting British Bans town meetings, closesBoston harbor until tea is paidfor, allows troops to live incolonists houses Canada was also created as aseparate territory that owned allthe land colonists wanted inFrench and Indian War

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