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  1. 1. 02 Professional and NCAA sports offer the most coveted marketing and advertising real estate in the media business. Its exciting, highly engaging and unpredictable drama compel advertisers to get a piece of the action. The benefits are legion, but the cost of capturing an effective share of voice can be prohibitive. Not anymore. Introducing a whole new way to open the door to sports marketing in the stadium and in the arena during the play-by-play action with an integrated marketing program from BrandedTray Digital. Out-of-Home+Digital+Print+Experiential.. a Grand Slam for the Savvy Marketer BrandedTray Digital: Get in the Game
  2. 2. company logo & name BrandedTray Digital has now enabled marketers to measure in real time, the performance of their in stadium promotions. Good Technology Makes Great Things Possible.. Great Technology Makes Great Things Simple 03 Each BrandedTray has the ability to extend your brand message beyond the stadium via existing mobile technologies directly to online content ( promotions, sweepstakes, contests etc.) to add value to the physical trays couponing and sampling capabilities.
  3. 3. company logo & name WHAT WE DO It All Starts with the Tray. The Tray BrandedTray Digital designs and produces custom branded food trays to your brands exacting standards, then deploys the trays to all of the food vendors in the stadium or park. Each time a customer takes delivery of their order, your brand message and promotion go with them to their seats.
  4. 4. company logo & name Strategy: Pick a DMA / Market Strategy 2 Pick a League or Sport Strategy 3 Pick a Team and Venue Select the Message/Promotional Offer What is the call to Action / What will be Measured Design the Branded Tray We Design and Create Your Unique BrandedTray Produce & Deliver Trays to Selected Venue Turnkey Deployment to the Venues Advertiser Approval Last Pass Creative Approvals Collect & Measure All Metrics in Real Time HOW IT WORKS Executing the Program
  5. 5. company logo & name BrandedTray Digital Contracted VenuesScalability: From One Team-One Market to Multiple Teams in a Hundred Markets
  6. 6. company logo & name NCAA Football
  7. 7. company logo & name 2015 NCAA Final Four Playoffs: Final Four 2015
  8. 8. company logo & name 35
  9. 9. company logo & name Major League Baseball
  10. 10. company logo & name 53 % Greater Awareness Than Center Field Signage 2012 Yankee Stadium SRI Study 475 %More Effective in Generating Awareness Than in Game Promotions 2012 Yankee Stadium SRI Study 136 %Unaided Brand Awareness Among Game Attendees 2014 University of Michigan SRI Study LET'S TALK ABOUT PERFOMANCE SRI Research (Sponsorship Research International) 27
  11. 11. company logo & name BROWSE US: BrandedTray Digital 415-215-7448 1001 Bridgeway, suite 468 Sausalito CA. 94965 43 www.brandedtraydigital.com [email protected] Brian Robinson Sr. Executive-Brand Development
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