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Claude Shannon 1916-2001. Claude Shannon Claude Elwood Shannon is the founding father of electronic...

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Claude Shannon 1916-2001
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  • Claude Shannon 1916-2001
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  • Claude Shannon Claude Elwood Shannon is the founding father of electronic communications age. Claudes parents are Claude Elwood and Mabel Wolf Shannon.
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  • Claude Shannon Claude Shannon was born April 30,1916. Born at a hospital outside of Michigan. Claude Shannon had no siblings; he was an only child
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  • Where was Claude Born? Claude Shannon was born in Petoskey Michigan. Shannon later moved to Gaylord Michigan.
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  • Childhood education CClaude Shannon attended school in Gaylord, Michigan. He attended Gaylord community school which consisted of primary, secondary, and high schools. Shannon graduated from Gaylord High School in 1932.
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  • More EdUcAtIoN. Claude Shannon entered the University of Michigan in 1932; where he was introduced to the works of George Boole. He graduated with 2 bachelor degrees in 1936. then began graduate study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT), where he worked on Vannevar Bush's differential analyzer, an analog computer.
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  • Other Basic info. Born 30 April 1916 in Petoskey, Michigan Died 24 February 2001 (aged 84) Nationality United States Citizen Fields Boolean algebra, Physics, Mathematics, Information Theory Institutions Bell Laboratories MIT Alma mater University of Michigan MIT Known for Information Theory Notable awards Alfred Noble Prize, Religious stance Atheism
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  • the mouse Claude Shannon's clever electromechanical mouse, which he called Theseus, was one of the earliest attempts to "teach" a machine to "learn" and one of the first experiments in artificial intelligence
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  • The Ultimate Machine sole function was to switch itself off it is perhaps the most perfectly pointless machine conceivable.
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  • Other invention, theories,etc.. Boolean theory A Mathematical Theory of Communication (book) Information entropy/ information theory Communication theory of Secrecy Systems Sampling theories Rocket- powered flying disk Motorized pogo stick Flame throwing trumpet A device that could solve the Rubiks Cube puzzle
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  • A Rubric on Rubiks Cubics RRespect your cube and keep it clean. Lube your cube with Vaseline. Beware the dreaded cubist's thumb, The callused hand and fingers numb. No borrower nor lender be. Rude folk might switch two tabs on thee, The most unkindest switch of all, Into insolubility. [Chorus] In-sol-u-bility. The strangest place to be. However you persist Solutions don't exist. by:Claude Shannon
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  • Mathematical theory of communication There is only one known project Shannon received help with ; The Mathematical Theory of Communication. The Mathematical Theory of Communication is a book co-authored by Warren Weaver.
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  • Sunset: February 21,2001 Unfortunately Mr. Shannon is no longer alive. He was 84 at the time of his death.
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