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Cabin safety subject index

Date post: 16-Apr-2017
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Cabin Safety Subject Index (CSSI) An international cabin safety resource 06/13/2022 1
Page 1: Cabin safety subject index

Cabin Safety Subject Index(CSSI)

An international cabin safety resource

05/03/2023 1

Page 2: Cabin safety subject index

What is the CSSI?

• Largest, continuously updated document on cabin safety publicly available

• 123 pages, full of of information• Contains Regulations, Orders, Advisory Circulars, etc.• Organized by subject• Provides suggestions of related topics• Hyperlinked, easy to navigate

05/03/2023 2

Page 3: Cabin safety subject index

Cover page• Introduction

• Contact information

• Revision number

05/03/2023 3

Page 4: Cabin safety subject index

Introduction• Subscribe to updates

• Unsubscribe available

• How the document is designed

• Cross references

• Where do I find?

05/03/2023 4

Page 5: Cabin safety subject index

What’s new• Highlight summary of new content

• How to identify new content

• Can’t find something and would like some assistance?

05/03/2023 5

Page 6: Cabin safety subject index

Cabin safety events worldwide• Events in the USA: FAA Civil

Aerospace Medical Institute (CAMI)

• Europe, held by European Airline Training Symposia (EATS)

• World Aviation Training Conference (WATS)

• IATA Cabin Safety Conference

• IATA Safety Management Conference (United Arab Emirates)

05/03/2023 6

Page 7: Cabin safety subject index

Different guidance• Safety Alert for Operators (SAFO)

• Information for Operators (InFO)

• Advisory Circulars (AC)

• Other types of guidance

05/03/2023 7

Page 8: Cabin safety subject index

Table of contents• Alphabetical

• How to identify new content

05/03/2023 8

Page 9: Cabin safety subject index

Top level directories• Abbreviations

• Brings you to top level directory

• Allows for wide search

• CSSI not revised when one document is released

• Allows you to stay current between revisions

05/03/2023 9

Page 10: Cabin safety subject index

Identical subjectsIf the subject title is the same across CFRs, they are grouped as one.

05/03/2023 10

Page 11: Cabin safety subject index

Similar subjectsIf the subject name is not 100% identical, it is separated as an individual subject.

05/03/2023 11

Page 12: Cabin safety subject index

ResourcesFederal Aviation Administration

05/03/2023 12

Page 13: Cabin safety subject index

Additional resources• FAA videos available

• Other agencies involved in aviation

05/03/2023 13

Page 14: Cabin safety subject index

Emergency equipment manufacturers• Made available to help airlines and

aviation safety regulators

• Not endorsed or recommended, provided as a reference

05/03/2023 14

Page 15: Cabin safety subject index

Cabin gadgets• Various items created by creative


• Some useful, some controversial or questionable

05/03/2023 15

Page 16: Cabin safety subject index

Other safety content

• FlightSafety Aerosafety magazine

• International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

• International Air Transport Association (IATA)

• Transport Canada

05/03/2023 16

Page 17: Cabin safety subject index

Where do I find…• Questions and response information

about different topics• Doesn’t provide the answer; it shows

you where to look for the answer

• Subjects:• Cabin/inflight operations• Certification• Duty time/scheduling• Manuals• Training• Miscellaneous

05/03/2023 17

Page 18: Cabin safety subject index

Cross reference• How it’s designed

• Numbers on left correspond to superscript numbers in the document

05/03/2023 18

Page 19: Cabin safety subject index

We are all connected through the world of aviation

05/03/2023 19

Different regulationsDifferent countries

Different IDsOne common objective

Different uniforms

Page 20: Cabin safety subject index

Passenger safety

05/03/2023 20