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Coastal zone use capability mapping its application to coastal aquifers

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2. BUILD ON THE EXPERIENCE GAINED IN MEDPARTNERSHIP AND PROMOTE CONSIDERATION OF COASTAL AQUIFERS ISSUES IN ICZM AND MARINE PROTECTION AS PART OF UNEP, UNESCO AND GEF PROGRAMS PROMOTE THE SYSTEMATIC ASSESSEMENT OF COASTAL AQUIFERS VULNERABILITY, AND TRANSLATE VULNERABILITY INDICATIONS INTO ICZM PLANNING TOOLS THE CONCEPT OF COASTAL ZONE LAND AND WATER RESOURCE USE CAPABILITY THE WAY AHEADTHE WAY AHEAD 3. The development of guidelines for the proper and prudent management of a coastal zone depends upon adequate knowledge of the nature and distribution of natural environments, land and water capability, and mans impact on the coastal zone. These aspects are captured by the Resource Capability Units Development, exploitation, and industrialization practices should be compatible with the natural limitations imposed on the region by its physical, chemical, and biologic setting. This is particularly true in coastal areas, where regional climatic, biologic and physical processes variations along the coast preclude a rigid coast-wide system of management. Two important statements: 4. Gulf of Texas - ENVIRONMENTAL GEOLOGY MAP identifying Resource Capability Units 5. In this example, the Environmental Geology Map identifies geo- morphologic land and water units, habitats, and areas where active processes prevail These subdivisions of the coastal area correspond to Natural Resources Capability Units or Land and Water Use Capability Units 6. Active Processes 7. Evaluation of Natural Resources CapabilityEvaluation of Natural Resources Capability depends upon the types of human activities thatdepends upon the types of human activities that result in use of the units currently orresult in use of the units currently or potentially.potentially. Natural Resource Capability Units displayNatural Resource Capability Units display different capability and tolerance under thedifferent capability and tolerance under the impact of human activitiesimpact of human activities 8. Example: A highly permeable sand formation is very poor host for a solid waste disposal site simply because of its capability of transmitting wastes into aquifer systems, but the same permeable sand provides an excellent foundation for coastal structures. In turn relatively impermeable clay unit provides secure host for solid waste disposal without aquifer pollution but is very unsatisfactory foundation material. 9. This table presents the Resources Capability Units Vs Human Current or Potential Activities and provides guidance for administrators It is an invaluable instrument for land use planning in coastal areas, fragile and vulnerable to human and climatic impacts. Relevance for coastal aquifer management and protection is not however fully reflected 10. By adding consideration of the Comprehensive Vulnerability of Coastal Aquifers we can fill this gap, and allow of the full characterization of Resources Use Capability along coastal regions and in SIDS. 11. A test in the Ghar el Melh, Tunisia 12. Coastal Lagoons in Puglia, Italy THANK YOU

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