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CommScope - In-Building Wireless Solutions

Date post: 06-Mar-2016
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Commscope INDOOR
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  • In-Building Wireless Solutions

    Bob Matthews Technical Manager March 30, 2011

  • InBuildingWireless MarketDrivers

    Commercial Ubiquitouscellularcoverageisnowabasicexpectationinbuilding 75%ofmobilecallsareoriginatingorterminatingindoors(Verizon2009 Higherfrequency3G/4Gservicesmakeinbuildingcoveragemorecritical

    PublicSafety Inbuildingcoveragetakingongreaterimportance Migration to 700/800 MHz means less signal penetrationMigrationto700/800MHzmeanslesssignalpenetration Portableradiosshouldsupportfirstresponderswithinbuildings Newordinancesandbuildingcodesmandatingcoverage

  • ProblemBuildings Commercial Corporate Offices (Fortune 1000) Universities Hospitals

    High-Rise Buildings

    Low E Glass (LEED)

    Hospitals Multi-tenant High-Rise Office Buildings

    Typically >15th floor Manufacturing Facilities Hotels Casinos

    Coverage Problems

    Low-E Glass (LEED) Hotels, Casinos Stadiums Fed/Local Government Facilities

    Deep Cavernous Buildings


    Parking GarageParking Garage Below Grade

    Coverage Problems

    Coverage Problems CoverageBelow GradeParking Garage Below GradeCoverage Problems Coverage Problems

  • WhyIsIndoorCoveragePoor?

    ThebuildingisactingasanRFshield. FortifiedConstruction;Hospitals,Governmentbuildings,etc Highlytintedwindows;Energyefficient,greenbuildingefforts. Lackofcoverageinbelowgradefloors. Elevators,andcenterareasofthebuilding

    HighRisebuildings(typicallyover25floors) Abovecellsitetowercoveragefootprint.

    B tt d b l d fl ft h d d d d DAS BottomandbelowgradefloorsoftenshadowedandneedaDAS. Nodominantmobilecontrolchannelsonupperfloors

    The building is blocked from the tower by other buildings Thebuildingisblockedfromthetowerbyotherbuildings.

    TheWSPNetworkCellSiteToweristoofaraway. Some WSP tower locations may be closer than othersSomeWSPtowerlocationsmaybecloserthanothers.

  • IsaCoverageSystemRequired

    WirelessServiceProvider(WSP)CommercialServices Istherelessthan3BARSonaphone?p Dopeoplecomplainaboutpoorcellularcoverageindoors? Dopeopleneedtostandnexttoawindowtomakeacall? Does the owner want to guarantee full coverage? Doestheownerwanttoguaranteefullcoverage?

    PublicSafetyServices(police,fire,rescue) Doesthecityhaveafirstresponderinbuildingcoverageordinance? Dofirstresponderscomplainaboutpoor2wayradiocoverage? Istherecoverageinthestairwellsandelevators?g Doyouhaveliabilityconcerns?

  • InBuildingWireless ACompleteSolution

    NeutralHostSystem SupportsallWWANsystems

    Public Safety and commercial operators

    Coverage Problems

    PublicSafetyandcommercialoperators Negotiatewirelessservicefromanyoperator

    ImprovebusinesslevelQoS morebars





    Coverage Problems

    Coverage Problems

    Coverage Problems Problems Coverage Problems

  • DASSystemConfigurations PassiveDAS CoaxusedtodistributeRFsignals

    Onlyactivecomponent Idealsolutionforsmallervenues


  • PassiveSystemDesign SmallVenues

    3 components in Passive system 3 components in Passive system Outdoor Antenna Indoor Antenna Small Bi-Directional Amplifier

    Ideal for spaces up to 50K sq. ft. Generally, good for a Single

    Service Provider Typically, Dual Band (Cell andTypically, Dual Band (Cell and

    PCS) support

  • KeyFunctions Variable bandwidth (up to 25 MHz)

    A t G i f ti lit Auto Gain functionality

    Automatic Level Control (ALC)

    Display for RSSI and status indication Display for RSSI and status indication

    Easy commissioning via web-based GUI

    Connection to LANConnection to LAN

    Optional remote access and alarm forwarding via SMS

    Multi-Band / Multi-Segment Configurationsg g

    Meeting all regulatory standards (GSM05.05, FCC, 3GPP etc.)

    Network migration to 3G, 4G and beyond without hardware upgrades

  • MRx18Combinations Almost all combinations of all prevalent frequency standards possible Mainly requested combinations are the following:

    Single band MR8018 MR8518 MR918 MR1718 MR1818 MR1918 MR2118

    MR8018 X X

    Bas. Housing

    Ext. Housing

    MR8518 X X3) X2)

    MR918 X X1)

    MR1718 X X1) X

    MR1818 X X X1) Not possible

    MR1918 X X1)

    MR2118 X X Not possible X

    1) up to 3 segments2) either combination with 2 fixed segments in 850MHz and 2 variable segments in 1900MHz or

    1 variable segment in 850MHz and 2 variable segments in 1900MHz1 variable segment in 850MHz and 2 variable segments in 1900MHz3) 2 fixed segments in 850 MHz

  • PassiveSolutionDesign LargerVenues

    Donor-Antenna(C ll 850)(Cell 850)

    Node A Multi-Band(Cell, PCS, AWS)

    Donor-Antenna(PCS 1900, AWS 1700/2100)

    Ideal for spaces up to 150K sq ft Ideal for spaces up to 150K sq. ft. 3 components in Passive system

    Outdoor Antenna Indoor Antenna Larger Bi-Directional Amplifier

    Able to support Multiple Service Providers Typically, Multi-Band (Cell and PCS, AWS,

    PS UHF) supportPS UHF) support

  • BiDirectionalAmplifiers(BDA)/Repeaters

    Scalable: Upgradabletomeetthecontinualevolutionofnewwirelessstandards&technologies

    Selective: Utilizationofthelatestadvancementsintechnologytoensureindependencefromotherradiotransmission sites

    Intelligent: Reconfigurable to meet the dynamic needs of the everIntelligent: Reconfigurabletomeetthedynamicneedsoftheeverchangingwirelesslandscape

    Efficient: Theindustrysmostcompactandenergyefficientoffair,MultiBand repeaterMulti Bandrepeater

  • NodeARFModulesforCommercialSpectrum

    700 MHzAF 727 watt

    698 716 & 776 787 / 728 757 MHzAF737 5 wattAF737 5 watt

    800 MHz AF8037 5 watt 806 824 / 851 869 MHz

    AF 8527 watt850 MHz 824 849 / 869 894 MHz

    AF8537 5 watt

    900 MHz AF 9037 5 watt 896 902 / 935 941 MHz

    1900 MHzAF 1927 watt

    1850 1915 / 1930 1995 MHzAF 1937 5 watt

    2100 MHzAF 1727 watt

    1710 1755 / 2110 2155 MHzAF 1737 5 watt


  • ActiveDASRFPath


    Cellmax 1 Cellmax 2 Cellmax 3 Cellmax 4Heliax CableHeliax Cable

    ION Remote


    Cellmax 1 Cellmax 2 Cellmax 3 Cellmax 4


    ION Remote


    Cellmax 1 Cellmax 2

    Cellmax 1 Cellmax 2

    Cellmax 3 Cellmax 4

    Cellmax 3 Cellmax 4


    ION Remote


    Cellmax 1 Cellmax 2 Cellmax 3 Cellmax 4

    ION Remote

    CellmaxDonor Antenna

    AIMOSOperations and Maintenance

    C t

    Node-A Repeater

    Base Station



    Center RepeaterBase Station

    Base Station

  • InBuildingWirelessSolution Passive distribution on each floor with coax & antennas Active equipment amplifies and conditions all carrier and public safety signals Utilizes Coax FO conversion and fiber backbone distribution system Utilizes Coax FO conversion and fiber backbone distribution system Dynamic system provides future-proofing as frequency allocations change


    HELIAX inch






    ION-BR t

    SM FiberCable







  • PassiveComponents 50 Coax NTypeConnectors

    Plenum Corrugated + Positive Stop Plenum Corrugated+PositiveStop LSZH Smoothwall+EZFit

    RF S litt /C bi RFSplitters/Combiners Directionalcouplers/Taps

    Antennas 1520Kft2 typicalperantenna


    CELLMAX D CPUSEDirectional

  • Thank You