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Career Development in Uncertain Times

Date post:14-Jun-2015
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Full slide deck from fmi*igf's 2012-06-14 webinar
  • 1. Welcome to the fmi igf WebinarThursday, June 14, 2012 1:00 pm EDTCareer Development inUncertain TimesKeep the conversation going#fmi_igf

2. Webinar OperationIn the Ask a question box, please askthe presenter a questionTechnical sound/visual difficulties? Clickon Technical and send a messageWebinar will be archived underwww.fmi.ca 3. Presenters:Nick Leswick, Director International Finance and Development,Finance CanadaAndy Molino, Founding Partner, CCI Leadership InstituteMaria Barnes, Executive Advisor in the Audit, Evaluation, andEthics Directorate of the Communications Security Establishment ofCanada (CSEC) 4. Mentoring and Career DevelopmentFMI WebcastJune 14, 2012 CCI Leadership Institute 5. What is Mentoring?o Supportive relationship: aids a lessexperienced persono Outside of a line manager-employeerelationshipo Can exist in a structured or unstructuredcontexto Focuses on sharing experiences and wisdom CCI Leadership Institute 6. Characteristics of a Mentor More senior Knows the organization Willing to share knowledge and experiences Helps "open doors" Generally tells, advises, instructs, suggests,gives opinions Is not paid CCI Leadership Institute 7. Characteristics of an ExecutiveCoach Knowledgeable aboutleadership/management issues Uses assessment data Helps client stay focused Listens, make inquiries, andobserves/reflects Taps the inherent wisdom and creativity ofthe client to find solutions/answers Receives payment for services CCI Leadership Institute 8. Benefits for Mentors Provides intrinsic satisfaction - makes you feelgood Strengthens knowledge base and improvescommunication skills. Enhances leadership, teaching, and coaching skills Contributes to self-awareness become morereflective Creates new support networks with otherprofessionals and promotes greater collegialitywithin and across organizations CCI Leadership Institute 9. Benefits for Protgs A safe, non-judgmental forum to discussissues Increases self-confidence Challenges the person to go further Promotes networking and visibility Provides role modeling for leadership Develops new competencies Reflects commitment to personal andprofessional growth CCI Leadership Institute 10. Benefits for the Organization Increased sense of belonging for both Increased sense of being valued Better prepared successors Fewer critical errors Retention of corporate memory Humanizes the workplace CCI Leadership Institute 11. Reasonable Expectations Joint venture shared responsibility andaccountability Respectful engagement confidentialityof utmost importance Goals established together* Ongoing feedback provided to signalprogress or suggest course corrections CCI Leadership Institute 12. QUESTIONS & ANSWERSKeep the conversation going#fmi_igf 13. In the Ask a question box, pleaseprovide us with:Feedback on this webinar?Ideas for future webinars?Next week this webinar will be archived onthe fmi*igf website www.fmi.ca.

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