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Changing trends in advertising

Date post:18-Jan-2015
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  • 1. Changing trends in advertising By Prashant Gonsalves MMM 26 SFIMAR Second year, sem -II

2. A gem of sheer delight, the crunchy candy shell deliciously releases the melting chocolate. The rainbow-hued Cadbury Gems is unique in attraction available in a range of packages and measures, its ageless appeal (No Umar for Lalach) surfaces in all situations and circumstances, from museums to garden parties, for toddlers, busy executives and even pandas! (Rangeen Panda Ki Rangeen Pasand). What started as a tiny button of joy that could fit in a child's fist has become a universal favourite. The brilliantly colorful delight refuses to let go of its sway over people of all ages. As the ad says, Raho Umarless! Introduced in India in 1968, Cadbury Gems soon became an instant hit with chocolate lovers, retaining their immense popularity till date. Source: http://www.cadburyindia.com/in/en/Brands/Chocolate/Gems.aspx 3. A Cadbury India "Gems Bond" advertisement from the 1980's source: http://www.mi6- hq.com/news/index.php?itemid=5054 Gems Bond Non-Stop Excitement ! 4. Cadburys Gems cricket game: In a country like India that is mad about cricket it is but natural that the next sales promotion tool also gets linked with the game of cricket. Cadburys gems came out with an idea of supplying the customer with a pop up bottle full of gems. The bottle can be used to play very innovative gamed of Indoor cricket. For cricket mad Indians who can play cricket even with a printed book (it is very essential that the book should have page numbers!) the ploy was a huge success. Source: http://dranil-marketingmusings.blogspot.in/2011/01/best-indian-sales-promotions.html 5. Cadbury Gems launched a television commercial for its exciting new variant - Gems Surprise in May 2010 Taking Fun & Masti one step forward, Kids can now enjoy Cadbury Gems - colourful chocolate buttons - with a Ben10 toy, all of this packed in an attractive ball. To bring this offering alive, the new commercial features the Pandas in an exciting interface with the popular Ben10 toys, while they savour their much loved colourful Gems. Source: http://www.cadburyindia.com/in/en/MediaCenter/GemsSurprise.aspx 6. Gems does a Kinder Joy Gems Surprise is inspired by the Kinder joy Surprise . Kinder joy has met with success in the Indian market. The consumer acceptance of the Kinder Joy may have been the reason for the launch of Gems Surprise. Source: http://marketingpractice.blogspot.in/2010/05/brand-update-gems-does-kinder-joy.html 7. Cadburys TV commercial for its Gems Surprise packs with toys inside, extending the brands proposition of Raho umarless source: http://www.campaignindia.in/Video/327254,age-no- bar-for-cadbury-gems-or-its-surprise-toys.aspx Cadbury Gems Surprise Raho Umarless! No umar for Toys. 8. The campaign talks about the 'little child' in everyone as it expands its target consumer base from kids to grown-ups, and stresses on the idea of living an age-less life through the tagline, 'Raho Umarless: Source:http://www.afaqs.com/news/story/34293_Cadbury -Gems:-Ageless-appeal

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